Ask Shaykh YQ #110 – Can I Accept a Job In a Town Where There is no Jumuah being held

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Our first question from brother I met in Malaysia, he emails and he says that he has gotten a job offer. But the place that he is going to, according to his Google research does not have any masala or any mustard. And so he is asking is he allowed to take up a job offer and travel to a location where potentially it looks like there might not be any Joomla? And then he asks a broader question that okay, if I travel for any location, even not for the sake of a job for any reason, and there's no Joomla over there, is that permissible or not? So, the question is with regards to traveling to a location that there is no Joomla taking place,

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The response to this question Juma is, of course, obligatory on every adult, sane Muslim male who doesn't have an excuse preventing him from attending the Joomla and Joomla is obligatory, if there is a Joomla that is being held in the place that you are at, if there is no Joomla and there are not enough Muslims to perform a Joomla then you are not obligated to have a Joomla by yourself, there is no Joomla by yourself, there must be the bare minimum. Now, what is the bare minimum? That depends on you nomads have to have some say three, some small minority even said to some said you have to have 40 so you have a different interpretations? That's not the question here. Suppose that there is

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no Joomla there's not enough Muslims and there are no Muslim laws or messages where Joomla is being undertaken, should you go to such a location, the response is very straightforward and hamdulillah Allah subhana wa tada has not obligated on us that which we cannot bear. And the obligation of Joomla is binding only when there is a tumor that is in your locality, the Sharia has not obligated you to not find sustenance, unless there is a jumar being held over there. ullas religion is easy, when myjalah la confy denim and heritage there is no difficulty, you need a lot of a common user allowance to make things easy for you. So do not put restrictions that the Sharia has not put and

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there are no restrictions to moving to a locality where your sustenance is where you have a good job offer. I'm assuming that because you're writing from a Muslim majority country that the job offer is in some faraway location in another land for example, and you are not able to find online any masala there and so, the assumption is that in this non Muslim land, there is no Joomla being performed. So, you are now wondering that because of the Joomla issue, should you travel or not? And the response as I said is that there is no how much there is no sin on you to travel for your job or even to travel for any permissible reason. Even if it is not a dire situation, you may travel for

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any permissible reason. And if during the travel Juma falls and you're still traveling or you're at a destination or a location where there is no Joomla then you are not obligated in fact many scholars and this is another controversy that what if your massage field and there is a Joomla and you are in this state of suffer, are you obliged to attend or not? Even then there is a controversy in some for classic The musafir is not obliged to Juma, even though the position that I feel is more reasonable is that if the massage temporarily has reached a spot where he is temporarily even if it's a day or two, that he's residing there, there, then he and there is Juma being held in that

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city than he should attend tomorrow. But anyway, my point is that the Joomla is not obligatory when there is no Joomla being established, and therefore do not make the absence of a Joomla a cause for you For you to not take up this job offer and also realize that from the beginning of time, people have been traveling the Muslim world has had travelers and they traveled for reasons that sometimes you know, we're religious base and sometimes we're worldly based. And it is not recorded that they said I have to plan a route such that every city I stopped in, there must be a masala over there. No, we have had travelers that that have even traveled, you know, to the lands of Europe, there was

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a famous traveler by the name of urban fold land. And he traveled all the way into the lands of Europe. And he went, they say even to Norway and other places where he met the Vikings. And then he came back and he wrote about that. Of course he had been bottled as well as the famous traveler. He went all the way across the world and he came back to his lands in Morocco. And so all of these from the time of the Sahaba. In fact, it is even narrated that some of the Sahaba they wanted to live away from society and civilizations such as Abu Dhabi.

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fit around the law of Thailand that for whatever reason, he just felt that he was more at peace living alone. And so he literally built a hut he built a small place, literally in the middle of nowhere him and his family, him and his wife actually they settled over there, because he felt that he would rather be living away from society and it is not reported that he established Juma or he traveled for to get to Juma he would live where he is, and he was content over there and he passed away in circumstances that are going to have discussed in my lectures about the Sahaba The point being that there is no obligation on you to find out or sorry or to choose your job based upon

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whether there's Juma or not if there is Juma Al Hamdulillah. If not, then no, no problems you may go to that location and you will pray to her instead of Juma. Now, this is in terms of obligation. Now, I have to also point out here that if you are traveling to Atlanta or a country where, you know, it's a very different circumstance, where you're coming from Muslim majority to now you're going to become a minority that comes with other factors. And you have to decide whether you feel confident enough strong enough in your faith to be able to venture out there is no question psychologically speaking, not religiously, psychologically speaking, and they're not necessarily divorced from one

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another. But I'm just saying that psychologically It is good to be with society with Muslim communities, there is a barrier protection that comes when you're in a Muslim land, especially observant Muslim land, that might not happen when you travel, other places and if you're not accustomed to the cultures and the and the accessibility of certain issues in other lands, you have to think long and hard and then make a choice based upon that. But that's a separate issue. From what you asked me about in terms of Juma, you weighed the pros and cons. And there is no question that if you have a very good job lined up and you feel confident that inshallah you can be a

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practicing Muslim, you're gonna observe the prayers, there is no question that the shediac does not obligate upon you to find a locality where there is Joomla. That having been said, I also want to add here that on a personal anecdote that in fact, my very first job when I was still doing my chemical engineering degree, when I was based in Houston, Texas, it was actually in a small town called Freeport, and it is still you know, they're obviously there, the Dow Chemical Plant over there. And when I accepted that job, this was back in the mid 90s, early 90s, I found out that there was no Joomla being established in Freeport, Texas. And I in fact, as was I was a student at the

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time, I asked my teacher the exact same question you were asking me? And I said, I asked him that, you know, I got a very good job offer from Dow Chemical, can I go and work there? But I'm worried that there is no tomorrow. And of course, at that time, I was not studying Islam. So I had to, you know, ask somebody who was studying Islam, who was obviously my first teacher, and he told me the exact same thing I'm telling you, which is that the Sharia is not obligating you to find such a location. So I actually took up that job and Subhanallah This is my point, my point of telling you the story, that when I went to there, I realized that the reason why there was no Joomla was because

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nobody had really gathered the Muslims there and started one and so I literally found out you know, the five seven Muslims that were working in the plant and I contacted them and I said, hey, let's do a Juma together and Alhamdulillah as a young you know, teenager I was still 19 at the time, I Alhamdulillah helped establish Juma in that small community and I heard that they continued after me and I think there's even a masala or msgid close by where they can now go and pray. So my point is that make it your Nia that Okay, there is no jumar there inshallah, I'm going to go there and insha Allah for sure you will find five or 10 you know, Muslims scattered around everywhere. You just, you

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know, find them figure figure out how you can come together the best time and place location on Joe on Friday afternoon, and then inshallah you'll be the one who starts Joomla and then starts Islamic activities and allies, which knows where that will lead, you know, years or decades from now. So hope that inshallah that answers your question.