Yasir Qadhi – Ramadan 2015 – Day 2

Yasir Qadhi
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina. Mohammed in early was a big marine about in today's recitation, our environment caught it recited for the very first time Allah mentions in the Quran, the Prophet Ibrahim, what is the patella Ibrahim or Abu Bakar? Imagine for a moment and the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam has the unique honor and respect of being the most widely venerated prophet in all of human history. The Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, according to one opinion, even the name Brahman that comes from Hinduism originates from the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam. And the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis. Salam is mentioned almost second to none in terms of sheer

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quantity. The Prophet Musa is mentioned more in the Quran, but in terms of goodwill in terms of being taken as a role model, no one comes second to the Prophet Ibrahim, even our Prophet Mohammed sesam is told in the Koran, Lakota, Canada, Kumu, Spurgeon, Hassan feet, Ibrahim, you have enabled on him a good role model, no one is to be is told to the prophets, so to take as a role model other than his own father, Ibrahim, and once it is narrated, that a man passed by the prophets as many said, Yeah, hi, buddy. Yeah, oh, best of all of mankind. And the Prophet system said, No, that was my father, Ibrahim. And even though of course, we know that the Prophet system is in fact, the

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chosen one. And He is the Savior, the one or the Adam, the leader of the children of Adam, but out of humility, he considers his father Ibrahim to be the greatest of all of mankind. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in these verses, and much can be said, but time limits me to extract some wisdoms that remember and recall when Allah tested Ibrahim with some commandments, and he fulfilled all of them. So Allah tested on him with many commandments, and of those commandments, perhaps the greatest and the most difficult was to sacrifice his own son is married. And now you all know the story that he went all the way to the end and that Allah azza wa jal saved him from that, and many

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other Commandments were given to Abraham and Abraham alehissalaam fulfilled those commandments. So Allah said, to Abraham, I am making you aneema to mankind in nature, it oculina see Mama, and an Imam over here means somebody who is taken as a leader. So this shows us brothers and sisters, if you want to be taken as a role model, if you want to be taken as a leader, you must do so through the obedience to the commandments of Allah, when they brought him fulfill the commandments of Allah, when he passed all of the tests, then and only then was he told I am making you aneema. So whoever wants to be respected and beloved, in this world and the next, the only way to achieve that is by

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perfecting one's worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. So when Abraham is told, Allah is telling him I'm making you the leader for all of mankind. Abraham says women through reality, I want my children to have that leadership in Islam as well. I want them as well to be taken as such beautiful role models. And Allah subhana wa tada says, Allah Allah subhanahu wa Giovanni mean, that unrighteous wicked people will not be able to get this promise, meaning, oh, Ibrahim, blood doesn't matter. When it comes to religiosity, whether he's your son or not, if he's evil and bad, he will not be taken as a role model. And if he is a righteous person, even if he's not your son, he will be taken as your

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role model. So Ibrahim alayhis, Salam wanted this religious imama and the religious imama. Here is Prophethood. And to be beloved to all of mankind, through the religious respect, Ibrahim wanted his children to have that. And Allah says, No, just because he's a child of yours will not make that person, a prophet or a saint or a righteous person. And this is what we believe in Islam. There is no Holy Family, there is no holy blood. Every person is judged by himself or herself. It doesn't matter who your father, your mother, your child, your daughter, you are you on the Day of Judgment. And even the Prophet Ibrahim is told just because he's your son doesn't mean that he will become an

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Imam. If he's an unrighteous wicked person, it's not going to happen. So then Ibrahim makes it to Allah to Allah. When the law tells him to build a house, then he makes it to Allah to Allah, that Oh, Allah is Amina make this house a sacred is holy land and make it peaceful. And what is Yokohama thammarat and give the people who live in Makkah, lots of food. Now, Ibrahim has been told that unrighteous and wicked people will not get the promise of Allah will not get imama so out of shyness out of bashfulness he himself says Oh Allah

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only give good people food, what is the alumina? Sumeragi man am and I mean hoobler What do men after? If they believe in you then give them food? Why did he add this clause? Why did he add this clause? Because he felt that Allah azza wa jal reproached him when he wanted his children to be blessed with righteousness. So now that he's asking for food, he says, Oh Allah only give Muslims food. But then Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, what Allah says in the Quran was that even those who don't believe in me, I will give them food. Allah woman Kaffir, of material Kadena in terms of food in terms of drink in terms of breathing and eating and sleeping Allah gives to the Muslim and

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the caffeine doesn't matter. So just because you have more money, just because you have more wealth, don't ever assume that you are beloved to Allah. True he mama comes from religiosity as the Prophet Ibrahim it has said I'm said was was told in the Quran and worldly blessings are given to the Muslim and to the non Muslim. It doesn't matter. It is not a sign of Allah blessings on you just because you have more money just because you have more health or wealth. No. So Ibrahim alayhis salam is told even if they don't believe in me, I will give them food or the woman cafaro for oma to Khalida, but then in the next world they will meet they're faced then then Abraham and his Salaam says that

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Allah says tells us in the Quran, what is the other factor Abraham will cover it the middle beta is married. When Ibrahim and his son is married. We're building the Kaaba, they are putting the blocks of the Kava as they're building the Kava. What do I know? Are they making robina to cobalamin? In Naka? Anta semiology This is a very profound drop. It's a very deep drop. Can you imagine anything holier than building the first Masjid in all of human history? The mucca Masjid, the Haram, can you imagine anyone holier than Ibrahim? Can you imagine any act that putting the foundations for the garba him and his son is smart? One by one, they are building the Kaaba, who can possibly not think

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that this action will be accepted? But no, my dear brothers and sisters, just because you do a deed, don't assume a loan will accept it. Because you do not know how about if your intention was not right. How about if there's another thing? How about if the money was how long? How about if any other issue comes? So as you make any deed, make sure you also make dua to Allah to up Belle Mina accept this deed Of what use is a good deed if Allah does not accept it, Of what use is doing something when it is not accepted by Allah. And that is why Allah says in the Quran in Maja Takata Allahu Minami. Allah only accepts from the righteous people, my dear brothers and sisters, even

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hypocrites do good deeds, even people with no eemaan do good deeds, even people who don't want Allah as rewards do good deeds.

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The importance is not in doing the deed the importance is acceptance from Allah if Allah accepts the good deed, so here we are standing in prayer, let no one feel diluted. Oh Mashallah, I'm doing a big thing. Subhana Allah, what have you done after all that Allah has given you and here you stand and Are you sure your intention my intention is pure? What if our intention is to show the other people what if we have other false intentions? What if we have Hulu What if we have real What if we have given what if what if what if, no matter how righteous we are, we have to raise our hands up to Allah and make dua to Allah, Oh Allah except mycelium, I will not accept my PM, I will not accept

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every good deed that I do. And that is why in the Quran, in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada mentions that the righteous are those who when they do their good deeds, what jealous guru boom, their hearts are trembling as they do those deeds are Isha said, O Messenger of Allah. These people, they're doing good deeds. Allah describes them as doing good deeds, and yet they're trembling. Are these people, the major sinners, they're murderers? They're rapists doing Zina, and they're scared, Allah will reject their deeds, that's why they're trembling. And the process of them said, No, you have Vanessa or daughter of Siddiq or the law one, no, these are those who they do the good deed,

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and then they and they are righteous and they are terrified that what if Allah does not accept that deed, so the whole deed goes in vain and waste. Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, from this we learn, even Ibrahim alayhis salaam is making da da da da da cobalamin indika Anta Samuel Adams robina Oh, my Lord, make me and my progeny of those in sort of Abraham mimaki me is sada of those who are establishing the prayer. So we learned here as well. A law did not promise Ibrahim that his children would all be righteous, that Allah clearly said, when Abraham says I want my children to have that imama Allah says, I cannot guarantee that it depends on them. So true. There is no

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guarantee, but we need to make dua to Allah. We need to make dua to Allah

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Allah make me and my children of those who are righteous make me and my children of those who are establishing those Allah and it is a beautiful day that the Salah our Qibla is the Kaaba and Ibrahim as he is building our quibbler that billions of people are facing Abraham's worry is Oh Allah make me and my children from those who established the salah there is no guarantee even he's building the Gabba and he's not sure what if my grandchildren are praying? What if my children are not righteous? So we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala that our children are following this beautiful path of Islam and then Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on and says one a year ago Amelia Tiburon him who can

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possibly want to reject the method and wait around him it is silom and the context of these verses is of course right before if you listen to the the the recitation and the translation right before a lot of talks about Jews and Christians and other Abrahamic religions, and each one of them is saying, Oh, we are the correct We are the We are the good people. And Allah subhana wa tada says Ibrahim was neither a Jew nor a Christian. How could he been a Jew or a Christian when Judaism and Christianity came after him? Makana Ibrahim will yahoodi and Elena. Sania Ibrahim was not one of these things. When I came to Ghana hanifa muslimah he was of those who submitted to Allah He was of

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those who worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And so Ibrahim alayhis salam is taken as a role model for all of the Abrahamic religions, Muslims, Christians and Jews and we are told to take him as the ultimate criterion of who is a true submitter to Allah Subhana Allah May Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of those who follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Ibrahim Allah has set up and his son the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was set on why they come to LA he will Barakatuh

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi​ acquaints us on Surah Al-Baqarah, verses 124-130 which sheds light on the status of the noble Prophet Ibrahim AS. He is the most respected human being on earth whom Allah commands our Prophet ﷺ to only take as a role model while also being the most venerated Prophet on the earth.

Prophet Ibrahim AS was tested with many commandments from Allah and Ibrahim AS fulfilled all of them. True Imamah comes with religiosity as was told to Ibrahim AS in the Qur’an. Allah only accepts from the righteous and Allah’s acceptance is the key. The believers hearts tremble when they do good deeds as they are terrified about the fact that what if this good deed does not achieve Allah’s acceptance.


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