Abdullah al Andalusi – Neo-con Douglas Murray throws tantrum after he gets called out on his ‘free speech’ hypocrisy

Abdullah al Andalusi
AI: Summary © A discussion about the limits of free speech is underway in Europe, where the West is still discussing restrictions on Muslim speakers. A member of the political party, Douglas Murray, is criticized for his push for banning bur trading in public buildings, which he claims is a route to "dayAKing." The West is waiting for evidence to support his claims.
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Is there any limit to free speech? And I'm rather disturbed? We're still discussing this. I'm sorry. No, we're not adapting our own speech codes. We're not going to make ourselves more sensitive to people. We in the West still have this pathetic discussion about oh, what are the limits of free speech? I find it rather strange that Douglas Murray who's had a history of advocating for restrictions on Muslim speakers at universities, he Danes did say he's a champion for free speech, so to speak, but yet he his organization, I'll get for restrictions on for platforms for Muslim speakers going to universities. He wanted to ban the burqa in public buildings and you enter a kind

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of social ban on it in public. So for him,

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auditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the

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dub this way. I find it a little bit I would find a little bit strange that he should deign to call himself. brazenly caught himself some or at least imply some kind of champion for free speech. Free Expression. Look, this is limits lunatic in your studio can't answer the basic question. Okay. Firstly, I'm gonna answer his question because he asked me first, which is about the Iranian regime will have having not being an Iranian citizen nor participate in any elections to elect the Iranian regime. religion doesn't really represent 1.8 billion Muslims. If you're here representing 1.8 billion Muslims, it's very simple. Douglass just said it do you have to anyone just as your own

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self, having heard what he said, Do you agree with anybody who comes up with the sentence he was to blame for being knifed in broad daylight 15 times in his neck? Do you? The only person to blame for the knifing of Salman Rushdie is the the assailant himself not if you're asking me who is to blame I say the assailant much like Douglas Murray said that the Christ Church killer the one who massacred the

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the only the killer was to blame not those who radicalized him into you know, mostly

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I'm simply saying that unlike knee jerk a dog whistle politics we hear from Douglas Murray

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Why don't we wait to the court case to see what motivated individual I'm waiting for the evidence I'm going to do? What does he say motivated?

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fatwah Fine. I accept. Do you not think he might have been I guess it might have been right yes.

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