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Jumuah Khutbah/Friday Sermon on the topic Unity is a Mercy, Division is a Punishment.

Presented on Feb 24, 2017.

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Alhamdulillah horrible I mean

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Why should one La ilaha illallah wa Leah Salim one shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo partner Milan BIA, he will more saline Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleika Muhammad

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Ali he was happy woman da da da what he he was standing up be suniti illa yo Medina was sell them to Sleeman kathira

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Am I bad

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for you Kunal, Huck? suparna ooh Billahi min ash shaytani regime? Yeah Are you has Edina Armand taco la worku, new Masada pain,

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all praise the due to Allah Lord of the worlds

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and surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous. And I bear witness that a law is one and has no partners.

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And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah is a servant and his last messenger. And may Allah always and constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family and his companions and all those who called his way and established his son to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows I begin by cautioning myself, reminding myself and you have the critical importance of taqwa of the consciousness of God, that we should be aware of the Creator of the heavens and the earth, in everything that we do, and recognize that His revelation was sent to guide us in all aspects of life.

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And we should remember in these times of deception, we should remember that Allah subhanaw taala has clearly stated or you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah, and be with the truthful.

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Oh you who believe

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Allah subhanaw taala in his infinite mercy to mankind, set down the last revelation.

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And this revelation, although being in the Arabic language, which is a local language, in a sense, was revealed in a divine form of the Arabic language, the highest level of classical Arabic, a language that could be memorized by people and understood by people

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who never spoke a word of it. And this miracle continues to grow and continues to spread.

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The Prophet Sal Sal have confirmed this when he said in authentic hadith, in Allah has or Leonardo da for it to Masada Ha, ha ha de baja, we're in the oma to Diablo homolka matsuya li minha. The prophet SAW seldom said Verily, Allah folded up the earth for me.

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And he showed me the east. And he showed me the West.

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And the dominion of my nation would reach as far as he showed me in the east and the west.

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And so in this miraculous divine,

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look into the future, the province of Southern literally is given a vision of people far off in the east, and far off in the West, who are accepting Islam.

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And the more we travel in the earth, we see this miracle coming to pass.

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Last weekend, I delivered the Friday sermon in the central Masjid in Kingston, Jamaica, an island in the Caribbean region just below Cuba.

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And after having been there doing Islamic work in the 80s and returning now, so long. Since that time, I was surprised to see

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that the extent of the Muslims had spread so much. In this area in the 80s, we had one place to pray Salatu Juma

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but now there are masjids all over the island.

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And there are people who are practicing Islam.

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And even to the extent of a young person from that island is one of a few who have memorized the whole Quran.

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And again, this is the miracle of Allah subhanaw taala. Living so far away, but yet memorizing the whole of the book from the beginning to the end

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and the Muslim

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community there that we traveled around throughout the countryside to visit is a microcosm. It's a small example of what is happening to us and what is happening all around the Muslim world.

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The Muslim community itself externally, is surrounded by a society

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that because of the change in modern life has become more and more corrupt. Corruption is appearing in many different parts within the society itself. And it is one of the main external struggles that the Muslim community has. But in the community itself. Probably the greatest struggle they are facing is disunity. It is a disunity with having so many different people, but yet being disunited.

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And in terms of the world situation in terms of corruption itself, if we look externally at the problem, which is faced in this small island, and here in the GTA, and around the world, Allah subhanaw taala, as revealed in search of Rome, verse 41, the hotel facade filled battery will be marketed but I didn't ask Leo Vika hongbao, the Lady amilo la la homea. God,

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Allah revealed in this last testament, this is over 1400 years ago, but we see it still happening now. Corruption has appeared on the land and the sea, because of what humanity's hands have done. And we will make them taste something of what they have earned, in order that they would return to the path.

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And so we see it come to pass out the facade for

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corruption on the land. And when the companions of the Prophet SAW some of them looked at this, and it is enshrined in the great tafsir books, they looked at it that this corruption would come about because of the new Benny Adam. Because of the sins of humanity.

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This corruption would appear as pollution in the land, it would appear as bad relationships economically between people, bad relationships between families. And

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so power law. It is as though they were also blessed with a vision of the future. Because this economic corruption

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has spread throughout the world. And the economic system of interest and usury,

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which continues to spread and which continues to consume countries to destroy their currencies. When you go to a currency as we did in this island nation, which used to be five to one now it is about 120 to one US dollar.

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The change that has come about the economic corruption, the rich getting richer,

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and the poor getting poorer.

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Also, in a social sense, social corruption

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with a widespread phenomenon of the television of the handheld devices,

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corruption in morality spreading throughout the world. And we see it coming to pass. Now in small countries, with even families being broken up. And there is a danger now for young girls in the society. This is something which was never known before, in the past, in many of our nations,

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but because of the use of drugs, because of the economic corruption, people have become desperate, and that type of evil.

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A type of social evil

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is controlling their minds so that people look more toward gambling than they look toward a decent living. They look toward magic.

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They look toward occult instead of living an honest life.

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And Allah subhanaw taala explained this evil that this social corruption

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alpha sad HTML

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would turn into a type of evil

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and we see it in certain mighty diverse 90 where Allah azza wa jal has revealed to us yeah, are you had Latina amanu in them alfombra well may settle well as well and Sabo well as as long as

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Read sunman Amina shaytaan, fudge tenny boo hoo, the Allah,

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Allah has revealed, oh you who believe in toxification

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all forms of drugs, games of chance,

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sacrificing two stones, fortune telling by arrows are all an evil of the handiwork of the devil, avoid this, stay away from this in order that you would be successful. And so we see these actions which many people would say, Well, this is innocent. I'm just taking a little drink.

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I'm just taking a little smoke.

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I'm just playing a little games of chance I want to enjoy myself.

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I will go to

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a fortune teller.

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I will bow down to anything that I want to it is described as red sun, minimalist shaytaan. This is a powerful description, because it's literally a filthy abomination.

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And we see the result that this has on the society itself with people would now exploit young children

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would attack young children. Well, yeah, who belong.

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In this atmosphere, Muslims appear.

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Muslims appear in the dress of Islam, especially the women.

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Muslims appear openly praying, fasting, they appear openly trying to lead good lives develop family, this is a good thing.

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And this should be our this should be loved by people

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who have a natural feeling inside of themselves. And no doubt about it.

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It is loved by the people on the ground.

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But the people who would

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the people who control society,

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who control the economy,

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who controls the political side, who are now controlling even our social life. Now you can see where animosity would be toward Muslim. This animosity coming against us now that we are feeling here in Toronto, throughout the world. It's not just because we were long clothes.

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It's not just because we pray.

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It's not just because we fast, because there are many people who wear long robes, many people who fast.

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But we have a sin, we have a clear teaching of the belief in one God, a clear teaching that separates all idols and all other forms of so called gods and puts it on the side. We also have an interest free system. We have an economic system of sharing.

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And this, if it is applied by the people of the world would take down the present economic system.

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Our social life would turn people back to their families

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would protect individually, especially the younger generation. Our political life would be a type of meritocracy.

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Not the aristocrats. But it is meritocracy. In other words, the leader is the one who has the most merit, the one who deserves to be the leader.

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That type of thinking would go against the powerful oligarchs, and the powerful extreme leaders who take over based upon fear and greed.

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And so by using fear and greed,

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which has turned into a type of phobia, and Islamophobia. They are trying to reach the masses of the people and so an average person on the ground in speaking to an average person in the Caribbean region on the ground, they would say, I love Islam.

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I love what you people do, but I'm afraid of the violence. I'm afraid of the violence. This is Islamophobia. So the violence is propagated into their mind where they know that modesty is the answer. They know that avoiding alcohol and drugs is the answer. They know that having a good family is the answer. But fear.

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The fear the phobia which is driven into them,

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causes them to step back. Reality is

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We have more refugees, we have more people being killed, we have more people who are suffering than probably any other nation in the world.

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So the reality on the ground is totally different

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than what is propagated to people.

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And so we need to think now internally and externally,

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we need to look at solutions to be solution oriented. When we are faced with the problems that are around us. Number one, we need to return to Allah subhanaw taala we need to make Toba Toba timnah suha to ask Allah subhanaw taala sincerely to forgive us for the wrongs that we have done.

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And one of the great actions we can take is the mentality of unification.

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So look at the importance of unification because as a world nation, over 50 countries,

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a united block of 50 countries, situated on much of the mineral resources of the world, could dominate the whole planet. But divided we are nation states, weak nation states,

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who can be tricked into fighting each other.

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And so the Unity

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the Unity is a mercy

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as a province are seldom said it is a mercy. And fate aka the division is a punishment.

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So with the division comes punishment,

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in the GTA, we are over 10% of the population.

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And a solid block of Muslims would have profound influence on the politics and the economics

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of the city and the province that we are living in. But divided they can pick us off. And so they attack one Masjid send the islamophobes around one Masjid.

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And the other people say, well, that's not my master, I'm that's not my school of thought.

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Those are not my tribe. Those are not my people. This is our that.

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It is a punishment. Because when the wolf attacks the sheep,

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they attack them one by one.

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And they pick off the weaker ones. They pick off the ones who have strayed from the Jamaat.

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And that is where the premises of them said yeah, de la mazama. The hand of Allah is with the United body, women shed the shed the finance. And if you go against it, if you go off,

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you go into the fire.

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And so the islamophobes, who in this part of the world are not large numbers. But if we are tiny groups, isolated organizations, then the small group that they send to destabilize us can have a powerful force united as a united block.

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They would not influence us at all.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala clearly tells us about the facade remember the facade, the huddle, facade filled battery? Well, Baja, remember what Allah said, inserted on file, verse 73. Allah azza wa jal tells us, well, the vena cava through bada home Olia obat, Illa tough aloo taekwon fitness and fill out well for Saturn Kabir.

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Allah tells us the solution to the problem. And he tells us and those

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unbelievers are allies and helpers one to another. So unless you do this, there will be trials and discord in the earth, and they would be great corruption for sadden Kabir

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without unity for sad.

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That's the corruption. And so with the unity, we're able to deal with this and the Prophet Sal seldom warned us against this sickness and the sickness of his bedia

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organizational fanaticism, and in one authentic hadith. This is reported in Saudi of Makati Volume One, book eight, number 386. The prophet SAW Selim the translation has said, Whoever prays like us, and faces our Qibla and eats our slaughtered animals is a Muslim, and is under Allah and His prophets protection, so do not betray Allah by betraying those who are in his protection earlier but not be tolerated the law one

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Who was considered to be the greatest of the companions in his wisdom and his cut off his ability to judge in speaking about this, he said once to the people of Iraq judge, as you used to judge for I hate differences. He said, I hate differences, and I will do my best

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to let people unite as one group, or I die, as my companions have died. And so I'll leave, the other one said very clearly.

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One group I will struggle and struggle until we are one group, I will leave this world like my companions left, like the companions of the Prophet, Sal Salah, who were one group, this is insoluble quality volume five, book 57 number 56. So we need to learn to accept differences between us

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to cherish variety amongst the Muslims, but see ourselves as the people of the Qibla.

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The people of the Qibla, as flowers are different, as birds are different.

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As the whole world has variety, the Muslim world also has variety, which is under the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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But when the opposite happens, when the opposite happens, then corruption appears. And we make no mistake.

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We are under a major movement to put out the light of Allah.

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But this is not new. It happened over and over again and Muslims came back from this in the time of Musa alayhis salam is one of the clearest times brought to us clearly in the Quran.

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When the Muslims were now rising now in that case, it was Benny Israel. And so the people in the Congress of the Parliament of Egypt, they came

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to find out

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and they said, What will you do? These people are rising up and he said, which is enshrined and sorted out off the Pharaoh and then said Kala sono katello abna home, wanna stay in is our home. We're in a phone call home car hero.

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He said we will kill the young boys. And we will keep the girls alive to control them. And verily, we have supremacy over them. We are supreme over them. Look at the thinking now that is happening in the world. Destroy the males, especially the young males. Control the women control their minds

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and established supremacy in the land. Moosa answered very clearly, caller Musab the economy history Nabila, he was Bureau in the law, he used to have a Yasha omen. Abadi well Artie battler Mata Ki musala Islam answer to his people and he said,

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Oh my people, seek your help from Allah and be patient. Surely this earth belongs to Allah, and He will give it to whom he pleases from his worships. And the best reward is for those who have Taqwa, the consciousness of Allah,

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that is the best reward, they will ultimately be victorious. And so we find ourselves living in the era of another wave.

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But Alhamdulillah in the past, as now, Muslims have stood up. The difference is now that because of the media, there are many people from the Christian community, from the Jewish community, from Hindu, from Buddhists from other communities, who are now standing with us.

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People we used to be afraid to pray in the airports in America.

00:24:16--> 00:24:27

We were afraid we were nervous, make your slot sitting down in the chair or around the corner. Now they made salaat and non Muslim peoples circle them to protect them.

00:24:29--> 00:24:59

Protection of non Muslim people. So out of this evil, there is good that is coming out of this evil there are people not from our community who are now identifying with us. This is the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala our job internally, we have to unite. We have to break down differences. Celebrate a variety and go forward as one united buddy May Allah subhanaw taala clear our hearts

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Have any tribalism and hatred, may Allah subhanaw taala protect the innocent children of the Omar Mohamed Salah, Salah May Allah protect our families and May Allah give victory to the Muslims throughout this world. akula Foley has a well stocked full lolly welcome while he sat in a Muslim medium and Columbian istockphoto in NA who who have affordable

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Alhamdulillah Allah hasn't had a lot of the summit, Allah de Lamia lead well I'm EULA while I'm Nicola who for one while suddenly what was possible and via a warm water Celine Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was happy edge My bad. Yeah Eva de la taco la hi Suma quantum were your Punahou sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the liquidly oma fitna were fitna to Almighty Allah when you pull out Huck so para maka, piranha Amira, in Allah, Allah ekata who you soluna Allah knobbies Yeah, are you Hello Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa salam o Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah AB de cada zuleika Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin my wallet the Lord wanted hola Rashidi Abubakar Omar is

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Manwani wanna be? A hammer? I mean Alhamdulillah Allah de Hidalgo, the other one my con la Natalia Lola and her Donna la Roberta LA to z polu banaba de tener Wahab Lana Mila do kurama in Naka Antal waha Allahumma Islam and Muslim me Allah Houma is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam Islam and Muslim mean that illa elantas of Hanukkah in nomina Dolly mean that illa Anta su panaca in nomina Dolly May Allah mouthfilling Muslim Mina one Muslim at well me Nina well minette Allah He amin home well um what parameters are camera he mean about the lawyer hammer como la la la jolla The other one is San Ysidro kotoba well, Yan ha, en el fascia, he will Mancha well, Bobby, yeah, he's a con la la

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come to the qarun como Illa salata.