Paths to Peace – Ramadan 2023 Night 06

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The speaker discusses the serious moment of the events of the book of Allah, where the prophets use a verse of the Quran to describe their actions and the importance of protecting the area. They emphasize the need to be mindful of everything and not reckless, while also acknowledging the struggles of Islam's founder, Cthulhu, in protecting his religion and community. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding false assumptions and staying true to one's faith.

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Bismillah you will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah you ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Morain Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Inshallah continuing with our series, paths to peace, where we are reflecting on the concept and the mention of peace, tranquility, and serenity, as mentioned in the Quran, as mentioned in the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Today, we're going to talk about

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a very

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significant moment, from the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in regards to which there was the revelation of a verse of the Quran. And it's a very,

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it's a very serious moment. It's a very serious occasion. But at the same time, it also provides an opportunity for a huge learning opportunity from the Dean.

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So, the story, the situation, from the life of the prophets, Allah from the event was that

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the prophets a lot, he said them had sent, there was a conflict, there was a battle.

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And in the aftermath of the battle, the prophets a lot, he said, I'm told the Companions, the Sahaba, to scout the area, to scout the region to secure the area. Make sure that there are no, you know, backup, you know, armies arriving, there's no, you know, rogue battalions that separated out from the army that we still need to worry about. So check the area scout the region secure the area.

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As they were doing that,

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some of the Sahaba they saw a man.

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And this man had a small flock of animals with him, maybe some goats or sheep.

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And he was basically kind of going with his small flock.

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And when he saw the Muslim soldiers, the Sahaba, the Companions, you know, they're armed, they're securing the area.

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And he looked at them and they looked at him.

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And naturally, they were kind of curious, who is this guy? Where's he going? And they started to approach him. He sees them approaching him. And he puts his hand up from a distance. And he says, As salam o aleikum,

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As salam o aleikum.

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He gives him Salam.

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And the idea is by giving them Salam, what he's essentially doing is he's communicating the message that I'm a Muslim.

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I'm not a threat.

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I'm not with the enemy. You don't need to worry about me. I'm a Muslim, just like your

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the Companions, I'm being very deliberate and very cautious when talking about this because something really drastic occurs. They looked at each other.

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And they said, My Salama Elena OLALIA Tao with Mina.

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They looked at each other and they said, The only reason

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he sang Salaam

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is so that he can get away from us. He's using this

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to basically kind of be undercover, not get in trouble, not get questioned, not be interrogated.

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For I'm gonna do elation. So they continued moving towards him.

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Naturally, when that happens,

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especially in a region where there's been some war and conflict. He started getting agitated. He started becoming defensive. They said, whoa, whoa, calm down. Things got out of hand for Cthulhu.

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And in the scuffle, that man was killed.

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Well, I told me he wanted me he and the bigger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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So now the man was killed. What do you do?

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So they rounded up the animals that he had with him and they came to the prophets Allah the Salaam. And they reported back to the prophets, Allah the psalm that this is what occurred.

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The prophets a lot he said, No sooner than he received this news, this information he was immediately extremely upset.

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But then Allah revealed

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a verse of the Quran. This is from surah nisa surah. Number four. I am number verse number 94.

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Allah says, Yeah, you Hello, Xena Armineh Oh, you who believe

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either up to feasibly Leila.

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When you travel and move about in the earth, when you are on an expedition for the sake of Islam. And you are moving and traveling for the sake of the spread and the propagation and the defense of the religion.

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For today, you know,

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be very clear about things fully do your due diligence. Investigate every matter to the fullest. Do not speculate. It's a question of life and death. Don't be reckless. Don't be careless.

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And then it specifically said what adds a cool new lemon oil called Lake Musala. Last minute.

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And don't you dare ever say

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to the person who says salaam to you? When somebody waves at you from a distance and

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somebody walks by slaughter?

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somebody sees you slowly.

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When that happens, don't you dare ever say to that person less than a minute? Oh, no, no, you're not really a Muslim.

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Don't ever doubt the faith of the person

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who gave you salaams it doesn't matter what they look like.

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It doesn't matter what they talk like.

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It doesn't matter how they pronounced the salon.

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It doesn't matter where they're coming from.

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None of it is irrelevant. None of it is of consequence. You don't

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cast aspersions you don't doubt you don't undermine.

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When someone gives you seller,

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you don't undermine their Iman

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the possibility of their faith.

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Now, there's a follow up question here naturally before I go forward. The follow up question here is but what if somebody is actually trying to use that as a way to infiltrate?

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When I ask a question like that,

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that is an indication of the fact that I don't actually believe in Allah.

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Because do I really think

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that I'm the one that protects his religion?

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Do I really think I'm the one that protects his community?

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That protects is Dean.

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What a silly notion.

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In unison nothing. We're in Allahu Allah. Allah protects his religion.

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meaning, Allah protects his community of believers. You don't I don't none of us do. Allah so much. So in the Quran said, Well, my Mohammed Allah Rasool, but the commencement of the Hebrew son, for a matter of putting in collaborative manner. Allah went as far as saying that even Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a messenger, and many many messengers passed before him. If he's killed, or he dies, will you turn away from the religion?

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Right? And if you turn away from the religion, you don't harm God, meaning this is the religion of Allah, those words

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that Abu Bakr, Siddiq, Radi Allahu Taala and who spoke on the morning of the passing of the prophets Allah. He spoke these words literally within hours of the passing of the prophets, Allah the salam Mandana Yamato Muhammad and final cut marks whoever used to worship Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then you may leave because Muhammad has fast

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woman getting out of the life I know how you like a moot but whoever used to worship God then please stay because God is ever living so we still have a job to do. Right. So coming back to this point here. The follow up question naturally that always occurs is well what do we do if somebody is you know, trying to use it? It's Allah's Deen it's Allah's religion. This is the ummah of the Messenger of Allah

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We are the People of the Book of Allah.

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We put our faith and trust in Allah. And guess what? You know the the most fascinating thing, there were hypocrites in Medina.

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And the prophets, Allah, He says, knew who they were, because Allah told them who they were.

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And yet, they were there.

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And they did no harm

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to the religion, they did no harm to the religion,

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their their legacy is humiliation.

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Their legacy is failure.

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So, coming back to the ayat, Allah is saying, Don't you dare ever say to the person that gave you salaam that you're not a Muslim? Let's say you're not a believer.

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And if somebody does that,

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right, we were talking about the issues of the heart, the matters of the heart, tranquility, peace, serenity, this is directly touching on that. If I have that kind of skepticism, if my heart is full of that kind of negativity, I cannot achieve peace and tranquility. I will not taste the sweetness of faith, I will not experience the serenity of iman. I can't

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we have to remove that from our heart, that kind of skepticism, that kind of negativity.

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And Allah says that the Buddha Hoonah Arado hieratic dunya because if you are of that mindset, when you look at someone, the first thing you're trying to figure out is what's wrong with this picture?

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What's his agenda?

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Why is that random lady here?

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I wonder what they want.

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Who does he work for?

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That's just your mind just goes there. Allah Sanctum Tahuna Otto hayati dunya. You are a materially focused creature.

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You are a creature that just craves material things. Your heart is corrupted. You only live for the immediate pleasures of this world. Find Allah He Maharani McCarthy era

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and the reward of God is so much greater.

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Gallica quantum in public.

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Allah says, Did you forget the time when you were that nine?

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Did you forget the time when you were that guy

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who walked in, and everybody should have actually

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everybody actually should have been really nervous and worried and skeptical.

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But nobody was they gave you a chance. And now you're not willing to extend that opportunity to anyone else. Your heart is so small.

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Your perspective is so narrow.

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Your EMA your faith is so poisoned, polluted.

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From an Allahu Aleykum for the beginner. But God has mercy upon you. And part of God's mercy is when he puts merciful people in your life. So be an agent of God's mercy.

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Be that source of mercy for somebody else for to value. And again, Allah reminds us so be do your due diligence. Be very careful. If you're about to say something.

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Be very sure about what you're about to say. Be totally confirmed about what you're gonna say in Allahu canovee My Tama Luna hubiera and indeed Allah subhanaw taala is always informed of every single thing that we all do. May Allah subhanaw taala cleanse our hearts, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us personal vision. May Allah grant us good expectations and good perspectives of other people. May Allah subhanaw taala fill our hearts with mercy. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us peace and tranquility. May Allah allow us to taste the sweetness of faith and may Allah always make us a means of mercy in other people's lives. I mean, yeah, Robert Alameen Subhanallah who have become the

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he Subhanak Allahumma behind Nick Nash Hello Hola. ilaha illa Anta Misaki Rika vanetta Willick Saudi

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use the tactical view