Wisam Sharieff – Supplement Your Day With Sunnah Prayers – Vlog 4 – 40 Days To Umrah

Wisam Sharieff
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Salam Alaikum Peace be upon you, within you and around you. Welcome to day three, if not starting day for everyone. Today I'm out of the park, getting in cardio walking a little bit more today. And as I'm doing that, I'm focused a little bit today I'm bringing sunnah. And no, there's so many Sooners to be working on. But I'm going to be working on praying the daily Sooners before the sun before our camera trip. What happens is you get there and you don't want to be on a Traveler's Prayer while you're there. So you start praying all the prayers and then when you're praying full, you're like, wait a minute, I should be praying sunnah and you're not so used to doing that. So if

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you would make intention to solely go up and down as many times as you would, for sunnah, ie, if you're going to pray the her or Fajr once you pray your obligatory Fajr right here. So Maya, once you pray your obligatory Fajr, then before you do, even if you don't have you don't have the time or you're not interpreting the Sunnah, I kid you not go through the up and down, get the body used to it when your body starts seeing the benefit of praying. So now when your body suit says, As soon as like a warm up, the extra voluntary prayers like a warm up, then you will really are more likely to do it. So I'm getting a little bit more aware, I was hoping to get a swim in today, weather got a

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little bit, a little bit colder. So I couldn't take all the kids with me. But as is for now friends, get that physical activity in. And now that we are out here in this beautiful place. And you've made intention to do so now. And I think over my shoulder there that would then and the gang are on the slides. Where are they? Somewhere over there. Okay, so that was getting his slide time in. How about one breath? How about taking the opportunity to reflect and acknowledge on one breath? Oh, Samaya on her way. Hello, Samaya. Well, there she goes, someone has gone. One opportunity for deep breaths, friends, I will switch it over, you take a look out, get a posture of dignity, do your best to bring

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yourself just to a place of stillness. So you can hear the silence just to a place of comfort. So you can absorb the healing or begin to heal. So I always say look at the furthest part in the room and bring the air all the way from over there.

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Pulling the air towards yourself, holding that air in absorbing the stillness. Enjoying the silence

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and following that air out through your nose

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pressing the air down. Now bring that air in as far back as possible.

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Holding that in air in at the top, no tension feeling freeness in my neck if there is any tension and following the air out.

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Push the air down. Take control your breath again. But maybe take a slower breath.

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And at the top of each breath, pause before you introduce yourself to talking again, or getting engaged in a conversation. So with one breath friends, I'm going to take some time and it's not fair to be out here vlogging while all this fun is going on, so I'm gonna get to that. I appreciate everyone on this step and on this journey. I'll catch up with you just in a little bit. We'll need to be learning Alaba will be Islami Deena will be Mohammed Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Let's take a moment. Take the find the opportunity. Give yourself an excuse to praise Allah subhanaw taala I was trying to catch one of the turtles. There's always turtles here.

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Maybe not today.

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See him up on the shore.

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Like take you to the creek real quick.

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So the Hannelore he was the Humvee

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Wouldn't it be fair if I didn't say it? Either. Everyone just wants to say hi. Or everyone's making an effort these days after the election to to do their part and say Not everyone's mean. So look for positivity around you and like every single person on a trail has given the Hello, right. I acknowledge you. I see you and I want good for you. So keep spreading that salaam keep feeding the people and keep that night

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Prior to going, we're just by the creek, but I actually love that trail over there.

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Keep walking the path. I don't want to get you training just yet. But there is a double of Thor, if you're interested. We'll talk about that soon. It is almost time for Salatin Maghrib. So what I was hoping is if you could get the chance, and I know we're very early on to ask this. But if you can try to find moments of inspiration, ie, I'm standing out here right now. That does match I'll get a better shot for you momentarily. But if you realize and you feel like wow, that's such an amazing spot that's going to happen in Omaha law, you're gonna just stop me be like, Wow, this is amazing. And there's gonna be a lot of Hey, everyone, stop and pray to America here. So I want you to get

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that stop, drop and roll. Feeling that stop drop and make to record. Stop, drop and make two record, which doesn't really rhyme but you can make it work. I'm gonna go ahead and take my opportunity slot the mug is right upon us. Stuff federal law, hella alim. If you want a new liquor to hold in your plank, I'm gonna try to pistol squat out here a few times on at least 1020 iStockPhoto la alliums catch up with you all soon.

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We got a few minutes left for me. It's Sunday. I don't know what day you're catching this on. But before we sleep when we're out in the Haram or in Medina or in the drive in between Madina, Munawwara and maca duty mocha Rama. I think you've jumped in the shot already. I'd like you to as soon as you see that moon remember Surah Mulk and get started

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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah hir rahman Rahim Dubow raka the Brd Hill muku Alang Konishi in the Lezzy Kanaka Lima Hotel. Hi, Lea. Welcome you Come sir noir Amala wall noises for a levy Hualong conserve on summer Oh want to play mount? Madonna off the rock moneyman would fell Ruggieri in Barcelona headed down on football zoom or Jerian belts on on colourant ruthenium Bonnyville ina you can bounce Lundell Halsey whoo ha ha see it.

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So the Kelowna lien for now, I hope that you would finish the rest of the is about 30 verses if you started reading one is a day of Surah Mulk. In 30 days, you'll have read the whole surah if you read one IR plus another IR every day. So just keep adding one eye every day. By the end you'll have read the most hope you're appreciating this. Want to try to make some anchors. This is the moon you will see it here. You will see it during Ramadan. You want to tie that tie it tie those associations together. That's it for tonight friends, Monday starts the full week. I want us breathing. I'm on a stretching. I want us to get into the habit. I don't think you could tell I'm actually making the I

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want you to get into the habit of going up and down making the ruku so I am kind of excited to get a few things started tomorrow. I would hope to talk to you about postures of prayer. Those of you who are interested in now trying to figure out what's going on. Omar is happening. That's the second or third week of December last week of December you can check us out.

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Just think about December 20 to 30. We'll be spending some days in Madina Munawwara and Marketo mocha Rama, if you're interested, you'll find out how to get there. Thank you everyone have a great night. May peace be upon you around you and within you for the rest of the evening. And I'm hoping this week is absolutely amazing for you Allahumma John clade Armonia Allahumma John Lena Armani harati ma Allahumma joggle Clara Yom Yom iLok May the last year as be your best years may your last actions be your best actions and may the best day of your life be the Day of Judgment May every year get better than the next every slot closer to a lot than the last. And May every day get better than

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the next than the last of one I should have said that for the year to May every year get better than the last every slot better than the the last and every day and better than the previous day made the best day of your life. Be the day that you meet a lot and everyday up to that point. Become better for you hoping the best for everyone. You really want to come from tomorrow and you don't see it in your future. Just start asking your Lord and you'll sort out a path

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