Yahya Ibrahim – Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #08

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting criminal minds and avoiding harm to their wealth, while also reminding them not to give anything until they have their own success. They stress the need to show mercy and clemency to avoid future mistakes and to not let anyone judge their mental state. The group discusses protecting their homes and families, finding good partners, and building successful lives.
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Brahim on early Rahim Allahumma barik ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed income about Allah era hemo early Ibrahim Filomena in hamidou. Majeed Allahumma salli Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in Kemal sonlight Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim A law ricola Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed Abdullah Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim Filomena in NACA, Hamid Majeed.

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Allahumma Sanjana Mohammed II wanna only Mohammed income also later Allah Ibrahim en de Brahim along Mubarak Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed income about Ibrahim Ibrahim Filomena in hamidou. Majeed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed in cameras for later Allah Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim, long Mubarak Allah Mohammed medu. The Mohammed income about Ibrahim Ibrahim Brahim Filomena in aka hamidou Majeed

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along Masoli Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed income is on late Allah Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim A law Rick Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed income avaloq tala Ibrahim awada early Ibrahim. Filomena in Naka, hamidou Medina Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Inca mounts on late Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Allah Karla Mohammadi

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early Mohammed

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Ibrahim ohada early Ibrahim of in higher lemina iNec hamidou Majeed, a long mo Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed in cameras on later Allah Ibrahim

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came out so late Allah Ibrahim on early Ibrahim of Elia lemina in Mecca hamidou Majeed, we always begin with the sada and the Salaam upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the salah and the Sunnah of the prophet is what removes harm and distress We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us with our love for the prophets. I seldom with our adherence to his Sunnah and walking in his path. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala opens our heart to the light that he was sent with some Allah while he while he was happy we're sending to stream and Kp rock Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad Kamal salitre Allah Ibrahim while early Ibrahim Lama Burdick I

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know Mohammed Ali Mohammed kemajuan Dr. Ibrahim while early Ibrahim Philae lemina. In NECA, hamidou Majeed, Allah we ask you to open our hearts to the truth to open our eyes to that which is good so that we may practice it and follow it we ask you to open our eyes and hearts to that which is sinful so that we will be aware of it and distant from it alone. I mean, we ask you your hammer, I mean, do not hold us accountable for the mistakes that we have made and for the things that we have forgotten that we should have maintained. We ask you to show us mercy and clemency and open our hearts that we can continue to lead ourselves and our family to that which is pleasing to Allah. Allah in the

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sacred last night of the month of Ramadan we make the dough out of the prophets I send them a love meeting the guy for winter hula for fat for now Oh Allah you are forgiving you love to forgive. Oh Allah forgive us yeah, Allah Allah made Nick awful wouldn't for him to live with her for I'm not

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Oh Allah, you're the forgiving you love to forgive so forgive us here Allah. Oh Allah you are the partner the forgiver you love to pardon and forgive and remove the sins yeah Allah Allah forgive us and remove our sins from our accounts. Yeah, Allah. That stuff that Allah had all the way on the table he we turn to you Allah and ask you for forgiveness. Yeah, hammer. I mean, we ask you Yeah, well, he and Mousavi to make us from those who are forgiving you a lot. Oh Allah forgive us our sins and make us from those who are blessed in this life. And in the next year. I'm a Rahim. Allah, we ask you to grant us Your mercy and to grant us your favorite hammer. I mean, you know, in the end,

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yeah, well, you Yeah, Aziz? Yeah. Carrie Maria alvine we ask you a hammer. I mean to grant a success in this life and in the next Allah home I mean, Allah we ask you to make us from those who open our hearts to the truth open our hearts to the healthcare of hammer. I mean, we make the drought of our Nabhi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Armenia or that we come in a Hemi well hasn't well they're becoming an adze will cause Eduardo to become in a job in a while book. Why not? Oh, the week I'm in holiday in your other region. Oh Allah, we ask you to protect us from anxiety and from grief.

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We asked you to protect us from inability laziness and cowardice and stinginess and holding on to our wealth and not giving it to others. Yeah, Allah when it's needed. We ask Allah to protect us from the burden of being in debt. Yeah. Or how much do I mean that we are held under by others who are over us in coercion and the authority of Allah who are unmerciful to us our hammer? I mean,

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we asked you, Allah, Allah in the week I mean a million for a woman called Vinayaka. A woman never seen that ash but a woman that are within us to jab hula, Allah we ask you to give us refuge and protection from knowledge that doesn't benefit us knowledge that we know but we don't practice it Allah. Allah protect us from knowing what we don't practice yet Allah, Allah we ask you that we do protect us from a heart that does not have humility and is subdued to your word yet Allah, Allah open our hearts make a tender to your word receptive to your instructions at Allah. We ask you to protect us from a soul that is not satisfied. That is not content that is always hungry and greedy

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and seeking of Moria Allah, Allah Houma Trina was Amina behind Alec. I'm I'm unheroic Allah we ask you to enrich us with what is halal so that we turn away from what is hard on me I'll hammer I mean, Allah we ask you that we to protect us from our supplication later use the jab Buddha otherwise you're not being answered yet Allah, Allah manana Oh, they'll be Cummings aware. linea emetic, what the How will they be ethic? Well, Pooja attina chromatic watch me I saw Karthik Oh Allah we ask you to protect us from the ending of your favor upon us from the goodness coming to an end yet Allah we ask you to protect us from a change of our good and well being to a change of other than it we ask

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you to protect us from the unexpected wrath and anger of you descending upon us yeah Allah we ask you to protect us from all that angers you yeah hammer I mean, Allah keep us away from sins and the people of sin. Allah keep us away from sins and the people of sin in the places of SR Allah. Allah we ask you to remove the desire and the love of sin from our hearts to Allah. Allah we ask you to remove the desire of excess from our hearts yeah Allah Allah make us content with what is small if it is sufficient for us yeah Allah rather than have what is great but how long for us? Yeah, Allah. Allah manana Oh they'll be coming shall remain. I mean that women chatter we man i'm not i'm an

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Allah, we ask you to protect us from the evil that we have already done in the evil that we have not yet done. May Allah protect us from the evil that we have done by forgiving it for us and protect us from the evil that we have not yet done by deterring us from it? Yeah, Allah. Allah may not know there'll be another video. Oh Allah we ask you to protect us in these blessings last 10 nights of Ramadan from the punishment of jaton along which I'm now with da Mina now, Allah save us and make us from those who are freed from Jana Mia, Allah. Oh Allah make us from those who are freed from Johanna Mia Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to make us from the color of your hand nemea Allah, Allah

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manana Oh, they'll become another battle club. I will ask you to protect us from the punishment of the grave. We asked you to protect us from the fitna of Maria and my man allama in there now they're becoming fitna dilemma here on my mat. Allah save us from the trials of life and the moment of death and return to you yeah, Allah, woman Chatterley fitna at Mercy the jell O Allah protect us from mercy at the jail and all those who are deceptive and kondia Allah Allah in no other way Robach I mean psychotic why now although be more emphatic I mean or robotic when our Oh they'll be coming Kayla. No see if Anna and Malaika and tech Emma apne to Allah enough sick Yeah, Allah we ask you to

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give us refuge and protection from in your acceptance from you're angry at Allah Allah Allah accept us and let it quell your anger for for that which we are justified to earn yeah Allah Allah we ask you to make your forgiveness favour to that which is your reputation you retribution and vengeance again it's against us. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah give us your forgiveness so that we are not accountable before you Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah we ask you to protect us from you with you. Yeah, Allah, protect us from yourself by yourself. Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah we ask you to do all of this by praising you in a way that we cannot praise you as you deserve the end. tekamah f9 Thailand f6 only you can can

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praise yourself as you deserve. Yeah, Allah, Allah who may not know they'll be coming from karate.

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Well, amen. Well, well, well, adware Allah,

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Allah we ask you to protect us from an undesirable sinful immorality from sinful beliefs and dealings and deeds. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us.

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From all that which desires and diseases arise in us that are sinful Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us mindjet del Bella along may now know the weekend in general Bella whether kiss Shah was a DA which Mr. Turtle Adda Allah protect us from the distress of trial and from the lowest

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miza levels of misery Allah, that we are depressed and that we are downtrodden yet Allah Oh Allah protect our mental state and protect our mental well being yeah Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us from the adversity of fate that may strike us here Allah Allah we ask you to protect us from malicious rejoicing enemies against us in our downfall our moment of weakness Yeah, Allah, Allah Hama, felina or ham Now where are they now? Where have they been? Why Athena was opener? Allah we ask you to guarantee us guidance and mercy and good health and give us Elia Thea Well, we're risk aware say Allah, Allah expand our risk to expand our home expand our prosperity, Allah, but do not

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do this at the expense of our Emmanuel, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah fitna, nfpt, Nina, Allah don't make our test in life and the test for our children in matters of faith. Allah, Allah Hamas, Lennar Dean in a levy who is meant to Marina, Allah protects for us our Deen our way of life our faith in you Yeah, Allah that is the head of all of our affairs in this life yeah, I have a hammer I mean, Allah protect us. Allah mustard I rot and when I'm enrolled Latina Allah we ask you to protect our shame and our our our mistakes from being seen and witnessed by others. Oh Allah Don't let us be witnessed by others in our shamefulness Yeah, Allah when I'm in rural Latina or LA remove our fears,

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or conceal our mistakes, conceal our faults and allow was time to ask you for forgiveness. And to open a new page with you, Allah, Allah McPhee now behind Ehrlich and her amik work Nina began Mansi work although we ask you to suffice us with that which is lawful so that we avoid the Haram and we ask you to make us self sufficient by your favor free from need of anyone but you Yeah, Allah, Allah and then as I look forward, I fear

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fidi Nina where dunya Anna? Lena?

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Holly in our amwell in a hammer I mean, Allah we ask you forgiveness and freedom from evil and sin in matters of our religion, in our worldly life, in our family and in our property in the state. We ask you all of this while remembering our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad Ali Mohammed fill out welline I will fit in Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Mohammed film Allah Allah Allah yeah or hamara I mean, Allah we ask you to protect us and our homes and our families and our children yet Allah Allah we turn to you and seek protection in your blessing names Allah we are off man we are Rahim. We are we are Aziz. We am

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an enka hula hula de la ilaha illa who yeah magic Yeah Are those your Salah Maria Maria Aziz we are about yeah motor cabiria Harley about it. Yeah, as he is we are semi Oh yeah, well, I do we had Yeah, man. We are him. Yeah, are you Yeah, are you Yeah, uh Well we are we are VA here we are belted Yeah, well, we have to do so yeah some board Oh yes. Yeah, I mean we are more Haman. Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'll be Maria Mota capital Allah mantle hub. And then kavir Allah Allah you will allow Allah you will move. The Illa in the end Allah month of vinaya latifi are hacky Maria was Yeah. Yeah, I leave early milho Yeah. alum and who? Oh, yeah. Malik al MOOC Yeah. Malik. Malik. Malik. Yeah, Allah

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who I am and Allah and Allah will lay the lay in there and yeah, Majeed, we are heavy WE ARE WE WE ARE Mateen we are Aziz. Yeah, of course. Yeah, of course. Hero Yeah. mock Yeah, for the euro. Allah Hama filled in our home now if you know one of our and our academic xulon I always say I'm on HANA. Allahumma Haman Allah Allah in a mo Hey, Maria Karim academia harfield Oh yeah, happy Oh Allah protect us and Goddess. Yeah. hafeez We are happy. Oh Allah protect us and Goddess. Yeah, Walia Mola. Yeah, no, Lana Yeah, mon el Murali.

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We ask you to protect us yeah, Allah yeah looky loo Yeah, Kafeel Yeah. Oh Allah let us let us allow you to be the dispose of our affairs that we believe in you incompleteness Allah yeah coffee Oh Allah suffice us yeah coffee You're the one who suffices all yeah summit. Let us believe in you. Oh, Eternal One who is needed by everyone? Yeah, Rosa for ya Rasool Allah you are the provider you are the Sustainer You are the giver. For Allah be all of that for us. Yeah. I mean, yeah, if at all Yeah, I lean Yeah. Had the rubine Allah you are the one who is an opener and an arbitrator You are the evidence and you are the guide. Oh Allah guide us to your path. Yeah, a lot.

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Yeah, come on Herky mean, Oh Allah, you are the wisest of those who give judgment, the best of judges era.

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Allah sure what's your greatest compassion?

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Yeah merli kalmykia tiljander chrom Allah we ask you to show us your favorite in this life and in the next we ask you to protect us from the inequity of our own ceilings and our own mistakes yeah a lot. We asked you to grant us the purity that you granted the NBN and they're also lender messengers who came before I wouldn't be so Lola It was a lemon Grant has that goodness and completion that you gave to our newbies I seldom Allah guide us to is Sherry a guide as to as soon as a guide is to a certain stuff him or Allah allow our feet to remain firm upon it Allah do not allow our fee our feet to be shaken along with a bit of them and a law method bit after them and our law makers firm yeah

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of hammer I mean, hola we ask you to increase our lifespan and that of our children and to bless us and bless them with good health to strengthen us and strengthen them through your worship and your obedience to Allah. We ask you to raise up our young children and strengthen them from weakness into into good healing and into good strength that they may look after us in our advanced stage. Oh Allah open the hearts of our children towards us, Oh Allah guide them back to Al Islam and keep them firm upon Allah.

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O Allah. There's some of our brothers and sisters who have asked us to make sure that they find somebody who will enrich their life as a partner in life and our spouse or our love for our sisters who have asked and our brothers who have asked or Allah open to them the doors of good allow them to meet the one that you have destined for them yet Allah allow them to build a home that is built on the foundation of the sooner

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the sooner and the Kennemer of La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, O Allah allow each and every one who is looking for good in their life through finding a good spouse that you allow them in this year to find somebody who will make easy their life easy their journey ANSYS support them in their worship of you Yeah, Allah. We ask you how are hammer I mean to open the doors for all of those who are seeking hydrea Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah grant you when a success and accept from all of us the good that we do, may Allah subhanho wa Taala is all of our pain Allahumma amin or sallallahu wasallam was it who abetik Allah said, you know whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa, early he was like me he was a limiter Sleeman kathira where he wrote the awareness and hamdulillah here of denial amin so how not because Abdullah is at a mercy for more Salah 100 more saline lama sundiata Mohammed Ali Mohammed kemah zuleta Allah Rahim Allah Ali Ibrahim Philomena iNec Hamid Majeed was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Obama taco bell ringer in deca and the semi or lolly whatever Alinea Mola

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