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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome once again to Ramadan love. We want to look at one aspect of our lives that affect all of us, in one form or the other. We run a lot, we fight a lot, we move a lot, we try to achieve a lot, we strive too much. We want to outdo ourselves, we want to achieve excellence. We want to achieve greatness. And so sometimes we keep running and running. And we keep fighting and fighting. Almost in all aspects of our existence. Almost all aspects of our lives, we hear matters of fight, somebody will say I'm struggling to survive, or I'm striving to do one thing or the other. In medicine, they even talk

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more about fighting disease versus fighting with cancer fighting with disease. Someone who has survived cancer will say the person says survival as if there had been a war, a battle. If there are matters that we need to fight against in our social life, or political, I will say fight against corruption, we see fight against this and that we do so much fighting that sometimes we get worn out, we get tired, we get fatigued, we lose focus, we're too exhausted, we feel sad, you get depressed, because we spend the whole of our lives fighting and fighting and struggling. This month of Ramadan is such a time when Allah has designed it, such that we have a time that we can press

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pause in the Fast Forward piece of our lives. time when we can just relax and sit back and observe and ponder and reflect and strategize and think of the way forward in our lives, is the time when we begin to reflect on the directions or less I've been taken, we have made so much plans. And sometimes these plans are so successful. But we later realized that we meet plan to run in the wrong directions. Having a clear direction is even much better than having a clear plan. And what is it that we're supposed to do in this month of Ramadan, to be able to press pause to ponder on our lives. And that's the period of et cough. He carves the temple of devotion in the masjid, to reflect

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on the things I've been doing right and the things I've been doing wrong to stop the wrongs and to continue with the right. We are moving in the wrong direction to redirect and reroute our lives. Whatever vision that we have the time of aitikaf is a time of devotion in the masjid, for us to reflect for us to ponder for us to observe or to make assessment of our lives is a time when we have to revisit our visions and see whether we are seeing things clearly from the right perspectives or not. So time to be in the mosque and drop everything we've been doing about matters of this dunya is a time when we go into the masjid and we devote our time to prayers to reflection to the citation of

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the Quran to draw much closer to Almighty Allah. It is like when they say that if the student is ready, the teacher will show up is a time of quietude is a time of solitude is a time of reflection when we sit down quietly, and we bow down and we turn down the volume of all the noises that we hear in our heads, our hearts that are resonant pounding with so much noise, we come down and we slow down. And then we begin to fathom the depth of the meanings of our lives, or begin to reflect on the things we have done so far. And the fact that we're going to return to Allah, one of these days, the term of he carries a ton of vision to realign ourselves, and to do revision of our visions, so that

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we can be sure of the provisions that Allah has given to us. If we don't revise our revisions and re examine our visions, and then the provisions of all major allow for us to attend to his love may elude us if we don't sit down and eat decaf. Each curve is one of the experiences and one of the manifestations of love from Almighty Allah so that we can learn to press pause and take it easy, so that we can relax and face our credo alone, and relive an experience that is similar to what Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had in the cave of Hira, when he was in seclusion, thinking about life, and thinking of spirituality, and then to really appear to him and asked him to recite in the name

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of Allah, this one of reciting the name of Allah. remember very well, the part of the verses is allemaal. In Santa Malanga, Allah, Allah teaches men what they know not and the best time to learn about

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Spirituality is one block quiet when we're still and we're devoted and love is that devotion in ritika May Allah make it easy for us Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah