Tim Humble – The Burden of Responsibility

Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The responsibility of Islam is a huge one, and it is important for individuals to fulfill their obligations. The importance of sexoniity is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to act on their responsibilities. The responsibility is to fulfill obligations, but it is a huge one and everyone should take it seriously. The responsibility is to fulfill obligations, but it is a huge one and everyone should take it seriously. The responsibility is to fulfill obligations, but it is a huge one, and everyone should take it seriously. The responsibility is to fulfill obligations, but it is a huge one, and everyone should take it seriously. The responsibility is to fulfill obligations, but it is a huge one, and everyone should take it seriously.
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My topic today for the hookah is a very important topic and it's one that I've been reflecting upon during the week.

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It's the topic of Amman of responsibility.

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This responsibility is something serious in the sight of Eliza which

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is something very serious in the sight of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said in our ordinary man that Allah subhana wa t will be well zhiban for Athena Amina was shocking I mean her will hammer the * insane in who can avoid loom and Jehovah hula,

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we offered the Amana

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we offered responsibility and we're going to talk about what this Amana is in a moment, but to begin with, Allah azza wa jal offered a manner to the heavens and the earth and the mountains

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for Albania in Yemen, they declined it they said to Allah Allah we do not want this Amana

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relievers from this Amana what I spoken I mean, huh, and they were terrified of it.

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They were scared of it.

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Warhammer lehle insane and mankind came along and took on this Amana for themselves.

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In who can avoid lumen j hula, mankind was in a state of extreme oppression and a state of extreme ignorance. Look at how great responsibility is in Islam that Allah offered it to the heavens and the earth and the mountains and the mountains which carry the earth. The mountains which are law made pegs that hold the earth, they could not take the weight of this Amana

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the heavens, which are most which are stronger than us, which are more weighty than us which are ashamed to holochain which are

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most more powerful in how Allah created them.

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The one that Allah azza wa jal created with power and strength, the heavens could not carry this a man

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the earth, which we walk upon, and we build tall buildings upon, and we put all of this weight upon it and it holds this weight while I could not carry this a man

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and yet along came in sign of life, the weak man and he took this a man on his shoulders.

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This Amana is a serious thing.

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And generally, when we're going to talk about responsibility, the first responsibility is the responsibility of Islam.

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And that's why many of the scholars of Tafseer they came to this ayah and they said, The Amana is the amount of Islam the amount of the Sharia the amount of a being the laws of Allah, the manner of transmitting and conveying Islam to the people.

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The amount of Islam is not a light thing. Elijah just said, Yeah, you have Latina M and o for Bill record.

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Or you who believe, fulfill your trusts, fulfill your agreements, fulfill your promises and your responsibilities.

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It's not a light thing. Allah azza wa jal said in the La Jolla model comb, and to Abdul Amana. Tila era he had a lot of commands you a lot of commands you that everything that you are responsible for you deliver that responsibility to the person who entrusted you with it.

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How great is that a man of Islam? How serious is it? The burden that Allah azzawajal offered to the heavens and the earth and they declined it into the mountains and they declined it. And mankind took it on in a state of ignorance in a state of oppression. Mankind took on this responsibility. The greatest responsibility you have is your responsibility to Allah, your responsibility to follow the laws of Islam. All of you want gender, all of you claim that I crave for gender, and I hope for gender and I want gender but gender comes with a price tag. Gender is not free. Gender comes with a price tag and the price tag of gender is this a manner

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that is put upon you.

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So Islam is a wonderful thing. And it's a wonderful thing that Allah azza wa jal made it easy for you. But you have to take it seriously. Because if you let this Amana go, it is not a small responsibility. It's a huge responsibility.

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A huge meetup, agreement and oath, a promise you made to Allah, the oil law, I will take this religion of Islam and I will implement this religion of Islam and I will follow this religion and I will convey this religion and I will ask you for gender and seek refuge with you from the fire.

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That is a huge promise you made to Allah. That's a huge agreement that you made between you and Allah. Now you have to fulfill that and you have to take it seriously.

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Allah azzawajal told us about the believers

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about the people of Eman about the people of success.

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While Edina only Anna to him will add even more room. Those people who they take their Amana seriously. They are observing it. They're looking after it. They're taking care of it.

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They're fulfilling it.

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They're taking their responsibility seriously.

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And they're taking their promise to Allah seriously.

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There is a hadith and this hadith is from the AHA does that scare a person is from the ahaadeeth that make a person

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and in this narration is something that allies tell you how we will be here but he makes his servants scared by it. And it is an effort from Abdullayev and he was rude.

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Mr. rated and Muslim Imam Ahmed and I'll be happy inaugurated and this is the wording of obey happy

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that Eben Masood and he narrated it from his speech. But what is apparent from this

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is that this is mala ucalgary is what no one says from their own opinion.

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This is a serious thing that I do live in Missouri he transmitted

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he said rhodiola horn.

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I'll cut through fi sebelah you can feel zunow bacuna 11 Enlil.

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He said being killed for the sake of Allah wipes out every sin

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except Amana

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except the Trust's you have been given the responsibilities you've been given.

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One we thought it is Didn't we have it that being killed for the sake of Allah that's it. You have nothing to fear

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in America, but you have to still fear the Trust's you are given the responsibilities you are given the things that were placed in your hand and told look after it and take care of it. You have to fear this. I'll catch roofie sebelah Uk federal doodle baccala en la Amana.

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He said, being killed for the sake of Allah wipes out every sin but it doesn't wipe out the sin of the responsibility that you were given. So McCall, you terrible. Do Mel Kiana. We're in cotulla feasability la for you call a dnn attack for your cooler a Rob k for cards that have it dounia

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a man will be brought on the Day of Judgment even though he was killed for the sake of Allah Shaheed

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and it is accepted by Allah. Shaheed

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he was killed for the sake of Allah sheer heat and it will be seated said to him fulfill your Amana

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give you a man back he will say My Lord, how can I return this Amana when the dunia has gone? what God's done the habit of dunya the dunya has gone How will I give this Amana back? How will I render this trust? How will I give it to the one who interested in me the dunya has gone How can I give it back

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for you call him paliku b e Ll ha where

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it will be said to him go to the fire of jahannam take him to the fire of jahannam tala Coby Hillel ha we are so he will be taken to the fire of jahannam

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what we met in hula hoop to hook at ha yo ma goofy at LA

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and his Amanda will come to him in the way that it was on the day that he was given it

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for your Ah ha ha ha. He will see it and he will confess Yes, this is the Amana I was given

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via Wi Fi sad happy. Sad ha ha ha ha

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Amida Allah monkey Bay.

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Then he will fall down into the fire of jahannam after it until he finally reaches it and he will put this Amana on his shoulders.

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Hatter either nadarajah Nana who Hartridge when he thinks he's about to escape from jahannam with this Amana on his shoulders, zealot and monkey Bay, it will fall from his shoulders via Wi Fi at any habit and

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then he will fall down into jahannam the furthest of the furthest that you can go

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the longest of the longest that you can go.

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This is a man who Tila feasability law. He was killed for the sake of Allah.

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And it is said to him Yokoyama fulfill the trust you are given you were given this Amana This is your Amana it was placed in your hands

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and you let it go, how can he fulfill this Amana when the dunia has gone there is nobody left to give the amount of back to

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so he will follow it into jahannam

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and he will follow it into jahannam and carry on his shoulders and every time he thinks that he goes out it falls from his shoulders and he falls into jahannam again until he falls the furthest that a person can fall.

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Even Mr. Old rhodiola and he said a Salatu Amana your prayer is an Amana Waldo, Emma, and your Waldo is an Amana? Well, it was no Amana and when you weigh things out for people in your shop, this is an Amana? Well, Caillou Amana and when you pack things into bags, and you sell it as a bag, or a box or a volume, it's Amanda.

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Why she

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added her and then he mentioned other things.

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What I said to the early kalwa,

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and the biggest of them, and the greatest of them are the things that are left in your care.

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Like when someone says look after this for me,

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I'm leaving it in your care, look after it for me until I return or look after it for me until such and such a time.

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Look at this sort of mushroom look at the seriousness

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of what is mentioned here. the seriousness of the Amana that even being killed for the sake of a lie will not save you from losing these amanat. So you have to take it extremely seriously. And we all have to first of all, look at the manner that we have. We have to be aware of them and conscious of them and we have to strive to fulfill them. We have to ask Allah for his trophy and his success and his help. in fulfilling these are not before we asked to fulfill them on a day where we cannot do so.

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A kilometers marathon while I still feel a lot Ozzy Valley welcome Lisa him screaming I mean clearly them in Philadelphia who have come in who woke up

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge marine and that

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as we mentioned in the first hookworm, we remind everyone that this is an online hookah

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we deliver in this hot pepper from the masjid with just the minimum that is required to deliver it. There is no public attendance for this hookah and there is no way to pray the Salah to jomar behind us. But this code base just in order to benefit the people at a time when the UK is in a national lockdown and they are not allowing the Juma to take place. So we do whatever we can to fulfill the responsibility that Allah has given to us. And we do whatever we can to convey the message to the people and we ask a large so a gel to bless bless us with beneficial knowledge and the ability to act upon it. My brothers and sisters were talking about America. We talked about how serious

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responsibility is in Islam. And we said that the first thing a person has to do is be aware of the responsibilities that you have and will lie It's not a bad thing. If you were to sit and you were to write down your areas of responsibility

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What are you responsible for?

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You will find in there you are responsible to Allah for the religion of Islam

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Salatu Amana what will do Iman has it been Mr. rhodiola and said, prayer is a man a widow is an Amana

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you're responsible in the sight of Allah azza wa jal for your Salah for your widow.

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For the religion of Islam,

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Dawa conveying Islam to people is an Amana

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spreading the message of Islam each person according to their ability and their knowledge and their what they have with them is an Amana.

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Then you ask yourself, what other amenities do I have? And you see that your family are in a manner. Your wife is in a manner. Your children are an Amana for the lady. She has the manner of her children, the amount of a husband.

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If she's not married, she has the amount of her parents. Likewise, even if she is

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the children, they have the amount of their parents. This is a man. Write it down.

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This is your man. This is your responsibility. This is what Allah has put in your hands and told you look after it. Take care of it.

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Now ask yourself what other amona do I have?

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When you turn around, you'll see maybe you have a man at work. And many of us will lie we lose the monitor work. We don't do our job properly. We don't take care of our time properly. We don't do what we were told properly.

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That's an amount of it's been placed in your hands.

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Look at your other amanat look at the amount of your kids. How many of us will we let this Amanda go to Amanda have your kids Allah placed those children in your hands and said take care of them?

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Are you going to be one of those people who are following that? This Amana into Johanna mia malkia because you didn't fulfill it, you didn't let it go.

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We know that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us about that there is no person who Alize or gel gives Raia

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responsibility over

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yamo to yo Mahmoud he dies on the day that he dies and he's betraying his uh, gosh, he's betraying his

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responsibility. He's really he's betraying the people who are under him in the Haram Allahu Allahu agenda, except that Allah makes gender haram for him.

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You have your children underneath you.

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You have your spouse underneath you. For the brothers towards their wives, they have their wives in their responsibility. Are you going to be one of those people who dies and then comes Yama Kiana and you betrayed that Amanda in the sight of Allah. They're not even a cuttlefish a V realize gonna save you. Not even being killed for the sake of Allah will save you from that.

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So look at your Amana. Think about your amanat look at other things people have given you money.

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People have given you money.

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told you to look after it.

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People have asked you to take care of something, giving you a responsibility towards you to look after

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these your amanat Well, I don't stand in front of you to say that I am doing this the way that it should be done. But we remind ourselves we remind other people that we have to make this effort now. Because the omo piano What are you going to do if someone turns to you and says add to manitech? If Allah azza wa jal says to add the ameritech go and perform your Amana now go and do it now.

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tifo had the habit of dunya how you're going to do that when the dounia left you so you have to take it very seriously. And take the responsibility of Islam seriously. And that means you have to learn your religion. How can you fulfill your Amana if you don't know your deen Arsalan? You don't know your religion, how you're going to fulfill your Amana. So I want to deliver this message to everyone to myself. Want to ask Allah azza wa jal Hale, you want to ask Allah azza wa jal, Allah de la ilaha illa who, the one that there is no god worthy of worship, but him, we want to ask Allah by his greatest name, the name that if he is asked by he gives and that if he is made to our by he answers

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to make us from those people who fulfill the amanat to make us from those people who take our responsibility seriously, to make us from those people who enter an agenda agenda for those who either behave a certain way, without any punishment or any account. And we cannot do this without the help of Allah azza wa jal who will use adequate call to Allah. Allah is the one that we have put our trust in to help us to do this. And he is the only one who is able to help us

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So masala Salah Morocco Allah, Allah Mohammed Abdullah Kamala can be barely Cora bukom. For Carla Poland Karima in De La Hoya mala equateur who you saw Luna Island maybe you hola Dina Amano sallu Allah He was sending notice Lima Allahumma salli Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed came also later Allah Ibrahim or either early Ibrahim in hamidah Majeed Welbeck Allah Mohammed in early Mohammed Kumar Baraka it either Ibrahim or Allah, Ebola him in nikka hamidah Majeed a lot more Filipino maka dem Noah Mahatma, when a strong woman Island woman, a sort of woman and RLM will be human until more until more hirola either in the ant alarm of Finland as Robin akula Dachau agenda

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here on our island yet

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aloha Mary is Islam all Muslim mean? well as in the sherco mushrikeen were done with either a deed

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a llama Indian as a local who do what to power ff alvina allama Sri Moldovan our multiple Muslim in a llama Shu Medina, one Muslim Muslim in allama Shri Mata Ivana one more model didyma slimming pura hermetica Mara haneen Alamosa one animal solar phenotypically McKenna Llama Llama la Sierra Morena Huawei Momo Aiden Waldo Hera grub benenati nafi dounia Hasenauer Phil accuracy has an open ID but not a by de la in the La Jolla Monroeville ideally we'll explain what it is about why and how it will kill your body. Your eyes will come to the Korean federal law headquarters. Watch guru Anthony I mean he he has it Kamala decree Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah mythos. Now, inshallah the brothers who

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are helping with the recording will perform the Salah. As for the people at home, they will perform select a verb, as there is no facility for Joomla at the moment according to the lockdown which is in place in England.

Jumu’ah Khutbah (Online Only) – 6.11.20

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