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Abdullah al Andalusi – My Journey To Islam

In this edition of the show we talk to Abdullah al-Andalusi about his journey to Islam. He talks about his challenges and changes as a Muslim convert in Britain before and after embracing the world’s fastest-growing religion. He chose to convert to Islam following a long and thorough research period early in his life. He … Read more

Abdullah al Andalusi – Islam VS Feminism

Explosive debate with the highly vocal Irish feminist at a Dublin university, Rebak’ah Mckinney-Perry, and the Muslim speaker, Abdullah al Andalusi, on the topic ‘does Islam treat women right?’ Debate was held on 18th February 2014, hosted by the University College Dublin Law Society.

Abdullah al Andalusi – Should Muslims embrace Democracy?

Democracy and Islam – is there a clash? Abdullah al Andalusi debates Amedee Turner on whether democracy clashes with Islam, and whether it is something the people should even strive for in their countries. 31st March 2011 University of Greenwich

Abdullah al Andalusi – How Jesus and Muhammed are Brothers in the same Faith

The lecture presentation presents the surprising, if not shocking similarities between Christianity and Islam. The facts presented that would demonstrate that Islam is no more foreign to Western Europe than Christianity is! The many similarities between the two religions include the early rituals and practices of Christians, as well as the alleged teachings of Jesus … Read more

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