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All right on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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Allah from the chorus shaytaan I will begin in the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful Welcome to Ramadan love. My name is Abdul Fatah. de me. We want to look at the aspects of in the month of Ramadan that has to do with purification. And that's why we say love is pure, and to purify the love that you have and the love that you feel. There's a certain formula in the month of Ramadan that permeates the whole of the Glorious Quran. And that is manifested by the institution of Zakat, Allah fitri what we call the cattle feed tree is a way of giving out arms to the poor. And that has to do with a feeding somebody some form of food or form of feeds that we have around us in our

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locality. The Zakat the meaning of Zakat is to purify. The Quran says coding of Lucha Manta, wacka wacka rossmore more OBE for so suffering is one that purifies and remembers the name of his Lord. And he observes a lot, this is clear enough See, can be manifested or can be established through the sockets that we get. Not necessarily this occurred as a pillar of Islam. But here it is distinguished by being described as the cattle feature. And that is to give to somebody. And there's something very spectacular about this. The cattle feature is to be given as food item as it is. And it's also relates to feeding the needy. That's always mentioned in the euroscore.

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One of the secrets of success in life is when you understand this concept and how it works. When you understand that feeling next person is an outward expression of love of humanity, and love of Almighty Allah that has specialized the feeding of the poor. If you observe vaalu or have to learn from struggle, firsthand, through bakura, up until when you get to know us, you hear in many cases when I talk about miskeen, feeding the needy feeding those who are poor, those who are needy, feeding those who need one thing or the other. This feeding that we have, it's also mentioned where Allah says wait a minute, Allahu be miskeen and were tema wa Sera, and other describe those who feed

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all that people even when they also have need for this food, they feed the needy, and they feed the orphans and those who are in need. Generally what this does is that it removes Ranko from society. It removes envy from the society. It also helps in taming your heart, it helps in purify your soul, to give free to somebody in the day of hunger that is out there, I'm filming the merkabah feeding somebody in the name of hunger. This is one of the best ways through which you can express love to other people. Feeding and eating is part of the things that humans do. And this is not about to change. Although it has been for long since when Allah created the first human being on earth. And

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so many other living beings also survived by eating and by feeding. So feeding somebody else is like making yourself to be available to show the love of Allah and let it flow through you to other people, we have observed very well, that

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allowing other people to feed through you is not just the human beings this time around, you also take care of the animals and you take care of other creatures all around you. So the essence of the cattle feed tree is the key to enough C is to purify your heart to purify your soul. And that is the best of love. You cannot tell somebody that you love and care for them and they are hungry and do something about it. In the world. Today we have a lot of people that are hungry, and some people have no food to eat when they eat the morning. They may not be sure what to eat next, in the afternoon or in the evening. Certain people are hungry one form or the other in one place or the

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other. And the professor Allah says Li none of us truly believer when you go to sleep and your neighbor is hungry. And this is to show us that one of the best ways to express our love and to express our emotion is when we try to feed others. Let us try to do something not to organize pity party for those who are hungry, not to pretend as if we don't see those who are struggling not to look the other way when we see people dying of hunger boletos lend a hand of support to those who need it is not only food that people need. Some people hunger for support. The hunger for love, the hunger for affection.

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They want somebody to listen to them. They want to hear them out. They want somebody to hear their own side of the story of their struggles in life. They want somebody to relate their tails to maybe they can understand their stories, the hunger some people have maybe the thirst and hunger for a man. Some people are making efforts trying to improve themselves, then the process of making themselves to be useful for humanity and they're also in the process of seeking more knowledge with which to do it better and worship Almighty Allah. Let us do this test clear enough see purify our souls out of love. And let us give to others what was it they are hungry for? Especially whatever we

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can afford, for you know, you cannot give what you don't have. feed yourself and feed all this is the month of Ramadan is the month of love Salaam Alaikum