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The speaker discusses the aspect of forgiveness and the importance of regret in Islam. They explain that forgiveness is given to all who has done a mistake, regardless of their worth or reputation. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of making a promise to return to the source of their mistake and not to regret past mistakes.

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Shaytan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim wa salatu salam ala ashrafi mousseline segura de Mohamad while he was Javi edge Marine, my name is Abdul Fattah de me and I want to sincerely welcome you to Ramadan love. We have spoken about aspects of love when has to do with Ramadan. And we want to look at today, the aspect of forgiveness and that is love is forgiveness. You cannot say you love somebody if you cannot forgive such a person. And that is the aspect of Ramadan, the aspect of fasting will tell us we're not Allah promises to forgive us all of our sins. Anybody who should first imagine what you saw when you first with strong faith, and you make all the precautions you

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count the number of days and you pay attention to all of the things that are expected of you in the month of Ramadan. Allah says Your sins are going to be forgiving. And this is like a bonanza for everyone for all of us to know that out of love or material as this fasting period in place. So that's going to be an opportunity for us to return to Almighty Allah and to sincerely seek His forgiveness, forgiveness can be given forgiveness can be granted and that is provided that you also fulfill the conditions for forgiveness. One of such conditions that we have learned from this course is that the first and foremost you drop the evil that you are doing, drop it like it is hot,

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anything that you are doing that you know, these things are not acceptable in the sight of Allah, you are supposed to stop it right away without any delay. You don't say okay, I'm going to stop when the next Ramadan come. So I'm going to stop as soon as I'm able to ASAP. This is not how to seek Allah's forgiveness and repentance. When it comes to the month of Ramadan and the Bonanza for forgiveness. The second thing is that you are willing to usual regret having done these things in the past, nobody should be proud of their sins. And that's why in Islam, we don't do open confession where you come both most into the people that you are this and that in terms of bad things you have

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done in the past or some mistakes you have made. So a person should regret what they have done in the past. And if you may ask yourself, what aspect of life is it that is most regrettable? Or what is more regrettable, to regret, I haven't done what you did, or to regret not having done what you did not both of them and to regret in one way or the other. And whichever of them that you see had been a sin on you, then you will regret it and let it pass. Let it go behind your back in the past. The third one is for you to make your resolve not to return to sin again, after you have repented and you have turned to Allah. And of course it's also very important as a condition for you to be

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sincere about us your repentance. People know what they have been doing. People know where they have been to people know what they have said they know what they have done. They know what they have achieved, and they know what they have committed. People know what they have omitted and people know what they have done deliberately, except someone who wants to deceive him or herself. The truth of the matter is this month of Ramadan is a special month of love from Allah for Allah to return to Him and to ask for forgiveness or Nutella caught on all of us. evangelina so for Allah for him la takuna tuna Rahmatullah oh you My servants, my sleeves that have wronged their souls, never lose hope in

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the muscle format. In Elia flew by Jamia because Allah forgives all sins in Olga for Rahim is all forgiving, his most merciful and amongst the names of all Mashallah that Allah loves to combine. Allah says Well, we'll go fula Dude, I'm all forgiving. I am all loving Allah dude is one of the names of Allah. He can have what dude that is greater than ordinary hobo. hobo is love but Allah dude with which Allah describes himself as one of his attributes is much stronger than that. Because he loves us regardless. He loves us Nevertheless, there are three types of love. We have the if love and we have the because love and then we have the regardless love. I will love you if you do this

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and that or I love you because you are doing this and that you're not doing this and that, but the one Allah has for us is regardless, and that is why regardless of how big your sins are, regardless of how much you feel

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About your sins, regardless of how far you have strayed away from the path of Allah wants to return back to him, Allah shall forgive you regardless. And this is alga fool is alpha dude. These are the names of Allah. Let us take advantage of these names of Allah seek forgiveness in sincerity, so that Allah can bless us And forgive us and bless us with this world and hereafter lead us again, same time insha Allah next time assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.