Saad Tasleem – Missing Fajr in Ramadan

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying during the public service period, as it is crucial for everyone to pray at least once during the day. They also mention that praying at night is beneficial for productivity and overall well-being, but it is important to avoid missing important deeds. The speaker encourages individuals to make a commitment to pray at least once a day and to avoid missing important deeds.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh This is here with another Ramadan public service announcement. Now one of the things that I've seen happen quite often actually, is that many people, they go to the machine to pray that way, which is a good thing.

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But the problem is that sometimes people will pray Mashallah there are in the machine they pretty sure they pray eight or 20 hours of thought, which is great. But then they end up missing feature. And the crazy thing about that padlock is that yes, that is important. Yes, though, is great 100 love, but compared to federal, there's no comparison because your fudger prayer is actually watching it's mandatory upon us we have to pray that our way of prayer on the other hand is something which is extra certain meaning if you pray though your handle you'll be rewarded for that. But if you leave it you're not sinful. Further, on the other hand, is something that if you leave off your

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phone to prayer if you don't pray a bunch of prayer than your sinful for that and sometimes that's the way shape on trick says he'll get us to focus on lesser important deeds, and a more important deed gets left out and I know sometimes people they're so tired from the night because they were doing worship at night or they were maybe hanging out whatever they're doing at night that during the month of Ramadan, they will pray fudge up or they end up missing their other prayers as well. And to panel up part of Ramadan is that you pray at least at least you pray your five daily prayers on time because as I said, that is something which is wajib it's mandatory is compulsory upon all of

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us. And sometimes what people will do is they'll actually just leave off waking up for Superbowl they're like you know what, I'll just wake up when I wake up and I'll be fasting I'll be good to go and to Pamela hemisfair job and then Mr. Ko as well and actually told us that there's actually blessings in the food that we eat during the circle, time or some said the cell in the facility Barca that wake up and eat zero because they're bark there's been a cut in that zero. So make a conscious effort. Even if you have to sacrifice on your thought we have a little bit, make sure you get it for friendship. Until next time in sha Allah said I'm on a call to light

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