Yasir Qadhi – EVERY Ummah was Sent a Prophet

Yasir Qadhi
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So, we do not know the number of prophets and the number of messengers that have come. What we do know however, is that there are far more than what have been mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. And this is something that is explicit in the Quran in surah Nisa, verse 164, Allah subhana wa Taala mentioned in the Quran, that Waru Soudan called the cross now who malaika and cabello were Roussillon lamb narcosis Homer Lake, and there are prophets are messengers that we have told you their stories before. And there are others that we have not told you. So lamb Naxos home. So the Quran never claims to be a history book of all of the messengers and prophets. It is not a registry

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of all the prophets and messengers and his Surah offer verse 78, what are the other seven Rousselot mencoba Lika Minho, mongkol sosna alayka woman homonym knock society the same phrases there we have sent many messengers before you some of them we have told you their stories. And some of them we have not told you. So the Quran is very clear that there are prophets that are beyond the scope of the knowledge that Allah has revealed to us. And therefore, when it comes to those prophets and their stories, we're not going to be going over them in this series, because we don't know for sure who wasn't wasn't a prophet. And of course, the Old Testament is full of names and events and

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details about so many prophets that are not mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. And we're going to skip over those details because it is not a part of our theology, to believe in things that are outside of our sources. And when either rejected either we're gonna come to this issue of to what level we should look at the sources and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, go ahead and narrate information from the children of Israel. And there's no sin on you from doing this. But he also said, don't believe everything. And also don't reject it and say we believe in what Allah has revealed. So we are allowed to mention, it's mentioned in the Old Testament, but we don't take it as

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a point of creed as a point of theology unless it is mentioned in our own sources. Now, we're going to come back to this point, most likely in our next lecture, when I go into some detail about what is our stance towards using sources that are outside of the Quran and the Sunnah. And the Quran also tells us that prophets or messengers were sent to every single nation or every single oma in Surah faltar verse 24, in Surah father verse 24, Allah says, we're in mineral mutton Illa holla, Fi ha Nazir and there is not a single Ummah, except that a warner has come amongst them. There is not a single OMA, except that there has been a Nydia that has come to them. So this shows us that it is

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the Sunnah of Allah that He sends messengers to every single OMA now, a lot of people misunderstand this verse, and they take from it that every single generation of people before the coming of the prophets ism and every single society and civilization, they must have had a prophet sent to them. But Allah did not say to every current of regeneration, we sent a prophet, Allah said, OMA, were Eman. On mutton, there is not an ummah, except that a wonder has come to them. And an ummah is a massive civilization. That's what an ummah is. An OMA is a large group of people with its own heritage and its own culture, typically its own language and its own history, its own trajectory.

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And the world only has you know, a few Muslim they come and they go this is the Sunnah of Allah as well. Of course the OMA of our religion is going to stay until the Day of Judgment because Allah has promised to protect it. But the point is that the Quran is using a very specific term, every Ummah has had at least one method. This means that every large civilization, every independent group of people that is constituting an ummah, at least a messenger would have come to them. So for example, the Arabs are an ummah and within the Arabs there's so much diversity and so many different tribes and so many different dialects but the Arabs were an omega and they had the Prophet Ibrahim and the

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Prophet is hawk and the we can call the Judeo Christian civilization in reality it is one OMA because of the even though they have different faith traditions, right? But look to this day, and in the past, they're always intertwined in their own way, even though at times they had a love hate relationship. But in reality, the Judeo Christian civilization has coexisted with each other and it is one OMA and it has had its own trajectory. We can say for example, the 14th

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string people or other people, they are an amoeba. Now the point though is that, even though an old would have had a messenger sent to them, it does not guarantee that the message of that messenger shall remain until the end of times or until, you know, a long period of time, rather, history has shown us and the Quran indicates this, that the message of every single prophet has eventually become corrupted. And this is a reality of our history and of verses in the Quran, Canon Nasaan button Wahida 10 for bathala Honda beginner, so a mankind used to be one. And then they differed as the tafsir says, and because they different Allah subhanaw taala sent prophets. So every time a

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prophet would come, his message would eventually be corrupted, his message would eventually even be lost amongst his own people, so much so that it is safe to state that many are the prophets, we now have no way of even knowing their existence or their name from the history books, it is gone. So their message and their teachings, and even their names have been wiped away from the books of from the memories of men. And we learn this even from the stories that we have, amongst us, for example, the famous story of salamander fallacy. I mean, here the corruption of the previous prophets messages, the story of Selma that Pharisee and his long journey towards Islam, how he converted from

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a Zoroastrian to one version of Christianity, which was a very, very miniscule version, it was a very splinter group, and they were extinct almost, and he managed to Allah's color was that he managed to discover one of the last of them, and he kept on going until finally that group became extinct. And this shows us the true teachings of Jesus, by the time of around 510 520 BCE, hello as they were gone, the true teachings of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ came in an era of civilization of reading and writing, right? The Roman civilization could read and write we have actual, not documents, not paper, but we have actual inscriptions and we have writings from pre before Jesus and

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during the time of Jesus, we have them. Can you imagine the prophets that came before mankind knew how to read and write because reading and writing is a very, very recent phenomenon in human history. For most of human history, the people did not know the art of of reading and writing, this is a gift from Allah subhanho wa taala, as we shall come to that ALLAH blessed mankind with that I learned in Santa Mala Mia Adam, right. Boko Haram, Allah, Allah mobile column, Allah taught us with the column, he taught man, what we do not know, the gift of recording our conversations, the gift of writing down language, it is a divine blessing that not all of mankind was given. And that is why,

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for example,

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many of the civilizations that were disconnected from the mainstream of humanity, for example, the Aborigines, for example, the Native Americans here in this part of the world, that they did not have reading and writing the way that we have, yes, they had very remote rudimentary symbols or whatnot. But they did not write down speech, they did not write down words, that gift, they did not have it that the rest of mankind had. And so how is it going to be recorded the Aborigines and the American Indians will be here, right? They have been pretty much disconnected. The American Indians have been in this land in this region for it is estimated 15,000 years at least. So that was the last ice age,

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by the way. So they came from, they walked over, they walked over from Russia, from Siberia, they literally if you look at a map, right, Alaska, and Siberia, there is a small little, you know, ocean that separates them 15,000 years ago, in the last great ice age, so the people from that area, they could walk over because they didn't have chips back then they literally walked over. And from that migration, you know, 10s of 1000s of tribes were created civilizations, the Incas, what not all of this happened 15,000 years ago. Now, where are the profits of the the American Indians, right? Somebody's going to say a non Muslim is going to say your Quran says we're immune. Metin Illa? Allah

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300 here, okay, the Aborigines and the native Indians here in America, they don't even have the memories of the names of people who we might be able to say, Oh, this might be a prophet. And the response is, how do you expect them to when there is no reading and writing? How long will people remember a particular notion, even though there is a whiff of and we're going to come to this there is a whiff of, you know, truth and message in all civilizations, without without exception, all of the major civilizations, there's notions that clearly indicate to us that something remains

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In the notion of a higher being right, why, and again, this is a deeper talk here, not related to our issue here. But every civilization from the Aborigines to the native Indians, they believed in a higher being one higher God. Where did monotheism come from? Why is it that every civilization on earth, pretty much every civilization has that there is one supreme god? Why don't they have none? Why isn't atheism found in a civilization that's ancient? Or why don't they have you know, 50, or 100, all equally powerful, that doesn't exist. There is the great spirit here in the native Indians and the Aborigines as well, they have their version and whatnot. And so the point being, there

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clearly is an indication that some thing remained from the message of whoever was sent to them. But obviously, the name of that person and the books and the teachings, it is all gone. But we believe as a point of theology, we believe that at some point in time, these massive civilizations would have had somebody obviously pre Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in fact, pre Prophet Jesus, because as we're going to come to, we believe as a point of theology that Jesus and Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, there was no profit between them. So this means any profit that might have come to, let's say, the Aborigines or the native Indians or whatnot, we're talking about

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2000 years, at least before 2500 3000 5000 years ago. How is the memory of such a person going to remain when that civilization is not even recording its history. So we believe as a point of theology, and there is no there's no

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historical proof for this, but we explained why that would be the case. Now. The the notion as well of prophets being sent during intervals and interims and not necessarily overlapping, this is something that is proven in another concept that is found in the Quran and in the Sunnah, and that is the notion of the factor, the people of the Fatra Fatra with attack now with a thought and feta means timeframe, feta means timeframe. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has called the gap between messengers fattura This is a timeframe and the prophets are some called those people are Lu Alfetta. The people of that interim timeframe. As for the Quran, Surah ma ADA verse 19, Suramar ADA verse 19.

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Yeah, Hala Kitabi, Khadija Cumbre, su Luna Ubay UNiLOCK, Mala Fatra, Tim Minar, Russell, all people have the book, our messenger has come to you clarifying things after a interim between the other prophets, right. And this is something the holy Kitab we're not accustomed to. As we mentioned before, we will mention again, Allah blessed the Jewish people with a blessing that no other civilization has had, as far as we are aware, and that is the blessing of having a continuity of Prophets, right. And so the Prophet Mohammed system is coming after a long gap from Jesus to the process, some 500 600 550 years, and no prophet. And Allah is saying, I'm sending you now a prophet

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after an interim. They weren't used it, they've never had an interim. So he called that interim factor. And

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the factor as the famous professor Lucy says, that the scholars of Tafseer have unanimously understood that the factor is the interim between two prophets. So there are people who don't get the message of the first prophet, and they don't get the message of the second Prophet. They are called the people of the Fatah. And these people, by the way, they might have an excuse on the Day of Judgment, they might have an excuse, and they might actually be forgiven on the Day of Judgment. This is based on a famous Hadith in the Muslim ummah, that is an authentic hadith. And it is a Hadith that demonstrates that Allah is merciful, and that Allah will not punish people who were not

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able to understand or receive or even did not receive the message. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on the Day of Judgment, a person will come, who was unable to hear in his whole life, and another will come who was not able to comprehend he was basically, you know, mentally incapacitated, and another would come who was very old and age, and another will come who died during the time of the fitrah. Right? Roger and Marta, Phil ferati. Okay, so that timeframe is going to come, then the Prophet systems and each one is going to give an excuse as for the one who was not able to hear he will say, Oh, Allah, I couldn't hear anything. I didn't understand anything. Pause

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here footnote. The concept of sign language is a relatively recent invention as everybody who studies history should know Helen Keller and the stories of that otherwise before the invention of sign language.

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If it was impossible to communicate complex ideas, even though even though they generally speaking, they are people of intelligence they have their actual their faculties, but how are you going to communicate and Subhanallah how blessed and fortunate we are that we can speak and we can listen and we can hear it Hamdulillah we thank Allah Jalla Docomo sama will absorb either Kalida Mitesh Quran We ask Allah to be of the Shaqiri. So, he will give an excuse. And the person who is very old will say, Oh Allah, the message came to me. When I was too old to comprehend I had lost and become senile right? And the person or the factor will say that, Oh Allah, no messenger came to me. I didn't know

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any messenger that came to me. So we have to understand when Allah says in the Quran, that to every OMA, we have sent a messenger, it does not mean that every human being in the in the in the history of mankind had access to the teachings of a messenger. It simply means that in every OMA a prophet, at least, had come, and it doesn't mean every generation of the Ummah had access to the knowledge. In fact, we actually know this very explicitly from the Arab from the out of situation and the coming of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, because the Quran themselves right did a prophet come to them didn't either come to them? Well, in one sense, the Prophet Ibrahim and the

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Prophet is married, their teachings were still accessible and yet where they really accessible so Allah subhana wa Bucha Allah says in the Quran literally in surah. Yaseen right, the tune there are Coleman, Ma, when there are Abba OpenFOAM Orpheum, right. So that you will come as a Warner, to a people whose forefathers were not warned mountain there about him. And yet, his smile, and Ibrahim alayhis salam, they are the fathers of the Arabs and they are prophets and messengers, right? And so Allah is saying, I hope you understand what I'm saying here, right? Allah azza wa jal is saying that Yara SUTA Allah, you're going to ACOEM mount when they are Abba, their forefathers have not been

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warned. And yet, Allah is saying every OMA has an idea. And we know that the Arabs vaguely we're aware of Ibrahim is married in terms of their theology. And we know this because of the Hoonah fat, the conversion of those groups of people who were not pagans, and they were not Jews and Christians, they rejected everything such as they they've been absolutely no fail. He is the embodiment of being a Hanif and he would say I am not a Jew, I am not a Christian. I am upon the religion of our forefather Ibrahim, okay. That's what he would say. So clearly something is there. And yet it is not enough to make a commentary or God establishment of the evidence, it's not enough. And Allah in His

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mercy is saying, you basically don't have any messenger you don't even though the messenger came, but the memory of it is so corrupted, it is so gone, that Zaid is the exception. And the rest of the people that don't There are Coleman Martin there are about home. So I hope this clarifies that the whole point over here is that we need to understand the verse that every Amma has a messenger to meet to unto basically, literally as the verse says, an entire Ummah must have had at least one messenger but it doesn't mean every person of the OMA will know or have access or appreciate the messenger and everybody will be judged according to his or her own personal circumstance.

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