Dressing for One Another

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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If you have a wife who doesn't know how to take care of herself, I think a man should be concerned. It must be concerned please let us try. It is very hard to tell a woman to say why why you know dressing like that lady you know that's a problem. I do see you're supposed to be dressing like a Zen up in my office. Haha that would be the problem. So you might have to use wisdom. Some of them if you buy very nice clothes you know we

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just wear one dress that look somehow some of them in the house they don't take care of their hair the hair will be scattered like like spirits

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as is the way some of the Buddha haylage if the lead if the light goes off and he appears to be scared even though she's

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gone are the days when ladies used to be ladies. When ladies are feminine. Where they do lady thinks she walks you walk like a lady she will talk to talk like Lady nowadays. Some ladies they will laugh like make

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them laugh if the woman is not doing well.

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And if the man is one that is at fault, let him encourage himself. We love women to dress well for us in the house. But we don't we are going up we will have a better guy like this. We will put perfume we put Nazca but when we come back to the house, we changed to one de la vida de la vida is like uniform we normally wait in the house we've been waiting for four years there's one everybody moves every you have one delaria that's your favorite

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other ladies who see you fail man outside well dressed man this other woman see you but when you get to the house your wife doesn't see you later.

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He just he was nice cup We another one. It's an old

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dress well for a while. That's not a good idea. So let man also use nice perfume in the house for the house and insists that your house should be neat. And well kept. No daddy Do you find on top of a chain is it you then is your children I They are the ones who are easy

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to put on the chair. Not allowed to call your wife on food if history is coming. Because we'll be shocked when you get home. You see children who bring her on the way keep on the table near the TV. Wherever you see you now come on your view. So we'll I just mentioned only this because you do want to see I know it's not nice. Now you agree with me that everybody has different experience. And then whatever your experiences are, only one solution is not the solution. You know what you can do to make sure that things are in order. And if you are okay with it like that, if you're okay with it later.

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Stay with us now that you'll be smelling the smell of one another