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How Far Do I Need To Go To Check If Meat Is Halal At A Restaurant

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

How far should one go to verify if a restaurant is serving halal preparations?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi asks us to trust sources if they are authentic and if not, then every method possible should be adopted to refrain from consuming haram food.

Episode Transcript

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To what extent do I need to go to verify whether the meat at a certain restaurant is halal or not

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be reasonable. If a Muslim owner clearly you trust him you see his the Muslim says that this meat is hella you have done your job unless some evidence comes to prove otherwise, if there's a certificate that says hello, if he's advertising is highlighted and he's trustworthy, then the assumption is that it is headed as the owner says otherwise, if there's a clear evidence for example, you know, people have said oh, this is a person we have seen him purchase large boxes of meat from the non you know, halal stores, then he has to be asked and verified and it is permissible at this point in time, once an evidence has come to the contrary, that he be asked and he must be asked what if he

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says, Oh, I bought this for another store? Well, then that is his prerogative. He is allowed to buy it for another store, as long as he is honest, and he says that it is valid, you trust him unless something comes to the contrary, in which case you must confirm and verify and you're allowed to go beyond