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Abdul Nasir Jangda


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The speaker discusses various verses from Surah number six and seven, as well as from Surah number eight and nine. They also mention a series of verses from Surah number twelve, which describes the physical presence of Easter on Easter Sunday. The speaker also touches on the history of Easter and its physical presence on Easter Sunday, as well as a reminder for help with an event.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine. So then when they come to LA he was

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continuing with our series here in the month of Ramadan where we are looking at an exploring dimension and the concepts of peace tranquility serenity in the Quran.

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Today we're going to be looking at

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a set of verses ayat from Surah Surah number six, we've talked about the suit on previously, the ayat that we're looking at today are is 125 126 and 27.

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In these ayat Allah subhanaw taala

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he begins by saying, For me you did Allahu and yeah, do who.

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Whenever Allah wants to guide someone, whenever Allah wants to guide someone, yes, Shara Sodre, who lil Islam. Allah opens, expands that person's chest for Islam.

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Meaning Allah subhanaw taala

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opens up the person's heart and allows them to really embrace their faith and to be able to internalize that guidance from Allah to take in that light. And to be able to experience that peace and tranquility we're talking about.

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Well, man, you read the annual dilemma.

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But when Allah wants to misguide someone,

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yet you're also Dora who died and hydrogen.

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Then Allah makes their heart, their chest, constricted, tight.

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That it they experience an uneasiness hydrogen.

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They feel uneasy. They feel constricted, tight, can undermine your saw or doofus.

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As if that person is climbing up into the sky, flying straight up into the sky, and the idea is, they feel like they can't breathe.

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They feel like they can't breathe.

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Today alakija Allah Allahu Allah, Allah.

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And Allah says that that is how Allah inflicts his punishment, his consequences upon those people who do not believe

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that when people refuse to believe in what Allah has set down, they refuse to open their hearts to the guidance, the revelation from Allah. This is how Allah punishes them in this dunya that their chests become constricted, they can't breathe, they feel uneasy. They feel like something's wrong all the time. What we're essentially describing here is the opposite of tranquility. It's the opposite of peace. It's the opposite of serenity.

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And Allah says that going back to the first point, to open your heart,

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to open your, your your mind, your heart, to the Quran, to Islam, to the guidance and revelation from Allah.

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Wa Serato become a stocky man, that this is the path of your Lord laid out very clearly for you.

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But the first Sunlen Ayatollah Khomeini at the Quran, Allah says that we have so clearly laid out our signs, we have so clearly laid out all the road signs,

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all the guidance, all the direction that is needed in order to reach the destination. Lee call me at the karoun for people who are willing to take heed for people who are willing to pay attention for people who are willing to look and listen

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for people who are willing to think about what is being said to them.

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And then finally, Allah says,

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law whom dad was Salah

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law whom Darussalam

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reserved for these people is the house of peace

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with their Lord. Now what's really fascinating is we see this word a salam, peace, tranquility, but there is a place that is being described as peaceful. There is a place that has been

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characterized with this piece Dar Salam, what does that exactly mean? What does that refer to? So some of the scholars mentioned a Salam is one of the names and the attributes of Allah.

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So that was salam means the place, that is that Allah has reserved, the place where you get to be near Allah, the place where you get to see Allah, you get to talk to Allah, you get to be near Allah, that place.

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So it's a place of closeness and nearness to Allah. That's Darussalam.

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It's also described as paradise. Paradise is called that of Santa. Because paradise is the place where you'll never have to worry about anything ever again.

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You will never experience any difficulty you will never experience any anxiety. You'll never have any kind of nervousness. You'll never fear anything. You'll never need anything. It's the ultimate place of peace and tranquility, the abode of fulfillment. Allah subhanaw taala describes this in the Quran. Allah says women are in the who like a stuck we don't

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that people who are near Allah, there is no conceit. There is no arrogance. There is no aggression. There is no transgression near Allah. Allah subhanaw taala. In the Quran, he describes paradise to us in a very beautiful succinct way, where Allah subhanaw taala tells us that paradise is that place, that

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filata Allah, Allah, Allah who made karate Aryan, no so can fathom the kind of peace and tranquility that is reserved for people in paradise. Local V. hamata. Shaheed unphysical welcome down, that everything you could ever desire will be made readily available to you. And everything that you were promised will be delivered to you in paradise, that's the place that paradise is. So that's called that of Santa.

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And that paradise is reserved with for them with their Lord. But yet, there's a third meaning built into this idea as well that'll set up the scholars also explained them with us and explain Darussalam can also be in reference to this world. For some people, this world this dunya will become their Dharamsala

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because Allah will grant them peace and tranquility. Allah says in the Quran, but amela Salah Hanneman Dhaka in a window movement, whoever lives our life of devotion to Allah, being male or female, and they believe in Allah and they live a life of devotion Allah Fela, no, he had no who hates Kiba we will grant them a beautiful life, a beautiful life. There's a very beautiful Hadith booty, a sacred narration, a sacred tradition that says the Allah says Allah, Delmon, Kassala Tico Luba humbly agilely.

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I am with the ones who have humbled their hearts for me.

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They have humbled themselves, they've discarded all the vanity of this world.

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They don't play the games of this dunya anymore. And they've humbled themselves for me, Allah says that I am with them.

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So, the life of this road can become the home and the peace, the home in the place in the abode of peace and tranquility for a person if they are willing to fulfill the earlier conditions. And that is, they are willing to live a life where they open their minds and their hearts to the Quran and revelation will who will will lead you and Allah will be their ally, Allah will be their friend that it can be and Allah Molendinar Xena Ave Kathleen Allah. Because Allah subhanaw taala says that Allah is the ally and the friend of the believers and those who reject belief in Allah and don't believe in Allah. They have no ally, they have no friend, the only one who will lead you home be Macondo

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Yama loon. And Allah is their friend and their ally and all of the above the peace of the tranquility they experience the world becoming a place of tranquility and serenity for them. Them entering into paradise, them being in the highest stages of paradise close to Allah. Allah being their ally in their friend, all of these promises are why be back Andrew Yama, Lord,

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Allah always brings it back to this point.

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And as much as we don't like to hear this, Allah tells it to us as it is.

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And that is the Mikado Yan balloon. You have to put the work in

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received all of this reward and all of this honor and all of this blessing and all of this tranquility and peace of blessings from Allah. Because they put in the work, they did the deeds.

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We had to leave, you know, our homes to come here tonight to the masjid to the house of Allah.

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We had to leave the Iftar party, the social gathering, in order to come and pray to Allah.

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Some work has to be done. It's not really difficult work. It's not overly challenging, but it is work. And we have to consistently put the work in Carlo cada up the list of rod, they were consistent. Allah does not demand a lot from us in terms of quantity. But he wants quality and quality is number one, you do it for line number two, you do it consistently. If you can do it for Allah and you can do it consistently. Even if it's very humble, even if it's very little. It will ultimately bring you peace and tranquility and all the promises of Allah in the Hereafter. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to do good and to be sincere and doing good. And to consistently

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do good. I mean our anatomy May Allah accept from all of us. Subhanallah we have the use of Hannah Colombia Hambrick Nisha to Allah ilaha illa Anta the sufferer governor to the lake, Inshallah, once again just a reminder, as everyone is leaving in sha Allah, please do stop by and see our friends from HRD they're doing really beautiful, really important work all across the world helping the Oba so please stop by and help out as much as you can slow on Nicaragua.