Abdulbary Yahya – Umdatul Ahkam – The Prayer of The Munafiq

Abdulbary Yahya
AI: Summary © The history of the Prophet sallavi, including the use of the "has" sign, the difficulty of praying during the time of the Prophet's death, and the importance of facing the dark. Prrowing to show off to others during the time of the Prophet's presence is crucial, and the speaker emphasizes the need for strong faith in Islam to avoid waking women's. The transcript discusses the use of iced marks to assert one's political stance and the importance of protecting one's town. The speaker also emphasizes the need for humming and not walking on one's behind to achieve goals.
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Hello, Ella, Shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah who are solo? Yeah you Helene am on a tap Allah helper to party, while at a Motrin 11 to Muslim on. Yeah Johanna SUTA fora Kumala Hala hakomi NFC Wahida for Halloween has Elijah weboth I'm in humeri Jalan Kathira one is what's

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gonna be

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Tapachula Hulu Colin sadita usually her family como como Zuber come from a yo familiar paella who are rasool Allah who for the first 1000 Halima

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Sharla, who continue from

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in Dhaka and this is the Hadith number 66. Hadith and number 66 is a Hadith one who alive hoomins When from Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu because this is the previous hadith is from Abu Huraira hora de la and who also who said kala kala Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in spite of Salat in Ireland Munna filthy, so that Alicia was solid was indeed the most, the heaviest, the most difficult means heavy and heavy here means it's difficult and the most hard the difficult prayer upon Manasa clean. So that is HR prayer was selected.

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Then he says, Well, yeah, Allah mon MF, Hema, if the people would know what is in it, that a woman will have habla they will have come even if they were to just crawl and they had to crawl well up and hand them to an arm or the salah. And I wanted to order that the prayer be called for but to come I mean that I wanted to order the prayer because for some am Orajel Urgell and for usually a business and then I would order someone to lead the people and so mentally for me I have some Antalya ontology

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AB region,

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home in layers had una sala and some

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some firewood with some firewood to a people who live in shadow and Salah who don't come and come and pray with us. For how do I know him well you to whom Ben and I would burn their houses down with fire. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Salatin ethical means the heaviest and this is a force this is the the as part of selecting this and Muqtada and Salah here. So that

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is the subject.

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So the heaviest of the prayers, and these are solid here as follows me,

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of all the prayers, of all the prayers, it is wholeheartedly SHA one Fajr. And so he mentioned to two prayers. And these two prayers are the two prayers that are at the end of the day, the beginning and at the end right at the beginning and at the end. Why? And he says after Losartan Ellenwood Afifi. It is most difficult upon the hypocrites. Why? Why the hypocrites though? Why are the hypocrites Why is it so difficult for the hypocrites they come into my use are lonely euro woodenness Because when they pray, they only pray to show off to other people. They only pray to show off to other people. And during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so that

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Alicia and Salah

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during the messenger in the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there is no opportunity for someone to see you. Because you can't show up farther and farther in

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Asia, you can't show off. Why? Because they're afraid it is too dark. You don't know you can't see people's faces. Remember, we have lights and Hamdulillah we think we take it for granted.

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During the time of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was no light in the house in the masjid of the prophets of Allah. And so imagine no light at all. So if we were to turn off all our lights right now, in the masjid, what would happen? What would you see? Would you be able to recognize see faces, you would just know that there's a person there? You would barely see them. You would barely see them. And so it's very, very dark. So those who come you don't know who came and who didn't come? Unless they're like really close and you hear their voices. You wouldn't know who that person was. And so on when that comes to the masjid. They come because they want

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people to see them. Like look, I'm

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Here, I'm here, I am praying with you guys. But there's that purpose.

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And that reason is not there when it's dark. Because when they come, or they don't come, nobody knows whether they came or not. And so during the time of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is a, it is, you know, it's, it's a, a prayer that's in the dark. And that's another thing also, you know, when the Messenger of Allah, so Allah is in prayed Fajr mother in Asia, when he would pray, he would turn around, and he would face the people.

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When he prays over an officer, he would face the right side, he would turn right.

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When he wouldn't face directly to the Companions. When he finished, he would turn that's why you see, some of the scholars are mentioned or after prayer, do you face the people? Or do you face the right turn your right and you'll see some people turning to the right side? By especially I don't know if you

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see, I don't know, in Somalia, but in Southeast Asia, this shatter is one of the chapters when they finish prayer where they face.

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Always the right side, right. The same way. And then yeah, because it's the summer

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is when you finish prayer, you turn towards the right, because there are narrations, but there's narrations that he faced the front also. So how do you reconcile between the two? you reconcile between the two by because we see that the prophets of Allah have faced the right side when he was looking at an asset. Why? Because there are a woman in the back

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there a woman in the back in the daytime, when you can see. You have to understand the woman they prayed. So the prophets Allah facing the congregation, he would see everybody who would see the men and the woman. And so instead of looking straight, he would turn towards the right side. And that's why when you're able to see, but at nighttime, you don't have that problem anymore. You can have the woman sit because the people in front of you you can barely see so how about the woman in the back? You can't see them. So it's okay to face the people. So some of the scholars have said the default is that you face the people you face to people unless there's something that you know like if there

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was a woman or praying the back then you face towards the right says other courses you know,

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all the time faces right? Always, always, always. So you always face the right. But what if there's no woman, just face to people? There woman know if there are a woman praying in the back then you don't want to face the back. So and also the prophets of Allah, Allah who said he would turn around, he would say, best outfit Allah Subhan Allah so Allah Mantis, Allah will make a Salah about the other jewellery will occur, then he would turn around, he didn't turn around it right away. But by the time that he had turned around, most of the women, they would have already left

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already. But just in case, there may be one or two women because sometimes you have

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somebody some people take a little bit longer than others or they're still on their way out. But in some, some moments, they still stay there. But the majority of the woman during the time of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, they left immediately after the prayer. And of course, they had their own door. There's a door for women in the door for men, so that there wouldn't be, you know, you're walking in the sister says, Oh, wait, you have to get away. No, there's a door for men and there's a door for a woman. And so it's okay to pray in the same hall.

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But if there's a place, you know, for women specifically, then it's even, you know, if that's the case, especially during our time, then it's okay. It's actually better in sha Allah. And so, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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where the Prophet sallallahu his Masjid was very, very dark. And when it's very dark, the hypocrites when they come, there's no benefit for them. Why did they pray? They don't pray because they did because Allah ordered them to pray. They pray because they just want to show off. They just want to show up. And so another reason why some of the scholars I mentioned is be conservative. And so Latin, Salat al Fajr, as at the beginning of the day, at the beginning of the day. That's the beginning of the time when you wake up, and so the hypocrites are still sleeping. By the hypocrites are still sleeping. And why because there's nothing to wake them up.

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Why isn't there nothing to wake them up? Because it's not worth it. Showing off to the people is not worth it. But if you have belief in Allah and you believe that Allah will reward you greatly. You believe in the unseen you fear the hereafter. The man in sha Allah because we want to reward from Allah we want to learn the deen of Allah subhana wa

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Allah. So it gives us motivation, even though you know, none of us here are getting paid, right to be here, you're not there. We're not getting paid money to be here. We're here because

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we want to learn the deen of Allah

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because the reward is greater than anyone can give. And so the hypocrites then when they're sleeping, they're tired. You know, sleep comes and you're asleep. So the morning it's very difficult for them to wake up. And at nighttime. They're very, you know, it's dark. It's dark. Anytime when it's dark outside,

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you feel lazy. Right? What's put what pushes you to go out is your Eman. And that's why even when it's dark, you know, when it's raining outside, it's dark, or it gets dark early. It's harder but then when it's bright outside, you have a little bit more energy but as soon as it gets really dark, and so Asia is very, very dark. And so you're tired at the end of the day. At the end of the day, you're tired at the beginning of the day, you're tired. The only thing that's pushing you to come to the masjid is your faith and your iman and Allah subhanho wa Taala and the hypocrites don't have EMA they don't have any of that thing that question Who or what do they have? The only concern is the

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dunya The only concern is the dunya and the benefit the benefits of this dunya so the Munna FIP al Mala FIP is one who will is the Islam Cooper. A Mona is one who, who, who shows people who tries to appear as if he is a Muslim. But inside he, he he stays inside and he put it in he he hides the confidence inside. And one of the brothers brother, actually brother, he was telling my brother, our person that he was in Afghanistan. He came to a village. And he was like, he came to the village. And he was the whole time. The beginning of the first few years, a year or two. He was fixing people's shoes in front of the Masjid. Like anyone has shoes that are torn, ripped. You know, he was

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like a cobbler. So he was fixing people's shoes. Right? And he's, he's there. And then afterwards, you know, he of course he's always praying in the masjid. Always close to the machine at the beginning. People say mashallah, this person is a really good person. Oh, is it the masjid always praying in the masjid always in the first line? And so later on course, you know, nobody's making the advance when it comes to the mixed martial law for a beautiful other, like a beautiful other. And so he makes this beautiful that people like, Okay, now he has to be the one in the masjid. Right. And then sometimes, the, the man doesn't show up. Sometimes a man shot so he leaves he comes

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in for come forward. And it leaves the people in prayer. So he's leading the people from martial law, like so it's such a beautiful recitation. Such a beautiful law. So he's leading he's leading the people in prayer. Right, and he's leading the people in prayer. And then of course, some once in a while people see oh, this is this person is, you know, have some knowledge. So Joe mark, sometimes they'll give the hook but so he continues like this for five or six years, five or six years at the beginning from from fixing people choose to becoming the Hatim. And he's telling people and this whole time, nobody knows. And all of a sudden, it just disappears. Who is God?

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And then they find out he sends a letter and he tells the people he says, I really feel bad for you guys. But I was a spy all the whole time from the British

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sent me like I was not Muslim.

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I led you in prayer. I gave the footman, everything, but I don't believe in your religion. I was there to kick take information so that we can attack you, and you find ways how to conquer you. That's like the whole time. The whole time. Like so. Sometimes you have

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policy. Everyone thinks he's a Muslim.

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everything. Right? Like, they learn why did they learn? Why do they learn? They learn because the government is giving them money to be a spy. It's not for the sake of Allah. But he's learning. He reads everything. He knows, knows. He's learning and he leaves his home. He knows that. You know what he finished his five or six years he goes home he's taken care of. Now the 1000s of 1000s of dollars a month. Right? So you know the government, they have money, but they want to infiltrate the Muslims. They want to infiltrate the Muslims during the time of the Prophet SAW

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A lot of times we have hypocrites, right? And so the hypocrites, the most difficult How do you find the most difficult, you'll find that they're fragile and awesome, or they're fragile. And the Prophet saw himself, he said, doing Fajr. And Asia, it's hard for them to come. It's hard, the most difficult, but if they still try to come, see these people who pretend to be Muslims, so those who pretend to be Muslims, and the hypocrites are who they're the ones who try to destroy Islam from the inside, now they're sending information. So imagine anybody you trust that you think he's a good person, you don't know your enemies know everything about you in the village. You know, any why?

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Because one of the meter, nobody realizes it. Everybody thinks he's one of the most pious people, lead people, they trust him so much. So if you're gonna say something, immediately, your enemies already know, because he's sending all that information back. He sent me all the information. So this is what they're doing in the Muslim communities, many places, they infiltrate the Muslim community, these are hypocrites. You're hypocrites. And you might see them in different places, even in Muslim countries. And Muslim countries. They might be they will study to be TV scholars of Islam, even. And, you know, like, there's some people like for example, when I go to when I'm when I'm in,

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when I'm in, when I went to Vietnam, sometimes they would send some of these. These people agents come. And there's some people they know Arabic better than any other Muslims. I know in Vietnam.

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Arabic, they come and speak to me.

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Like, who are you? Like, because Arabic is like, perfect. Like, where do you learn your Arabic? Right? Yes. Like where do you learn Arabic is not Muslim. He has this. He knows.

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He knows he's not Muslim. And he knows Arabic better than any Muslim that I know in Vietnam.

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But why? They will, they will he will ask what do you study as I study the Egypt, and he starts speaking Egyptian slang. It says, Okay, you want me to be prostata? You don't understand that speak firsthand. Perfect.

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Right? Speak Perfect, perfect. They are communists. They work for the government. They know Arabic they know. They know better than Muslims. And so they like the guy he's used to. He used to study in Egypt. He used to say they had a whole group that studied Egypt.

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They study in Egypt, and they studied in Alaska

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and Egypt, like Suhana. But they're not Muslims. And the Muslims don't even know them.

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Don't even have we come back. And why are they why did they know all this? Because they want to make sure that you know, they can control the Muslims. You have spies and so forth. Anything about Islam they already know. Right? And so that's why you have you have hypocrites, but what does the word hypocrite come from? Right? A hypocrite is someone who shows that he's a Muslim pretends to be Muslim, but he's not a monster. He's not not only is he not a Muslim, he is trying to destroy Islam from the inside.

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Try destroy Islam from the inside. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that the most difficult prayer for them is the fajr prayer and the Isha prayer. Why is the moon Alpha? Parliamo Natha. It comes from the word. The word Nevada, Nevada, right? is a word that describes a tunnel. A tunnel. And how did it where does this word come from? This word comes from a an animal in the desert called jerboa. JD RV VOA. It's an Arabic word. What's your word? Your word is a desert Rodin. It's like a small kids. It's a small rat almost. It's not small, but it's like a rat size but it has long tail and it's lived in the desert. And it makes us tunnel. The year war is very hard to

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catch. So when they try to catch you, what would this do? It usually has a hole and it lives underground. It digs a hole and it has a hole. Do you come chase it from one side? It goes into the hole. There's another hole that it comes out of right? But you think it has two holes? So you blocked off one and you pour water? What happens?

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He comes out.

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You don't know where it is? He comes out just out of the ground. Like how does this thing come out of the ground? It's very tricky, deceitful. You're like, Whoa, how did he escape? You try to catch it and you can't catch it. How does he escape it?

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He plans ahead. How does he plan ahead, he does two holes. And he thinks the third one, the third one, he digs, he digs ahead of time. That's very thin

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layer that's very, very thin, very thin. If you were to step on it, then you would, when you step on that, that is escape route.

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You step on, then you would collapse. But he keeps it there, so we can't catch it. You try to Okay, I got him here. Let's see where he comes in. Okay, here, there's only one other hole over there. Let's plug that up. You plug that up, you pour water in what's gonna happen?

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Come from wherever you don't know where to catch him. And he's gone.

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He's gone. So this tunnel that he makes anything that because the the word will now flip? The why are they saying why did they I was called call call them on asset from the word from the tunnel that this did that. Like, the moon FM is like that, like you don't know where you don't know what kind of person always is. They are deceitful. were deceived for the most deceitful and

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the worse. And then when after pain Darkglass Valentina, they are the worst. Why? The kuffaar. You know, like the, the non Muslims there, they just don't believe right? And they might hate Muslims. But the munaf opponent, they're worse. Not only are they non Muslims, but they also tried to destroy Islam. And you know, if they destroyed Islam from the outside, you can tell you can tell, but they destroyed Islam on the inside. You don't know where you don't know you don't think you're looking at it. You think he's your friend. But he joined me spend six years in your village, and he's leading you in prayer.

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He's leading you in prayer. But every day he's trying to get information to destroy your town. So when it's time to attack, he already knows everybody who is the leader. Who do we capture? Ah, that's the that's the fight that talks about getting rid of him. How do you know? How did he know? How did he know that this person is like that. Immediately they grabbed these are gonna have your own hypocrites. And that's why during karma Popo, you know, the the leader who killed Yeah, Muslims or non Muslims alike. When they came to the Muslim villages, they already knew.

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They already knew who they take. They took the Imams, the people influential and they're not Muslims, the how do they know?

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How do they know? They don't live with us?

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Yeah, but there are hypocrites who have been with you. They're hypocrites. When Alfie Kohn when they are hypocrites, they

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all the people who are influential in the village, so you have no more teachers left who are the teachers? How do you know he was teaching? He wasn't even teaching in the masjid. He was teaching in the houses. Yeah, we know. Take him out. They took him out. There's no more teachers left to the mall.

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No teachers all the Imam the teachers everybody's the first people to go there when it was in the village has no more leader. Only regular people. How do they know they wouldn't be with us they came in, they knew which house to go to. Why? Because the hypocrites were there before Muslims who sell their deen and you know when they sell their deeds.

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They say that they're Muslims, but their actions nullify Islam. So even though they pray with you, they fast with you. When they see the money, they take the money and they're sellouts. Hypocrites.

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They're very deceitful. Yeah, you don't know who they are. You don't know where they are. Just like that little you're like, where do you covered here like often? Oh, God. Next thing you know, he's already taken all the information from you.

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And so the hypocrite hypocrisy hypocrisy is

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one of the

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you know, of course, that why they're the lowest level and the hellfire. Because the worse than you think that they're Muslims, but they're not. So why are these two prayers? Why are these two prayers so difficult? For the hypocrites? The reason is number one, because it's difficult to go. And nighttime and nighttime you don't want to go it's dark. It's dark, even for us. You know, sometimes some people don't like to go out and drive the night.

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When it's dark, you don't want to go out.

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So just going to the masjid is more difficult. Plus, you have headlights and everything. You have to understand the old days you're walking. What else do you have for us? You might say Well, I think I flash

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I can see no other no flashlights. They didn't have flashlights. It wasn't the 13th 14th and the 15th. You don't see anything. Right? The moon is not full, or the moon is not out.

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You look like where do I go? You can barely see things, especially HR, what is Asia? When everything is dark, and fragile time, we can barely see anything. And so that's number one, because it's difficult to go. Number two we mentioned already is because Asia and budget are prayed in the dark. And the hypocrites only come to show off to let people see them. Why? For example, the person who leads Why is he trying to? Why is he trying to lead the people? Or why did He mean why? Why did he try to like be so humble?

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To earn your trust?

00:25:57 --> 00:26:00

Why is he trying to be so humble? Why is he trying to why did he learn the Quran?

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To deceive you? Why did he lead you in prayer, he wants to lead you in prayer. Because he wants you to trust Him, so that you think he's a good Muslim. And then when you speak, you say you tell everything. And then he already knows what kind of person you are. He already knows what kind of person you are. And so they take information. And then they bring it back to the death for to the to the disbelievers and so that's why even here in the United States of America, there are sometimes there are some people who come, I'm not telling you like, you know, those who, anytime you see somebody who would know that you should have this suspicion, no, you take precautionary measures,

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but at the same time, you know, you put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala, that you can't be suspicious of everybody. But there are some people who come I remember, sometimes somebody comes to me, I never seen them before. Right? I've never seen them before. They come to me and they will say like, they'll ask me questions that are very, very, you know, very sensitive. Right? They ask you very questions are very sensitive. And so you know, you if you don't see the euro, this person, you're like, these are sensitive questions. Why are you asking me? And I start asking them, hey, where are you from? So he says he's from Texas. He says, Okay, well, what must you do you go to

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figure out what to do I go to you know, so much

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as I will say something it's also a masjid, right. So we have to pick masjid, you know, in Houston or something like that. Then, then I go, Oh, you mean that masjid?

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And I mentioned the masjid that doesn't exist.

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Yeah, go Yeah, that's it. That's it.

00:27:47 --> 00:27:48

I just made this up.

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I just made this up. It's happened to me before I just made up a masjid. I made it Yeah, that's the one. The biggest one that yeah, that's, I already know, because there's no specimen. I just made that up. Because, yes. So you start, you know, when people lie, you start asking questions, questions, questions. And if they're lying, they forget what they said before. You can cover all your lies, but you can't cover up your lies. So sometimes, people will send and this was like, you know, during the Bush era, remember that that was the most they were spying on the Muslims and so forth. And so you have sometimes people coming and asking these types of questions. And And anyways,

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the hypocrites and nighttime, they, why did they come to the masjid? They come because of the dunya. And you know, when they're tired, it's number one. The first thing is the first thing. It's very difficult. The second is they're showing off, and if they're trying to show off.

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If nobody can see them, then it's not worth it. Then why don't you go it's like my, the purpose is to try to show people I'm a good Muslim.

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Right? The purpose is trying to show people that I'm praying with him. Right so that they will trust me, they will believe me. And then I can spy on them. I can you know, like, once they believe me, but then if they can't see me like, I don't need to go and nobody can see anyone anyways. So there's no benefit for him. There's no benefit from so hey, you know, I'm tired. Megan's gonna continue, continue to sleep. And so that's when uh, you know, that's why it's difficult for the hypocrites, especially during the time of the Prophet, some of the lattes have to come to the masjid during Fudger and during Asia and the prophets of Allah Allah Himself said No Yeah, Allah moon. If they

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were to know Who Who are they, if they were to know Allah, Ya Allah moon, alumina, alumina of your code, if they hypocrites were to know

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Murphy Hema is what is what with this? What is in selected Asia and what isn't selected, meaning what the reward is and what the punishment for not doing it right the reward and punishment. That's why he said mafi Hema in it within it in terms of the reward in terms of punishment for leaving it. If they were to know then lotto Houma Well, no habla they would come. Even if they had to come have Wha what is Habu? I'll have, you know, when we translate it as crawling, right? But it's not really crawling. It's your crawling on your behind. You know, like some people that crawl like this.

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They're sitting down, can you walk when you're sitting down?

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is walking on your behind?

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Walking on your behind?

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They don't even you know, most people, you don't want to crawl like that on the ground, right? Because humans, like do you want to crawl like that?

00:31:06 --> 00:31:28

Now, what's the what's the easiest way? I mean, what's the most like, what more more respectable way? You don't want to go like this, right? That's baby's very adult. If you're an old man, an old man that wants to go somewhere, is in the house. He can't he doesn't have he can't walk. What does he do? Does he crawl? How does he do it?

00:31:29 --> 00:31:30

He sits down he was

00:31:31 --> 00:31:32


00:31:34 --> 00:31:42

yeah, he was forward. Crawling. And Habu is mushy is walking on your, on your doober

00:31:44 --> 00:31:58

Mashallah, delivery. So that's, that's the type of that you're moving forward. We're on you know, like crawling on the ground like that. Not the crawling that we you know, like, you might some, you know, an English you might think about crawling, I don't even know what word What's that?

00:31:59 --> 00:32:33

I don't know, English word for, like walking like that forward on your behind? Well, with your behind. So anyways, but you see that all people do that, or people who are very sick, right? People are very sick, and they can't, you know, they don't have anyone to help them out. They don't want they can't walk. No, no one can help them out. So they walk on their behind and they just, they just like sort of like crawl, just move slowly, sitting down, slowly sort of like sitting down and moving forward that way. And so that Aluma what I

00:32:34 --> 00:32:43

imagine the hypocrite, he's so sick, that he can't walk. He can't walk. He can't stand up. He has no one to help him.

00:32:45 --> 00:33:05

A hypocrite. If he knew what's in it, what's in fudging? He would come like that? He would come like that. That's a hypocrite with no, no EMA, but over a Muslim. How about a Muslim? were Muslims. But then Ferdinand de SHA, we think Allah I'm so tired. Let me just go back to sleep.

00:33:06 --> 00:33:08

And go back to or Yeah, tomorrow and

00:33:09 --> 00:33:45

tomorrow. What does that mean? That means the reward is so great. So great, that if a hypocrite were to do if you're not a hypocrite, and you realize the greatness of this reward, you would be even if you had to crawl on your behind, you would do so, and hypocrite would do so and so the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, then he emphasized it in even more well applied Hammam to wala FIDE to what is lamb here, lamb is Tolkein this is for emphasis, will apply the Hammam to anytime you have one

00:33:46 --> 00:33:54

there's a duck deer have has a casa there is a a swearing that means there is a

00:33:56 --> 00:34:15

there's a Wallahi or by Allah subhanho wa Taala that, indeed, will occur to him too. And I would I wanted the word hum is what we'll look at how much we will hum via a hum is something that you want to do.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:19

Something that you want to do.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:31

Azima is something that you're convinced your conviction you have. You're not just wanting to do it. You've already committed to it.

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

You've already made the decision to go, you've already committed to it. And hum, you're still on the border, but you want to you're more likely to go I do want to go. I do want to go. But you haven't made the commitment once you make the commitment that you're taking on the measures to do so. Let's say if you want to do something, they say you want to take a vacation, right? If you still have ha What do you do? You're still just thinking about it.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

Do you still think but once you have Azima What do you start doing? That's when you buy your ticket. But you don't buy your ticket and say I might not go.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:39

Especially, you know, like, Okay, let me buy unless some people they might say, Okay, I want to go I might buy a flexible ticket number you don't buy a ticket, a non refundable ticket unless you already made you already plan to go, right. So that's Azima Uh hum. Is you're still thinking about going so well up at Hammam two years, I wanted to, I want to this is what I want to do. And this is of course, you know, when the person has hum

00:35:41 --> 00:36:27

Mahama, the hustler whoever has a has a desire to do good deed. People have the reward, he will put the Bella who Allah somehow right for him, has an Elijah, Allah will give him what happened I just having desire, he didn't even plan you're just you just started desire to do good on it, you want to do it. And you'd have even taken all the measures anything you just want, you already get one reward. And you know, if you take, once you have the conviction, you will get the full reward anyways, even if you don't do it. So just wanting to do a good deed and not even starting to have not even not even having that conviction yet. So you have a hum is before Allah Zima and that one,

00:36:27 --> 00:36:32

Allah Zima you'll get the reward no matter what. And so he says, Well,

00:36:33 --> 00:36:57

indeed, this is with emphasis that I surely that I'm not no this is not something that you know, I'm just like, you know, I really do. Like I do want, I do want, but there's a reason why and so here, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said of course hear you say well, of course anytime you have lapad It means

00:36:58 --> 00:37:06

it's usually usually followed by a it's it follows a pattern like a lot of hand what they said were Shamsi whoo ha ha Well, honoree is that

00:37:07 --> 00:37:20

Allah swears by the sun and the forenoon by the night by the star the moon and the night and so forth, and they said, I have Hamels AKQA either.

00:37:21 --> 00:37:34

Then he's this is doable concept. This is indeed successful are those who purify purify the soul. And so but sometimes, Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:37:35 --> 00:37:41

sometimes you have it without it also, sometimes you have it with it. Like for example, what Dini was they

00:37:42 --> 00:37:46

were told this evening seeing we have a valid el Amin, Lapa there hello

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