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Murtaza Khan
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Continuing our journey with SOTL Hodge, the 22nd chapter the Quran 78 verses primarily mentioned a Moroccan surah. So we looked at the first few verses, but before we continue having a rough rendition of reading these verses, so important to mention, as we spoke about the football and the virtues of hedge. And as we know that the day of RFI is coming upon us, this should have been this Tuesday, that they've identified the virtue of the blessings that they've added far too fast on that day. And faster, they've added over two years of Sins of the individual have forgiven and likewise to make the dirt on the Day of Arafah La ilaha illallah wa doko luxury Keller, who the whole moon

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cola will handle when Werner Khalifa in Padilla is the daughter of all of the prophets that came that came before and like was given to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. And also we find as we mentioned that most people people forming a * will be delivered from the punishment of the Hellfire an aroma for call begin to discuss, is that specifically for those people who are on the plains of Hajj, or does it apply to anybody anywhere on the Day of Arafah and most of the conclusion is for anybody at any location, you know, specifically speaks about those those individuals but anybody who's making the island that day on the Day of Arafah so that is a prized a

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treasure data we shouldn't waste the day, this coming Tuesday and making the art Allah Subhanallah Anna. So this hajus global gathering data that we mentioned, as the Quran, it begins by speaking about the gathering of the hereafter. You mentioned the first verse to your nurse with Dakota Baucom in zealot Assa T Sheikh on Alvim. We mentioned the only two sources inside the Quran begin with yet you had Ness. What are those two sources we mentioned? One is Alhaji the second one is which Surah

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Surah Surah Nisa the fourth chapter of Quran is the only other Surah begins with yet a un nurse. So a kpop to all of mankind. Remember we mentioned there are certain people are but there are certain forms of speech that occur inside of Quran, whether it be the speech of your al Kitab or people of the book, your ladina Manu, those who believe you had Ness. So if you had Nebby these are all HIPAA, but these are all forms of speech that occur inside the Quran. And sometimes those commandments those words can be specific. They can be specific to only the believers to aggregator Yeah, Al Kitab, la dahulu fi D Nico, so it could be all to aggregate of all people to book don't be

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excessive. Regarding your religious affairs, you have never be heard within meaning an acquittal or prophet inspired the believers towards any striving and struggling to waive Allah subhanaw taala. But here we find the kebab is for the whole of mankind. So it's not just addressing specifically, the believers, or disbelievers, expressing to every single person of humanity, of returning back to Allah Subhana Allah fear that they whereby you return back to Las PandaDoc fear that day, whereby they will be the striking of the hour the earthquake of the hour, we mentioned that the earthquakes will be three earthquakes, which make three of the amongst the 10 of the major signs of the day

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judgment is going to be any who suffered or sinkings of the earth that will that will take place and prior to that we find amongst the minus signs of the judgment is closer to Zazzle is excessive. Earthquakes will begin to take place as we find such Surah Zilla I will Xinzheng either as Zillertal or do Zelda whereby the F will begin in to shake and we mentioned that some of them are like mum Shanti goes to the view. It doesn't necessarily mean that physical earthquake will take place till the end of time. It just a concept of the whole row of the whole fear of the of the day judgment will take place and on that day will happen. We spoke about as the Quran you mentioned describes

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gives a descriptive nature about what will take place in you on that day. As you mentioned the Quran has many other animals have described or spoken about what is known to sweet and funny Phil Quran giving a directory imagery of what the Quran is it speaks about collecting those Ayat inside the Quran what is speaking about a Jana speak about Johanna paradise hellfire, etc. Whether it be even

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Allah hijab whereby you find the enemy Muslim meet the enemy is always depicted as mentioned inside inside the Quran we mentioned that this is all to help the individual to relate to the language of the Quran. As you mentioned last week, the certain words inside the Quran that we deal with on a daily basis. So gives us helps us the concept to be able to relate to the Quran. Because the Quran mentioned words as we're going to come inside so the Hadith speaks about the reward inside paradise. The punishment we mentioned words which are difficult for us to comprehend. Then there is no real attachment at times with a book of Allah subhanaw taala. So here Allah mentioned Yama, Tirana, Ted,

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hello, Columbo. The

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second verse we looking at you find out

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On that day you find your alma mater owner, Ted Hello temsa Tatro you find that the woman, the breastfeeding woman will forget abandoned tensa or Tetrick will leave her child.

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And this is show in close proximity that a woman in such a state will not abandoned her child. So Quran doesn't describe it as a woman does leave a child, it describes a woman in the state who said that move their tune to term with Walter is in a state in that state of physically breastfeeding a child, she will abandon the child. So this might be something very fearful, or something very immense that's taking place that the woman the breastfeeding woman leaves a child watada Who could do that the Hamlin Hamlet

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and the pregnant woman will drop her load. As you find the difference between Harmon and human inside the Quran, Harmon is that which you you carry. So the woman carries the load. Haman is what you carry on your back

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the word burden on your back meaning the burden of our sins see how unique the Quran the Arabic language is. Both of them had mean lamb, one is humble and one is hemel. So it shows the the the unit is a Quran. But in general, we find that if you understand one word, you're very close to understanding the similar word. If it carries a similar construction of wetness. You find the more three letter verbs or three letter words that you memorize of the Arabic language, the more you can relate to them. Khattab DeRosa kala Shah, Reba, J. Does Allah the more three letter verbs that you know, most of the Arabic language is derived from them. So if you understand the verb tatoeba means

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he vote, then automatically understand what Cardi B is, the writer booktube was written muckety muck tebboune, the office metabo to the desk all these different derivatives all derived from Cata by the same thing. So the more the person understands three letter verbs, the more person able to decipher and understand what the language of the Quran is. What are nurses Sukira you find that people on that day will be Sukira in therapy find Sakura, so So there'll be a state of drunkenness. But we mentioned they will not be in a state of intoxication. But it's because the punishable of Allah's candela is so severe on that day will be as if people are in a drunken or forgotten state Wamena

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nursing when you judge Luffy liability or ailment or your table color shape on him or read the third verse here we find that you find there's some people amongst mankind you judge to fillet behavior, they argue regarding Allah without any knowledge, will your tablet or your tablet or cooler shape on married and they follow every, every any even mischievious shape on devil? So hey, why is Allah speaking about the day judgment and then begin speaking about women a Nassima Yuja dilute Villa he behavior and because there's people who reject the last day without any knowledge. So straightaway after speaking about the last day and gave me that depiction of last day, Allah now speaks about

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this people who are going to reject the last day who don't believe in the last day and they don't have any evidences to reject it. Every time you mentioned that the opposite becomes acceptable, that to argue with people with evidences is allowed. So if you've argued with someone wala to Jeju al Kitab, the inability here, Assam don't debate with the people the book except for with goodness meaning with with evidences is a proof that you can argue with with people in a good way in presenting evidences to them. But if somebody doesn't want to discuss any form, which is intellectually any acceptable or this one to be argumentative, for the sake of arguing, to the

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person should just leave that the individual even amongst us Muslim, we find there's this growing culture of arguing for the sake of arguing.

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That's what we find an imam Shafi used to say that, that when when you argue with a person, you perceive that you're wrong, when you're cool. And so up in the hood, that you can show up and do that that person could be holding some element of truth. So that's how a person enters into and hey, Imam Shafi is obviously referring to a Ha, is afraid to Islamic jurists whereby certain views can be any acceptable. And as we find that sometimes even some folks even move their views, when they were shown that the view that they're falling is incorrect. That's what that's what it means to follow the Quran. So that doesn't mean that you have to make a total 300 degrees 60 degrees turn on

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everything that you follow, but it could be certain evidences that show that this will follow inside my life is not the right view is inaccurate. Otherwise, you're trying to say that whatever you follow or the person that you follow is infallible, that they don't make mistakes, no matter which Imam it is. Whichever Imam it is, there's no disrespect to any Imam. But what you're trying to highlight is that Imam cannot

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Make mistakes by you by default, saying that the Imam must be right. He can't you're trying to say he doesn't make a mistake. The only imam who doesn't make a mistake is the prophet or Sam is the only individual that you make any Ducklin when you make a blind following of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so these individuals they argue about a loss pattern shape on married married case the meaning of cottage and HIPAA, because shape one doesn't obey your loss, didn't want to obey the laws and the other was the baraka nominal caffeine, either he refused, and became amongst the arrogant pride individuals kuti barely a no mentor will know who teba ally it has been quotable when

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she mentioned tatoeba means to write cootie by means written fee Seagoville mudhole in the absolute sense, or nonsense Kuba means whom here, who does it refer to? That's what you find inside the Quran for answers Kuti. Bionicle. Museum cookiebot equal TTL Hey cutie but we know who's the one who's prescribed it written it? Who is it?

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Who is it?

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Allah, kuti, Vitalik Muslim Allah is the one who's saying Allah didn't say cutter below the ugly Banda and other places are the Quran Allah says Kiba is written down who's written now we know here that is speaking about Allah stranded because Allah is the only one who legislates. So here Could you barely Who is it been written down upon Allah is written down which individual ally and a no mentor will know written down upon the shape form. And whoever follows the shape one for unknown delu WIAA de la Raza,

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whoever follows shape on then shape one will guide the individual either other beside will guide the individual to the evil, torture or the punishment of salaried. salaried is amongst the names of Jahannam seven names of Jahannam mentioned inside side the Quran. And likewise if you look at Surah Ibrahim Allah described whereby you find what is known as a hotbed of of shaytaan. How can that be how can it be hooked by shape on the facility say this is a sermon of shape on whereby he's going to stand on a day judgment and he's going to absolve himself and say, Fela Tulu Mooney Well, Lumo and fossa calm Don't blame me blame your own self.

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He says, dissolve himself that you I only what did I do? Only the outcome first job to me. I only called you and you responded to me that we find inside the Quran and the Quran, lady you were sweet Sufi, sudo Rhenus the one who whispers in the heart and the mind of mankind and then he just helter skelter runs away. whisper something and we follow that whisper we're responsible for on our own selves. So he knows what the end is going to be. But he's, he's trying his best to take as many people as he can towards a punishment. Then Allah mentioned yet you are NASA in quantum theory beam, mineral bath and Allah makes his Kitab speech again. Yeah, you hadn't asked all mankind, if you were

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in doubt regarding Alberth re B Magna Shek, if you have any doubt regarding the resurrection. So Allah subhanaw taala has already spoken about the last day. Now Allah Subhana Allah codifies it that if you don't believe in the last day, you don't believe it. Any other Baris, when you show the resurrection, that we find many of the evidence is that the Quran speak about resurrection. To show you how many exams are the Quran, how Allah gives life, to, to the dead, to the dead Earth to the dead plantation? Why all these parables inside the Quran to show this, if you can visualize these things, that this was going to happen is easy for Allah's plans to do that, with the creation inside

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the hereafter. Also, remember, I mentioned that you think the last day is far away, then contemplate and reflect upon your own creation. So maybe you might think that the last day is far away and these are things that we can't imagine. It's beyond our comprehension. Allah then gives you a slip up yet you had an S Allah doesn't say oh believers, and this is all mankind. In quantum theory, be mineral bath, see, if you're in doubt regarding the resurrection for enough Alagna comin Turabian So now Allah is giving this example now that we created you from Torah from the earth. We know that Adam Alayhis Salam, the original human being was created from from mud from clay so mommy not far. Then

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we find that the next stage of human being is created from *. So Mum in Allah fatten. Then we find from Allah cut from the clot of blood red blood put together through mahmudullah Mukalla cotton, then we make it like a chewed lump of flesh, which is complete, well hate mu halacha and that which is incomplete so it really will begin to discuss that as the child grows inside the fetus of the mother that sometimes it becomes complete, sometimes it doesn't become complete. Liuba Unicom what Tokyo roofing or ham to show you, they need the Qudra of Allah Spandana as it resides inside

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Right, the fetus or the womb, so the womb of the mother, man a show in agilely Musa as long as you will to an appointed time that you find inside the Hadith that the narrator mentioned what was saw the call must do that he is the truth where the the trustworthy one, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, how we described how the creation of the human being is that he's for 40 days, in a certain state, then for another 40 days, then another 40 days in 120 days, you find that life, or is the soul is blown into, into the fetus. And then four things are written about the individual at that moment in time and that's when after an aroma begin to discuss the after moment in time, any form

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abortion is not allowed and so something really really detrimental or harmful to your need to the woman to the mother. And a side point even abortion is even illegal inside this country. It's just that it's become common inside another country that is illegal to carry out any form of abortion unless there's a justified any reason and obviously that's something which Islam has speak spoken about as well. Anyway, returning back to the topic that Allah Allah ajilon Musa Thumma NUCLIO convey Fla, that after this this reproduction cycle of the creation of human being thermonuclear complete flower we bring you out as a child, some of the taboo or should not come, then we bring you to the

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to the limit of your your strength, your Goolwa warming come Manitoba warming come on euro dollar. Omar is one of those you who die before the rich and the prime age. And there's those you who come to Isla de Lille, Omar who come to the feeble weakest moment of their life meaning returned back in a state of need the kala Yagnam I mean, but they really mean that you don't know nothing regarding what you knew before. And that's why he finds us so to whom Allah describes about that Allah has created a human being feed Blackfin then state of Cova then state of Blackfin returned and returns back to state of weakness. So as a child, you're weak, then you become strong. Then if you make it

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beyond a certain age, you become once again you become in a state of a weakness and a state of need. And other numerous places or the Quran mentioned that we gave you the faculties of hearing and seeing

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that you was nothing before

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what you are that was some I will absorb all of ADA Dr. Sharon, the Allah's panther is the one that created us and gave us the faculties of hearing and seeing and understanding La La comtesse Carone.

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Who already occurred Yokomen Bhutto neomatik on La La Munna che Hola. Bucha out of the wounds of your mother's lair, Tyler Munna che you did not have any knowledge, any understanding, you know all these ishara inside the Quran if you reflect upon them, Allah describes the creative of the man in Mahane, from Despicable water, for mood for from excetera weakness. You know, why does Allah use such words? Because man thinks he's what he's powerful. He becomes arrogant. He becomes proud so Allah wants to show what's the essence of you as a human being and you try to become moussaka become arrogant in front of us. What are the hammy that and then Allah gives this description going back to

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the day of judgment to describe you find that the Earth hand meter 10 meter 10 You see the earth it is dead, for either under either

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if we send down the rain upon it tends to hurt rocket, the earth begins to move. What are what what unbuttered begins to, to clump it begins to increase. What I'm better at and sprouts out brings out being coolly Zildjian behavior every type of beautiful plantation of vegetation is visualized. And this is how the Quran is common that Allah speaks about the rain coming down the barren land and bringing up the vegetation. Inside certain Hadith Allah gives this description in again about describing about, about the vegetation.

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Jebel kuffaar There it Marvels the aquifer. Now Hey, most of us when we read the word Kufa, what was kuffaar mean inside our mind? What does it mean?

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Disbelievers. But that's not the meaning is disbelievers. Because Gible kufr because how can the disbelievers see the rain, see the vegetation and Marvels them then they begin to recognize Allah Subhana Allah doesn't make sense. Because then Allah wouldn't call them kofod And they recognize a loss from the white Allah saying Jabril kufr number two familia Haeju. What Why is Allah cinco far because kuffaar Here is the linguistic meaning. Because Tafara means you do need a person who rejects the blessing of Allah behead. The literal meaning of hair is Cafe is

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Fela is the farmer. Because the farmer because the cafe you got the oil hack. The cafe conceals the truth. And the farmer conceives what? The seed.

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See the context. The farmer conceives the seed underneath the ground. So when the rain comes, and the fruit or the vegetation is beginning to sprout out, Jebel Cofer who mother's who gets happy, the farmer so that's why it shows the the importance of understanding the Quran first you find lo Hutton. To linguistics we find that a person a Mufasa can't be Mufasa the Quran if they don't know the Arabic language amongst the shrew the conditions of being able to make them see the Quran and to understand the Quran is knowing Arabic language. So the person doesn't know Arabic language and they're trying to understand or decipher the Quran. They've broken the rules already because they're

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going to deviate. Because you find that linguistics have a great impact upon the sharing meaning, the linguistic meaning and the technical meaning that many times it tends to be a bond between them, like Asana, the Sunnah that we read, that we codify inside the Quran, it doesn't mean that always the salah that we read, it carries the meaning of what, what does it mean? A dua supplication. It means supplication. So but the link is there that the salah that we read his own what is own supplication so personally to understand the linguistics, or the linguistic meaning any of the Quran and studying that the Arabic language understand what Allah is pantalla is saying to us, that

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doesn't mean we have to have a deep understanding Arabic language. If you want to go deep into the FSI then obviously you need to, but if you just a general reading the Quran, we should all be familiar, be able to read the Quran and have a general understanding of the Quran. That's why read as much the Quran as you can and read the translation. So many things are easy to Quran Surah Yusuf Surah Ibrahim Surah Yunus read the sutras read the translation so next time the imam is reading, you're able to do what you're able to follow. If you read it have seen and obviously it gives you that the imagery inside your mind you read the story of use of atheism, you could depict what's

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taking place was happening there inside inside your mind. So to say that even people who speak about linguistics that reading is a powerful tool.

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Because the ability to read gives you a deeper understanding of words is powerful reading is unlike genetic fine to just visualize, to visualize things. So really as an as an impact upon the individual to read as we mentioned, they need the Quran excessively. There's so many benefits inside there and for wide and benefits. Then it because he began to speak about how Allah Subhana Allah as we mentioned, this this hadith is hurry object and as you mentioned, but he highlights at various privileges which are given speaking about your knee, returning back to the old age, and the age of need. And he mentioned this this narration that when a person gets to the age of, of 40, then Allah

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Subhana Allah protects him from three things or Junoon or Judah Marlboros, any form of madness and viruses and diseases. Either Bulaga comes in it comes to the age of 50 Half of Allah and he Sabu Allah makes it easy regarding his accountability is a bellicosity if it comes to the age of 60, or so called Low and inner, but Allah grants him the ability to make Toba to him, we come to Sabine, the people of the heavens that love him comes to the money and then you find Allah is trying to Wrightstown good deeds individual and wipes out their bad deeds. If it comes to this in the age of 90 golfer Aloma to condominium May Allah forgive that person sins, and a person goes beyond that,

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and they lose their senses become senile, then Allah is Panda writes down everything that you should do in the past, even though this hadith is a colleague didn't, but we can see that it shows that the more a person gets elderly inside their age, the more closer they should be coming to Allah subhanaw taala and thanking Allah Subhana Allah but the end part this this duration is important because he mentioned that Allah has panned out when they lose their senses will write down everything they normally used to do. And this this authenticity towards that in the sense that we know inside the Hadith, that when a person falls sick, or ill, or the person's traveling, or person forgets,

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everything you normally used to do, that will be written down for you. It will be written down for you. So if you're normally reading extra sunnen, extra noir for doing extra good deeds, then when you fall ill or you're traveling or you lose your senses, etc. That same amount of action is being written down for you. And this shows the importance that we're many of us, we fall into technical studies. Technical Studies are good but don't try to apply them. Because if one person begins to weaken inside, the sooner we can insert in our field, yes, pseudonym means that you will be rewarded if you do do it. And you won't be sinful if you don't do it. That's the technical meaning. That

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doesn't mean avoided. See the diff

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friends because that's what's common become common in our society. That is only sunnah. Yes, we know it's only so no this is that's a technical issue. But it doesn't mean because what happens now, you can understand why FOCA begin to speak about reading certain novel certain Sunon thing throughout the day because when a person falls ill or they become sick if they used to praying certain actions they will abandon that on that day. But if you only pray the Florida only play the obligatory Salah for example, you don't pay no sooner no no nothing, nothing else. The day you're not feeling well, you're feeling sick, or you will rush to do something. What are you going to do with just a bit

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obligation, you're going to skip through that you're going to haste and fluid is not going to be as strong for the action.

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Which is we can see that is quite visible. Where do you find a person that has the extra sun in the waffle if you're traveling you're doing something you leave the nest for you leave the sooner your father is still still intact because you're focusing upon it but the only thing you do is different. Then time will come that that will be weakened and will not be focused towards Allah subhanho wa Taala

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then we come to verse number six Daddy can be and Allah will help were unknown in moto and know Allah condition for the year. So Allah then describe that it can be an Allah who will help that Allah Subhana Allah is the truth and shows that he is a new European Moto, that he is going to give life to the dead. Just remember the whole theme is speaking about what the day of judgment that those individuals who reject their judgment, who reject the concept of resurrection, as Allah mentioned, another place on the Quran Zara Medina Cafaro Alain Uberto the disbelievers make this claim that Allah is prone to Allah, there's going to be no resurrection. There's going to be no

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judgment when Bella will be the tuber funa similar to Nibbana Bhima or Milton Modelica Hola, hola, hee hee a si and se ne bioload indeed your load will bring you back to life once again. And that is something what were the only callala You see that is something simple and easy for Allah Subhana Allah Allah. If you look at the end of Surah Yaseen, the 36 chapters of Quran will not have Alana masala when I see a Hong Kong the human being gives this example about himself and run by the context will speak about how the human being was created as at the end of Surah Yaseen column and you feel Obama will hear Amin, he says, who's going to give life to these bones when they're rotten

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away, they become dust, they've crumbled away. Full you hear lady and her oh well Amara say the one who gave them life in the beginning is going to give them life again. Well Who are we going to be called in our name and Allah subhanaw taala is will knowledgeable over all creation. Allah Allah Dr. La Mina surgery, dari negara is one who brings from the green tree brings brings about fire that you rub tree the branches together. And you what ignites the fire for either antamina to Kaduna and you begin to seek benefit from from the fire so that's the end of Surya seen speaking about the creation of the human being that Allah is trying to bring it back once again we're unnecessary data to to

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narrate Buffy her again the concept of the hour, that the hour luring the fee her there is no doubt regarding the last day a Sarah literally means the hour. They hit a Saturday is one of the names of the Day of Judgment some 25 odd names the Day of Judgment are mentioned in Santa Quran, and derivatives and description of, of the of adverbs whatever is described their judgment or many insights of Quran as Imam could have to be in his famous collection of speaking about the last eight clicks up to maybe some 80 different derivatives or descriptions about the last day one the separator

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to turn Arabia just inside the beginning so to Nihan Allah mentioned utter Umrah, ly fella to strategy Lu utter Amarula indeed, the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala is utter utter is what fell moldy, the past tense. Allah is describing the last day in the past tense. Why is Allah mentioned in the past tense, it hasn't come. So why do you let speak about in the past tense, because after carry the past tense case of meaning in front of Allah stranded that has been written down, meaning Hartman nazima is definitely going to happen as if it has happened.

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It has already happened with Allah the Last Day has been established, written down with Allah's Pirandello's are not described in the last hence we can't speak about the last day in the past tense. We haven't faced it. No one's faced it but Allah describes it inside the last tense and to show the authenticity regarding it. loughrea Buffy her and Allah gave birth to Manfield COBOL there's no doubt about the last day and need Allah is gonna tell resurrect whatever is inside the graves that Allah will bring them about the hair we find that people who these intellectual people say you know about the Cabal, the graves how people come out the grave, how's it going to be

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punishment inside the grave? You know, a person who's passed away who was eaten by a wild animal

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Who got burned alive who drowned? You know who died in the skies? So why does it live mention Cabo? What is the dimension the graves, because most people who die would be buried in a grave. So if most people were buried in a grave as for wherever anybody else died in those five people who died in the ocean, at the moment that we find their grave is way in the ocean. So they their Kabu DeckOver becomes in the grave, because copper is what's known as any higher to Berseria the life of the interspace. So, wherever you are, it becomes your it becomes your grave, wherever you happen to be, but most people because they are placed inside a physical grave that hole is dug in the ground

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replaced it to Allah describes the common format of how most people pass away that becomes the grave. As for we mentioned many times the punishment of the grave and trying to physically try to decipher it and to see that this is the knowledge of the of the, the unseen, just that we find that a person can go to go to sleep fall asleep, and a person could be sleeping next to him or person the same, same room, both people could be asleep. And one could we enter into a different world in different zone could see nightmares, see, whatever it may be, and another person is sleeping comfortably. And you can't tell what's taking place or that person when they awaken they're able to

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describe this what I saw inside my sleep. So that is what the grave is the ones who enter that space. No one can can describe it or imagine, imagine it. Well, I'm in a nursing when you judge the filet behavior in Walla who Daniela Kitab Imani first time we find people who argue that Allah Subhana Allah without any knowledge. Now we find that people are arguing without knowledge, but these are people who claim to be intellectuals. So who are rejecting the last day rejecting resurrection, rejecting the punishment, Allah rejecting, standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah be ready well, however, with the with the opinions, and the desires, and some early might even go that

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this goes to speak about people of innovation, and misguidance that they have no knowledge of what they're doing inside their lives and tried to misguide any other individuals 30 Or he knew didn't the answer be the Law Center he carries the meaning of the person now we're gonna go who to cut boron, that a person who is raising their neck in a state of, of arrogance, and this is described many times at the Quran that the arrogant individuals is either via the speech anymore stop button and Unhak that reject you need the truth or you find physically they show that wala to hurt the colonists. Look man, unless somebody gives advice to son inside the 31st chapter Quran called surah.

00:32:35 --> 00:32:43

Look, man, it gives his long list of advices to advices to his son, in that it says whether to serve 100 colonists, sir

00:32:44 --> 00:33:30

besought ties meaning about a disease that enters into the camels neck. And so the camel has to raise his neck it's not able to move its neck so as we find a camellia raise the neck you think it's arrogant, in a sense, but it couldn't be a disease entity. So Allah has described the mighty saying to son wala to start in Dhaka don't raise your neck and look away from people despising people. Because we find an arrogance wherever has Miss Kannada Rahman Al Kibber la yet Hello, Jana, we have as an atom's weight of pride. We're not go to Jana. So the companions are in that circle, they ask the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but one of us likes to dress well. He likes his clothing to be

00:33:30 --> 00:33:32

good. He likes his shoes to be to be good.

00:33:34 --> 00:34:16

The Prophet said no, that's not arrogance. Sometimes it can lead to arrogance, but that's not the real arrogance. He said the real arrogance is headed in such a Muslim, al Qaeda. But we'll help welcome to nurse Kibber arrogance is to reject the truth will love to nurse and to despise people to look down upon people that's what kibra Arrogance is. So we could May Allah forbid shed any of these elements that we can reject the truth was given to us or we could be people around us we despise we look down that we may have the truth we look down upon other individuals is also an element of any cable. So this all Kenai this will language that you find Kenya annual al Kibriya staying away from

00:34:16 --> 00:34:59

any form of arrogance that you feel you didn't fit under the Torah Li Li your dinner, whether it be with Dhamma or Fatah Bopha. In any case, acceptable you Leo Binda be mana Hua like your builder, he's the one who misguides the person for dunya law who fit dunya Siljan inside is dunya hawan were Haluk this person will be in a despicable state inside this dunya one of the Cuyamaca Yama T or double hurry and their judgment will make the individual you need tasted evil chastisement on that day. Why that took nearly a year to novela Musa Vera and other places are the Quran Allah mentioned assign the recited upon this individual. When Musa Vera they walk away in it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:22

State of arrogance that it can be male condom but yeah DACA and hola Lisa, we will learn a little a bead. This is because what they own hands have earned. The main terms are the Quran Allah describes that what you earn with your own hands, in a patient what Allah mentioned. Look in Naka until Aziz will Kareem look, in evoke means to taste.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:29

Look at the language of Quran, Allah is nothing Look taste in the parity form fell armor,

00:35:30 --> 00:36:12

but was there to taste because taste is to be spoiled something which is good. But here Allah is describing that you tried to taste the things inside the dunya and rejoice inside is dunya look in Naka until Aziz will Karim that you fought us mighty and noble inside this dunya so now you taste the punishment of the Hellfire. Wamena Nassima yet Buddha Allah Allah has verse number 11 There are some people who worship Allah Subhana Allah Allah Hara for the Magna Shek, O Allah, a journey, the worship Allah either with doubt upon doubt or upon on the on the sideline and on the brink. And then Allah describes what it means for in Asobo Hieron. It might be if some good comes to him. He's at

00:36:12 --> 00:36:50

peace we're in Sabah to fitna tuning Allah and Awaji hustler Daniel Astra Danika will Hassan will be in and in some calamity Abdullah Allah Testa individual. Then you find he called flat on his face, hustler dunya and akhira Metallica will Hassan will be in now remember with the facility begin to discuss that what does it mean? Amina Nassima Yakubu Allah Allah have in a hadith in Bukhari that we find that when the people when it came to Medina, they said that if wife gives birth to any a golem to a Santra, boy, we find that animals they give birth to unit

00:36:52 --> 00:36:57

you know, a flock of animals, etc, then that means that this is Dean solid.

00:36:58 --> 00:37:13

This means is a righteous Dean, Islam is. And if it's the opposite, then this deen is not true. You look at the examples that Allah gives, it seems as if Allah is probably speaking to us. In other words, is trying to say that when there's good things, then we will worship Allah.

00:37:14 --> 00:37:52

But when some calamity comes with some test comes, then that's when we begin to waver. And that's not what Iman is. No one should think that Eman Islam is that everything is going to go 100% my way. My life is good to be free from calamities, free from obstacles free from hardship. That's not what life is. There's going to be certain tests that Allah Allah can see whether we really do believe in him Subhana Allah, so we should we shouldn't be people that were made in nursing may yet Buddha, Allah, Allah Huff, we worship Allah chromed out on the edge when things are going good, then hamdulillah I'm happy when there's some hardship, some calamities, then my Eman begins to waver,

00:37:52 --> 00:38:19

then me coming to the masjid, reading the Quran doing good deeds than this thought. Because obviously we are surrounded with this world because that's what people say always complaining, or if God was so good, so generous, so kind, why are people suffering for in the world? You know, these type of questions, they're false in the beginning, because you should entertain these questions when Christians have this question that, oh, if God is so powerful and strong, then can God create a rock which he can't even lift himself?

00:38:21 --> 00:38:22

So you can't answer that.

00:38:23 --> 00:38:40

But it's just trying to create doubt in a person's mind. That's why this type of logic is false. From the beginning, we don't entertain this type of questioning. And this type of mindset, that's why we don't ask questions about Allah. So even as mentioned that when people come and ask questions, that is in a hadith it mentioned that

00:38:41 --> 00:39:16

the shutdown would say prayers will come say who created this who created that? Who created that? Because who created love? You don't entertain that question. You look at the creation of Allah and reflect upon that you don't question about Allah subhanahu whatever. And as we mentioned in the last week, about any the person who questions unless trump the other, you had Rubin do Nilay Malla your doodle Ramallah in front of the Delica was buried. So person calls for that which is a benefit them whether it be the idols, the statue, statues, whatever they think that will help them, whatever they call upon, doesn't benefit them, one a young fellow who cannot harm them or benefit them in any way

00:39:16 --> 00:39:57

that it would delay by age, and this is going far away any astray. Once you've got quite a few years, we'll have to rush through this, in a certain sense. You had Ruhlman, Daru, Accra boo Mina free equals one that which harms him the development Daru occur whenever a debt which is closer to your need to harm him than actually benefiting, benefiting him a bit Sulmona. What a bad protector that a person is quoting but when a bit self assured what a what a bad wretched or she did not know saw him companion this is many turning to others besides Allah subhanaw taala in Allah eautiful Edina and Manu well I'm you know Salah had indeed Allah is trying to enter those who believes often

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

mentioned those individuals who disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

and how they're disgraced. Allah mentioned that indeed those individuals and Adina Amano well I'm in Australia heard which is throughout the Quran, you can't just have belief Allah always couples believe with what what I'm you know Salah had for these individuals will be generating tagit even Dettol and her in Allah if alumina you read Allah does whatever befits His Majesty will punish those individuals for their disobedience and what they attribute to Allah subhanaw taala and grants these individuals the reward were given to these individuals, Montana yoga new Allah Yun Surah who love it dunya and akhira whoever thinks that we will not support him, support him Yong Soo, who is referring

00:40:37 --> 00:41:11

to who to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala moana at the Faasil had mentioned that we will not give him victory inside this world inside of Accra in an unsolo Rosalina will the Dena Manu filha to dunya or Yo Yo como Ashad. Now the place in the Quran we indeed will give victory to our messenger and those who believe inside this world and the day of testimony witnessing is given. That's why we Tamia speaks about a different period aerosol and unabIe amongst the various difference that exists between aerosol and unabIe aerosol is always going to be victorious. If a message goes to war, he's victorious.

00:41:13 --> 00:41:57

Cutter below the ugly banana Anna Well, Rosalie Allah has written down that Allah and then his messenger will always be victorious. Is that a distinction or as soon as one has been given a new a Sharia has been given a new book has been given to him as we find that every Rasul kulula Soon who will never be every messenger, by default is a newbie, when I say Kulu, Nabi Rasulullah, but not every prophet is a messenger. And some messengers are both a prophet and a messenger like Musa Allah Islam like our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that we find is both a profit and a messenger and the word nubby goes back to the word never to give news to give information. So the Nabhi is giving

00:41:57 --> 00:42:41

information regarding Allah subhanho wa taala, worker, dirty Kansa no timber unit, likewise you sit down and Zelner who sent down it begging that referring to either the Quran or the signs of Allah Subhana Allah when Allah yeah had the manual read and need Allah is prime that guides whomever he wants, in the medina Avenue, will Latina her do was sabe sabihin one na Surah while Medusa will Latina, Shako Allah mentioned six categories of belief here, six categories of belief in the London Avenue those who believe are the Muslims, one Latina had two other Jews was sabe all the Sabians are those individuals who came before the Jews and the Christians long discussions I sorted both

00:42:41 --> 00:43:21

respects takes place regarding some people said they were believing individuals and existed before the Jews and the Christians. One One NESARA then the Christian world Medusa, the Megan's that those individual belief of God of God and and God of evil when Medina Assura coup and those were mushriks. So as if all of the other young older religions in the art discussed because in reality all other religions all stem from these six main elements of belief that we find as mentioned in the in Allah your syllabi gnome Yama, pm and Allah will make a distinction between all these five so these ways of life, whatever it may be religious and their judgment in Allah Allahu li Xiang in Shaheed and

00:43:21 --> 00:43:59

Allah is a witness of all things meaning that Islam that those who believe and Islam is the only way which is in Medina in delahey. And Islam. The only way of life in front of Allah is prompt Allah is Al Islam. So once again the Quran speaks of praise about certain Christians, or Jews is the Quran that is specific. The specific for those people at that time you can't pluck that verse and say, right, Quran is praising all Christians and Jews are now going to paradise according to Quran that shows a lack of understanding of the Quran, that even when the Quran does speak about them, it could be specific to them, although it could be monsoon, there could be abrogated. There could be

00:43:59 --> 00:44:35

nullified, there been the camera existed, reading exists, but the hokum has been lifted by Allah subhanaw taala that shows the importance of understanding the seed of the of the Quran of the language of the Quran. And I'm Tara and Allah yesterday to manifest similar words. And then Allah Subhana Allah highlights is the first search that comes here we mentioned to search this as in the above mentioned to searches Okay, inside Surah Al Hajj is the first search that where there's no difference of opinion regarding it. The second stage that we mentioned the difference of opinion in the end of the surah Don't you see that whatever is in the heavens and the earth was Sham, so we'll

00:44:35 --> 00:44:59

come on to June. And some other man mentioned Why did Allah mention was Shamsul our energy and why the sun the moon, the stars because the people who worship the sun, the moon, the stars? Don't you see that what you worship actually worshipped who it worships Allah submits to Allah Subhana Allah so you find the discussion in South Sudan, an imam of Ibrahim Al Islam speaking about when he saw the stars, when he saw the the mood when he saw the sun, teaching his people

00:45:00 --> 00:45:39

And obviously the contract is said Ibrahim ISON was searching for Allah's panda is false. He knew Allah's panda he's teaching is a form of Dawa is giving to his people that this can't be Allah's panda the stars, they they go away, the moon it goes away, the sun rises and it goes away. There's something greater than this who created all this that we need to submit to? And that is Allah subhanaw taala. While g value was shedule, what the web you find that the mountains were shattered the trees were the web, whatever living creatures and maybe the beasts upon his work cathedral meanness and a majority of mankind cathedral hochkar Allah in other and discuss the many people who

00:45:39 --> 00:46:21

won't submit to Allah and the other woman you know, for men who will be Muslim. We have Allah is proud of this crisis is going to be no respect to that individual in Allah. If Allah Masha and ALLAH SubhanA does whatever he wants to do. Another piece of Quran Allah the stool is Shamsi Wally Palmer was to do the lady lady color coconut don't prostrate to the sun and the moon prostrate only to Allah Subhanallah we find our car to Nahai certain times were prohibited from offering the salah whilst the sun is rising whilst the sun is setting because that's the time that those shapes that you find the time that people worship shape on where arises between the two horns of shape on so

00:46:21 --> 00:46:54

those times are forbidden times of prayer, the rising of the sun and the setting of the sun the moment time person doesn't offer you need the prayer at that time. And you know there's people who are as we mentioned who are worshipping the sun and the moon even to this day you need that we find and we find it because he dimensioned that either ACARA evening, if you add them as such that it tells you the shape on yep key. We find that when in Hadees inside say Muslim, that when the son of Adam read reads the verse which contains such the chef on he runs fleas, yep, key. He weeps he cries, where Cole Jiawei

00:46:55 --> 00:47:44

O'Meara me, Adam be scheduled for Sajida fallible Jana white whoa upon me is the son of Adam was ordered to perform the search that he performs it and he gains paradise or mood to be subdued, and I was commanded to carry out the sujood for obey to failure. Now, I refuse to prostrate. And what was given to me now was the punishment of hellfire. Because when Allah told a bliss, to make sense in front of Adam, this semester, is not such a bad. This is such the of Sheriff of the srif that Allah told Iblees to bow down in front of Adam, as a soldier of nobility and rank, prestige and honor and dignity, that at the time of the province has been lifted. It's been lifted, that you don't bow down

00:47:44 --> 00:47:58

in front of anything is not allowed, because why anything that could lead to a ship or concept or ship of a Buddha has been has been rebuked, that you find it really must speak about in the hadith of Bokhari whether a person can pray in front of the fire

00:47:59 --> 00:48:33

is it allowed the discussion takes place in some elements is not allowed. Why? Because people may think that you're doing what you're worshiping the your your worship the fire because there are fire worshippers out there people are Persian, or the third is that we find they worship the fire. That's what you have to do to keep igniting the fire to this day, the fire has been running for I don't know how many centuries or whatever years of this sacred ceremony, they have the persons to come and make sure the fire is still burning the fire worshippers that's what you will say that it will say we go to the graveyard, there are some people to get they get very offended. Some people don't raise

00:48:33 --> 00:48:45

their hands and make die in front of graves. Because it standardly some early must say that people from a distance, who's a non Muslim, or someone doesn't have the right faith will think What are you doing at the grave?

00:48:47 --> 00:48:48

You're making dua

00:48:49 --> 00:48:58

to the grave for what? To help you. That's all you have to understand why Islam Islam eradicate any element of a thought of Sheikh

00:49:00 --> 00:49:37

even though you could say I'm making the art for the person, not to the person, but from a distance persons or non Muslim will think you're doing what you're making dua to the person, you're asking this person. So first and that's why person needs to be vigilant to teach our society that sometimes you go to the graveyard don't make the raising your hands it's not a sooner you have to do it sooner to obviously make dua for them that we're going to join them and ask Allah to forgive them and to pardon them but to teach our community that certain things you don't have to do them because they because that's what a bid becomes an innovation becomes something which is done on a regular basis

00:49:37 --> 00:49:57

and people think it's a part of what of a bad so when people think it's a part of everybody for example making dua after Salah when if you don't do it, then people say Oh, Salah wasn't done properly. It wasn't complete is incorrect. He's not a proper Imam. What does that mean? Now? You think that Dara is now part of what the the salah

00:49:58 --> 00:49:59

see what happened now now we

00:50:00 --> 00:50:27

think is part of the Salah when you think is part of the Salah and that becomes a word it becomes a bitter because technically we mentioned is not part of the Sunnah a Salah minute tech bead Illa Tasneem Salah is from the tech bead to the steam. Would you make the tap beer? That was cool to have to be written the Hara? Why is it called a haram? case the meaning of haram that wants to say Allahu Akbar, everything you normally do

00:50:28 --> 00:51:03

is haram. You can't eat you can't drink you can't talk is forbidden. And when you make that clear to Teslin the tough bit of giving salaam you've now come out of the the prayer that anything you normally do you're gonna you can talk to whatever you want to do, you're allowed to do but in that state you're not allowed to do it. So that when you make continuous this practice after the Salah, and people think is part of the prayer is what makes it something to be an innovation had any customer and the customer if you're a beam, these two individuals they argue regarding ALLAH SubhanA as head of nicotine begins to mention, who are these people who are getting regarding Allah's

00:51:03 --> 00:51:43

propaganda, one view mentioned from going back to my Makati, that the Companions considering this referring to the Battle of Buddha, that the two groups not just arguing that they physically they met one another. And once you find Ali Hamza and obaidul on the other side you find fight against Shaybah or an Al Walid. So this is the hedonic customer discussing whether we take the physical literal meaning that one group facing the other individuals, the jewel that took place between the believers and the disbelievers. Also a second use is a dispute between the Christians the the people of the book and the Muslims because the Christians are the people who are saying, we are prophets

00:51:43 --> 00:52:22

came before you. Our books came before you and so we're more virtuous than you had any customer next doesn't move your VM will let the next photo go to them. theorbo theobromine Noreen you saw booming folk hero Similkameen and but the most of our profit is the final profit and the final revelation given to the prophet Elijah to stand in other views come between the one who lies and and rejects between Jana hellfire and Paradise his arguments taking place between the believers and the disbelieving individuals you find this Punisher given to them just how to be math people tune in will dilute this panel which is poured down upon them. It burns all the way from their from their

00:52:22 --> 00:52:52

head all the way down their bodies and even the skins and just look at it. This harmful punishment how Allah is kinda even just just read it to see it and read the description I just it's it scares the individual any of the punishment of Allah subhana wa MACOM min hottie Debbie hooks and spikes of iron that we snatching these individuals holding them down, fetters holding them down kendama Urdu and Yakko Domina every time they want to come out of it.

00:52:54 --> 00:53:20

Cola Murata Jaco demeanor when they come in, at the bigger the sorrow that they're in, or a Doofy ha they will be returned back to it. Fear was Zuko, Guinea adorable how they can be told him taste the punishment, this evil chastisement so there's no escaping from from any health of these individuals in Allah util Lavina. I'm gonna I'm gonna strike the hat in Allah. As if it's not saying that Allah Subhana Allah is saying that the believers

00:53:22 --> 00:53:24

saying that is the belief that totally separate.

00:53:25 --> 00:53:57

There is no making comparison between the disbelief and the belief in Allah that indeed, Allah will give this to the believing individual, as we mentioned previously is common inside the Quran. Then when Allah speaks about the disbelievers Allah speak about the believers, Allah speaks about the punishment Allah speak about the reward sometimes be the punishment first and the reward after sometimes the reward first and the punishment after that's the Sunnah manhood for our that you find that throughout the Quran, Allah now is describing the believers where they have yelled bassoon, Allah mentioned JAL bassoon didn't say libera SOCOM other places Allah mentioned the bathroom Hey

00:53:57 --> 00:54:05

Allah says yell yell bassoon, they wear this on a mustard is too gendered, that every time in pairs are wearing new clothing

00:54:06 --> 00:54:33

so not just a clothing is just renewed revitalize every time inside what else does Allah mentioned in paradise for these individuals Jannat integral that in her in the gardens were abandoning rivers flow you had known a fee I mean a salad there'll be granted these, these these bracelets they'll be beautified with these bracelets mean that have been loose from gold and pearls while the bears will feel hurried and the clothing will be one off of silk.

00:54:35 --> 00:54:47

All these ornaments which are haram for men in this dunya the wearing of gold the wearing of silk you know and even some orlimar speak about anything priced you know for a man should they should avoid it.

00:54:48 --> 00:55:00

Anything which is which is prized as a form of jewelry ornamentation person should a man should avoid it as for something which is for for for women as we find in in a hadith that the person that'll be so

00:55:00 --> 00:55:40

Hurry while at the badge don't wear sale, or the badge is a form of pure silk for dunya find no find no man lobbies of dunya lamjao beasts who will throw whoever wears it in this dunya will not wear it inside Akira. Well who do ELLIPTA EB miracoli will do in surat al Hamid, we find who will attack you may be guided to play what is display you've been called to be guided towards the good words. Whether it be the literal meaning of speech, we find on the message carried Academy Al Quran to be guided to the Quran. So excessive reading the Quran leads us to paradise. We'll do it a coli pipe kotula Allah, they're making the Dhikr of Allah and I didn't know well Ella and UScar to the Dhikr

00:55:40 --> 00:56:19

of Allah subhanho wa Taala is all what these people will be guided towards in the medina tafforeau while also do not answer Belinda while machine haram Allah DJ unknowingness you sir I didn't actually fulfill he will bed when when you read free heat. It hadn't been told me no they call me either been Alene verse number 25 in the London hackathon from here, the beginning of discussion begins with that hedge. So in the 78 verses the first quarter so first 24 verses we'll be speaking about the last day about the reward about the punishment now comes the main theme of Al Hajj. And that's why the Quran is unique is strange at times, sometimes you look at Bacara as we mentioned 286

00:56:19 --> 00:56:59

verses and Al Baqarah is only mentioned two or three times. But it becomes the main the main theme, or the main title of the surah and Allah knows best why even some of the disorders which speak about the the prophets like Surah Yunus I think Yunus is only mentioned at once the whole suit is cool Yunus and only once his name is mentioned there, as you can understand sort of use of so many times and then use as mentioned there, but why Yunus? The term pseudo Quran only once his name is mentioned the whole surah and Rome as a side point names with the Quran octopi fear they're from Allah Subhana Allah that appropriately some gave the surah gave it a name and you take that view

00:56:59 --> 00:57:38

that this is the name of the of the surah. So find that these individuals now the discussion begins to take place about hedge that those individual in the lead in a coffee room or should do not answer Belinda or Masjid Haram those individuals who disbelieve and prevent people from going from following the path of Allah and coming to machine haram and let the unknown the nurses aware and in our case that we made everybody the same whether that person be Mukim in our GIF case the meaning of an movimientos or resident Maka and those who are fee will bad will bad who are bad. Yeah, people who are journeying and coming to the house of Allah Subhana Allah, whether whoever they may be

00:57:38 --> 00:58:17

travelers or residents of Makkah, they're all the same. Whoever is prevent whoever tries to prevent the people entering mcta will harm the people inside Metka woman you will be being handed whoever wants in hand. Whoever wants shake with Ohlman Antonia was oppression inside the inside the harem knew they couldn't adapt in any will make the person taste an evil punishment go back to certain field. And I'm Tara Kay for another Bukoba we are Sabol fee, we did to see that Surah that even though they will moosh, Raccoon, the Quraysh that when when abre came to harm the camera to dismantle the camera to destroy the carrabba What did Allah's pandologic wound that was a lesson to

00:58:17 --> 00:58:44

the machine that time and not protecting the cat but that no individual is ever going to be able to harm the car but until the end of time which had been prophesized it will come and your person will come and he will dismantle and break the car but that's going to be obviously towards the end end of time that we find the individual evil punishment inside this dunya inside the Astra also in the lead in a conference so do not unsubmitted that those who prevent the people coming to the house of Allah shows that this fire is is a Medina in verse

00:58:45 --> 00:59:21

is a Medina verse is approved this verse is in Medina verse we can now speak about going back to the house of Ultron and performing the hajj and performing you need the Umbra that we find in sootel bucket as well find a similar verse exists inside sorted Bacara any as well. And looks like we might have to come back for a third session to complete this because I don't read only verse 26 and we'll make the done in few minutes. Where it but what nearly Ibrahima mechanical bait they indeed we selected for Abraham mechanical bait and to stick with a while to hear beta litter if you will or immuno Rocha is scheduled and purified his house, my house the house of Allah subhanaw taala the

00:59:21 --> 00:59:59

poor in those who circumambulate the house, those who visit the houses stay in the house while okay so do those who are bowing and prostrating. So this shows that US will hedge is a colossal Tauheed ficolo bidness the essence of Hajj is pure sincerity. Towards the last panelist we find that for Boileau the virtuous Hodges karma to Tauheed establishing the one Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala. So we find that quite high beta to purify the house of Allah Subhana Allah later if he will call him in. And we mentioned previously as well that those who are called Amin and those who are even those who are there, and those who may make into tawaf, we mentioned earlier mentioned that

01:00:00 --> 01:00:39

A person who visits the house of Allah subhanaw taala. They're not resident, is it better for them to read supererogatory prayers or to perform the tawaf to circumambulation going around the Kaaba. They say if you're visiting for many of us we go for Hajj we go for Umrah. We don't reside inside the Mecca. So we should make excessive tawaf rather than excessive praise, obviously, the font, the prayer, you have to stop everything. So they said, it's a preference to make tawaf because you're not there for many days, but people are a mean people resident was better for them to make dua or to make Salah for them to make extra salah. Not to make extra tawaf is our limit and nicotine I don't

01:00:39 --> 01:01:08

even begin to describe of what we should do when we entering the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala were added in financeable Hajj, gave the call to of Hajj. So this is Abraham and Assam has been given this commandment. What has been financeable? hajiya to curry Jalan where are the Coulee Dam within your Tina mean Khalifa Jin Amir. So Ibrahim anism makes this cool out to the people well I've been fineness Rama we mentioned in Surah Ibrahim and it makes this cold no one is there.

01:01:09 --> 01:01:49

Allah totally but just make this call. It's an empty land. He just made the call we're adding finesse your job is just to in our neck a little Bella for us is just to convey the message is not for us to have the results just called Abraham makes a call Allah says yeah Touka regionalen They're going to come to you one word and say Regina in case the meaning of men but here it means regional means walking a region region is a pool of region of have legs that come either walking or other equally damaging or they come upon every riding beasts yeah Tina mean coolly for genomic they come from every McCann buried or from every any

01:01:50 --> 01:01:58

high valley or location. They'll come from there meaning all these people will come responding to this code

01:01:59 --> 01:02:36

that now look at how many people have responded to the code of Ibrahim Ali is salaam that we finally return if the house of Allah is trying to enter. Lea shabu Manaphy Idaho home that they may witness Murphy olam see the benefits of hardwoods the benefits of Hajj is Jehovah's, Albay buying and selling. So you mentioned in your Mudjimba that people go and perform the hajj on the way the buying and selling the commodities to get that money carry on what they did to get to HUD use allowed in HUD even outside HUD just allowed the people buying and selling is nothing wrong with that. What Why Wyatt crucial malai Am I do mad that they may remember last Pantanal regarding the Yamuna had a days

01:02:36 --> 01:02:54

of sacrifice and Rasika home member hematologic regarding the the cattle that be given to them for Kulu minha eat from the sacrifice we're at Emerald by itself okay apt to give some of the food to the destitute and the poor and the needy individual in that dire state to give it you need to them inshallah

01:02:55 --> 01:03:33

we'll have to like I said, we'll have to come back on another occasion and to complete this reading of sort of hedge but for now we can go back and self to complete a lease in a few days of good hedge that remain go back and read the English translation or prior to read the Arabic or so to hedge that for the second chapter of the Quran in the middle or towards the end of the 17th just coming to the 18th just to read that inshallah and to read the Arabic as I mentioned the same to the same same verses and to read the English journey as well inshallah so we can be abreast with the knowledge of Hajj or these days of Hajj fast approaching us may Allah product runners all Tofik and floss and

01:03:33 --> 01:03:52

accepted from all of us Inshallah, Rahul Kohli had the worst quality welcome, Woody Jimmy and misdemeanor for stock flew in no who will go for Rahim. hamdulillah honorable Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he was being a woman, Temasek we submitted a yummy dinner Oh my god.

01:03:53 --> 01:04:06

You had the RE citation the final part of salted hodgen What comes to mind that actually, the name Ibrahim anism only occurs in the end or occurs. In the middle here I mentioned about it but what nadie Ibrahim

01:04:08 --> 01:04:13

is the only twice occurs inside the surah when the whole theme is speaking about Ibrahim Ali Salam.

01:04:14 --> 01:04:22

And as we mentioned this the Quran is unique in the way it delivers mentioned certain things even sort of Hajj whereby he mentions

01:04:23 --> 01:04:42

speaks about a ballad. We learn that if, for instance, certain Bukhara mentioned it without number two it seemed to as mentioned by Ibrahim Al Islam, but a slight variation. Once again, I'll never begin to discuss about these variations that occur inside the Quran. Why does Allah's parent have mentioned so sort of Bukhara wherever he might have made made that

01:04:43 --> 01:05:00

Ibrahim said rubbish Paladin Mina, by and such hedge. Make this and Bella we did learn mutare if it is a discussion regarding that will show the accurate nature of the Quran accurate nature of the olema of the first seed, also the daughter of Ibrahim Ali

01:05:00 --> 01:05:07

Salam Raman the beginning of sort of Bukhara, the end of the first Jews, Ibrahim anism. He makes this this application

01:05:08 --> 01:05:28

or have been our theme Rasool Amin and fullsteam yet Lorraine Tikka will your Aleem will Kitab al hikma who is a key in NACA until azizul. Hakeem, that is the dua of Ibrahim Allah Islam for the prophets, Allah some whereby in a hadith is mentioned Ana Dawa to Ibrahim I'm the call of Ibrahim. Now the response to that

01:05:29 --> 01:05:32

comes three different times inside the Quran.

01:05:33 --> 01:05:57

And is a variation if you look at the format of the Torah of Ibrahim Ali Salam and look at the response of Allah subhanaw taala whether it be inside Surah Al Imran Codman the lower meaning is battlefield Rasool Amin and fullsteam yet Lu t he will use a key him while you are living will Kitab al hikma look at a variation. Ibrahim era Assam the end of his era was sent one who's going to purify them.

01:05:58 --> 01:06:37

Allah begins that the main task of the Prophet alayhi salam is to purify them that's why it shows the the uniqueness of the of the Quran the nature of the Quran, the other place inside the Quran, where does it occur the same to occur so as I sort of add Imran inside Surah, a serf and one other place inside the Quran this these two are a curse of Wonder is what do I have Ibrahim Lai slammed him three times Allah's panda I'm not mistaken responds you need to it. So returning back to certain hedges we mentioned the main theme is the theme of Tawheed, of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and we're just going through a rough reading of the of these verses just to give us even we achieved

01:06:37 --> 01:06:46

just by going through the surah for some of us this may be the first time during this whole week we read a whole Surah of the Quran from the beginning to the end.

01:06:47 --> 01:07:21

You know and I don't want to sound sarcastic but that's quite bad. Do you understand you know that we should be reading at least a juice of the Quran in a day that's what person should be reading but if a person can't do that, at least have a page in a day to everyday in the morning whatever time doesn't have to be necessarily spiritually you know in the morning or Quran and forgery in the can or unfamiliar cannabis who the Quran the Quran in the morning is supposed to be the blessedness element make the field desire for any moment a person can read the Quran and have answer any during off the Lord whatever it may be that you choose, you can just read the Quran or have a moment what's

01:07:21 --> 01:08:03

known as your world. Your daily recitation of Quran Menounos, emunah, Quran Nemo, she found Warahmatullah meaning sandawana Kuranda which is a shift that which is a cure. So just physically reading the Quran becomes a cure for all the different ailments that we have in the throughout our lives, so that you can open your abdomen through Matilda. So verse number number 30. I'm not sure where we stopped. I'm sure we stopped around this, this this around this idea. The early Coleman had been problematic, that is whoever respects this verse number 30 sort of hedge that is whoever magnifies respects for Umatilla theorem, we acknowledge. So lemma says that this wave respects the

01:08:03 --> 01:08:31

actions of hydro hydro love Winder of B that is good for him in front of his load, or hill that document and IMO in lemma utilize Aliko and indeed Allah has made her learn for you that an m l and m is the cattle, the beasts all types of Halal food which has been allowed in them usually Alikum except for that which Allah Allah utilize that which Allah has made forbidden for you that will be recited upon you, Alicia to what what is it referring back to?

01:08:32 --> 01:09:04

Because in Atlanta, it mentions about those animals which are not allowed to eat or the way that they've been sacrifice, et cetera, et cetera and I'm specifically speaks about it and also touches upon it in a certain method as well. Fudge Turnbull read seminal Oh 30 Which 20 bufala zoar fudge tenable an inch to nab a shadow Minetta Harim. So olema effect or sullo effect they speak about when Allah is condemned mentioned the Quran hurry mud, la Khumba to call that your mother's or haram for you to marry and likewise your daughter etc. The eye contains that sort of Nisa

01:09:05 --> 01:09:47

that is something severe haram we all know the Kenema Haram is if somebody says haram inside the Quran and Hadith is forbidden. But sometimes Quran uses a word far more deeper, more powerful than that fudge tenable for exams I sorted my diversity number 9091 Yeah, you will let in a normal homebrew while may settle well unsociable will Islam resume in Ambala shaytaan fudge teny boo La La come to fill the hole. So how old am I mentioned alleged YNAB a shut down hurry that when Allah says parameter says subhanaw taala says fudge Teddy Boo is more powerful than saying something is haram only Boko Haram but he never means that from any cost

01:09:48 --> 01:10:00

at all expensive just stay away from ever getting anything to debt which is which have been mentioned. So hence I'd sort of Alma Ada, a normal camera while may sue will answer

01:10:00 --> 01:10:04

Abu Islam so these four things I mentioned don't go anywhere near

01:10:05 --> 01:10:07

alcohol and intoxicants

01:10:08 --> 01:10:09


01:10:10 --> 01:10:47

well may say gambling and gambling the rest obviously well and so will Islam doesn't concern us sacrificing on the on the divine stones or the throwing of the arrows etc that we find that person doesn't concern at this moment in time but there are people out there probably practice these these practices ship that they do sacrificing of the animals etc that they do but the first two could still concerns us today that person from any totally stay unit away from when the hadith is something severe I didn't say it's a Muslim that 10 individuals are cursed and I tell people come and ask this question and I'll I'm gonna go to songs or restaurant they serve alcohol there is a lot

01:10:47 --> 01:11:21

the general answer to the aroma is that if there is a dire need that you're traveling or something and you have to stop and you have to eat some halal food or whatever it may be then possibly, but we have a choice that a person should not sit in a environment where alcohol is being served 10 individuals or 10 scenario dementia having such a Muslim the person who crushes the grapes the person who packs the grapes the person who delivers the grapes the person who serves it the person sits on the table person takes the money paraphrasing the Hadith it's all cursed

01:11:22 --> 01:11:31

there's there's no there's no scope you know some people use the excuse that should we prefer give it to the disbelievers let him drink whatever let them get in trouble

01:11:32 --> 01:11:46

if anything principal inside Islam in anything is made haram in a hurry mushy Horiba someone who if Allah make something haram then the price and the commodity and the dealing of it is all Haram

01:11:47 --> 01:12:27

is all haram likewise, but another principle is well, whatever Magana cathedral haram for only Lu haram and he's based upon a on a hadith inside Sahih Muslim whatever is forbidden large amounts is forbidden what in small amounts. It doesn't make this distinction and some people they say oh if you know I don't get intoxicated so I could drink so sometimes you meet some you know some you know non Muslim say I drink barrels and I don't get drunk. Does that now mean that alcohol is now valid for him or person takes these these Drugs and Substances that I smoke whatever and it doesn't affect my mind doesn't meet me it now becomes valid now. We're going to Sherry looks at the nakasu che looks

01:12:27 --> 01:13:09

at the general intent that the general rule is a person takes intoxicants who will become intoxicated. That's it finish so Islam just prevents it or doesn't give the scope that maybe person could be free from it and it should be allowed for them. So far, just terrible reads stay away from cold ocean state from any form of idolatry, or idol worship or for being from idols, watch Tony Buccola zoo and stay away from any any Konosuke jet obviously specifically has meaning colo zoo is here speaking about committing shit for the last panda Allah during the days of Hajj. But the general meaning of cold ozone is any evil speech, any bad speech, so personally to stay away from

01:13:09 --> 01:13:24

whether it be specifically any form of Sheikh or any or January said El Sheikh or specifically any form of evil any speech who never and delay Kira Bucha Kenobi. So these individuals who never who never is the plural of Hanif,

01:13:25 --> 01:13:26

who will classify this hadith

01:13:27 --> 01:13:29

was the whole theme about that we began with

01:13:30 --> 01:13:58

who's Hanif Ibrahim Ali Salam. So it's all good one of these people all singling out Allah's plant. And Hanif is a person lay your meal in a shade doesn't go lean towards something is straight. So these these individuals are performing the hajj they're all straight submitting to Allah Subhana Allah Allah Masha Kenobi, not associating any partners with the last parameter Allah does we find that the commandments inside the Quran about Sheikh

01:13:59 --> 01:14:41

and avoided the Shipka are severe inside inside the Quran, severe warnings. It says sort of Nyssa in Allah Allah yoke following Yoshioka be yo yo quiero Medina Delica de Manisha twice Allah mentions are the same Surah inside Surah Alma ADA Elementary in DOMA you shake belief Akkad Hara Malala Jana well Nirmala voila minimun and saw my hand sized Hajj Allah mentioned woman you shake belief Okay. Edna Mahara minister for Dr. For pay. Oh, that will be read through FEMA cannon so he now the description is given here that's what when people say or why people were speaking about shit. Why to talk about the importance of Tawheed is the Quran it's the Quran is something we shouldn't take a

01:14:41 --> 01:14:59

trivial look at a severe warnings that the person who commits shit could Allah's panda and the punishment is severe. Person who dies we upon shit. Going to verse or certain metadata is forever doomed to the Hellfire is doomed to the hellfire. That's the words of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah gives you a description that will make us believe

01:15:00 --> 01:15:27

factor under Mahara min Asana, whoever can be shared with Allah's Brandeis have been dropping from the heavens from the sky or the birds naturism or the wind blows in way to the faraway place it will claim of Judea you mentioned that this parable what does it mean? It means that shade now you carry bouquet Allah is a person who's committing shade thinks it's coming brings them closer to Allah person goes to a grave goes to a shrine goes to somebody who's dead what it may mix to forget this is going to bring me closer to Allah.

01:15:28 --> 01:16:03

Even the Quran mentioned min Naboo, Doom inland Yukari, buena Elahi Zulu even today Muslims said the same thing. We're not equating mustard machete cool. Let's make that clear because people get emotional, you're trying to say most of the machines are saying there's certain things that we do, which is every time you mentioned that an action of ship doesn't mean you become a mushrik. An action of Kufa doesn't make you become a cafe, you should be very crystal clear. When Allah says inside the Quran, this person that cafe, don't try to apply that upon a person or person with Shift say to know the most of your mistake, be very, very bad leave that for for judges and alumni and

01:16:03 --> 01:16:11

senior positions, that this was creating a lot of rancor and in feelings or a society that people say you're calling me a mistake, then no, we're saying this is the action of shit.

01:16:13 --> 01:16:49

And action sheet is something very dangerous. I mean, you are a mushrik but it can lead you to become a mushrik you know even though some people would blunt apply upon a person was saying we shouldn't you know we shouldn't do that. So he's saying that this action ship doesn't bring you close to Allah spandrel. And so even that excuse that the police should use, they say that as well. We don't actually worship these idols and the statues. We they are intermediaries to get as close to Allah subhanaw taala mana boom Illa Yukari buena de la solfa so we're not even physically worshipping these idol statues we think this is a we'll see that a path that brings us close to

01:16:49 --> 01:17:25

Allah subhanaw taala. But this is refuted inside the Quran that Allah Subhana Allah has there's no path to Allah via by people for anything. Because Allah said inside the Quran what he does Salah Kariba the army for me, Karim. Allah says that if the servant asks about me, Allah says I am close by Allah doesn't say make an intermediate and militant spoke about the Linguistics of this. Allah never said for cool. Study the Quran in great detail every time a question is asked inside the Quran. Yes, sir. Luna tarantula. Hilda? Yes. Soluna and in my head? Yes. Soluna Can you rule your Saluda? Can somebody will miss it?

01:17:26 --> 01:17:31

They ask you this question. Look at what the response always is. What is the response? Called who or other?

01:17:32 --> 01:17:42

Is it a response? It's saying it is harmful? says this. Say this the answer? Always the answer is cool. Call me and say oh Muhammad said to the people, this is what the verdict is.

01:17:43 --> 01:18:28

Now this place is or the Quran. question is asked again. The question is where either Salah terrible the only when the seven asks about me. The response isn't according to Linguistics of the Quran. And it can be plausible Allah can say Spandana for cool iniquity. Allah doesn't say that. Allah says for any audio takes that takes the most beloved individual out of the, the ayah the Prophet Muhammad says just says for in the body for a year straight away ACARA Buddha Rooney SDG bloco you will also call upon me and I will respond to your call, then it a woman you add them, share your life in them in Tukwila. Hello, that is whoever respects the shall be Myrna share era the symbols of Allah

01:18:28 --> 01:18:46

spanner for Enam in Tuckwell Paulo. So it's not just relevant to Hodges Unlimited, fussy dimension. So whoever respecting the symbols of most deliver of of Mina of Alpha Kappa, that's all respecting the symbols of Allah's Mandela, at that moment, at that time at that place, but many enemies said this is this is any symbol of Allah.

01:18:47 --> 01:19:02

Whether it be the house of Allah's Prophet, Allah, the Quran, there's so many times we find these debates that people will need to take place, you know, somebody might put the Quran in the flow and say, Oh, it's so loud, thank you, it might be technically it might be allowed. But is that is that respecting the symbols of Allah?

01:19:03 --> 01:19:36

It is what does it lead to? It leads to what? argumentation emotional feelings with people. You know, so it's the book of Allah subhanaw taala we should give it that, that due respect should be given always the greatest respect is obviously implementing and reading it. But these are simple the house of Allah is Panda is a symbol of Allah's Panda, people who drive possibly some of them when they see the house of Allah trying to turn down the music or they might be doing something inappropriate. They respect that. You know, maybe it could be a cultural element, but still that's a good sign, that people are respecting. The symbols of Allah is trying to intervene, duck will

01:19:36 --> 01:19:59

collude, this this indeed to the actions of the of the heart of piety of Allah subhanaw taala when it couldn't be omitted in the annulment second, for every single Ummah, we made a man segments like is at the moment the location of performance, which means the general practice of religious behavior to every Ummah has its rules and regulations that they

01:20:00 --> 01:20:43

They follow out the yes Guzman nahi Allah Mirza whom to remember those plans about that which Allah, Allah has provided them from amongst what member Hema till an am from the cattle which is given to them during these days of sacrifice for Allah Camilla and Wahid fellow assuming Oba Sherrill, McVitie, and indeed your Lord is one So submit to Him. So Allah Subhana Allah is throughout this. The surah is speaking about, yes, the equilibrium the Wahoo that everything is about making a bed the only to Allah Subhana Allah, follow a slim submit to Allah Subhana Allah wa Bashir in between and give that hand move between, we might not call Shireen. Those who are submissive to Allah

01:20:43 --> 01:20:53

subhanaw taala give glad tidings to these individuals and then Allah describes them Alladhina either Luquillo Allahu Waje that Colombo when they remember those Pantheon or what do you that we might not have it?

01:20:54 --> 01:21:39

We did the hearts begin to become fearful. The hearts begin to shake just like in the beginning of an Amway, Allah's undermentioned description of the of the believing individuals a lead in the toilet, to the tomb, amen. Well hon Muto Kowloon, the head Ayat of Allah grant that increases them in India Iman and you place your trust in Allah Subhana Allah What do you like Colombo or sabe Rena Adama Asad boom. Now comes the next stage and these individuals remember Allah Subhana Allah we can all do that was Savina Allah Assad boom, they are patient regarding whatever calamities befall them, just like in South Sudan Bacara and levena either Asaba Tomasi Buckelew in Adela who are in LA Raji

01:21:39 --> 01:22:18

room, the animasi becomes upon them a calamity or harsh or difficult is it to Allah we belong and to Allah, we return. These are the individuals who are the patient individually will mochi masala tea when we reject Nam infraco and rest of the actual people of Taqwa. That's what he's trying to say. These are the people of Taqwa those who remember last granddaddy hearts will come faithful. Those who have patient regarding calamities, those who are establishing the prayer will reject no miam fair code and this pen, Ben Reza Nahum, they spend not from their own wealth they spend from mimma, Reza Khanna and from that which we've given to them, this is man Allah, this is the wealth of Allah.

01:22:18 --> 01:22:59

It's not my wealth is not your wealth. Allah described it. This is the wealth of Allah. Allah has bestowed given it to us and trust us with his wealth. That's when the Quran speaks about men. danladi Ukri, doula Kardan Hassan, who's going to give a good long to Allah does Allah need a loan, because Allah need our wealth, but it's a form of Seiga formal discussion is some form of honor. This is who is going to give that money to Allah, Allah doesn't need that money. But as a former Sheriff, that is your as as if you're presenting that in front of Allah Subhana Allah who's going to have that conviction or that sacrifice, of giving it in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala while

01:22:59 --> 01:23:44

Buddha Jana law Commissioner elaida Come configure higher while beutner and Bowden is an evil is the camel and the reason why being given the name Buddha because Buddha didn't just mean something which is great in size. Because the camel is such a great big size. It's been given the type Budan but also some earlier mentioned al Bowden is contained camels and cows and both of them are obviously meaty, any animals. So we made the camel we made it as a as a symbol for you to a symbol of Allah's bandana fie her head in this goddess Fatcow losman first cross Mumbai Alia Sawa, remember the name of Allah Spandana in the Debye when you begin to sacrifice the camel, so we might know him while

01:23:44 --> 01:24:26

he's standing. Because the way that you sacrifice a camel is different when you sacrifice other animals. You have to sacrifice while standing as they do something they show how to sacrifice a camera that you're holding and then just slitting its throat or we find for either whatever you know Buddha or when it's supported when it drops on the ground. So as you can put ropes around his legs and pull it down and drops in the ground. Then you sacrifice the animal for Colombina what Emiliania will monitor so eat from the sacrifice that you've offered? What we're up to Panera and give to the one in dire need while motor car on it is one. You ask for the for the food. Well motor is the

01:24:26 --> 01:24:59

person in need. He doesn't ask for the food you have to go and search and give it to individual Gallica Sahadeva sadhana la comme la la come to school, and this is what we subjugated made easy for you that you may give thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala because remember, these are the days of a young tertiary, a Yamuna which have just finished now have to ascertain that was the end of the days of sacrifice in our Toyota COVID for solid Rebecca one her this is not had never literally have not had his chest. So one heart means to obviously sacrifice above

01:25:00 --> 01:25:04

Just you sacrifice there any sacrifice the the animals

01:25:06 --> 01:25:49

and just to alleviate the environment some people tried to use a sigil for solid Arabic or one heart that one had one argument for solid pray the Salah and place your hands on the on the chest. They tried to make St Louis out of this this verse to make and this is this is not accurate to use this evidence from the Quran but they just just came to my mind so maybe my read come across. So we tried to use evidence from the from the Quran to prove the view. Lay in Allah Allahu Allah Dima Guha, then the main the main theme of Hajj or the main theme of this is that the blood and the sacrifice the meat does not go to Allah subhanaw taala and even Jaya Hibiya you find that they used to they used

01:25:49 --> 01:26:33

to rub the blood on the kava, when he should perform hijab when Hodge comes read the whole spirit of the Jaha Lea practice of * we spoke about in the beginning and how Islam came in just codified it. So they always used to respect the house of Allah Subhana Allah, but the things they used to do is nothing but should get that used to take place here so the house had to be with but what not Ebro when we told him not to do what to pure purify the house of Allah is permitted under like was an inside sort of bucket Allah says to Ibrahim and it's made antihero bait here. They are a phenol Aquafina, Rokkor sujood and BA Hera they eat here to purify the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala so

01:26:33 --> 01:26:56

this blood and this meat that we offer the sacrifice this isn't going to last from the Allah. Gallica Sahara LA community to capital Allah Maha Docomo Bashir in mercy Nene. So this is this is the Allah subjugate this for us that we may need to cut through that we may be making praise and making tech beautiful loss panda I lemma Delcom just like inside the Ayato

01:26:58 --> 01:27:12

of Ramadan. The Allah's product making makes a similar concept is mentioned sedation Ramadan, the lady on GFWL paranodal Dinesh up Netanyahu will for confidentiality I mean can we shuffle yessum monkey and Marina Allah suffering for it the two

01:27:15 --> 01:27:16

main aim aim

01:27:17 --> 01:27:26

was the second part is it mentioned about praising Allah Subhana Allah Sharon Madonna Lily on the feet of Quran orderliness up in the middle who double Farhan

01:27:28 --> 01:27:28


01:27:31 --> 01:27:32

omega will you go on?

01:27:34 --> 01:28:12

Well if that's what you'll be willing to cut but Allah Allah Maha DevCon well Allah Karim Tesh Karole look at and say look at the same context that speak about Ramadan. And I'm not saying that the whole purpose of Ramadan is to make tech be to make remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Maha Delcam regarding that which Allah has guided us towards and same thing here, let's mention it to come through oversharing Marcin and give glad tidings to the Marcin first mentioned within this time has mentioned you need more sitting the doers you need of God in Allah your death you're earning less money in Allah Allah you have bucola hawarden, therefore, in number you

01:28:12 --> 01:28:51

therefore any Latina man who indeed Allah subhana, Allah defends those individuals you need, who believe and from here pretty much said from here now that I had become Medina and versus Ramu that primarily the surah is a mock Converse. And we say that some alumni went to the view that is primary somebody universe, but we said as we mentioned, that majority of the alumni said this, this surah is Muhammad, any is a mixed Surah there's ayat which are makan and iron which have Medina and inside the surah and these are the verses which begin to clearly show that this is the medina in context and did Allah defends those individual believe in Allah Allah Hibou Condor hawarden Kofoed Allah

01:28:51 --> 01:29:33

doesn't like any treacherous any ungrateful, unique individual, and then comes, which is clearly Medina, within Aladdin in Cartagena, Vietnam of wounding permission, we've gone to those individuals that they may fight for those who were oppressed. And remember, Jihad was only legislated were in Medina. There was no there was no jihad. There's no stress, physical struggle, there's the jihad as the Quran mentions are suited for con what yeah, hey, don't be jihad. Kabira strive against him be with Et Al Furqan is not Consolata strive against him where the Quran give that worldwide the Quran by here that the jihad becomes a different Jihad that comes here now that Now ordinarily Medina you

01:29:33 --> 01:29:59

caught a loon so Allah didn't say, Oh, the rally Latina Yuja Hey, dude. It says you ought to do that. Now. You might fight back against those who are fighting against you that was only prescribed in San Medina Vietnam volume, because they have been. They were oppressed they were harmed. Now you may retaliate back we're in Allah Allah na stream, la Kalia indeed Allah subhanaw taala over the victory. Guinea is going to grow on that unit overdose you need individuals So when Allah hunter becomes any the protector of

01:30:00 --> 01:30:03

Individual then there is no one who can overcome you need an individual.

01:30:05 --> 01:30:06

So verse number 40 Finally, obviously

01:30:07 --> 01:30:45

Hastin three Alladhina regimen DRM billary, Huck Finn those individuals alone and describe these individuals who have been oppressed, who have been expelled out of their homes. Like in other places you mentioned that the Quran doesn't say that the Lord is only Allah subhanaw taala here as well in dunya cool or a boon Allah only because they said they believe in Allah subhanaw taala while Ola definitely NASA but don't be valid, if it hadn't been that Allah is trying to place his certain people to place other people into check or to make them dominant of other individuals the whole day much. So a mirror will be our own, you find that these these certain buildings would have been

01:30:45 --> 01:31:23

demolished. So what is so mental so Amuro is a monastery. It might where the monks resided. That is classified as Swami Weberian will be erroneous Kenya is is the buildings of the Christians was Salah Wharton is a connection your hood is the synagogue the places of worship of the Jews were massaged, you do youth graffia small like cathedra and the house of Allah Spandana whereby the remembrance of Allah Allah is made abundantly as if he's giving sanctity to religious buildings. So wherever the name of Allah's candle is mentioned, and then historically we have to show respect towards those, those those buildings

01:31:24 --> 01:32:03

while a young surah Allah Khomeini and through in Allah the Quran as is indeed Allah under grant victory or support whomever he wants in hola hola como una Aziz need Allah's Panther Anna is a we is the Almighty and He is in either the old the old powerful is Allah subhanho wa taala. That's what we find that a person makes the effort, but they told to reliance is in Allah Subhana Allah is Allah mentioned the Quran Rama Romania is Romania will attend Allah Rama on the day when you threw was it you that was throwing your rasool Allah so that was it wasn't you that was trying you just done the physical act of throwing but that those stones in those pebbles with all the way into the into the

01:32:03 --> 01:32:10

eyes and the faces of the disbelieving individuals that was via their permission of Allah subhanaw taala under Alladhina in McMinnville.

01:32:11 --> 01:32:38

So, these individually become powerful and dominant on the land when they do become controlling for the land, what are the Siffert what are the what are the characteristics of people who are placed inside authority will become some form of authority of one set environment a common salah they established a prayer was occur to give this occur with Amaroo Wilma roofie when a whole honeymoon period in late October two more and they forbid the evil and look at the ishara

01:32:39 --> 01:32:46

Allah speak about these are the things you used to do upon the face of this earth establish a prayer give this occur order the good and forbid the evil

01:32:48 --> 01:32:51

and what is Allah said then why delay okay but to do

01:32:52 --> 01:33:30

that the real the real the real vision is what is an Astra in order you reforming you shall mean everybody will be able to live turkey so even Allah gives you dominance power on the air for whatever controlling Earth. Look at the shadow Allah's practices what okay, but to live turkey in the final abode, the Hereafter is better for the pious people. As if the end goal isn't this dunya Yes, for some people they think oh, you know the people who speak about Islam with a donor Islam they want they want power, they want glory, they want control. It may come it may go it may happen it may not happen even though it will happen as a fact is a side point. But the point being that

01:33:30 --> 01:34:10

that's not what Muslims are searching for. Because even when they do have it the end goal is what is an Astra is what Allah Allah is giving inside. Isha Shara. Inside is VS where we're in UK, the book for cancer but couple of call Menuhin where Adam was samode if they reject you, they belie you then indeed the people that came before whether it be the people who were odd and the mood in a day they rejected any day prophets as well. Why does Allah have that removed from the story of about about Terhi, the Oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, the importance of Hajj, speaking indirectly by Ibrahim Ali Salam speaking about the cameras what we have to sacrifice what Taqwa is, Allah then moves on to

01:34:10 --> 01:34:11

where you can the book

01:34:12 --> 01:34:16

because of a couple of things call manual and we're adding what's the most what is the move to another theme,

01:34:18 --> 01:34:55

to show the Koresh that if you are in power and control, look back in history, we're how we how we destroyed people that came before you or comun, Abraham bacame loot and the people of Abraham and the people of loot that we ever didn't believe at that time they were destroyed. So it doesn't make a difference whether you're at the time of the prophets or how powerful you are. If you don't believe in the prophets, you don't believe in the message, then you will be you'll be equally destroyed just like any of the nations that came before. And it's a warning to the courage because remember the privilege has been given to the courage that is on and is dignity of that this the

01:34:55 --> 01:34:59

symbols of the heart you the symbols of everything around the cat Bastian

01:35:00 --> 01:35:40

remain for them to respect these the symbols of Allah's parameter Allah was hobbled Medina, what could be the Musa family to live Catherine? And then Allah mentioned the companions of Majan being the people of shape, what could we be Musa and Musa alayhis salam he was rejected or denied for unlaid to any unhealed to any will carefree I gave them a timespan I gave them leave. So you find that this is known as an ST drudge. Because many people ask this question, why do Why do displeases so much the earth why are they so powerful? Why are they so strong? Why this why that? That's because we don't understand the source of the Quran and Sunnah is known as St drudge that the world

01:35:40 --> 01:35:47

has been given to them these things in easy term is letting the rain that the road go loose.

01:35:48 --> 01:35:52

He is letting the rope go loose, you can have a riding beast, and just let it go loose.

01:35:53 --> 01:36:31

It's just going to start running somewhere along the line. When the rope stops, it's going to yank it's going to pull it back and know that I'm still tied to the to the rope. So that when they lay method Allah Allah has given rein given loose given go and do whatever they think they're doing whatever they want to do. But when when we take them then we take them Mobley see we take them all of a sudden above that and all of a sudden we * them we take them and then they become an instant in a distressed state. So don't think that Allah is from the other doesn't know the inside so Abraham will attack Subhan Allah Rafa and Anna Yama Lu volley Moon don't think that Allah is

01:36:31 --> 01:37:04

currently is unaware of what the oppressive people what they are doing. Family to carefully tune for K for 10 and a kid and he has mentioned the same thing that I leave them for a short time from a costume then I take them a * temper for K for cannon the kid how's it going to be my a pub? How is my punch you're going to be upon you need these individuals? Okay, you mean creating Alekna? Will he have Halima? How many villages have We destroyed before they were Voluma they will press if people for here we are told it becomes empty, barren

01:37:05 --> 01:37:34

any empty lands like a ghost town and Arushi her nothing in his existence there will be a foreigner a bit is a well which is more true culture a world which is left like a ghost town you know like without those cowboy movies you walk inside and everything's just dead. That's what it is. You walk into the town the village everything destroyed no no living thing is there. The well is there much Ruka abandoned we're close to the machine and his great big mutawa is great big buildings left standing that's what you can go for see you roofing

01:37:35 --> 01:38:11

for C roofing unseat traveled with F and C certain buildings are still standing there of the existence of the nation's existed before Allah has come to Anna wiped out whether it be the pyramids look at the expansion of the of the building the pyramids in Petra in Jordan. Look at the relics that are left they're all showing signs that great big nations. What did he do nominal G barely buta you inscribe you carve in mountains a mountain you carve your dwellings you know people today are boasting about the weight what they're building what they're doing look at history what these people have built but Allah is primarily destroyed this individual because of their rejection of Allah

01:38:11 --> 01:38:13

standard elements Flm yesI roofing

01:38:14 --> 01:38:52

so why don't you travel across the earth for the coulomb Colonia Kelowna beer don't they have hearts to you need to understand the hearts to have the intellect to to see our other known yes Morona beha are the only have ears to hear for in Tamil absorbed is not the eyes which have become blinded well I can Tamil aloo Latifi pseudo is not the physical eyes which have become blinding Allah speaks about these people they become someone Bookman wrong and for whom now you're your own in the beginning of Bukhara then formula. Yeah, okay Lord, why is it your own? And why is it Yeah, clone your omega why?

01:38:54 --> 01:38:56

You get muddled up nice if

01:38:57 --> 01:39:01

you don't get muddled up. Your Jeroen is still gonna say clean

01:39:02 --> 01:39:23

because the context speak about whom the hypocrites they will never come back to the path. The context is second time is someone who owns the hula Yeah, I can only speak about the disbelievers so that's where the Quran is you need to understand the Quran why Allah is probably chose or place certain words or certain context inside they will give you a will give you the dynamics of the Quran

01:39:24 --> 01:39:39

to be able to live the Quran to see the Quran as was some was saying that or you know, sometimes not enough spirituality. And it literally been saying to me, you know, maybe we should do some weird some vicar and to spiritually lift herself up. I said, I said I think the problem is

01:39:40 --> 01:40:00

we don't understand the Quran. You don't need to chant certain things. Because it's fine that they're going to touch when the state of spirituality. You go in if you want to use those so called words and terminologies you will go into that state when you listen to the Quran. You will go into that state when you are

01:40:00 --> 01:40:19

understand the language of the Quran and you have the context the Quran inside your mind. That's the way that's what Ischia is. That's how is to get close to those pantalla you don't need to be chanting certain words. And if those even those words are a blessing words, is not about that we're not rejecting the words is Roomba is a fear

01:40:20 --> 01:40:39

Ibadah is totally fear. A bird that is restricted is codified. We can't worship Allah's pantalla how we feel like worshiping Allah subhanaw taala how I feel. Now I'm coming today and feeling slightly tired from Maghrib and think you know what? I just read to the car today.

01:40:40 --> 01:40:46

I'll read one sound might come squishy and say no, I'll read five. And it's folder.

01:40:47 --> 01:40:54

Is it because everybody's going to do whatever they want to do? Someone's that I feel like just saying some behind the label behind the and just chanting that all day long.

01:40:56 --> 01:41:27

It's good words, isn't it? I'm not rejecting the word is no good word. How about you say Hola. Hola. Hola. So good word, isn't it? It's good Jelena. So we know about getting the words is the K fear. It's the the way that we do it is the way that we pronounced in effect that we go into into a state Allah subhanaw taala use name Allah is more generous at the Quran. Or he used the word Hua a SHA really? He never used that we go into a state of panting the name of Allah Subhana Allah

01:41:29 --> 01:41:44

that's one of the checks that you find that He said He said his two sons to go meet one of these but I'm not having a go at the Sufi shakes, etc. Do you understand that many friends amongst but just to help us to understand the context. So he sent his two sons to go in to meet the to meet the chef.

01:41:45 --> 01:42:25

So when the spindle shake open the door and the first sunset and ask them what's happening? Yeah shaky. The circumstances I had no settling Yeah, shaky. Shake things my shell of what good manners and etiquettes these these young men have. So as they walk in and say look, come to our house, you know, want you to father's color you want to meet you in etc. And he wants to speak to you. So as they're walking every time we looked at the right, the young your new son that side the boy goes Helen was at and you're shaky. He looked at the left, UNICEF and Sheffy So all through the journey Athlon Mossad and your chef he then was at the get to the door knocks on the door. And the father

01:42:25 --> 01:42:27

complex. What I learned was, then yeah, sure if

01:42:28 --> 01:42:39

he goes us well, what is this all for this journey? L to the journey. On the right. There was certainly a shaking on the left, on the right, on the left.

01:42:41 --> 01:42:43

He goes all your life what you've been doing.

01:42:44 --> 01:42:47

On level whoo hoo, hoo, hoo.

01:42:49 --> 01:42:53

You know, you're getting frustrated with me and my children.

01:42:54 --> 01:43:05

And this is what you do. This is your new and this your other? Allah subhanaw taala. This is your etiquettes and your your respect towards Allah subhanaw taala. Do you think Allah Subhana Allah is going to accept that?

01:43:06 --> 01:43:38

Did the Prophet Elijah did he ever make zikr in that manner simple. We don't need to go into the into semantic discussions of fuqaha and redeemer of dusky except for one simple thing. If ever the prophet Elijah some ever made vicar like that, just one simple hadith is enough for us don't say the proper ism said Allah and Allah is after the Dhikr he said said a lot but say this be say to Hamid said the halal we're not denouncing that. There's not a discussion. Let's get that in crystal clear. The discussion is Kay fear is the format.

01:43:39 --> 01:44:04

If that was his format, then we accept it. But it has not been documented Number Have you read the life of the prophet I mean, the Companions denoted every single thing, if he had a stain on his clothing, if his bed was like this, he moved his finger like this. He placed his hand like this. He moved like this. He took like this, he ate like this, he grabbed something like this. He combed his hair like this,

01:44:05 --> 01:44:17

he defecate it like this he urinated like this is all the crystal clear. Now all of a sudden, we can't find a hadith that says that the Prophet alayhi salam said these words in this manner Strange, isn't it?

01:44:19 --> 01:44:36

strange, very strange. The books of Hadith are there. They're all there is not something we're making up. So now all of a sudden now someone's discovered that this is the way to make dhikr and you find no source for it. The only source that we find that Vickery something which is good which we're not denouncing

01:44:37 --> 01:44:55

is the K fee that we did not the way that you make dhikr of Allah is Panda is that we rejected that is not based upon how the Quran tells us to remember last Allah and how the Sunnah, the seer of the prophet who lived embodiment of the Quran, so we're in is not led to an upside is not the eyes that become blind is when the hearts become blind.

01:44:56 --> 01:44:59

When the hearts are blinded them the heart is lost from Allah

01:45:00 --> 01:45:36

Subhan Allah Allah when they become blind that you can say whatever you want, it doesn't penetrate into the heart or the mind of the individual where you started you will either be well a nuclear Allah in the human endeavor Africa Alfie Senate in method or Dune, we started the Luna COVID, hastening the the punishment. So the more that you disobey Allah Subhana Allah, you just Hasting the punishment, any upon your, your own self, Allah usually for Allah, Allah subhanaw taala never goes against his promise. So Allah has laid our promise that for the believers this is the reward for the disbelieving individual this will be the punishment or in the human endeavor abdicate Alfie Senate

01:45:36 --> 01:45:39

in Minmatar, Dunedin Allah reminds about the last day

01:45:40 --> 01:46:18

that the last day is like that, like 1000 years that you that you enumerate that you can't even the last day is Colombian bustling agua, Accra, the last day is like the blink of an eye or even more swiftly than that. Okay? Even creating a Malay Tula will heal galima from her to her Villa you'll mercy once again Allah is trying to make the same descriptive nature by any village the previous village existed for how we take them and we destroyed them and to us will be the return kuliah UNESCO in nama Anna commoner zero mobian Verse number 49 kuliah un say O Mankind Ramana Surah began with speaking about Yeah, you had nurse now say to all of mankind in nama Annaleigh calm near zero

01:46:18 --> 01:46:55

mobian Say to the mankind indeed I am a messenger, a wound a clear warning to all of you. In the Rasulullah Eleiko Jimmy and the answer to the error of the messenger Alisha is a messenger to all of people, mankind Sanaka Illa Rama Tallinn are the mean, we don't send yourself a messenger to all of all of the words for Latina ermine where Amira sala de la humbug Farah to Morris con Kareem, those individuals who believe what our middle Saudi had and numerous times you mentioned that it's not just about belief, to just say that you believe is a deviant view

01:46:56 --> 01:47:42

is not just believe for Latina women who are um, you know, solid ahead, you have to have belief and coupled with righteous actions. Throughout the Quran, maybe one or two rare occasions or the Quran Allah just speaks about belief. But other than that, the majority of the Quran speaks about those who believe and carry out righteous actions. So, sign of iman is righteous actions with iman logomark forgotten what is going to carry him for these individual be forgiveness and there will be a noble provision will be given to individuals well Lavina sorrow Fie, Tina, those who who raise in assigned to Mr. RGZ Moshe teen, any rejecting them all of us have with Him, those who hasten or turn

01:47:42 --> 01:48:01

away from the signs of Allah's plant that those individuals are going to be the companions of algae and algae within the names of of Jahannam warmer arsena main public Amir Rasul in one and a billion will not send before you a messenger or Prophet in either terminal or shape on the Omega t except for that when asked

01:48:02 --> 01:48:46

terminal the terminal we might not tell her or recited Alpha shape on the shape one comes and he tries to derail people you need away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala fencer Hello up shaytaan Allah Subhanallah you bill will wipe out you need that which shape on tries to instill through my low Yachty will low Alleman Hakeem and you find a discussion begins to take place regarding what is the meaning of this if somebody pretty much said that the general mean is is is which was Fein fuzziness is the whisperings that come inside the belief in the videos that Shakedown comes to try to create a shoe cook or should we heard, shuck and Shubha and rave, create doubts inside? The

01:48:46 --> 01:49:26

person is represented by a lady who was three Sufi Salinas. These whisperings that come whether it be whisperings of mercy of disobedience or whisperings, of what of doubt of belief. There's a first, that's why that's what you find is, you know, rightfully that reading that corrupt beliefs. If a person doesn't know their own belief, they won't be able to make that distinct distinction. And that was getting too bogged down in setting like al Qaeda will cover impede, Destiny decree and destination that we find the excessive questioning about color. As me Tamia mentioned that all the power of all the sects that deviated in general, their main goal, the main beginning point, was

01:49:26 --> 01:50:00

about destiny was about questioning Destiny about the destiny that Allah has decreed for people to ask excessive questioning about that. You may say that that doesn't make sense. Why is it not given that to that person given this to me? What what happened to the end of time? Or if Allah is proud of Why did Allah create as of Allah knows what the end of everybody's going to be? Why is the agenda Why is there? Why is it punishment? Why is it good? Why is that even? So he mentioned that the whole of all the corruption of deviant sects that begin to filter away one of the key points is about excessive questioning about divine destiny. That's what person should ask about it shouldn't do

01:50:00 --> 01:50:36

Have so much into inhabits excessive you need questioning. So that's the general in the discussion will emerge but then somewhere eliminate the facility if I'm covering it because you begin to speak about what is known as a Lohana or near the story this is subchronic whole discussion even be Tamia uni rejects that to do with the ayat inside so to the end of certain najem that we find that Shavon came in and tried to add some extra words inside sort of nudge him and you go back to serum nicotine, he discusses that inside the unit as as well. But time doesn't permit us to you need to go into that. The other module is shaytaan fitna Lilina ficolo We marathon while corsia eikelboom are

01:50:36 --> 01:51:12

in Nepali mean and a V shape aka married and so this is a good a fit that whatever shaytaan is trying to you need to throw or try to instill is a fitna for those individuals in you who have a flu be murdered who have some form of doubt inside their hearts as for the profits they have no doubt in it for them the Initiate one doesn't come cannot they're not so mean they are there they're infallible, prophets are infallible they protected but last parameter will low. Yeah, she will come in and nurse Allah will protect you from from people, all the prophets are protected. So you know if you look at the Bible and how it describes the prophets, look how it describes them, that it showed

01:51:12 --> 01:51:53

the corruption the Bible today in the discard. That's why the whole concept of why people do sin is if the prophets are displayed as normal human beings. Then what do people say they are men and we are men. They sinned, we said, No, prophets are, are sinless. And when we even accidentally say the word linguistically that they they sin, what we mean is they heard they made a minor Miss judgment, a wrong choice at that moment in time. That's what we that so if we do say the word sin, now when should counsel and say oh, you're saying Prophet Sydney? No, that's what we mean. If we did, if we did say the word sin, for example, let's say instead of Quran, Abba, Wallah and general

01:51:55 --> 01:51:57

Abba, what a wonder,

01:51:58 --> 01:52:08

the appropriate ism he our Messiah, He frowned and he turned away. Imagine that. Just turning away Allah's Prophet Allah is rebuking the professor is warning in

01:52:09 --> 01:52:54

the companion of the labor motto, who is blind, the prophet the context of this is the prophet as I'm speaking to the courage mela will call me speak to leaders the courage, his thinking is a prime opportunity to speak to the head of the coresh an ink ink incomes this blind companion. He can't see the prophet Elijah some is speaking to medical homes speaking to the lead people. He's coming to ask a question regarding this regarding that. So the Prophet ism sees him what it isn't even saying anything. Abba, what a wonder he just turned away. The blind person can't see that. It's not being rude, in all essence, but who can see it, Allah. So Allah saying that's not acceptable from your ERA

01:52:54 --> 01:53:30

surah Allah, that's not befitting is that classified as a sin or even a mistake? But that's how Allah is trying to refine the prophets to make them in that extreme level of caliber of fine character and behavior. That's what we don't follow in what how these people begin to describe the prophets right for them. As you as you find it religion becomes a job they mock to make a joke about the prophets about everything about symbols of of Allah that God Airfix everything just becomes any a joke for these individuals. faecal will be murdered on the people of sickness will pass yet equilibrium those individual harsh in their hearts have referred to the machine code Why not barley

01:53:30 --> 01:53:59

mean and a fishy coffin buried in DW mean ini in a hayloft and then otherwise any amongst any regarded as they believe? Well Yet Allah Allah will Yharnam Alladhina ulver unknown hoc and as for the believing individuals, they know that this is the truth and not referring back to what to the Quran, Miriam Vika from your Lord Allah Subhana Allah for your men will be for Toby Telugu coloboma, they believe in it. And for to wit and we mentioned previously about the book between those who are submissive and those

01:54:00 --> 01:54:32

that have peace and tranquility in the heart. We're in Alana had the ladina Avenue in Surah, Tomas takim. Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah is the one who's going to guide these individuals to the right path. So have you find that for talk with any we find this was known as a discussion what is it there's any novelry knowledge which is just reading, academic knowledge? That's one form of news. That's what all of us bring as Elma novelry. But it's m which is what Allah the Juris Hashem,

01:54:33 --> 01:54:48

in that that generates Hashem that generates fear of Allah. So if you don't couple this technical reading and study with spiritual knowledge, it doesn't mean anything. Just walking about all these any quotations and whatever it may be, that does not end.

01:54:49 --> 01:54:59

So Islam isn't just an in just a sign that you just learned things. It is an actual implementation as a mom and my grandmother lay my son he praised the person one

01:55:01 --> 01:55:15

Your companion these companions the scholars around him the student asked him that, yeah, even Muhammad that you're praising this individual you pray what was so special Why has he graduated some special sciences Hadith or something he specialized in?

01:55:16 --> 01:55:38

We're into Rasul N. He has the head of, of knowledge. He has Kashi toma is fear of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what Imam Muhammad is praising Him, that the knowledge has an impact upon him upon his life. And so if your knowledge doesn't lead you to close this of Allah Subhana Allah doesn't lead you to fail Allah's Prophet Allah, then that knowledge may Allah forbid is going to be as appropriate eligibility for knowledge in the area and

01:55:39 --> 01:55:40

local law.

01:55:41 --> 01:55:45

Knowledge that there's a benefit and a heart that doesn't become submissive.

01:55:46 --> 01:56:25

It isn't akin to the person who prayed Allah take that wine and learn tomorrow. And I that doesn't weep. mean her Shatila from the fear of Allah subhanaw taala not necessarily public moments a person has that they reflect upon you need the fate of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Maluku Yama, Elahi Yahoo Mulvane Homefront that in solidarity if he did not intervene, then Allah reminds that the milk yo he didn't get the month the kingdom ship, the sovereign power on that day belongs to Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, who will be known and Allah will judge between all of us for Latina M and huamu Sonya had those who believe in the righteous actions feed Jannetty nerim They will be in the god rejoicing

01:56:25 --> 01:57:08

in the bliss of the gardens will let the Nikephoros what cuz there will be a Tina for all the kalam adab Mohan Rahman is contrast again again, Paradise and *, good reward, brace, evil punishment, rejoicing suffering. That's all a contrast inside the Quran moved in Jannah and Paradise and hellfire giving giving us encouragement and warning us about what will happen if we disobey Allah Subhana Allah? Well Lavina well leadin ahead your visa vie the law. And this is Fidel muhajir in those who people made the migration in the way of Allah through makuti Lu, and then they are slate or metal they died years we can no more risk on Hasina. We're in Allah, Allah Kairos a pain. These

01:57:08 --> 01:57:42

individuals are given the best of risk. That's what some ournament said, risk can Hassan that doesn't mean just the provision that you find Shaheed will be given inside paradise you look at is Surah Al Imran somebody say the risk and Hassan Hassan gonna be Martin and Jana Paradise will be given to these individuals. Let us let them Woodhull and Hey, sorry, what color there we enter in the good entrance, which is Jana Yordano, who were in alanda or Neiman Helene, indeed Allah's Tangela is a forbearing the old knowing verse number 60 delicate woman probably miss the rookie Bobby from a bogey irony that young the young children are low in the ladder. There are four one or

01:57:42 --> 01:58:21

for likewise, whoever woman acaba we meet we met Rokeby. Every person seeks retribution according to the harm that's been done to them or they've been oppressed, then it there is no harm in carrying that out. Leon Soren Lovullo in the mana or phonograph or indeed Allah. Al Qaeda is established from the Allah's trying to will aid and help the individual, not the one who pardons and the forgiving one that it can be and Allah eulogy, Laila fit into her will you will need to know how to fillet one Allah semi embassy then Allah Subhana Allah begins to speak about himself just like in Surah In Rahim, Allah speaks about him himself inside there in your he subjugated the heavens and the earth

01:58:21 --> 01:58:57

and all these things for us. Allah started in his begin to speak about contract Allah, he needed the power of Allah subhanaw taala any as because speaking about the previous nations, how he destroyed them now speaking about the strength and the power of Allah subhanaw taala that it can be and Allah will help go and number your room and Dooney will welcome and it allows prompt it is a true for wherever you call besides the last parameter is false. And Allah who will only you will cabbie any the last few days all the mighty, Allah's powerful Allah Subhana Allah which is command Quadra check total any power which belongs to Allah is printed. And I'm Tara Angela Angela Meena sama ima and now

01:58:57 --> 01:59:36

I'm not showing the display of his of his of his ability and his strength. The LM Tara, don't you see? Don't you visualize? In even look at alum, Tara Kay for for another book of yours? Haberfield. Don't you see what we've done to the companions of the elephant? This is speaking to the Quraysh. So even if even if you take this literally it applies, because some of them were still living who had seen what happened to the companions of the of the elephant speaking about abre this ruler came from Yemen who tried to came to destroy the Kaaba so somebody's been living or is saying that it's a depiction inside the Quran that don't you see what happened in the past? The remnants and the signs

01:59:36 --> 02:00:00

are there for us. We can just read about it. But it's Allah uses the descriptive nature. And I'm Tara, don't you see, as if we are actually visually visualizing Alondra Angela Angela Vanessa, this we can visualize this. Can you see how close friends are Angela Vanessa imagine that Allah is trying to bring down from the from the skies the water for two spirit, Abu Medora you find that the earth begins to become green, green

02:00:00 --> 02:00:39

We in Allah Latif and Sabina indeed Allah's Prophet is most subtle, the old nine Lahu Maphorisa Marathi when we're in Allah Allah will Ernie you will Hamid to Allah is trying to belongs whatever is in the heavens in the earth and indeed Allah is planted is Aloha need the old rich and Hamid the one who deserves old praise? And then again I'm Tara and Allah Sahara la chromaffin Then Allah started creating and sharing about the heaven that have said that now we subjugated we've given you to use this Earth man fill out whatever is upon the world full Katagiri fill battery and pray and granted you the the Safina the boats to flow on the ocean so even just even think about that. How

02:00:39 --> 02:00:43

did a boat float on the ocean? Why doesn't it sink?

02:00:44 --> 02:00:50

Why does it drop down as the President speak about the laws of science and this happened the other but why doesn't go down?

02:00:52 --> 02:01:05

This is why that's what law manual full Katagiri Phil Barry be angry he floats by the permission of Allah, Allah williamsii Kusama and Allah's father grace the heavens and taka I'm asked that the heavens don't drop down upon us the sky didn't fall upon us.

02:01:06 --> 02:01:44

Or the inability in Allah be Nursey low for him and did the last frontier Allah is the Most Merciful kind towards the end, the mankind will let the here come again could not Allah speak about culture to birth, the culture of resurrection which remember the beginning spoke about it was one of the themes of the surah to avoid any doubt about the resurrection of the last day then for inocula gonna come in to Robin for may not first Allah gives a descriptive nature that you're in doubt about the resurrection and last day see how you've been created yourself so what we're gonna do here consumer you need to come unless you want to give you live then they cause you to die so if you come they

02:01:44 --> 02:02:22

give you life again in Santa like afford but man is what dude man rejects that rejects the the blessings of Allah is trying to bring me back to life they currently own but Indiana men second for every nation we made a form of a better home Nasik who they begin to follow that fella you know their own NACA Phil Emery. And what the real Arabica in Nicola Allah who the who the most again call to the path of Allah Subhana Allah Allah you upon the the guided path when Jaya De Luca focali lo Allah movie My deck Malone any some anima said in other words, don't waste your time when you had the LUCA after only signs of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah has created this done this subjugated

02:02:22 --> 02:02:57

this do this do that etc. And people choose to ask him somebody come and say this so called atheist I don't believe in God proved to be God exists. You spoken to him about the evidences whether it be an adult that are clear would it be intellectual proofs whether it be in existing proofs or around new evidence from the Quran when Jaya De Luca follow along with that I'm gonna just leave these people at all tested finished don't waste carry on wasting your time that you've presented everything and this will you've done whatever you can do to tell these people Allah yeah Hubei Nakayama pm Allah judge with these people that their judgment female Control V Destiny food and

02:02:57 --> 02:03:32

whatever these people used to defer you need upon and I'm telling them and hola ya know Murphy Surma it will add in the daily coffee keytab in the Delica Allah you see Don't you know don't use acknowledge and Allah Ya know Murphy's smell and other areas in the heaven and the earth in the Delhi coffee Kitab indeed that is in a record. LOL marfo The Goddess tablet the last parameter on the inner Delica Allah Li You see it whenever Allah's Prophet speaks about the hereafter bringing people back the record everything with the Holika Allah He Yes See, I'll always use this something simple, something easy for Allah Subhana Allah to do this is something easy for Allah Subhana Allah

02:03:32 --> 02:04:09

Amber bein of care for you are known Khun fire goon for Allah is probably just say code for your code B and it is will come into existence or stop existence we are doing I mean do Nilay mela Muna ZIL be mela Muna Zb Suparna they will begin to worship besides the last point that that which they have no no proof at all what my laser Don't be any more they have no real knowledge about it when madlib Almina min min now she does we find that the the principles are the Quran of Bali Moon lay Salam Nasir oppressive people never have nobody to help them let fate dunya in the end and what Kira so this is you need

02:04:10 --> 02:04:47

these there's no point you need the French debating these people because they Bushman besides the last part that we have no proof of that no evidence so don't waste your time with these individuals whether to claim or to not be united to it will feel will do will lead in a tougher will monka so when these clear signs of Allah Tala recited upon these individuals you see upon their face, you see see a heck of war here. You see this, this this repulsive look or this feeling hatred and anger on the faces you can do not your stone will Adina yet Luna and Tina in additive one two pounds and overcome these people reciting signs of Allah's pantherella called off on a big Combi showroom in

02:04:47 --> 02:04:59

Delhi kimono. What are the Alola Dena calf robots and machines shall not tell you about those individuals who the evil punish will be for those individuals. For them will be Allah spawn has problems with individuals, the Hellfire

02:05:00 --> 02:05:42

And then become diverse number 73 which is one as you mentioned, numerous parables mentioned inside sort of hedge, but this is the most exquisite any parable which mentioned inside the surah x inside the Quran Yeah Your nurse will do river methadone foster Maru level so hey look at the clip up isn't for believers just as a sort of beginner is for the whole of mankind. Do river methadone a parable has been has been thrown down a paradigm has been thrown down first me ruler who pay attention and the steamer to let him pay attention doesn't mean just to listen to it. And the steamer. A shirt Domino's summary is more attentive than just listing that you pay close attention and focus upon

02:05:42 --> 02:05:52

this first step in the medina tournament dunlea Those who call on besides the last frontrunner lennier who look who do they're not going to be able to create a a fly

02:05:53 --> 02:06:17

what are we determined Rula who aim to get together and get together they won't be able to do well in yes do boo boo boo boo boo che an NF the Dube Yun zero min who che if the flight takes away something from them la yes don't kill women who are not able to take it back from the fly bow for Paliwal McBroom that that which is being that which has been the seeker and that which is being sought our own week.

02:06:18 --> 02:06:56

If we take a larger minute I had the idol so the idea that you're praying to the week, that week themselves that which you're seeking from them is weak as well. There's nothing they cannot benefit anyway. So just so you mentioned that the theme, dropping from the heavens shake and worship in besides the Lord's Pantheon, there's nothing that they can do for you. Not the idols in the statues not to sound derogatory and rude but people who worship idols wherever they are in orientation may be of standing there and bowing down in front of the idols and thinking that these 10 Pharaoh, that they benefit them in any way just you've made this your own with your own hands, you've taken clay

02:06:56 --> 02:07:32

or whatever maybe and you made this image and say this is supposed to be your inner your data. That's why Omaha probably said that they used to they used to laugh at times about the Jania you know some of them say that the authenticity may not be there but the the meaning is there you can't deny the meaning that this is something that needs to do in Jay Haniya that when he used to go on a journey, and they couldn't find the idol. What did they used to do? They used to put the dates together and shape it like a rock and said that's an idol. And they were in effect hungry. What did they do they eat from the same dates. So Omaha they said we still laugh at Jamia practices. This

02:07:32 --> 02:07:57

seems silly or foolish. We were you know that is this in our worship. That's why Allah's promise shows he signs and so even with the Quran, he finds that some of the young boys they went and they took hobo they took the idea they threw it in a pit the courage when they took it out the pit cleaned it up and said oh you know who done this to you whatever it may be we're so sorry. The same next night they've done it again come again they cleaned it up third night they put swords and everything around it say look you better defend yourself

02:08:00 --> 02:08:01

and then it again

02:08:02 --> 02:08:16

it so find Abraham Allah is someone he made when he used to and I'm telling them that the Hajj Abraham if you're robbing Atal Lord multe when they begin to debate you look Auckland Muslim is smart you don't need to get emotional and physical with people use the rational the mind

02:08:18 --> 02:08:29

that when a debater Ibrahim Ali Salam call Ibrahim rugby Alinea he will you meet everyone said my my my load is one it gives life and death the mood said color I know he will meet

02:08:30 --> 02:08:55

the mood said the under wanna give life a Deaf deliver him say that oh just be quiet you talk about life and death what do you do we bought one eliminate the facility dedicated mentioned to people out of prison one of them he let them go with the other one he executed them so this is life or death everybody knows Isn't life and death car labor even for any number yet to be some seminal machine waiting for Timmy Hammond allow him so you claim to be God now okay let's let's use your logic now. Your God

02:08:57 --> 02:09:20

for a number yet TV Shamcey mineral Mushrik Allah brings the sun from the East, Europe God bring it from where from the west chain the alternation you you just showed us life and death now change the alternation of the Sun for buoy to lead the cover well Lola is covered by the mean for movie that just means in easy terms dumbfounded gobsmacked could not say anything.

02:09:22 --> 02:09:24

Short dropped, he can't respond.

02:09:25 --> 02:09:59

That's how a Muslim should be a smart intellectual individual intellect you mean that you use the Quran there's a lot of elements you don't need to read philosopher philosophy to deal with these people read understand you need the Quran. Mercado Rama haka. Kadri. They haven't given the due estimate that belongs to Allah is primarily in Allah. Naka Yun Aziz. And then you have the resuscitation alone. You're stuffing middlemen or Ekati Roussillon Wamena NASCI in number Semir embassy, indeed Allah your Stufflebean Mala Iike. Allah selects and chooses from the angels and from the messengers and Wamena nurse and from mankind in the

02:10:00 --> 02:10:33

Last summer embassy in India like the old hearing the old saying yeah, Boehner ad mama confirm he knows that which is in front of them which is behind them while alive to get a little more and all affairs repent vector loss panda Anna then Allah and concludes as we mentioned that some of the other mad don't agree that this is a place of of such that we mentioned that a large portion code review that is to suggest based on certain durations of delivery numbers to such that occur inside and so I sort of had this moment in time and so you find the 30 days here yeah you Will you Will Ferrell was to do where Buddha would have become worth a little higher Allah Allah come to flee one.

02:10:33 --> 02:10:38

So this is the whole theme of Allah. What is the theme of Allah? Submission?

02:10:39 --> 02:11:19

Okay, the whole theme is submitted Allah say Allah concludes yet you're Latina. menorah, Carol. Oh, you who believe bow down? Going to the coup was to do prostrate what mudra bacame worship your Lord what are the Hydra dude good actions all other good action to unlock them to flicker that you may become successful you need individuals YJ do fillet have a jihadi and strive in the way of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah discovered with a glass with sincerity that you worshiping Allah Subhana Allah who would have come who are third of whom Allah has selected you look this great favorite one as well my demon heritage. Allah has not made anything difficult of this deen and Islam is demon hunter

02:11:19 --> 02:11:58

fear as somehow Islam is simple, easy. complacently. We can say that in one word is easy, that Allah doesn't want any hardship. Now you read low on a common heritage, Allah doesn't want any hardship upon us. We make the hardship at ourself opponents of Allah makes things easiest, right? Hodge, when a person came and asked the Prophet racism, is it every single year? Is it every single year? Is it every single year? Is it every single year? The proper assumption that if I said yes, what would happen? If become what? Obligatory? So it had us allowed once in a year, why? Why should we come in and ask the question? Oh, no, I think I need to go back again. I need to go again. I need to go

02:11:58 --> 02:12:06

again. Once in a year, once in a life once in a lifetime, that's it. So Allah has allowed certain things that would that which Allah has allowed us to accept it.

02:12:07 --> 02:12:24

Now be nit picky about it to make things difficult on your own self. We'll let that be called me. Brahim. All of this is the path of, of Ibrahim Ali Salam, the middle of the way of Ibrahim, which has been once again the main theme of the of the surah new days of the Prophet Ibrahim, who is submaximal Muslimeen. Allah has called us Muslims.

02:12:25 --> 02:12:46

That seems simple. This distinction that we've made ourselves that this type of Muslim, this evidence from the Quran is not allowed. So even remember, we speak about when people have a pub and titles of the type of Muslims that they are those same old mindset that if it really leads to misunderstanding and friction amongst Muslims, that these times is not allowed.

02:12:47 --> 02:13:22

They're not allowed to give a more definite descriptive nature of what type of muslim you are, meaning what type of group of Muslim identity that you may follow. It's not allowed, if it leads towards fitna because Allah said was a Malcolm and Muslim in Allah has made us to be Muslims being called Blue have he had that? Prior to this everybody is a Muslim. And in this book in his revelations, when we had that the Hakuna rasuluh Shahidan Anicon that the messenger may become a witness of what the Quran shahada or the nurse and you become witnesses upon people's when a hadith and to Shahadat like an unusual the witnesses of Allah's Candela upon this earth

02:13:23 --> 02:13:59

who were witnesses for the for Allah is planted upon the faces F and then for our female Salah to establish the prayer and give this occur. Watashi Moo belay, who ammonia can hold fast rope of Allah Santana who are most welcome. He is your protector for an animal Mola. And he's the best of protectors will net mercy and the Best of those who aid and give help. That is Allah subhanaw taala as we mentioned, as the sort of begins by speaking about the last day and what happened the last day sort of ends but speaking about the gathering of the of the last day or the gathering of human beings, how we should be on the face of this earth in preparation for the last time your last prime

02:13:59 --> 02:14:26

that have gone as all the Tawfeeq and ability to live true to this sort of salt and Hajin Jana, and like I said to go back and in our own time to go read the surah once again, as we mentioned, we began with the mobile some seasons and times, there are certain times and certain moments that certain actions are more relevant and more important. So during the days of hard we should be reading such sodas or such as to know what Hajj is all about and how we can increase in doing goodness May Allah subhanaw taala accept it from all of us inshallah Baraka Luffy calm

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