Historic Victories in The Month of Ramadan

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hilda the Halacha sama wa T was out of the water Aloe Voluma Do you want Nora so Medina kufr OB Robbie him yeah I don't know your see either Danny I may hit dune wala you at the chakra Juan Mata hammy dune wala yeah boo hoo mother of Amati Hill whilst the phone videos semi YT will out either upload or online in your kulula Who can fill your cone and my bag? Dear Muslims, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has reminded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran. Yeah, you heard Athena, I'm an otaku. Allahu Akbar to otter. What are the motor on the Illawarra anti Muslim on this month of Ramadan. It is a month not only our spiritual blessings, not only of fasting not

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only of the recitation of the Quran, historically, this month is also a month of victory. A month of Nasir Nasir from Allah subhanho wa Taala a month when the truth of this religion and when the power of Allah subhana wa Taala has been physically manifested in this world. And if you look at our history for the last 14 centuries, so many key incidents so many historic victories have occurred during this month. It is as if ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is physically demonstrating this is the month of victory. It is as if Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing us that when his Olia when his chosen servants can conquer those that oppose him, then surely you can conquer the forces within you that

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are opposing Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala is manifesting the power of this month, even physically on this earth. And so in today's brief hutzpah, I will remind myself and all of you of some of the historic victories that have occurred in this month, because by looking at these victories, by asking ourselves why Allah subhanho wa Taala chose this month to have these magnificent victories occur, inshallah it will inspire us to be victorious within our own personal battles, it will be victorious within our own personal struggles in our daily life. And the first two of these victories are frankly the most important not only in Islamic history, but in the Sierra

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of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The very first two victories that occurred in Ramadan are victories that defined the success of the OMA, let us begin with the greatest battle that ever took place in early Islam. Yo man for all Allah calls it the day when falsehood was distinguished from the truth. Yo mal for Khan is the day of better and the Battle of butter took place on the 17th of Ramadan, that is today the 17th of Ramadan it took place, the great battle of budder that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada demonstrated the power of iman over the power of the dunya the power of quality over the power of quantity, how few were the Muslims how outnumbered they were how unprepared they were,

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but they had even and so even if it was 123 Even if they were less horses, less armors less armament, it did not matter. That decisive victory on that day was enough to give them the boost that will last them throughout the entire Sierra. They saw the Mercy of Allah descend down in the form of 1000s of angels. They saw the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala coming from the quarters they could never have imagined and Allah subhanho wa Taala promised them victory and Allah delivered on that promise. What is the ideal Kamala who had a thought fit in? What we're doing another era that is Shoka Tita kulula, come where you read Allah Who and you have Karl Huckabee Callie Marathi. He

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Allah wanted to affirm the truth. And Allah chose the month of Ramadan. And Allah chose the 17th of that month to demonstrate the beauty of this faith to demonstrate the power of Eman over the power of the impotence of those who reject Allah subhanho wa Taala learn brothers and sisters from the battle of better when you have quality when you have EMA and it doesn't matter what is on the other side. You have Allah on your side. The second great battle that took place in this month of Ramadan which is also a defining for the Sierra of our prophets, Allah Allahu Allah he was setting them is the final great battle and it is not a coincidence, the first grade battle and the final grade

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battle took place in Ramadan. As they said, it is as if Allah is demonstrating for us the blessedness of this month, even physically, the OMA can manifest over those who oppose it. And that battle is the conquest of Makkah. So the big

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Entering the Battle of Verdun and the ending the conquest of Makkah, they both took place in this blessed month of Ramadan. Our Prophet sallallahu either he was selling them departed from Medina on the 10th of Ramadan he departed from Medina on the 10th of Ramadan and as soon as he exited Medina, he called for a glass and he lifted it up showing everybody now we are on the way to Mecca. Now we are on suffer now we are doing visa vie de la we don't have to fast we have a bigger priority here. So he broke the fast in the day of Ramadan because of course you're allowed to break when you're traveling and especially when you're traveling for a cause like this, he physically broke the fast

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on the 10th of Ramadan because Allah azza wa jal commanded him to do this, and they marched all the way to Makkah, arriving on makup arriving outside of Mecca on the 20th of Ramadan around the same right now. We are right now and within a day or two, the conquest of Makkah had occurred and Allah subhanho wa Taala praises the conquest predicts this conquest is not through law he will Furter What are eight and NASA year the whole lunar fee de la he of wotja. This took place in Ramadan, or at NASA year the whole lunar fee de la he of wotja hordes and hordes armies and armies of people embraced Islam. It took place in these very days in the month of Ramadan. And after the conquest of

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Makkah, there was no major battle to that level because really essentially MCCA had been a one Mecca is conquered, the Arabian Peninsula is going to follow it was just a matter of months before the delegations began to arrive, and the entire Arabian peninsula was subdued by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We learned from here that patience always succeeds. In the end, no matter how long the struggle no matter how bitter the struggle, no matter how much loss you will incur during the struggle. If you err on the side of truth, if you are sincere, if you are on the side of Allah subhanho wa Taala eventually, Allah azza wa jal blessings will be manifested and you shall be

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victorious. Righteousness Taqwa always pays off. That is two of the incidents within the Sierra of the Prophet sallallahu are they he was setting them but that's not the only miraculous battles that occurred. So many other defining moments in our Islamic history took place in this blessed month of Ramadan of them, the most famous battle to conquer, beloved and Andalus Muslim Spain and de Lucia, the most famous battle taught is Gibbons yard on the 28th of Ramadan in the 93rd year of the Hijra Jul 711. This was when the decisive battle took place between thought it had been zeroed on one side and King Roderick from the Vandals from the Andalusi and, and King Roderick was defeated and he was

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killed in this battle on the 28th of Ramadan in the 93rd year of the hijra, and this opened up the way for the rest of the Lucia fettered and the Lucia took place in the month of Ramadan. The year after that Subhan Allah Those were the days they were different days for us. The year after that on the other side of the world and below to send the one hint and modern day Pakistan we call it the lands of India incident they were called. And then the next year, the 94th year of the hijra, Mohammed bin Qasim was actively engaging with the raja da was his name with the Roger of that region and a number of battles took place one of them one of the deciders vital decisive battles took place

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in the month of Ramadan in the 94th year of the hijra, once again feta andalas And Ramadan, Fatah, Sindh and Macron and Ramadan, what more do you want but there is more to come in the famous battles of the Crusades, you all remember, the Crusaders came in captured Jerusalem. And for 90 plus years, the OMA did not have Jerusalem as right now 90 plus years have gone without us having to do so we ask Allah to return it to us as it was returned to us the first time and one of the decisive battles that opened the door for Fatah of Jerusalem was the battle that nurudeen Zheng needed the Battle of hide him the Battle of Hedionda they call it or Herim in August of 1164. Once again Ramadan of 559

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This battle was the first success that the Muslims had against the Crusader army and it gave them an emphasis and spirit. It gave them a sense of hope that we can fight they were the powerful army, the Byzantine army, the Europeans, they were more a number they were better armed. They had better weapons noted in Zheng his first victory which eventually allowed Salahuddin to come this is not Salahuddin yet. Right now. We have Notre Dame, Notre Dame Zang is famous battle that opened the way to fight to have Jerusalem took place in Ramadan of the year 559 hit Europe and one final battle will mention because time is limited one final battle that took place in Ramadan, a very decisive

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battle that changed the course of Muslim history. When Hudak Wuhan invaded the Muslim world when the Mongols came Genghis Khan's grandson why

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The Mongols came in invaded the Muslim world. It was the most catastrophic political defeat that the OMA had ever seen. The Ambassade caliphate came to an end, Baghdad fell Damascus fell the entire Muslim world fell. People thought it was a Yama people thought it was Genma Jude, people thought the trumpet is going to be blown there is no more hope who can fight against the Mongols, but Allah subhanho wa Taala always has his ways of doing things. And so even though the Mongols conquered the entire Middle East coming out of China out of Mongolia, they made their way across the Muslim world, one city after another one massacre after another Wallahi it was one of the most depressing times of

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the OMA if you read history, and people thought this is the end but know Allah azza wa jal will save the followers of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so when they finally reached a small province at the time of Egypt, at that time, Egypt was not a major center. At that time. Egypt did not have a major dynasty Egypt was controlled by a small dynasty called them Luke's it was a very small dynasty. But Allah subhanho wa Taala showed the power of Islam over the power of changez Han Allah subhanho wa Taala gave a victory on the angel loot battle the Battle of Angel loot on the 25th of Ramadan in the year 658 Hijra. In this battle, for the very first time, the Mongols were

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defeated, they had never been defeated by any army up until this point in time. And if an if this had not happened, Allah knows how history would have happened because we probably would not have had an OMA but Allah will protect this ummah and Allah azza wa jal will protect the people who say that Kenema so Allah chose this dynasty, the mom Luke's to allow them to stand up and to rise in the Battle of Ramadan. And once again, the soldiers were fasting in the morning, but when they came to the battlefield, they broke their fast because you're allowed to break your fast when you are engaged in this and they fought the likes of which the OMA has never seen, and Allah gave them an

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amazing victory that allowed them to stop and to halt the invasion of the Mongols and to then begin the recapture and the RE solidifying of the OMA and the rest, as they say is history brothers and sisters. It is not a coincidence that these battles took place in Ramadan. Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing us his physical manifestation of this blessed month. Allah is showing us what happens when you truly want to achieve success. Allah azza wa jal will give it to you. So if Allah azza wa jal can halt the advance of the Quran she can stop the advance of the Mongols can allow us to conquer under sin sin then Macron then surely the battles I'm fighting in my soul, the battles

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you're struggling with inside of yourself are easier than the battles against King Frederick and changing gears on Surely our battles we can manage much easier than the battles that took place in Islamic history. Brothers and sisters, this is the month of victory. This is the month of victory. This is the month where insha Allah everybody who is sincere will be able to overcome their negatives their issues, their internal and external enemies turn to Allah in this month still we have more than 10 days left. The best days are about to come turn to Allah subhana wa Tada and make it in your mind that I shall be victorious like all of these other armies were victorious. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala bless me and you with him through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is vs. They understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness, He was will ask him for his the afore and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah is the One and the unique. He it is whom we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed, and he hears the prayer of the week as to what follows one of the most tragic events taking place as we speak. An event that causes our hearts to melt our eyes to shed tears is what we are seeing happen in beloved fell asleep in the holy lands of an OXA in an audible mocha does that Allah has blessed for all of mankind, in this month of Ramadan year after year for as many years as I can remember we have seen atrocities the invasion forces, we have seen those who should not be there those who have unjustly taken charge and

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apartheid regime they have taken charge of this land and they are acting in ways that is totally unbefitting of any person of moral dignity storming the entire Masjid tying up people who are doing it tick off throwing tear gas and using rubber pellets. Some people have been made Shaheed as well. And this happens every single year, especially in the month of Ramadan. Brothers and sisters. What can we do from here except to make dua for them? What can we do except to understand these brothers and sisters deserve our moral support our do ours our spiritual

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will support our financial support. The least we can do is to be connected with what is happening. I urge all of you to not shy away from reading what is going on looking at the videos, this should shake your heart to the core Subhanallah if ALLAH blessed us with so many victories in the past, we have to ask ourselves, why are we not seeing these victories now? And the answer to that is a very painful answer because the answer is looking at us in the mirror in Allahu Allah you know maybe Coleman had a you know, maybe unfussy him, Allah will only change the status of a people when they changed the status of what is inside of them. Once upon a time we had the likes Abu Bakr and the

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Allahu Anhu. Once upon a time we had the likes of Surah Medina up once upon a time we had the likes of booktube and others, but now we have me and you so we have to improve ourselves brothers and sisters, will Allah He it is the least we can do to see the atrocities happening in Arkansas, and use it as a motivation to make myself better. This is the least we can do. Understand this is a part of our religion. You see what is happening in Arkansas and you say to yourself, how can I continue living this heedless life, this life that doesn't have ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in it this life that has no religion in it, make a commitment, because of Ramadan, because of actsoft because of your own

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dunya and akhira make a commitment this Ramadan, that you shall live a better life you shall raise the bar and when it when it comes to religiosity, you should live a more ethical and more moral and more spiritual life. And if you do so, and if all of us do so we will see a victory the likes of which we used to see back in the good old days as we call it, but until I changed myself and until you change yourself How will change ever begin. So brothers and sisters, I urge myself and you in this month of Ramadan to make a decision to make a commitment that I shall be a better Muslim not just for the rest of the 10 days or 11 days left but after Ramadan finishes, I shall raise the bar

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of my rituals of my ethical values of my love interacting with other people I shall be a better person until next Ramadan where I will try my best to even rise higher and higher and that is the goal of Ramadan brothers and sisters every Ramadan gives us a boost of you Ramadan raises our ranks until insha Allah hooter Allah we meet our Lord Allah who are in need dine for amino Allah Allah tether Avellino meet him when he left Africa with a hammer and Illa for Raja what are they in and Illa Kadota when I'm a lead on Elysia Vita, what I see it on Isla your CELTA, Allah ma fildena What is one in a Latina Saba funebre Iman what are the geography luminol Hila Linda Dena Amanu Robina in

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Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam all Muslim in Oh Allahumma is Islam or will Muslim in Allahumma ISON Islam our Muslim in Allah Muhammad Allah Danna our Aden Islam and Muslim in Ebisu in fresh real whom enough say what y'all tell me Rafita the beauty here Can you hear it is rebirth Allah in Allah to Allah Amara combate Umbra and by the BBFC within IBM America could you say with a letter become a U haul? Engineer hey we're in say for color as recorded in Idema in nulla homemade Equitorial Soluna Allah Nebby Yeah, you have Latina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam which is Lima Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Abdi Kurosu they call Muhammad wa either early he was a big

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marine regards Allah in Allah to Allah your moral Bill Adley what your surname what you carry the quarterback when handled fracture I will Moon carry well belly your ego Kamala culture karoun Oh the Corolla has led me to the curriculum wash crew who Yes it did. What are they called Rita Akbar Welcome to slider

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