How Allah Gives Life to Dead Hearts

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Qur’anic Parables Episode 2

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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah cats, everyone. Welcome back to parables and local Al Hamdulillah. Every night, we are reflecting Monday through Friday on a different element of the Koran. And this is, of course, the first program of the week. And it's one that allows us to reflect deeply on the inside and on the parables and the port on which Allah subhanaw taala gives to us and those parables offer infinite opportunity for reflection, and inshallah tada as we spoke last week about, you know, hypocrisy and sincerity and the importance of having that light Kindle. Today, we're going to talk about what opportunity looks like to come back to a loss of habitat or even from a faraway distance

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from him and inshallah Tada. With that, I'm going to hand it off to a sneak peek, and she'll talk about the context and the parable, the nighttime that we'll be covering tonight.

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Tonight, everyone, glad to be back again this week. And I think the parable that we're covering today is a really nice transition from the one that we discussed last week. And so to start off, I want to share what we're going to be discussing. It's verse 39, in pseudo it's sort of 41 verse 39, sort of Tolstoy that's, and the ayah reads woman is he and Nikita Ronaldo maharsha either ends or not they matter because that's what's in the Lydia Marina Mota in the water pollution budget. That manga was panned out assigns among, you know, the different ways that he demonstrates his you know, the reality of what our lives constitute of his presence of his creation, is that you see that the

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the land, the earth comes, you know, hotshot, some sometimes it's translated as you know, still as desolate and something that is essentially like humbled. And then various other verses that describe the same exact situation that the earth is, you know, dies. Just as in the seasons, you see that the plants and the lands of trees, everything dies, and then almost pantalla at the ends, and now it will matter when it was patata brings down rain brings down water from the earth, that it starts to quiver and grow the life returns to it, to the to the land to the plants, everything that we witness year in and year out with the coming of spring, and Alaska. And this is by saying, you know,

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essentially that just as he was able to bring that dead land, those dead plants that dead life all around us back to life, that he's going to do that with us in the lava. Yeah, hello, Mohit Mota, he the one who did that to the plants to the life around us is the one who's going to bring back the dead among us back to life in the water pollution or did he is capable of all things. Now, essentially, you know what, there's two things I want to focus on before bringing in really the context of this ayah is that number one, the first part of ISS was that he's going to bring essentially something that's dead back to life. And that that is actually a theme within, within the

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sutra itself, that there's something that you know, you look around you look, if you just take just a few minutes during the winters, as you see the you know, throughout the fall, the trees, slowly changing colors and then being stripped of their leaves. If he if you never saw leaves on a tree and you came to the at that moment in life, where you were able to see for the first time and you woke up for example, or you gained eyesight only in the winter, and you sit saw all of that essentially deadness around you would you ever be able to assume that you know that there could be you know life to these trees that there could be leaves on these trees that they could be so full of, you know,

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life just a few months later. And honestly, you don't. You don't have to necessarily have not seen that life. Even every winter I asked myself what's kind of more like, you don't appreciate the leaves the life around you until it's gone. And everyone should not despite the fact that I know it's gonna come back. It really hits you thinking, wow, this place looks dead, right? The winter things are just dry and dead. And so just like almost every spring we get so excited to see the trees come to life, the plant life. You know, it's life around us. Everything blossoming, that joy that brings to us right, you see that transition? So that's one thing, right? That you something

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that you wouldn't, it's hard to, to really grasp how was hodeida brings it back to life. And then the second part is that in the Lydia Hana mahila motor. And the second part really trends is I think the transition from what we discussed last week, right? We discussed this idea of light and darkness. Right and then and and this misguided amongst the disbelievers. And so this is a theme that you see throughout the Hadees and focus on that. So it was Patrick says in another area. Oh, am I gonna make them happy now Who would I know who knew them MC flop, that this this contrast between life and death is the same as the person who has light has more loss patatas isn't the idea

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The person who's who's, you know, the person that was walking dead on this earth is dead here, meaning, you know, dead in the inside lacking that belief. It's like the person who lost my dad, it gives that node gives that guidance, and now becomes among the those who are alive. So we have that transition here, now that we have that nude in our lives, we were filled with light. Now to go to really put this into context, it's, I'd like to speak about some of you know, the most powerful is in the store. Well, that's my data essentially, has a whole page dedicated to what's going to happen to the people of disbelief, those who are dead on the inside those who don't have that note on the

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Day of Judgment, and then that, and then another page to sort of transition to what it looks like on the opposite side, those who have that new world who are able to live their lives filled with a man and who were really alive in that process with how they're going to be treated on the Day of Judgment. But really just for the sake of time to focus on on the on the former, that as you know, on the day of judgment for those who are dead on the inside for those who locked that in. But for those who who disbelieved. Data says that on the Day of Judgment, when he brings them back to life in Olivia Hannah mahila Mota, when he brings them back to the to life, what happens is that on the

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Day of Judgment, they're there. They're standing before us, that they're about to be, you know, to question the question about their lives. And what happens is that their, their bodies julu dm, their, their bodies, their eyes, and their hearing everything that was a part of them, starts to speak out against them. And the verses are so powerful, in that almost patata says, you know, is saying is repeating the story that's going to happen and they look the disbelievers on a degenerate look at look at their hands, they look at, you know, try to look around them, and they say, well, all you need to do Jim, you know, Lima shade to Marina, how are you testifying against us? How, how

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is this possible that our bodies are suddenly like, just imagine I always try to imagine this that like, literally, your skin, on your bodies, your hands, your eyes, your your hearing, everything starts to come to life doesn't last fantastic and bring anything to life. He brings them to life. And now they're going to be testing testifying against you. And so you have, you know, this really like powerful imagery of the Day of Judgment, where you know, where things again that you would never expect that loss pantalla could bring to life. And the verse Can you know, the story continues when Matt McClinton

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does that you know when he datacom some reporters are gonna do that, you know, you essentially that you really could never have

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prepared for this moment of you couldn't have hidden the fact of this reality that they were able to now testify against you.

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And that continues to describe you know, how this this surprise this shock this like this big reveal of I can't believe this is happening of things that we are going to be brought to life on the day of judgment to work against us. Now on the flip side, when I was contacted then turns to talk about the believers right after this. He says in contrast that the believers are those the people with new are the people who have life in them in this world are those that what that they there they have is the armor that they are firm on this belief that they call it passionately that they're always you know, constantly woman asking them men men die, you know, a lot like they're constantly console's

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pantalla. They're doing their best. They're, you know, for going letting things that bother people, you know, if someone wants them, they're letting it go. When, when when they have the ability to do that all of these beautiful qualities of the believer in contrast to the disbelievers. So you have this context, where you see that you have this disbelief, and you see what life is like when you're when you're dead on the inside. And you don't have that, that nor that almost pantalla places. And then shortly thereafter, the incredible strength of a believer who has lightened them, what that looks like and how they act. And so all of that there's so much to be said. I mean, we were just

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mentioned yesterday, man, honey has a whole, you know, session on just the miraculous nature and the incredible details within this sort of sort of full set, there's so much to be discussed. But you have, you know, again, this context where I was high data saying this is on the Day of Judgment, just as he has the power to bring the bring life to the plants bring everything to life in front of you that we will see day in and day out, year in and year out. We see this happening. We know that this, this is the reality, just as he's able to do that he will bring that which is dead back to life. And patata again reminds us that just as he can bring us back to life, he can bring back the

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plants back to life he can bring our bodies back to life to testify against us. And on the flip side, one when you do have that one of us pandadoc gives you that new and he brings life into you in this world that you can really stand up

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With that is Tacoma and cultural hotspot data, be proud of who you are Be confident. And really, you know, I fully embodied what it means to have that nude. And so with that context, I'll go ahead and pass it on to chef man to give more detail in terms of the context of the parable of the parable itself. Insha Allah

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does level sloto Scylla moto sola wanted early, he was so happy when Allah does that. There's just this name for the beautiful introduction. And that is the central core of this parable had to do with Allah subhanho wa Taala, proving to people the possibility of resurrection. And what's amazing is that despite the fact that this argument was posed by the people of Mecca in a 1400 plus years ago, this is still a problem that's prevalent today that there's so many people who struggle to understand the idea that a dead body can come back to life, despite the fact that I lost a pound that gives us the ability to see it happening in our own life with the plants. And I'll give you

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some insight in sort of off about this when he says either mitten our gardener to rubber daddy garage and by the disbelievers they say that when we are when we die and we turn into dust, we actually return to Allah. That's such a far fetched idea. And then Allah tells us one has done them in a similar email and mubaraka and but not be Heejun nothing but sweet in that same sort of path. I'll actually brings that analogy from this parable. Again, he says that we have sent down from the heavens rain that is bless it. And we cause from that rain, all kinds of beautiful plants and gardens and grains to grow. And then he explains responded back to vs later, what you're gonna be

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billed at a meter code article huge, that a lot causes by that rain, dead land to come to life. And then he tells us cut their legal heroes and like that is the resurrection. There's a beautiful Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Salaam said it's a Muslim, it was a very long Hadith about the end of time. And towards the end of the Hadith, he mentions that then the trumpet, the horn will be blown, and everybody will fall dead. And then Allah subhanaw taala will send a gentle ring, which will cause the bodies to grow once again. And then the Trumpet will be blown a second time. And everyone will be standing, watching in amazement, standing before Allah subhanaw taala on Yeoman pm. So this

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is the direct apparent meaning of the parable. But there's another more subtle meaning that is incredibly profound. That is about a different type of resurrection. And that is the resurrection of the heart. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala he gives us the example of, of how the land and the rain have a relationship in bringing life to the way that the heart and revelation have a relationship in bringing life. And so the the parable is that the land is the object upon which the rain falls. And that causes the land to shake and to grow and other opinion is talked about the plants themselves shake when waterfalls upon. And so from the metaphorical side, this this parable is telling us that

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our hearts are the objects upon which revelation falls. So again, the the land is like our heart and the rain is like revelation. And similarly, we need revelation our hearts need revelation in order to grow and of course revelation makes our hearts grow. And there's a beautiful verse in Zambia or loss of pounced upon with Allah says, well, john Amina equal Shane, hey, Phil, I know Allah says, and we have created every living thing from water. And so what I think about this parable, I think about Allah telling us that every physically living entity requires water. And every spiritually alive every spiritually living entity requires revelation. And so Allah subhanaw taala is reminding

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us in this verse, that when he says that the Earth itself is Harsha, it's humbled. It is a reminder about how the earth is when there's nothing upon it. And you think about if you look at a desert, and you see absolutely nothing upon it, it is dry. It is hard. You know, it's Allah described me as being humble is nothing to be proud of, essentially, because there's nothing growing on it. And similarly, our hearts need to be incredibly humble to the eye, the notion that our age and our knowledge of this universe, this dunya this life, and the accurate the afterlife is nothing until Allah allows revelation to penetrate into our hearts. Only once our hearts become nourished with

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revelation, does anything meaningful grow out of them. And so the question that this parable almost poses is that, well, if Allah is giving us this parable, that land requires water. Well, and our hearts require revelation and what is the nature of our hearts? What kind of land our hearts like? Our hearts fertile, soft, ready to absorb the revelation? The way that soft fertile land absorbs the water, or are they hard? And of course, the more fertile they are, the better that we're going to respond to it. And I think about the month of Ramadan is that chance to nourish our hearts and to get them soft and fertile but suppiler

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In this is also an incredible source of optimism, where I love So how does telling us that it's not just the soft heart that is going to be resurrected with life, even the hardest, distant hearts that are dry, they have the opportunity. So this verses of reverse of optimism to never despair, because just like that desert that you would never imagine can have life again because it looks so dead, any of our hearts if they ever diverged from the path of Allah if they ever hardened, that we should never despair from the mercy of Allah that if we allow the revelation, the verses of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the beautiful statements of the Prophet Muhammad wa salam, the life of the Prophet

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Mohammed Salaam, his sera to inundate our hearts, and our hearts again, will flourish. And so I'll close with this question, which is, how often do we water our hearts because finally, one of the things in quarantine that we started doing I know many people do as they started gardening. And when you start gardening, you realize you got to be patient every day, you've got to water your plants, you couldn't say, Well, today, I'm so tired of watering every day, I'm just going to do all the watering for the month on Monday. And then I'm done. Because it'll die if you just don't water for 29 more days. And similarly, when it comes to our hearts, we cannot just water them once in the

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year, which is oftentimes Ramadan, we read a lot of Koran, and it's it's the springboard it's so it softens the the soil of our hearts, but it needs that regular daily weekly engagement with the Quran. So I'll just close with this kind of I thought about that. That idiom that we all learn as kids who say An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And I thought about it from the attic perspective, that in order to we have to water our hearts with the Ye, in order to have the seat of a man grow. So I a day keeps jahannam away, or a day makes gender our place of stay level items that will pass the practical examples we can take from this. Did you become a poet man, I didn't

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talk about spoken word Saturday with Dr. Asana, Margie coming up

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to both of you for the wonderful context. In summary, I think a few things to mention one of them is that the IMO and the law have a lot of blowback, the mot have a common theme in the plan, right that know that a law gives life to dead Earth. You know, through this, through the rain through the water that he sends down comes after the section of certain Hadid that we were talking about, which paints the scene of the hypocrites getting left behind, right? And the hypocrites are getting left behind, and they don't have any light. And what are the believers say to them, go back for the tummy surah and find your light there, right candle your light there. Now the fact that you're reading this

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verse means you're still alive and you have a chance to kindle your light instead of your fire. And you don't have to be doomed to that fate. So even after you read those verses, and if you feel a great sense of guilt and a great sense of regret and remorse and say you know what, I need to start making my lights rather than killing my fire. Right away in Los Angeles as an animal in the law, you have a lot of them out to know that you do have a chance because even dead Earth has given life. And so the placement of this verse in the different parts of the world and always a call to redemption. Also one of the things that shout out to him all the time. And he mentioned that every time Allah

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mentions in the Quran, know the word know, the next verse has action in it, right, so the connection of time and you can't just stop from a place of stop at a place of realization and awareness, you have to quickly translate that into action. While your heart is soft, while you're in a place of connection to a loss of habitat. And let me now take the steps to connect back to a lost contact so that we'll know and then in the midst of the pain or illness of the heart You are called the problem has different parts

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and different cards By the way, which is a different story that gives some some richer meaning but a lot calls you to salon to salon at night and VIP kit and all of these different types of good deeds that bring you back to a loss of Hannah Montana. The noon Rahim Allah tada one of the great sages he he said that, you know what this is really talking about is your spiritual pulse. So if you still feel bad when you sin, then that's a sign of a sick heart, not a dead heart. Okay, so dead heart lacks the spiritual pulse, where it does not feel any sense of pain or anything in the presence of the mafia, the forms of disobedience, the various forms of disobedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. So

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it's a spiritual pulse. So he said that your heart is not dead if you still feel bad, right? If the if guilt is still there for gret is still there. That's a sign that your spiritual heart is beating. It's just sick. But he said that. The next point of that is that just like a sick body, a person who's sick cannot

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Enjoy the taste of food, a sick heart cannot enjoy the sweetness of its everybody the sweetness of worship. So it's a it's a spectrum, right? between a living heart that is that is healthy, spiritually healthy and a heart that is dead. The presence of an opportunity to resuscitate that heart, though, is throughout the ad and actually some handler reflecting which has advised me on that and check on the door. When speaking about certain 90 the righteous the presence of a verse of redemption, even after the scariest is constantly that well, you can come back this is not to Doom you unless you're a Buddha hub. And there's a sort of reveal that says Tabitha Vila have been what's

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And even the scholars say, by the way, that that was a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala. Because if a Buddha had wanted to undermine the entire message of Islam, he could have become Muslim. And then it would have been like, wait, what do we do now, because that sort of came down very early. But he didn't do that his face was sealed a lot as a new, that this is a heart that will not come back to him. But we have not had soda has revealed about us by name, the presence of an opportunity to redeem ourselves is there long as we're alive, and you have a chance to cling back to a loss of candidates to come back to a loss of time. And learn how powerful the line who the one who many of

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the scholars say this verse was about the one who was dead for a hearing now, and we gave him life. And we gave him a light by which he could navigate himself and amongst the people and a light that he could navigate for the people provide navigation and guidance to the people. And that's the point when the father of, or when a man says about the law of town, I'm home, but the donkey of a pub, the donkey of his father will become Muslim before him, the donkey of his father will become Muslim before him, that means almost has no chance at a spiritual pulse. He is dead spiritually. And just like that donkey cannot be revived. To a place where it has a spiritual life or model the law no has

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no chance of having a spiritual life. And somehow, not only was he given spiritual life, but he gives spiritual life to so many other people. Through his example, the allot of time, I know he becomes an inspiring example of a heart that is pure, or an artist connected to a lost pet on a heart that is healthy. Last thing actually, I'll share some Hello, one of my missionary shaqab lab, have Lola Tyler, he said, he talked about the Hadith, I believe it's a Muslim Imam. And it's a long Hadith which is connected to this method. And the part where the profits lesson gave the example of water falling upon all these different types of lens. So the profit slice I mentioned, you know, a

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rock type surface, a solid surface, and so it just pops it on the top, and it doesn't do any benefit to the surface nor to anyone around it. And then the profit size, of course, gave us this example of a part of the surface that is bowl shaped. And so it could contain the water, but it could not absorb the water. And so other people will benefit from it or other animals will benefit from it. But the land itself does not benefit. It holds the water but other people come and they take from the water, or other animals come and take from the water but that land does not benefit. And then finally, the Prophet slicin gave that example of the soil of fertile land that absorbs the water,

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the water disappears momentarily, you don't see it. And then it comes back out in the form of various crops and various forms of vegetation that Alas, penta has decreed. And what he said about that, and there's so many benefits to that, that method, as well, which elaborates on the method in the Koran

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that there's only one type of benefit that exists in the bowl shaped surface, which is water. But on the other side of that what comes out of the soil, sometimes the guessing game, right? What's going to come out what types of crops, what types of vegetation, but there are, there's so much more benefit that will come out in terms of the different types of vegetation, the different types of fruits and vegetables that come out of the soil, depending upon what seeds were nurtured and nourished within that soil. And so the various types of benefits that exists and also the long term versus short term benefit that exists because if it's just water in a surface, people come in, they

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scoop that water up and that's it, but this will be long term. And then finally, the third benefit that he mentioned was that,

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you know, the water seeps into the soil and the process of generating that vegetation of producing what is to come out of that is not seen to anyone else. Right, what's in the soil and it's working. It's Belka, it's blessing that a lost contact has given to them eventually give fruits

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vegetable or whatever it is that Allah has planned to come out of that soil, no one else sees it is working under the surface. And he likened that to secret ebba to secret forms of worship, which is what we were talking about last week, right? So this idea of that strong generation of spiritual potential, that has to take place away from anyone else's site, right. And that directly connects to what we were talking about last week with the straw with the generation of true light, right, the light that you don't really want to benefit from until the day of judgment, not necessarily here. So that nourishment has to take place behind the scenes that secret connection that you developed to

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allow the secret a by that the secret Toba is too hot, it's just like the water working onto the surface. And for us, that's behind the curtains behind closed doors, working what needs to be worked in order to produce that vegetation to produce that benefit for all of mankind. So we asked the last panel, to give us those hearts that are like the fertile soil that are given life, and that are alive themselves and give life to everything that's around them along that I mean, so I'll pass it back to you offer reflections on shalom.

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Shalom are one of the things that you just mentioned that I thought was amazing was his idea of doing things in secret, which means both you do things in the day, and of course you do things at night and night is often the time where a lot isn't, but people don't see what we do. And I think what ties this parable and beautifully is that a lot previously mentioned, in the in the method before that woman is the key and from his science that he created the night and the day and the sun and the moon. And part of actually the land coming to life and plants growing is both getting the note of the sun, and actually getting the light of the moon. So there's actually something called

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lunar gardening. And that if there's stuff that happens to plants, you know, in the darkness of the night, that we would never see. And so when we think about even inundating ourselves with way and acting upon the revelation, there's a way to act upon it in the day with the type of activities we engage in. Especially, you know, I think in today's climate, there's so many things we have to be doing outwardly to change society. But it's also things that night, privately with Allah subhanho wa Taala, whether it be it's held up, or whether it be extra worship to our Vicar that, you know, we just have to make sure that 24 seven day or night, whether it's the sun hitting us or the moon

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hitting us that we're allowing way to change our behavior will Oh, that's beautiful.

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I just want to add a point for something you guys both raised in terms of the optimism that this I really invokes. Because when I think about it, when else that says that you can bring anything that is completely dead back to life. It's sort of a reminder that even if you're at your lowest point right now, if you're at your lowest point in your Eman at in something in this life, something that you're asking most data for help for knowing that just like that little turn, it can take you from zero to 100 is really like a powerful force to motivate you to just ask for data. And honestly, it's those those dots that you kind of app you asked for you're like, I don't really know what's

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happening. And then you see you see it like really unfolding before your eyes. And it's if there are certain things in life that really will just jump speed your image from zero to 100. And it's when you ask us for that and right before your eyes, you're granted as long as had promises is going to answer our draw, right? Whether it's now it's it's at the most appropriate time or in a way we couldn't imagine it's going to be answered. And so really, it's this hopefully, this really optimistic idea that

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even when you're going through ups and downs, when you're at you're down knowing that it's not that you know, you have to have you have you're thinking now months or years ahead I'm not I'm not going to do this person until another 10 years I really need to get this right first and I have to fix everything about my life, whatever all of these different things that we make this you know change into a process and something that we dread or whatever it is, knowing that it could be you know, an hour a day moment Well, they can flip

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turn our situation turn our emotion into you know, the strongest of EMA and and so something that we should constantly ask was fantastic just as you bring, you know, life to the dead, bring my heart

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bring bring light, bring nude and bring life to my heart.

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So that the parable comes back when you say that this came to me in terms of like the literal nature of like, rain causes the earth to shake like physically. And that's like now like considered from some of the scholars will talk about this being one of the scientific miracles in the Quran. But like this idea that even a little bit of rainfall makes the earth shake. And so for us to never be little but even a little bit of exposure to ye. Whether it be one verse here, you know, one lecture there one thought that oh what five minute video whatever little you can give to absorbing the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala it might be that little portion that shakes your faith in the right

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direction it

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what propels you into action it propels you into a state of of living in a state of note and so again like you mentioned like it's not this all or none I gotta either like go hardcore and and be memorizing the poor and every day It can even be that little bit that that awakens us at any moment in time

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you know that very briefly just it's telling me that what about the like it slowly quivers and grows so like every reminder that kind of just makes you get that sense of quivering of wow that really hit me that is a sign of growth.

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Yes upon I love the the the fact that

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you look at low ends on a hoverboard, Anna Allah Javelin, Allah, Ito Harsha, a lot of talks about the potential of the poor and that if it was to be revealed to mountains, it would shake those mountains and then the verses inserted in the middle he jot it down to five gentlemen and have him in hell, it might shut up off the afro German roadmap. We're in the middle Halima Yattaman. Kasha Tila, right that the way that different stones that, that sometimes our hearts can be beyond stones in terms of how hard they are. But they can also be stronger than mountains and what they're able to bear. If they're able to internalize them properly, and the heart shakes, then the heart can

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produce, right? It will not, it will not collapse, right. And so I feel like it's powerful that there's that constant interaction of water and different surfaces that are being likened to the heart

00:31:30--> 00:31:31

of hate any final thoughts?

00:31:33--> 00:32:07

Actually, what I'd like to do if I just when I see these unfurl in the corner, and like they literally make me fit, like visualize them. And I think that's a practice that would be beneficial when all of us read them, we try to visualize them. So I found this beautiful video, I'd love to share just to kind of give us some some insight into the how when rain falls upon land like plants grow, and how we can maybe think about this. Every time we read a verse, every time we read a hadith every time you do something, or you expose yourself to Revelation, how your heart may grow in very slow, systematic way. So I just want to briefly share it. It's a beautiful little time lapse video

00:32:07--> 00:32:15

about nature. But I think it encapsulates this parable so beautifully. So let me very quickly share that and then show you guys go give me a second.

00:32:18--> 00:32:20

Can you do spoken word while you're pulling it up?

00:32:21--> 00:32:23

There we go. Can you see my screen now?

00:32:24--> 00:32:26

Yes. All right.

00:32:45--> 00:32:54

So this process took took months right for that to grow or weeks at least but that's of course time lapse. But the idea that you know, our hearts can grow if we're if we're cognizant and aware.

00:32:56--> 00:32:58

Even if we don't see it happening in real time, we'll

00:32:59--> 00:33:00

worry about it.

00:33:02--> 00:33:11

All right, so Tyler would go ahead and conclude and you know, remind you all to please click on the link that our brilliant creative team

00:33:12--> 00:33:49

has put these parables into animated GIFs and shot lontana so please do check them out at the Lincoln shell lunch chair. And then tomorrow in Charlottesville you can tune into miracles of the plan with our beloved chefs Mohammed the shonali and jessalyn on honey Charlottetown on all the appian platforms and we look forward to seeing you all again inshallah time on Monday next Monday inshallah tada for the parables of the Koran and of course every night of the week nights and shout out for another element of reflection on the plan. As I can all fight on to both Dr. Rothman and soon to be the tortoise named mikdash. She finished her PhD soon Charlottetown Alright, so someone's

00:33:49--> 00:33:59

there out there is going to get get her over that hump inshallah so make that for her to finish her PhD as soon as possible. And we're blessed to have you both reflecting lis tonight in Lafayette and everyone was

00:34:03--> 00:34:03

like upset.