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Salam Alaikum greetings appease, welcome to the show, I'm Edie your hosts subscribe if you haven't already, we got an exciting episode. This is very going to be very enlightening for a lot of people, it's going to be sad for a lot of people, it's going to erect a lot of emotion. So some viewer discretion is advised. My next guest is from is the President Sharon Slater, president of family watch International. Now, this is a coalition of organizations around the world standing at the forefront for the battle against cultural imperialism, and the sexual rights agenda. And what does that we're gonna find out their mission is to expose the cultural imperialism pushed by United

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Nations and the Western countries, especially the US, and to stop them from pushing a destructive sexual rights agenda on families and children world wide. Without any

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do it without any due. Let's go ahead and bring out our guest, president of family watch International, Sharon Slater, how are you? Sure. Great. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me on your show. Thank you for being with us here on the Dean show.

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So, talk to us a little bit about your organization.

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Sure, oh, family Watch has been in existence for a little over 20 years, we have something called consultative status at the United Nations. And what that does, is that allows us to go in when all the UN member states are negotiating documents, and have an impact on what is negotiated there. So we kind of have an inside view of the battle the trenches of the battle, to protect the institution of the family and life and we see and we uncover the United Nations agenda to sexualize children and children represent the future families of the world. So this is a huge attack on the family as well. Oh, hold it to stand united nations, you know, their job is to I mean, what did they have to do with

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sex, sexual education? My goodness? That's a very good question. They really should not be in the sex business. But man, are they almost every negotiation devolves into a fight over sexual reproductive health and rights, which encompasses sexual rights, but especially over something called comprehensive sexuality, education, and it would be better named comprehensive sexualization education, because it sexualizes children, and raises them up in the radical gender, transgender and sexual ideologies, that all the UN agencies funded by donor countries in the West are pushing.

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And this has been so your organization has been exposing this for 20. Some years? Yes, yes. Yeah. Lots of research, lots of webinars, lots of documentation. In fact, if you would, I could, you know, show you a few slides of some of their publications, because many people have a really hard time thinking that well, some people hate the UN and some people think it's the Savior of the world. And depending on which view you have, it's important either way to understand the agenda that all of us are funding because it's all of our tax dollars. It's funded by the different governments, which are all the governments in the world. Oh, hold on, hold on. Hold on. Sharon. Is this some like

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conspiracy theory or something that, you know, that we're talking about? Are these facts that people can go look up and check up or? Yeah, okay. You know, can I show you? Yes, yes, please, facts? Can I show you? Yes. So one of the most urgent things, this is not some, like conspiracy theory, is it? No, no, I hope, you know, conspiracy theories don't provide you proof. And we document and provide proof out of their own documents that you can find on their own websites. And so you can check it all out for you. Because that's what we're about on this program. Evidence proof. Yes, you would never just make these broad accusations without having evidence to show you so can I share my

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screen? Yes, please. Hopefully it will work.

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On my computer, we see you go ahead and figure that out. We're gonna go ahead and play this clip from I believe your organization, put this clip to get put this documentary together can get taxpayer funded, sex changes without parental consent. You can't have an aspirin at school without parental consent. However, a student could make these life altering permanent decisions without additional knowledge or consent. Is your organization documentary? Yes, yes, you'll hear I'm the narrator. Again. You're the narrator. I actually had pedophiles measure with a stopwatch. How many children could achieve what he called orgasms within a 24 hour period today comprehensive sexuality

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Education is based on this philosophy that children are sexual from birth created by Kinsey.

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We've got to stop it. We've got to use everything at our disposal. We have to stand together to stop this attack against our children, and they have all this funding in this organization. But we know that if we stand together, we can do something for the family for the children. We stopped the Kinsey sexuality education program in Croatia, it is time for parents to say no.

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What's this Kinsey COPPA is a Kinsey comprehensive educational program. Well, Kinsey is the founder of the sexual rights movement. And he's the one that had pedophiles measured with a stopwatch how many times children starting with, you know, very small infants all the way up to like 14 years old, how often they could have orgasms within a 24 hour period. So we're talking sexual abuse, they sexually abused these children documented it that came up with this whole philosophy that children are sexual from birth. And so therefore, we should be giving them rights to sexual pleasure and teach them how to have it and in different ways. And I know this is hard to believe, but if you I

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think I've just figured out how to share if I show you some proof of it. Yes, that's okay.

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Okay, so let me just get to the top of this presentation, because it kind of puts you in the bottom. Okay. They're really after our children, and especially the children in Africa. So let's see here, just you said, especially the children in Africa, especially the children in Africa, in fact, I'm going to show you a program that we're finding right now, if you go to this website, young people This is a coalition of UN agencies and donor countries that are trying to get comprehensive sexuality education to children. And so they're trying to get 20 African countries to sign a commitment. There was one signed back in 2013, by by 20 African countries. And they're

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working to get it renewed with the 10 year future agreement to sexualize children with these programs. They're trying the old commitment was to get this the sexualization education to 75% of the African children in these 20 countries. But now that these are these are the government's that they're targeting right now, with their sexualization

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curriculum, I'm going to show you excerpts from it in a minute. This is called the Eastern Southern African commitment that they're right now asking these governments to sign on December 6, and if any of your listeners are, are from these countries, or have contacts in these countries, we would beg you to get in contact with them and ask them to ask their governments not to sign on and I'll tell you a little bit more about that. But this is the coalition of UN entities and governments that are pushing the sexualization education. See all these UN agencies, International Planned Parenthood Federation really is at the center of it. And you'll see here the governments of Sweden, Germany,

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and Norway and all sorts of other actors, but what they're pushing is called comprehensive sexuality, education or CSE. And to understand that you have to understand how they understand what is sexuality encompass for the sexuality education? Well, the World Health Organization as defined sexuality to include gender identities, pleasures, desires, fantasies, eroticism and sexual orientation. So this is the UN agencies, interagency guidance on what children should be taught about sexuality education. This came out in 2018. And can you imagine the World Health Organization, even UNICEF that's supposed to protect children. And here's some of the content of what they say

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children should be taught. They are trying to redefine abstinence saying abstinence is not just about having not having sex. It also is deciding when to start having sex, and with whom they want children to learn that each person's decision to be sexually active, should be respected at all times. adolescent girls, they complain don't know enough about their quote unquote, rights concerning abortion. They ask children to differentiate between the values that they hold and their parents hold about sexuality to try to separate them from their parents values. Wow. I mean, I can go on but summarize the key elements of sexual pleasure, you know, the difference between gender

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biological sex, how to question the sexual norms in their society, you know, and really, the whole end goal is encapsulated in this quote, they're trying to create them

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And with CSC with the sexualization education, once they sexualize the children, then they're going to need their youth friendly sexual reproductive health and rights services, which are their, you know, abortions, contraceptives, and even can that can encompass the hormones for cross sex hormones. So this is really, I mean, the proof is right there, you can Google this document, no conspiracy theory. These are all the agencies behind it. But I don't know if you want me to continue, but I can show you some even worse excerpts from a couple of other manuals. Yes, yeah. What comes to my mind is continue on. But why would they be in all these organizations trying to

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sexualize our children? Very, very good question. These, all of these UN agencies, if you think of these UN agencies, not as UN agencies, but as you know, NGOs are nonprofits of governments, that's really how they act, it's whoever whichever government funds them, gives them all the money drives their agenda. And so you have the European countries, and now the United States under President Obama, Canada's a big player funding these efforts, because if you sexualize children, then they're going to need contraceptives, abortions, and all these different things. And Planned Parenthood profits from all of this, there's a lot of money in condoms and contraceptives, and you know, the

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purchasing of all these services. But really, I believe the ultimate goal is the LGBT agenda, and the abortion agenda. It's almost like a religion for many of these European countries, Sweden, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, you know, some one of their number one priorities in their foreign aid is to advance LGBT rights, and abortion. And they can do that. And I'll show you some examples through this sexuality education. They can't convince the Africans or other developing nations to adopt their kind of so called values, sexual values. So they do it by trying to get to the rising generation to the children. And they do it very deceptively, they don't show the

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curriculum to these governments, when they get them to sign on, they say, this is going to prevent STDs and teen pregnancy and domestic violence and sexual violence. And, you know, you name it, they have this list that they tell them that this comprehensive sexuality education is going to solve, but it won't. And it you know, it's interesting, the International Planned Parenthood Federation is the main driver. And the main tool that these governments fund in use, they have 65,000 service points in 170 countries. And so, you know, this is unconscionable. This is their healthy, happy and hot brochure that I picked up at a meeting for youth at the United Nations. And this is a guide for

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children who are infected or youth with the HIV virus, they're HIV positive. And it tells them this is a sexual rights approach to sex education, that they have a right to sexual pleasure, and they can get it through these various verbs. Here, you can see, I don't even want to read them all. Second, cuddling, you know different ways, just have fun, you know, love sex, you name it. And this is this is the main partner that the UN agencies are working within funding. But before you come in, I have to show you one more thing. It actually tells children and youth that they don't have to tell their sexual partners that they're infected with the HIV virus right here. Some countries have laws

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that say people living with HIV must tell their sexual partners about their status, before having sex. These laws violate the rights of people living with HIV, I mean, unconscionable in in Africa, especially where you have such a high HIV AIDS right rates in these countries. You wanted to make the comment, sorry.

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Yeah, this is just so much to take in. It's Wow, just like you said, deceptive. And is this what's actually in the comprehensive education packet. This is what there'll be learning. This is from that packet. I'm showing that not the actual packet. These this is I'm showing the underlying philosophy but I'll show you what is in actual programs right now. Just this last thing from International Planned Parenthood Federation to show you their philosophy says young people are entitled to sexual pleasure and information on how to experience different forms of sexual pleasure is important to their health. So this is a right to have sexual pleasure. No matter what age this is what's NCSE but

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let me get back to no matter what age we're talking about water wedding 545670 you the manual from the World Health org

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For the European standard for sexuality education, and it starts at newborn newborn to two years old, teach them how to touch their body parts for sexual pleasure and about masturbation. Then you learn about gender identity and then at nine orgasm, and it's terrible at nine years old, that this World Health Organization manual for sexuality education tells you to go to Planned Parenthood to learn about your sexual rights. You know, that document I just showed you is where they would go learn about their sexual rights from Planned Parenthood. You know, the World Health Organization sending youth to Planned Parenthood World World Health Organization sending hooligan to plant

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children yeah nine years old in their manual in their sexuality education manual, I could find it for you it would take me a couple minutes to find I could show you their manual Yeah, to learn about sexual rights for parents in some of these countries who might not understand you know, the conflict of interest here where you're sending them pretty much you know, to the drug dealer who's going to sell you to drugs to educate you on the drugs exactly you have got it. But if you can imagine here is one you see this document is called My body is my body my life is my life. This is the sexual and reproductive health and rights agenda for young people by these UN agencies. This happens to be for

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Asia in the Pacific but they have the same agenda everywhere I mean, look at you know una disposed to stop the AIDS pandemic UNICEF supposed to protect children, you know, we have all these things but look, what is in this manual, young people is to find a corresponds to ages 10 to 24. So they're talking we're gonna start with 10 year olds and we're gonna now go back go back, please. Because for for you know, see, this is for Muslims. This is like the job, you know, this is yes, this is so is this a young Muslim woman here? I believe that's how they're depicting her. You have you have some

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but you have created Christians also in Russia, Orthodox Christians who also were so this can be either or, this could be but I would imagine that this is an Islamic, you know, Muslim child that they put in here to show that they're trying to reach everyone in these countries. But catalog this, they describe sexting, sexting as sending, receiving or sharing sexually explicit text messages, photos and video, and you would think all these UN agencies that are supposed to protect children would say, Okay, this is bad, don't do it. You could get the law, you can go to jail, you can get extorted, you know, all sorts of things. No, they say sexting may be used to seek positive feedback

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on body image from peers, and therefore help to improve self esteem and sense of identity. sexing for young people may be their first expression of sexuality. This is particularly true for young people with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and expression for whom sexting may allow private exploration of sexuality and intimacy. Sexting has the potential to be beneficial as a way of sustaining intimate relationships to demonstrate love, trust, I mean, and commitment. This is this is unconscionable. And, you know, policy wise, they're calling for the decriminalization of consensual sex, which really means they just want to lower the age of sexual consent. So children

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can be legally have sex with each other. They want to decriminalize same sex, sexual activity, they want to remove mandatory requirements for parental consent, to access SRH that sexual and reproductive health services and counseling so if you translate that what they mean is, they don't want to have to ask the permission of parents before they get them in Planned Parenthood and their partners clinics where they can give them what the abortion says contraceptives, and they also have the counseling where they indoctrinate them in their radical agenda, dill, affirm them and transgender identities and and promote they actually train the youth to advocate for sexual and

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reproductive health and rights. And you again asked for specifics in a manual. This is the manual that was created for this, you know, ESA commitment that we told you about this going to be signed on December 6 that we have to stop. This was a manual they created for the first part of this where they had it for five years. And you'll notice it's got this logo here, advocates for you. We added this IPPF here to show you that they work very closely with Planned Parenthood in the US and abroad to push Planned Parenthood's agenda, and they're actually creating the manual for the Africans. And if you go to advocate

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For youth website, you'll see they have a motto that they put into all the UN things as well, very similar, our bodies, our lives, our movement, you know, you just saw a variation of that on the cover of the manual that promoted sexting that I showed you. So Advocates for Youth, proudly, you know, hosts and, and post the African teachers module that they helped create on their website. And here, it has Advocates for Youth circles of sexuality, they want to teach African children, they're telling the teachers, this is what they have to teach in Africa, gender identity, sexual orientation, the human sexual response cycle, what that is, is how you can stimulate sexual organs.

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And you know, have orgasms. I mean, this is really bad. It tells the teachers, if you're able to explore same sex relationships, this is great. Another opportunity to normalize relationships between gay lesbian, and bisexual people. confuse them about their gender, gender identity means knowing whether one is male or female. Neither as if that weren't even possible, or somewhere in between. I mean, this is just radical. And it actually again, the end goal is to get the kids use the CSE or sexuality education programs to get the kids in the clinic. So it actually refers children in this manual to Planned Parenthood clinics for confidential services, or youth friendly

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services, which is really code for parents aren't around and don't need to know about it.

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And also for abortion, and abortion services, or counseling about abortion. So, yeah, this is the end of my slides that I have for you. If I did want to also show you the new website that we have to try to stop this please gender, if you if you would bear with me, I'll pull that up on my screen. Yes, absolutely. Right now, this is what we're really concerned about. We need all your listeners to help right now to do this immediately to help protect children, because on December 6 20, of these African countries, ESA stands for Eastern Southern Africa. So this website, you can get to by just going to e s a, e s a And here, you can click and learn about this

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commitment and how this is going to obligate these 20 African countries to implement this radical sexuality education that I just told you about in to all the children in their countries. So you can click on there and read why it's so harmful, but it is, you can watch the videos, including that a full video of the excerpt that was just showing you on the show, you can learn about watch this video and learn about what's their sexual reproductive health agenda, and their sexual reproductive rights and health agenda, you can then go back here, you can click on here. And you can read about the 15 serious concerns that we have, with that agreement, including what they're going to be

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teaching to children and how parental rights are being violated how these programs don't even mention abstinence in this this commitment, or marriage or fidelity. It's all about sexual rights. But especially we want to encourage your readers to go right now to esa And click on this and sign this letter to heads of state, you don't have to be from one of these countries, we want an outpouring from all around the world on this letter that's going to go to Eastern Southern African heads of state, some of their regional economic communities here that are involved in this agenda. This is going to copy their minister of foreign affairs and their other ministers, we're

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going to reach out and send this to their members of parliament. And what it's going to ask them to do is please postpone the adoption of this commitment on December six. Please do that because we don't think we have enough time to actually stop it. But we're asking for them to investigate the 15 areas of concern. But this is kind of an abbreviated version. But just here's some of the points that violates the internationally recognized rights of parents. As I mentioned, absence and fidelity aren't even mentioned, sexuality, how its defined by the UN. And yet this doesn't say it's going to be defined otherwise, sexual and reproductive health and rights services are not defined how it

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needs a clause stating that this is not to be used to promote a sexual orientation or gender identity. How all the entities behind this have a conflict of interest as we just discussed, how there's no oversight, and people can just click here and sign by just going up to this field or clicking there. And we need people to sign it and then send it to as many people as they can

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Just Just a few quick things, the ESA commitment. If you go to this drop down, you click on the ESC countries, you can see a list of which countries are going to sign on to this. If you click here, you can see the text of the agreement that they're going to sign. We put in red, all the dangerous parts, we don't have time, of course, to go into which ones of those are dangerous. We have a great brochure that you can click on, that shows you all of the different excerpts from some of the manuals, like I've just shown you. Here's the oh, here's the one that I told you about the standard for sexuality education for Europe. These are quotes ages zero to four, give information about

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enjoyment and pleasure and masturbation, gender identities and same sex relationships. And so, you know, just a few quotes from all those manuals, you have that brochure, you could send that to people and help them understand.

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Here's a list of the partners in that agreement. Okay. These are the funders of the ESA commitment. And you see, it's all the same actors that are just have ulterior agendas. So

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yeah, we need to then can we see that can we see those countries the ones that are coming up for this December six signing? Yes, these are the countries right here is that countries, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius Malawi, Madagascar, Burundi, Botswana, Angola, Congo, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Seychelles, Tanzania. That's what teeny South Sudan and South Africa. So we have Zimbabwe. So we need all the movies, the shakes, the moms, especially we have one in Zimbabwe, Mufti mink, I don't know if you've heard of him, mostly Mank, we need you to speak up. He's a has a very huge platform. This is mostly make because he's from Zimbabwe. And He has

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connections there with the Prime Minister's the politicians as Mufti Menk, we'll look at we'll look at for some of these others is a lot of people from these countries that watch the show. So are you saying,

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Am I understanding this correctly? So these countries are about to sign something? So how does it work, we're going to give you some money, because you need to fix the roads or build some schools or you need to feed the get some feed the homeless, but now you have to also we're gonna slip this comprehensive sexual package in there somewhere. So at the bottom, you might not even probably not even see it Just sign here and you get the money. Is it something how it works? Um, well, that's normally how it works. That's how it works when we're, you know, involved in the UN negotiations. And they're start to threaten to blackmail or bribe and say, we'll give you all this infrastructure

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or development money or this or that this commitment is very different. The money that they're committed for is not for other good things. It's for this agenda. Now, granted, you know, I've showed you the bad parts of the agenda, right? They create this ice cream, and they say, Okay, we're gonna stop child marriage and maternal mortality, and this and that and the other thing, and then they carefully insert the cockroaches in that ice cream right. And they their real agenda is to get CSE comprehensive sexuality education to be the answer to all those problems, even though it's it's not the answer. It's the right problems, but the wrong answer. And their money is going to go into

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this sexualization of children in the clinics and the CSE programs and rolling it out all across the country to every single child. That's that's what the money is coming for from all of these entities. I mean, this is this is huge, right. And, you know, they're going to say that CSE is going to solve all these problems. But if you click on the CSE research, there was a major study that came out that showed an 87% failure rate for CSE and 89% failure rate in Africa, and that many of the programs actually increased sexual risk taking and so, you know, they any studies that they point to cannot show any success in preventing teen pregnancy and STDs. They, they usually find findings of

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process like how many children they reached, or but they don't have good outcomes that they can show because their programs sexualize children.

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Sure, thank you very much. We're out of time. Sharon Slater, president of a family watch International. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us and bringing this attention to the viewers. This is something that now hopefully the people are watching this, they can go ahead and follow the directions that you're given so they can sign this petition and help to get the word out regarding this. Great, thank you. We just tell him to go to esa That's e s a Please sign

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Letter get others to sign the letter contact your governments tell them not to sign on to this agreement on December six thank you so much thank you God bless you thank you for watching