Munir Ahmed – COVID-19 – Concerning the Jummah Prayer

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The Sharia's message on praying at home during the pandemic is discussed, emphasizing the importance of achieving spiritual well-being and the need for individuals to use their minds to create a new picture. The speakers emphasize the need for rewarded individuals to keep on track and avoid transmission of infection. The transmission of infection is also discussed, with a focus on the importance of remembering the seasonality of praying.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala MBI will more serene wa ala alihi wa sahbihi his main

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Praise be to Allah Peace and blessings on a messenger Muhammad sallahu wa salam and salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. May the Peace and mercy of Allah be with you all. I've been asked. And I've seen a few people and others have seen this question circulating, because there's been some fatawa by a few being given on this issue, and that is to do with a lot of drama.

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Because of Salatu Juma not taking place in the mosque, people have asked whether they can hold Salatu Juma in the home, that's one of the questions and Mecca Jamaat out there, or whether they can follow an Imam somewhere

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through social media online and pre at home behind them through the audio visual

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means and and have slots joma Some have said, Because look, there's gonna be a long time now. And people are not able to get that weekly reminder of spiritual reminder, etc. which is not especially in this crisis, we need that kind of spiritual reminder. That's the reason that's been used in regards to this. So here's the answer in regards to that. Firstly, in the Gospel, a spiritual reminder,

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there is no problem because as I'm recording now, it doesn't even have to be on a Friday one can have a spiritual reminder any day that can be sent through social media people often listening to spiritual reminders, either audio through an audio visually, and that can be done on a weekly basis. It can be even done on a Friday, same sort of time where people are expected to be normally in a Juma prayer. So that is like a link for them. There's no problem with that. Of course, we don't call it the Juma hook, per se, but it can be done

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it at that sort of time as well at any other time of the day. There's no problem with that. So that's overcome in regards to that. As for the Salah itself.

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Salatu Juma is made obligatory by the crown but a lot smarter saying, Yeah, you're Latina am an either no de la salata mean yo mille Giamatti fest sao Isla de la he was I will die or you who believe when you are when the call is made for the prayer of Juma

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is our new delhi salatu salam ala Giamatti festival.

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That fast Oh means make your way make your way to the remembrance of Allah meaning to slotum Juma

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and leave all buying and selling leave everything else Salatu Juma The idea is that, it is to be held Juma means a gathering, it has to be held, it is obligatory and it is obligatory on all obligatory on all males who are barely who are adults, as long as they are not ill, it is obligatory and they are not restricted by certain situations and circumstances of course included with that illness, to for them to go and pray exempt from the obligation, although it can be recommended is in regards to women and children etc.

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So, that is to go to the mosque and establish the salah, as was done at the time of the prophet SAW Salem, this area and in fact sudo l Juma, the most popular and it is agreed upon was actually revealed in Medina. Some have tried to say that it was made obligatory before that while the prophet SAW Selim was in Mecca, but we have no evidence for that. This is the I am making it obligatory. And most likely, it then was established in in Medina by the prophets Allah Salaam showed how he should be established. Some user had these

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Which is mentioned

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in the sermon in Abu Dhabi and others that that

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Juma was established. But permission being taken from the prophet SAW Islam by the Assad in Medina before the Hydra, which is mentioned in this hadith and assertiveness, Aurora Asad is Aurora from the unsolved lead the Sahaba. In this particular area amongst the answer, again, wasn't in a home

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in this particular area district, and 40 of them joined in the psychological drama at that time. This idea there's a big difference of opinion if they laugh on it,

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on its authenticity, and certainly, for some it is good and Hassan but,

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but because of the extra laugh, it is most likely This is life. Week and

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and the weakness of it is how is Juma prayer being practiced by unsolved when it has not been made medical obligatory yet, because the Surah Al Juma which I mentioned earlier, is being revealed later on. That's one of his problem, but it has a problem and it's changed as well of report. And secondly, even if it's authentic, this is not the prophet SAW Selim establishing anything, even if we find some of the Sahaba are doing it, it doesn't give us as an evidence from the Prophet salla salaam as to what he did.

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Further, even if it that is the case, it there is no evidence in that to show that you can establish slothful Juma in your home. In other words, to use that evidence is superfluous. So one of the question in regards to home we have no basis for that, in fact, in fact, we cannot do an illogical reasoning or chaos in regards to if we're not able to go to the mosque, then we should be able to establish and bring the Juma back home because that's what we do for Salah the five daily Salah five daily Salah for a minority of the Allah was wajib what Jeep obligatory to pray in the mosque. But the majority of dollar amount which is the best opinion say it is highly recommended for the great

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reward to pray that in the mosque. But you are allowed as we know to pray the five daily prayers at home. Even in Japan at home there is great reward in that. So we cannot use the five daily prayers as a basis and apply that situation to slothful Juma Serato Juma is different. It's very meaning and purpose and its name, which is the Day of Gathering them. The Muslim community together with the hotbar in the mosque is the idea of slotum. Juma. The alternative to it, we find has been given to us by the Sharia itself. So when the Sharia itself provides a situation where you cannot attend the mosque, either as an individual or as a community, the alternative is already provided by the

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Sharia. So, that's the alternative you use, because in the case of illness, or if you are on a journey, you're away from home, it is no longer obligatory on you. Oh, beyond that, it's no longer obligatory on you. And what do you pray, you don't pray Juma? When you're almost outfit and you don't have to, you don't, you're not then allowed to pray Juma as a married person ill at home, no, you pray in its place. That is very clear from the Sharia.

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And thirdly, we also have from Sharia from another direct evidence. So there's no room left for Eastern art from ourselves. And in regards to this ibadah lucky us for the better. There is no ideological reason in regards to eBay that when we come to ritual worship, we can't use our own minds to

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from our minds bring something new a new picture, which was never established by the Sharia, and that is praying Juma at home. There is no basis for it because we also have the prophet SAW Selim, in a couple of Hadith I wanted us both authentic when it is raining the prophecies and telling them more as in to instead of saying after shadow under Mohammed Rasulullah. Instead of saying hey Allah Salah say where Salafi BeautyCon pray in your homes, called out by the one thing

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when it's raining, and in what have you actually mentioned from once I have been on a bus that actually wasn't even very heavy rain, just the bottom. my slippers didn't even get wet properly. But that's what the prophesized slum did, to pray in your places pray in your homes. And when they prayed in their homes, and this was mentioned in regards to Juma, yeah, they pray over in their homes. They didn't pray to the cause of subtle drama, but they prayed for a cause of the hurt when they are mocking, of course, will soften praise to the cause of lower not slothful Juma.

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So when we have that as an evidence, if in the case of rain, the profit starts alone, whether it's heavy or lighter. And if we want to accept this heavy, tells the believers not to come from us but to pray or at home, then we say in a situation like this, which is much more severe, much more serious, then that's what we take from that. So it there is more right than to use that as an evidence to praise over at home not to pray Juma at home,

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we need to be very clear about that not to pray Juma at home, there is no allowance, no

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new picture that can be given. So when that's already been given clearly from a text from the Shara from Alan, His Messenger, that this is what you do, you don't come with a third opinion, unless you have evidence that in the case of now we have this infection. So why can't be because it's going on for a while, we'll do something else instead, which is established slightly dermatome. This would be counted as a bit of innovation, beta hakea, and innovation, which is going to bring something into religion, which didn't come in ritual worship from Allah, His Messenger, and it is not allowed. And beyond that.

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People, some people said, Okay, so we don't establish it at home that why can't we just do it through audio visual, since we in the must we already have the microphones are being used? Well, what's the difference between that and this? Well, there is a big difference. The big difference is that

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that it's not about just hearing the voice of the man. The microphone is just to augment the voice of the Imam in the same place where there is a gathering. This of course, applies to

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five daily prayers redballoon sisters, so the idea of a jamaa was a joke Swati Juma or slothful Gemma is that the mom and the

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the map more mean or more saline are all in the same place. They may be in separated from into different

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into hole, big hole, small hole, etc. But the original idea is that they're all gathered in the same place. And the queues in front of the lines or rows in front rows in front are seen by the people who are behind. So they can hear the Imam and you can augment that to the microphone, but they should be able to the original idea for that is for all prayers in JAMA for male and female as a prophet SAW some practice in the mosque,

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the Sahaba, the women from the Sahaba were just behind in the same hole, no wall and no barriers.

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So actually, someone may say, Well, you know, nowadays we have women in some Muslim, they pray the separate room, there's a barrier and a wall. So if they can pray with an audio visual in a separate room, why can't they pray? I prefer to do a little bit of a distance in their homes as well. So perhaps you can use that argument but really it's not is not acceptable. Why? Because I believe in reality, these putting the screen and putting women in a separate room even for example. Gemma is a question mark. And he's a bit are really, because he needs for the wheel to see the rules of the men in front and not just being in the same place that is what is ideal, but still, if mosques are doing

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that is not the same as the women's rose being a few kilometers away in a different distance and scattered all over the place. What kind of drama is that? That is not acceptable as a jamaa. So even though we may accept women

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in the same place, meaning at the mosque in a different room through audio, visual, although I don't believe that is ideal, but that is still not the same as praying through online means. In a in a different place. That would be an innovation

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That will be a bit app is not slothful Gemma, and I say that brother and sisters, even the harem

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if you those of you been there when the mom is leading and you can hear from the the caravan, the harem loudly the recitation and all the erotic cetera of Salah. But if and I've seen some people who sitting in their hotel rooms here or standing in the hotel room think that they can in their hotel rooms join psychodrama at the harem bar in that situation scenario that is not acceptable that is not slothful Gemma, they have to leave their rooms and go and join the queues. The rules, even if the rules are up further away from the perimeter of the car, but because the rules in front of them are full all the way to the to the Kaaba. So, they are joining the actual rows even MLB a distance

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but not sitting here standing in your hotel room,

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in a group or elsewhere, that is not acceptable, that is not slightly drama in that regard. So I hope this clarifies the situation in regards to slot Juma, it is not acceptable to press lottle Juma at home. This is not the same as playing slot pajama, by the way, some may say in schools or in hospitals where our prayer rooms been established, which is a public place, schools is a public place again, the mom being there and people coming in.

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Those are different scenario that is not a home situation. And the number of people being in Seattle Juma is as some imams raised that it can be three or 400 fees, of course, which is the best opinion that is irrelevant. The real issue here is

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that Salatu Juma is a public seller, and not to be held at home. And the alternative the home for those account has already been given by the Sharia. And we cannot change that. Some people said why not? Why not still call me even though we are praying at home? Why not have the modern still called the avant, in the mosque? As is being done in this Hadith, Salafi butik on the margin is calling out? Well, that's all right eyes. As I said, That's all right. If the alarm is being transmitted wider in the community, as in Muslim countries, or some places in this country, in fact, where they've got permission to do the loudly, that's all right to have the Muslim going in as long as as

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long as he's not in any danger of catching the infection to go and do the dance say that if it's been transmitted outside the mosque to let the remind the community but majority of the mosque as we know, theodon is just done. For inside for keeping the symbol of the dawn alive. It is not really done to call people to come to the prayer. So it's irrelevant in those situations for the Muslim to go in and call the alarm for what purpose. He's not calling anybody. He's not reminding anybody by saying salute Salafi BeautyCon we already know that because the announcements being made in the communities by those who are in charge of the mosque. So that's what I would say in regard to that,

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you know, I want to end with in in regards to, for example, not being able to go to the mosque to pray five times a day and especially in regards to slotland Juma

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a beautiful Hadith as reported by Buhari on Rb musala ashari all call it a pseudo Lai sallallahu alayhi Salaam

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is a model.

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OSA thora katiba laahu missile Makana Yama, Lu

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pokeyman. Sorry hon. So beautiful Hadith, the prophet SAW Selim said that when a slave or servant

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either becomes ill or travels,

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ill or travels because now the traveler has obviously certain.

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Rojas meaning they don't have to complete the full prayer, for example, etc, etc. They're not doing the normal things and as same with the ill person, that it is written with Allah, what's recorded with Allah in those situations,

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what he or she used to do when he or she was healthy, out or at home or not on a journey. In other words, what does it mean? It means that if we're prevented because of illness or other things or our crisis, for example, from doing the things that we were normally doing that include attending Slidell Juma or

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For those who are attending regular prayers at the most, etc. In our situation, the good news is Allah subhanho wa Taala glory to Him is writing down, writing down as though we're doing slothful Juma our doing our prayer in the mosque. And so hon Allah, this is the beauty about this, Dean, how law so merciful to us, if we're sincere, and, and, and forgiving to us, always giving us so much more in regards to reward. So

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let's not accept from us, keep us on Serato Mr. Kane, keep

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listening to reminders or even recitation of the Quran brothers and sisters

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on audiovisual that's beautiful that makes you reflect. And remember, to keep remembering the last month I'll be vigilant in our Salah. And remember, even as a husband and wife, if you're together to pray Salah in JAMA together, you have 27 times more reward than you pray then if you pray it alone, so why would we not want that? So do your utmost to try and do that, even though that's not obligatory, but this is to get more rewards. barakallahu li calm. I hope it's of use. mela swatara give us deeper understanding. Forgive us for our mistakes, keep us on track almost Akeem will offer that one in 100 in the head of Bilal amin salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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