Mohammad Elshinawy – Proof of Prophethood #27 – Why The Quran Cant Be Imitated

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the controversy surrounding the Quran and how it has been a disaster for the people of the United States. The Quran presents itself as the holy grail of God, and the speaker discusses the challenge of creating a book that is truly Arabic and not in the realm of logic. The speaker also discusses the importance of the title of the book and how it has been a disaster for the people of the United States.
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The inimitable nature of the Quran continues to be the most compelling proof that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam must have been, in fact without doubt the final prophet of God.

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He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said that there was never a prophet, except that God granted him certain signs which caused the people to believe in Him. And what I was uniquely given was this revelation that was inspired to me. And as a result, I am hopeful of having the most followers among all the prophets on the Day of Resurrection. It makes sense that a permanent miracle, like the Quran, which can be experienced by everyone firsthand, can outperform a transient temporary miracle that was experienced by a limited group of people at some point in history. What is unexpected, though, is how any work of literature even the holder N could ever qualify as otherworldly in its

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origins. You see, the Quran presents itself as the literal word of God, and challenges the world that nothing like it can ever be produced. This imitability is multi dimensional, and these next few episodes will offer just an overview or a taste of some of these dimensions. The first dimension we'll cover is the poor and in its capacity as a linguistic wonder. According to both the highest authorities of the Arabic language in early Arabia, as well as its foremost experts today, there is essentially a consensus on the literary uniqueness of the Quran. Even those who decline and refuse to accept the Quran as divine, still accept that this is a book that is truly in a league of its

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own, the most eminent manifestation of the Arabic language bar none. You see, the Quran descended among people that were at the very pinnacle of rhetorical expression. These same people then experienced a Quran from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was so pure in its Arabic on one hand, but unprecedented in its eloquence, and yet at the same time, mysteriously independent of the poetry and the prose of the Arabic language that they knew so well and had mastered. Dr. Sam saya explains very succinctly the miraculousness of the Quran lies in this very paradox, it being truly Arabic, but at the same time, a new language somehow, this may appear to be illogical, he says, but

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a miracle by definition is that which surpasses logic, you see a miracle that rests on logic, he says, ceases to be a miracle. The pagan Arabs just couldn't explain how they collectively failed at producing a single chapter of the Quran. This was the challenge with merely similar features to the Quran, according to their own bias judges, when they were the masters of the Arabic language, and when Mohammed had brought over 6000 verses of this Quran, and then the killer blow in this standoff, which left absolutely no room for further doubt, was the fact that this man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam was illiterate, unlettered to begin with, it was an utter enigma for them. And

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this is what caused them to settle in the end on the accusation of Mohammed being a magician, not realizing in the process, that this very accusation entails them conceding to the fact that there is something supernatural about this book, I can totally understand how it could be really difficult for anyone to grasp in our day and age how any work of literature could ever be miraculous. And that's why it's useful to consider the reaction of the neurons first audience instead of just outperforming the unlettered men in what was their strongest suits, thereby ending his call and his religion in its infancy by meeting the challenge. Instead, they did something very different. They

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spent fortunes trying to smear his name and prevent a single verse from reaching the ears or the hearts of anyone who was visiting their hometown Mecca.

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They disavowed their codes of chivalry and tribal honor, which were massive undertakings for early Arabs. They starved his followers murdered and tortured his supporters, many of which were their own family members, and they ultimately waged war after war against their fellow Klansmen, as the great Imam Albert Kalani says in his book or Jazel Quran the inevitability of the Quran. This is of the greatest testimonies to the fact that they were truly failed by their words, and so they felt compelled to reach for their swords. It was not just because their greatest poets like lebih diviner Obeah, was now retiring from poetry and converting to Islam. But the very fact that they would echo

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to each other privately behind closed doors, that rivaling this Quran was absolutely impossible, went into elite, minimal Veera, a staunch enemy of Islam until his very death, was asked to critique the Quran. He responded, and what can I possibly say? There is not a single man amongst you who is better versed in poetry or prose, or even the poetry of the jinn, the demon spirits than I am, and by God what this man Muhammad says, does not bear resemblance to any of that. He continued to say by God, his statements have a distinct sweetness to them, and such a charm hovers over them. Its highest parts meaning the surface apparent initial meanings of the Quran are so fruitful, he says,

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and its depths the more you dive into the score and gush forth without end. Unrelenting profundity, it dominates and can never be dominated, he says, and it is certainly bound to crush everything beneath it.

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