Ammar Alshukry – Allahs Beautiful Names #07 Is It Too Big For Allah Don’t Give Up On Your Duas

Ammar Alshukry
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Look a deer is mentioned in the Quran 45 times and that'll chi that is mentioned in the Quran 12 times in over 30 verses in the Quran Allah subhana data says something to the variety of in Allah that condition because he had Verily Allah is Able to do all things well Allahu Allah coalition, but Allah is Able to do all things. Sometimes the thing that we want become so distant, that we find ourselves not making drought for it anymore. And sometimes that thing that we don't want, become so present become so powerful, that illness, that poverty, that we find ourselves, not asking ALLAH SubhanA data to remove it anymore. Alka did is a name that inspires us the fact that Allah subhanaw

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taala is able, it is a name that is a key to every other name just like Mooji because because it inspires us to continue to ask and to never stop asking Allah subhanho data, because he's not only able to do some things, but he is able to do all things the prophets of Elijah send them says that Allah subhana data says in the Hadith as reported by Muslim, no and welcome, encircle Medina. He didn't why he didn't, that if the first of you in the last of you in the jinn have you in the human Have you all stood up on a single plane, and every single one of us the first human being to the last, all of us stood on that plan. And we asked Allah subhanho data from our wildest imaginations,

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that would not take away from what Allah subhanaw taala has, except like, a needle would take from the ocean, if it was dipped into it. And so how could you not ask Allah Subhana Allah then, you know, I was once walking in Central Park in New York City with Chef Woody, this unit. And the apartments that are overlooking Central Park are like some of the most beautiful and valuable real estate in the city. And so I was just walking with him. And I was showing him the apartments. And he goes to me, he goes, I'm not do like an apartment, overlooking Central Park. And I was like, Sure chef, like, I mean, who wouldn't want something like that? So then while we're in the park, he just

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stops, and he starts making passionate throughout Allah give him modern apartment overlooking Central Park. And so when he was done, and what else was I gonna say? I said, I mean, and then we kept walking. And then he stopped. And then he goes, Marwin, when you said, I mean, did you really believe that ALLAH SubhanA data is going to give you an apartment overlooking Central Park. And I said to him, to be honest, you know, I did it. And he goes, that's why you're not gonna get it. So the idea here is why not? If Allah Subhana Allah did and Allah is Able to do and why gave lots of people apartments overlooking Central Park? Why not me? It's the same Allah, he's the same provider.

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Right? It's not like those people who have apartments did it out of their own accord. Allah subhana data provided for them. So why not provide for me Alka did is a name that's considered a key to every other name. Why? Because you don't ask someone for something except that you believe that that person is actually able to provide it for you or to do it for you, no matter how distant it becomes if you still want it, ask ALLAH SubhanA data for it. You know, the first time I met chef with one side and Houston he ushered me into his office, and he started telling me his, you know, part of his his story. And in passing, he mentioned, you know, my mom and she lives in Medina. And then he goes

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on, and I go, Oh, hold on a second. You can just move off from this topic. Like, your mom lives in Medina, I don't know anybody whose mom lives in Medina, like how does that happen? And he goes, Oh, man, and he starts shaking his head. And he goes, let me tell you something.

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Growing up, my mom. She raised them single mother, his father passed away him Hola. His mother raised them. And he said, my mom's constant dua was Oh Allah allow me to live in Medina. He said, We grew up thinking that's one of the god you're supposed to make after this Allah, Oh Allah allow us to live in Medina. He said, When we got older, you know, teenagers, you start to push back on your parents a little bit. So we used to kind of gang up on my mom and say, you know, you're not going to live in Medina. And she would always say to us, leave me alone. Is it too big for Allah? Allah, Allah, Allah. And he said, My mom had a fourth grade education, but she knew more about Allah

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subhanaw taala than all of us. Fast forward a number of decades. Now they've grown up, they have their own families. And he said, on one occasion, one of his brothers said, I'm going to move to Sudan. I'm going to move my family to Sudan. And his mom immediately says, I'm going to and they will Mom, what are you talking about? You know, healthcare is very poor there. You need, you know, she's advanced in age. Now. She needs her doctor, she needs her. And she goes, No, no, no, don't worry, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna live in Sudan. I'm going to Medina, I just need to get to get a little bit closer. And so they get to Sudan. And she's telling her son, she's telling his brother,

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you know, we need to go do Ramadan, we need to go to umbra. And so they go, and she's getting closer to Medina. And when she gets to jet the airport, for whatever reason, their visas were no good. And the person that passport control was so aggressive. He was very mean. And he told them, he said, if it wasn't for the fact that this lady is so old, I would have put you on the first flight back. And so he said that his mother went off to the side and she just started making passionate, so close. And then not even an hour later, the same guy came back and he apologized to them. And he said, You know, I talked to a couple of people and they said, you know, she's already here. She's so elderly,

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and he just stamped their visa

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Then he said, enjoy your camera. And he's telling me the story. And he said, My mother never went back for the rest of her life. She stayed in Medina, and she stayed with relatives. And it wasn't long before. You know, within two years, we got the news of her having passed away in the city of the Prophet civil bitis. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on her, and have mercy on all of our parents who have passed away. But what I love about this story is that even though every year, her story is becoming more distant, her goal is becoming more distant, her dream is becoming more distant, she's becoming more entrenched. She's got grandchildren, she's got family, it's all in the

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United States. But whenever anybody would try to tell her, you know, this dream of yours, you have to let go up, she would simply say, leave me alone. Is it too big for Allah subhanaw taala. If it's not, then just leave me in my Lord. And there are lots of stories with Aladdin. And I'm sure that some of you are going to share some amazing stories as well. But share how many shitty for him Allah, He would tell this story a lot. And when he had gotten married, for the first eight years, he didn't have children. And, you know, that becomes something year after year, he's going to add, she's going to own boy, he's making a lot of dough out. And I'm Alonzo Yama lives, the head Jude's

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later to write all of that. You're making dua for children, and every year, it's not happening. And so eventually, he got to the point where he reached a crossroads. And he said, you know, not everybody's destined for children. Maybe it's not written for me. And so I can live a very fulfilled life not having children, maybe I should just start making draft for this and start focusing on other things. And then he thought to himself said, No, I am not. And this became his slogan, he said, I'm not going to lower my standards, I'm going to raise my draft. So before my draft was, you know, like grabbing children, I'm going to turn up the volume, I'm going to turn to full color,

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increase the passion, everything.

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And so fast forward a period of time, and him and his wife are on a flight and they're going to amata, or they're going to hatch and the entire airplane is filled with pilgrims, I'm assuming that it's Hutch. And he said, the plane fell out of the air, and everybody's screaming on the plane. And he said that when the plane leveled out

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hamdulillah they were safe. Eventually, when they landed, and he was far away from his wife. They weren't sitting next to each other. So when it was safe, and everybody got to where they were going, he said until today, I never take that airline, my whole life data. But he said, I asked my wife and I said to her when that plane was falling, what what did you say? And so he said that his wife said in that moment, I asked for a child.

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You think to yourself, like okay, plane is falling, what could possibly inspire a person in that moment to ask Allah subhanaw taala for a child. But you know, Tim has something very beautiful that he says, he says that if you find yourself making dua for something, then in that moment, you should be happy, because Allah subhanaw taala did not inspire you to ask except because he wanted to give you Allah didn't inspire you to ask except because he wanted to give you there are many people who are broke. They're never inspired to ask ALLAH SubhanA data to enrich them. There are many people who are sick, they're never inspired to ask ALLAH SubhanA data to heal them. There are many people

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who go through all sorts of problems, and they will knock on the door of everybody, but they're not inspired to ask ALLAH SubhanA data. And that's why I'm going to have Bob he says in the law, I'm going to humbly Java, when I keep me humble, and not concerned about the response. I'm concerned about whether I make too hot. So she makes that in that moment for a child, you already know what to expect. When they come back from their trip. They're at the doctor's office, and the doctor says to them, congratulations, your wife is pregnant. And he said to his wife, she said, That can't be

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after years of disappointment. You've got that you've got that that that that shield? She says no, it can't be just Muhammad Rahim Allah He said to her, I said to her what the angel said to Salah attack JB and I mean Emory law, are you amazed at the command of Allah? So Allah subhanaw taala, blessed and blessed him with many children, may Allah Subhana Allah, Allah look over them as he looks over the children of the righteous while Mommy, I share these stories with you. And there are many stories, because we are dealing with a Lord, who is not only generous, not only loving, but loves to hear from us and He loves to grant but it all starts with not lowering your standards and

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raising your dose. Because Allah subhana died is an idea. We ask Allah as Zoja, Tamar Sansha, Muhammad and all of our teachers who have passed away and we ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us and that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in this blessed month of Ramadan, that He grants us what we asked him for Allah whom I mean

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