Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #30 Everything shall perish but His Countenance

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who the women who have been bothered him have been sort of Allah who love him. So it is basic elementary knowledge regarding tough seed that a chapter that was revealed a prior to migration is referred to a murky chapter and a chapter in a sutra that was revealed post migration is referred to a Madani surah and at the inception of Surah passes, we spoke about the fact that this is a mucky chapter, it was revealed prior to migration, but then you have the likes of this verse which I've just recited before you verse 85, out of the 88 verses of chapter 28 and a very emotional reflection in the backdrop of this idea. So record recorded by doramin through on the strength of Ignite Abbas

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Radi Allahu and Houma that when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was compelled to leave his native land, maca, maca, Rama, and you can imagine how emotional it was because of the attachment to mocha mocha Rama and separating from someone near and dear and a place that is so close to you is always emotional. I mean, it's always challenging to see that farewell moments of Ramadan. Why? Because that buzz that atmosphere in the masjid that you see the mustards are buzzing, it's just buzzing. It's so electrified. You enter the masjid early morning, there are people reciting Quran you get into the Masjid. You know, in the afternoon people are in Quran in the late hours of the

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night and especially in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. It's just amazing. Allah has allowed me to travel throughout Ramadan for the last 1520 odd years. And I can assure you, my brother and my sister, Ramadan just has its unique flavor for Muslims across the globe. You are in airports, you're in hotels, you fly and it's just that Ramadan atmosphere with a believer in places where you might think would not have a Ramadan flavor, but it's just so amazing the warmness of a believer or at the time of Iftar

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you know,

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opening your fast in the flight might have its challenges but I can tell you it has its own beauty as well. You sitting in that flight, you opening that shutter up and out and seeing when the sun is stepping down, and as the sun drifts down, and you can see it on the western horizon, and you raise your hands and you call out to your Creator and you tear the hub of mama obita Little Rock with a bottle Andrew in sha Allah, the thirst is gone, the veins are drenched and the reward is hopefully secured. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left mocha mocha Rama he was compelled to do so because the disbelievers had expelled him ostracized him and banished him. And because the

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intelligence of the disbelievers were out to apprehend the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he took the unconventional route would say that Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu but at some point, the unconventional route overlapped with the regular and the conventional route. And this was at a place called Jafar close to La Bill close to Robin, and when he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam observed that road. It just evoked the nostalgia of maca, maca, Rama those couplets of Satan are below Allah Halaby 10. La Letang be Wildin were wholly in room with jelly low or hell or hidden young woman Mia Imogen, Mahalia baboon, Alicia Mattoon watashi Lu, our wish I can want to open up my eyes again in

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the valleys of Makkah, around the mountains of maca smelling the atmosphere of Maccha feeling the grass and the shrubs of maca and drinking from the water of maca and its values. And of course that day came. So the messenger SallAllahu grisms, blessed gaze fell on the road going back to macaque, mocha Rama, it just evoked a memory. It evoked a memory. And Gibreel came down with the revelation of this verse. And this was not prior to Revelation, not after revelation, but amidst revelation in a levy for our biological poor our Verily the Allah who revealed the Quran upon you.

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In the law the photo biological Quran has made the Quran obligatory, meaning its recitation and conveying its message etc. la rama Dukkha Illa Maha will surely return you

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You to your place of return, which by the consensus of the experts on the exegesis of the Quran scholars of Tafseer is Maka Maka Rama. So there was a hint to the victory of Makkah. Then the adoption of the expression Ferber and Akel Quran, who's made the Quran obligatory, conveys the message and as I mentioned in my full Quran, that that the practicing of this Quran will be the secret to the victory of the Muslims. Of course the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam practice the pointing to the greatest level. If you and I practice upon it, Allah has made it obligatory than that is our victory for rugby Allah moment. Jabril Hoda, Allah will return you to Macau Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I have a flesh here because I deal with the social cases. There are so many men and women out there who are crying for their children. The marriage has ended, the union has been dissolved. And unfortunately one parent has denied the other parent access to the child and parents are crying crying for years. Remember, if you are withholding your child, you are in perpetual exploitation. If you are abusing that child and denying that parent access to his or her children, this is a major crime. This is a major crime. And I say to you, my brother and my sister as Allah said to His Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that he will return him to Makkah mocha

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Rama, Allah will return your child to you, your child will come looking for you don't poison the mind of the child against the parent. Of course, if there is abuse from that parent, it's a separate thing altogether, where the safety of the child is threatened. But we are not talking of such cases we are talking to a person is malicious, obnoxious and nasty and spiteful to his or her former spouse and denies him or her access to the children. My message to you is persevere, Allah will return your child to you Kuraby Allah moment Jah Bill Houda say unto them, My Allah knows who brought guidance, women who are filled by law immobile and who is in manifest error and deviation,

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meaning Allah knows I brought guidance and you are a stray, but you deny that you say I'm a stray and you claim your own truth. When we leave it to Allah time will prove coolcolour Mata Robison photogra bazoo everybody is waiting, join the queue and wait for Santa Ala Moana man as horrible serratus. So we were many that are some can talk in this world. Some are local and some are articulate. So you can convince people you can mobilize people you can write, you can get a response you can post on social media. On the other hand, your victim might not have that muscle and resources. It's fine. Allah knows the truth and the truth will prevail and it will come down and the

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innocent will be exonerated. The innocent will be exonerated. Verse 85, or rugby or animal manga or Bill Huda woman who our field holiday movie in verse 86, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Walmart contenta Rojo a eureka illogical Kitab O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you were not hopeful or anticipating or assuming that the Quran would be revealed to you it was unknown to you, Malcolm Tetteh dream al Kitab Well, Iman, well I can Johanna who Nora. So prior to the revelation and prior to you being crowned with prophethood it was unknown to you. Allah rahmatan Arabic but this is the sheer Mercy of Allah upon you that he has selected you for this noble mission and he has made you

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the noblest of His creation. Fala taco Nava he run lil Catherine, so do not be an accomplice to the disbelievers. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was never an accomplice. And the meaning is Do not be just as you never were. You never were an accomplice. And actually this is a into the disbelievers because they were trying to you know what? Tell the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the Quran in Rainha. Oh Badil Whoa, okay, change the Quran slightly. Tweak it adjusted. Okay, let's do this year one. One week, we worship your Lord. One week you worship us. Kalia you hell you worship our gods. Kalia your whole calf Iran, la Budo Mata Budo wala, and Tamara be doing good.

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Whether an IRB don't matter, but don't say unto them. I cannot worship what you worship in what you're doing is completely wrong. How can we have a compromise in that I'm inviting you to the truth you are inviting me towards evil. So they were trying to you know, using the luck to invite the Prophet sallallahu Sallam but of course that was impossible, because the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was guided by Allah subhanho wa taala. So the concluding portion of verse eight

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86 Falletta gonna buy here a little coffee read, do not be an accomplice to the disbelievers was actually to tell them back off my Nabhi will never support your mission. And Hakeem Aloma gives the analogy that sometimes, for example, let's use it in a family context. There are two children. One child has been obedient to the parent and the other one is rebellion. Now that rebellion, one is trying to negatively influence his brother, don't listen to mom, don't listen to dad. They like does this parents don't like us they don't do. So what does the mom do? She doesn't engage that one. Because he's just you know, obstinate and arrogant. She talks to her dear son, her obedience and my

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boy, don't be like your brother. You listen, you obey. Because if you obey Allah as Rama will come on you. So these these believers were earning the Wrath of Allah, and they were disliked by Allah. So Allah didn't speak to them. Allah spoke to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ignore them. Don't listen to them. Falletta Kona Nava here, a little caffeine. And then verse 87. While I used to do NACA and I Attila BARDA is on Zillow, to a Laker and let them not bother you. Let them not block you from the verses of Allah after it has been revealed to you. So they wouldn't want you to propagate it. They wouldn't want you to advocate it. They wouldn't want you to execute it. But don't

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let them block you. Just still today you've never allowed them the Prophet sallallahu wasallam continued, unwavering relentless, no amount of hardships could come in the way to block the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and no amount of material temptation in content in nama Turi to be magic. I mean, Harville Emery Marlon Jamar Nyla come in um well in our hearts Hakuna Qureshi Mala. We're in contact today to be here. Moluccan Mala Kanak in Kenya in nama beacon factor as your curation shaped the fullness of which culture so they came in they said oh Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you want prominence will make you our leader. hatherleigh Nikita Aman Duna you will make the

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final decision. You want wealth we'll get our wealth and given give it to you till you become the wealthiest amongst us. You want woman will select the most beautiful woman and present it to you factor ANSI expiration shutter film news a whisker Ashra we will read you 210 And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not tempted in any way was not tempted in any way. So verse 87 Wallonia so don't ya Tila and that makes us understand the messages for us the prophets Allah Islam was more I assume he was protected by Allah subhanho wa taala. My auntie Corniel Hawa in Hawaii, La Jolla, you ha that when people come and divert you and block you and negatively, you don't want to

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influence you and take you away from the truth. Either some would come by dangling a candy or some would come with certain threats. Do not buckle under the threat and do not buy into the temptation. While arthur conan nominal Mushrikeen and do not be from amongst the polytheist the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was never from amongst them and he would never be from amongst them. Again. It's a message to them. My nobody is never going to listen to you. And the concluding verse of chapter 28 Verse 88, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, while the OMA Allah He loves an alpha, while the OMA Allah He loves an alpha and do not ascribe and do not worship with Allah or any other god or deity. Again,

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that message is to me and you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam established Tauheed and he came and conveyed the message of pure autofeed but it is to tell us what are the Roma Allahu Allahu Akbar? And again, a hint to these people who were trying to call the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to change his Deen because they could not tolerate when Allah subhanaw taala spoke ill about the gods and Allah addressed the reality. What is our look at Allahu wa Ishmael as at Bluebell Levine Allah you're gonna Bill Arthur. Well, either Luca leadin. I mean Dooney either whom yesterday Sharon, when Allah's name was spoken about, then they would go into rage. And when you speak about

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others, then they would be you know, ecstatic when either to Talalay him to now by uniting the array for free will do Hillary in a couple of Moncure when Our Verses were recited before them, you will just see that symptoms of disapproval manifesting on their faces your Cardona your Stoner, Bill Lavina. Yet Luna Allah him, Tina, almost on the verge of wanting to assault those who recite the verses. So Allah is telling their mind that we will never listen to you might not be and this Deen of Islam will prosper and flourish. Well, okay, hello, Kathy Roan will carry heavy machinery code, even if the disbelievers dislike it, or even if the disbelievers don't want it. This is the

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declaration of the Quran verse 88.

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As we conclude this chapter, Walter de Roma Allahu Allah and Arthur, do not call unto any deity or God. What's Allahu Allah? Allahu Allah and Allah Allah ilaha illa who there is no Lord no god no power no sovereignity no Allah but Allah one Allah alone La ilaha illa who could lose che in Holly con il watch her, everything will perish in love but to watch her who literally verbatim translation his face meaning that countenance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and not literally the face

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khulumani Alain have fun to lumen Allah sometimes you walk in in a hut you know in the city center or you in an airport and it's buzzing and people are coming and flights are landing and so much is happening in my mind runs a lot on this year. You at the boarding gate right? There are two flights that are going in opposite direction but the boarding gates are next to each other. Two people can be buried in the same cemetery but one going to paradise one going to hell, they went in the same hearse. But the abodes are different. The flight takes off in the same direction and then it moves differently. So don't be deceived by the outer thing internally it's completely separate. You see if

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you stand by this gate or that gate what's the difference? No This This flight is going in that direction and that's going to Africa that's going to Asia Calusa in harlech Everything and everyone will perish can Lumina Allah have fun while you're Bacall? Would you hold up because only Jalali will Ekrem Illawarra. But the countenance of Allah and some scholars say could Lucia in highly con Illa watch her everything will be destroyed. But that which is done exclusively for Allah, that is one interpretation. So in other words, the action that you're done with POD you perform with pure if laws, this is not what will remain, and I just have a flesh some time back when I was on a flight

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between Dubai and Toronto, and it was a long haul and I'm sitting and on the you know, Arabic entertainment. They had of course the Quran on the flight and they had some dramas etc. And they had the book of Imam Ghazali au Khaled. And so I opened the shutter at seven hours into the flight reclining on my seat. And I just went on to this Arabic audio in audio form this book of Imam Ghazali, in which he advised his disciple and Allah is my witness. I had my headphones on and I'm listening to it and I'm tearing, I'm looking out you are you know what, 40,000 feet above sea level, you are cruising at some altitude and crossing over some continent. It's 1000 years ago, Ghazali had

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given this advice to one of his students personally privately one on one. When he had graduated, he said now that you're going back to see some real practical advices of life. And I said what was the last of causality that if someone told me my time will come? This advice which you conveyed to the student of yours would literally be transmitted in an audio form and would be heard above the clouds? It would be too difficult to imagine. But this is where his sincerity took him. Evangelists telling us for Kanwar evenly enough sake wala Horan Nikka, eg democra Houma la for in the home Europe, Ivanova Hara wala hora que buena Hala botany, something that always gives me a shiver

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whenever I make a public address. And I ask Allah to forgive me and ask you to pray for me. I often say to my congregation and my audiences, I envy you more than myself. Because rarely do people attend a lecture a religious lecture for the wrong reason, and rarely do religious lecture speaker lectures speak for the right reason. I'm not casting aspersions on others, but I am challenging my own intention. May Allah save me and guide me when you deliver in a talk when you conduct in the devil could feast on your mind. Show your ability show your charisma show your skill, impressed that one get the likes get the retweets get the acknowledgments. Remember, Kenosha in Harlequin Illawarra

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everything will perish, but that which is done exclusively for Allah level hochma all matters rest with him command belongs to him. Power is his decision is he is where he lay he to read your own and ultimately we all will return to Allah. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to accept from us all our humble meager efforts and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept this

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Tafseer of this chapter of the Quran from myself from the you know those who assisted me in the production of the series and you the brother, the sister, the listener, the viewer, I asked you to pray for me and I pray from you. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala accept all our humble attempts of goodness may overlook our shortcomings and may He keeps us connected in the Quran. I leave you with the words of Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah. The aim is never to end the Quran, but the aim is to end your life in the service of the Quran.