Sabr is an active virtue, not a passive one.

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When you look at the examples that we have of our heroes, what did they do? Let's look at that.

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What it had to do.

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What did Hajra do in her burning house? She was in the middle of a desert. And she has nobody there and she has a baby. And they're gonna die. I mean, there's nothing there. There's no water, there's no civilization. What did she do? That's what we have to ask. Did she sit down and say, I'm just gonna have some of

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I have so much teleco I'm just going to leave here until Allah comes and saves me. Of course she had Sabra intellicode more than all of us.

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But she didn't just sit passively.

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She didn't sit in that burning house. She got up and she did something. She did something she ratted between Safa and Marwa. And she didn't just do it once. She did it seven times. You know what that action is called an Arabic sigh. Do you know what sai means? Striving?

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Striving. That's what you do.