Abdul Nasir Jangda – Paths to Peace – Ramadan 2023 Night 5

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of peace, security, satisfaction, and Amina Sakina in Surah Tunis. They also touch on conflict and how it can lead to delusion and frustration. The host is distracted by distraction and comes back into the fire of hell, eventually becoming killed. The video game encourages people to believe in Islam and practice gratitude for everything.
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Bismillah you will hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi admiring salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Shala. Continuing with our series during the month of Ramadan, we explored the different ayat of the Quran, in which Allah subhanaw taala talks about the concepts of peace, tranquility, contentment, satisfaction, Amina Sakina and salam.

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Today, we're going to be looking at the beginning portion of Surah Tunis surah number 10. We're jumping forward a little bit, because there's a very fascinating concept that Allah addresses here in the beginning of surah. Yunus. We've already in the few days, the three four days of Ramadan,

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that we've been having this daily session,

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we started to explore the idea and the concept of Sakina. tranquillity, Tama Nina. fulfillment and contentment.

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But here in the beginning of Surah, Yunus, Allah subhanaw taala actually shows us the opposite.

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He shows us the opposite, which is, what is the wrong kind of,

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you know, contentment? Or what is the opposite of contentment?

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What is the wrong choice here? And that's essentially a level of delusion,

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or a sense of, or the idea of placating oneself, that somebody placates themselves, they delude themselves? And what does that look like? So we've started to talk about what does what, what do things look like when they're being done the right way? Here, Allah tells us, what do things look like when they are being done the wrong way.

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And so in the beginning of sort of unison, we're going to go back a couple of routes, because Allah subhanaw taala sets us up very beautifully.

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Allah subhanaw taala in starting with verse number three, in Surah Unison surah number 10. Allah says in Rob Docomo Allahu Allah, the Halacha salah, what are the pieces that the young through Mr. Wa Laroche, that indeed your Lord Your master is the One Who created the heavens and the earth in six days. And then he positioned himself above the throne. You don't feel Umrah, governing everything, overseeing everything. Mammon cheffy I knew he loved me but didn't he? No one can intercede on anyone else's behalf unless and until they are permitted by Allah to do so. That equal Allahu Akbar confab will do who? That is your Lord. That is Allah Who is your Lord and your Master

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so worship only Him. I fell out to the Koran. Do you not reflect on this? Do you not understand this? I number four Allah tells us la he murdered you are gone. Jimmy. All of you have to return back to him. What are the lucky haka and everything God told you is the truth in who you have that will help us from where you're at to who he started all creation, and He will bring all Creation back. Why legacy Alladhina amanu AMILO Sally Hardy will test justly and appropriately reward. Those who believed in did righteous deeds will lead Xena Cafaro but those who disbelieved and rejected belief in Allah, La whom Shah boomin Hamid Minh, for them will be a terrible boiling hot drink in

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the fire of home. Why that wouldn't be my candle yet for rune in a very painful punishment, because of them rejecting belief in Allah. And I in number five, Allah says, who will lead the Jhala Shem sadly, he is the one who made the sun this radiant you know, thing in the sky, that we all draw light and warmth from while our neuron and he made the moon a source of illumination in the night rocket Dara humanizing and he made the moon move about or he gave the moon certain cycles or certain stages, why Lita Alamo other the Selena will hisab so that you would be able to keep track of the calendar and you would know what time of the month it is, so on and so forth. My halacha Allah Who

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delegates Illa Bill Huck, Allah created all of this for a reason you first syllable if he told me Allah moon, this is how Allah details to you His signs

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For the people who are willing to learn from people who want to learn something, then an eye in number six, Allah says, in the 50, laffy Layli, when the heart in this changing of the night and the day when my halacha Allah Hafiz somehow it will earn and everything that Allah created in the heavens in the earth, that I Yachty there are miraculous signs, astounding, remarkable reminders, the foaming at the moon, for people who are mindful and conscious of their Lord. And then so understand the presentation that was made so far. Very powerful, very captivating, undeniable, correct. But look what Allah says and I in number seven, in the medina

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but if somebody lives their life, in a way where they don't care about any of this,

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they don't care about any of this. They don't think of Allah. They don't care about Allah.

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You know how we say Oh, Allah is watching. Be careful, be mindful, less watching, or they just don't care.

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What are the will hieratic dunya and they are totally content and satisfied

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with material things. They're totally, they've made they're totally okay in living their lives in a way where they just, you know, delude themselves, they distract. They distract themselves with little things of the dunya trinkets,

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little materialistic things, little experiences of the dunya and they use that to delude themselves, to pacify themselves.

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Then Allah says, and then there's another stage, they actually reached the point where they delude themselves into thinking you know, you can lie enough times to the point where you convince yourself of the lie.

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If I'm because Ali Rahim, Allahu Allah, Allah in the here he says, When the tongue says something 1000 times the heart says it once.

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That's both good and bad. Because if you say, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu Akbar, 1000 times, your heart will say once, and you will really your heart will feel, will believe in that moment that Allah is truly greater than everything and anything. You say, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah your heart will speak gratitude.

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But it's also a bad thing.

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Because if you lie 1000 times, your heart will speak that lie.

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You tell yourself, you have you have no connection to align your life.

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Someone who has no connection to Allah in their life. They don't think about Allah. They don't care about Allah. They don't pray to Allah, no connection to Allah.

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And they just engage in material things and they occupy and distract themselves with little, you know, worldly things, activities, hobbies, whatever it is.

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And what do they say? They just keep telling us, I'm really happy. I'm totally satisfied with my life. I'm completely okay. I'm good without God.

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They'll say that 1000 times and then the heart will say it once. It doesn't make it true. But the problem is, they now believe the lie.

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What the unknown behind.

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They now believe their own lie. Can you imagine being so deluded where you lied? You made up the lie, and you convinced yourself of the lie. Forget about somebody else, you convinced yourself of the lie.

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When you're the one who made up the lie, well, Lavina, Huma and iOttie, now half Elune and then comes the worst part. Then they become completely unaware of the signs of Allah. They can be looking glory in the face. They can be staring at a miracle. And they can not see it. You ever seen that? You ever interacted with that?

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It's bizarre. It's actually a little bit scary.

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Where someone staring right at a miracle. Everybody who looks at this as Subhanallah and then you meet somebody, or you seeing somebody they look at that same American.

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Sure, I guess whatever.

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You don't see

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ie the greatness This is where Allah Singh will likely come back welcome and not only my kind of UFC goon May Allah protect us all. And I in number eight Allah says people like that will ultimately end up in the fire of * because of what they did to themselves. They demented themselves, they twisted their own souls.

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And then nine number nine Allah says in the Latina Armando but there's hope I won't leave you there.

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There's hope. Allah always provides us hope in the Quran. He never leaves us in a place of despair. In Alladhina amanu wa middle Sally hearts, but those who believe in do good deeds, if you believe and you just tried to do what's right, yeah, D him Rob boom B Imani him,

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their Lord will guide them through their faith.

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And there's actually a really beautiful narration

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it's more authentic as a statement of some of the companions where it says Manami la Bhima Alima

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Munna I mean, I'll be my new Ma, whoever acts on what they know. They try to do right by the knowledge they have. What are rasa hula who are in my mind, I'm yeah Allah. Allah will grant them the knowledge of that which they do not know that they did not previously know. Meaning. If you try to do the right thing. You try to act on what you know is right and wrong.

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Allah will expand your horizons. Allah will expand your horizons beyond your what you could fathom. beyond your imagination. Yeah, D him Rob boom be Imani him, that Allah will guide them through their faith, that God mentality and will and how to feed Jannetty name and Allah will guide them to the eternal gardens of Paradise, where rivers will be flowing from beneath their feet. Dawa whom fee hmm. And when they reach paradise, what will they say?

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What is the reflection of the people after they have reached paradise? What is the pro tip? You know, people always wanting wanting pro tips, hacks.

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Right? What's the tricks of the trade?

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What's the pro tip of the people who reached paradise

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Subhanak Allahumma.

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They will say how All glory be to you. Oh Allah. How absolutely perfect. Are you Oh Allah, what's the here to configure her Salah and they will greet one another in paradise with Salah

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and we talked about the salam. Yesterday we introduced the concept. Those who give each other Salam in this dunya

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will have the honor and the pleasure and the blessing of exchanging salaams in paradise in the hereafter.

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What I can do that welcome.

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And their final message to us from beyond.

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From paradise, this message is being sent to us.

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What is the message? Anil hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen The first thing that we say? The first thing that we say is the last thing realize

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that all praise and gratitude and thanks is for Allah alone, who created the universe, that gratitude to Allah.

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That commitment and devotion to Allah. That's the only thing that matters at the end of the day. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything we've said and heard Subhanallah he will be handy. So hammock Allahu Hambrick Nash Hulu en la ilaha. illa Anta the Saphira Kawana toilet suck

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