Haifaa Younis – Will I Receive the Same Rewards If I Am Not Able to Fast All Ramadan

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during quarantine is discussed, emphasizing the need for individuals to be aware of their health and intentions based on environment. The speaker describes his "fiting act" of fasting and emphasizes the importance of fasting for everyone, not just those who have it. He also talks about his "willing to eat" and "willing to drink" activities, emphasizing the need for individuals to be aware of their health and intentions.
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Now this is somebody who really cares about the reward. Well, I get the same reward, if I'm not able to fast on the one.

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Whether I'm traveling, whether it's again, my situation whether I'm sick

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so someone gets sick, I got caught COVID Last year, coding

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fast for five days is my reward plus more.

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reward, very word is not from me or you.

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Nana 201 And Allah don't think Allah knows. However, however, your state with fasting or not fasting will dictate your reward. Because the person who is fasting, he is obeying or she is obeying Allah and the person who is not fasting for a reason also is obeying Allah. Right? I just told you, the menstruating woman she wants to fast but Allah said no. If you are sick, if you're traveling and the travel puts hardship on you, you're absolutely allowed. Right? So these both the idea is the same.

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What makes that takes you and you really need to think of this. Everybody in this room, let's assume everybody will be hungry or healthy. And it's not their master waiting day, and they're not traveling. So everybody in this room will fast right? hamdulillah are we all going to get the same reward? Aha, why not?

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Now your intention, they are fasting Ramadan for Allah, nothing to do with it. Never say intention. Because only Allah knows the intention. I never can judge your intention.

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But it depends what kind of fasting I am fasting. If I did not eat and drink from morning to evening, and I backbiting everybody, and I heard this, and I heard that right. And and the moment I broke my fast I start doing all the Haram things that alone when I'm fasting, then the only thing I got is hunger and thirst. Versus I am not fasting because Allah told me not to or I couldn't but every moment of that day of the fasting I'm obeying Allah subhanaw taala Are we the same

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or the person who's sick or menstruating huff and puff all day? why this happened? Why in Ramadan is going to be too tough for me to make it out and the person who's

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fasting is very difficult with everything but she's so happy it's from above and She's fasting are they the same

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so it is not the fact you're not eating and drinking

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the fact is where is your heart?

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Are you a different person in Ramadan when you are fasting than when you are now

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that's you answer

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does Ramadan really bring the best in you?

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Does Ramadan already changes you?

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Again don't say yes or no not to me because he's seeing me and he's seeing you so the person who fast and the person doesn't fast for a reason not fast doesn't doesn't fast just because but a valid reason they are both could be the same could be both higher could be both lower one could be better than the other

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which means the message for everybody

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what are you doing any of fasting

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and some of you may not have attended on Saturday there's three levels of fasting the fasting of everyone so hopefully I want everybody everybody don't eat don't drink don't have a relationship from this Fajr to sunset however everybody the whole millions that are fasting

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but then there's the second one so how was the special what that person fasting external what we need to fast from but they are fasting from every haram

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It shocked me you and your honesty and I don't mean you but I've seen it everywhere including in the Haram

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where people they broke their fast they come to the masjid whether here or there on the Haram right? And it's not easy even here even if you live next to them as you there's still not easy, right? And you will come to the masjid or you will travel and you go to the huddle and taraweeh has been grabbed and I'm sitting and talking to my the person next to me. Let alone I'm backbiting people are talking negative about people.

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What kind of a fasting is

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what kind of coming to the masjid that alone I'm coming to the masjid and the masjid is mine. And I'm hurting everybody.

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I'm bringing my tea and I'm talking to you. You know that

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Jimmy imaam is reading qualia evaluating Sofala and forcing him you need to be crying. And I'm sipping my tea and talking to my friend in the masala

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so make sure you move everybody, at least I will see Nick for 30 days, but at least half of it when you're fasting is the fasting of the special

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you will not see her on, you're not going to break her fast and I'm going to sit in front of that TV, and you're going to see all whatever they put there Subhanallah how shaitan is operating these days that the best Haram is in Ramadan. If there is a word called Best harm, but you know what I mean?

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Right and people wait for it.

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Wait for it. People don't go for taraweeh to watch this and that everybody according to their age, whether it's on social media, whether it is with friends, whether it is with friends, whether it's in the masjid or outside. No, we're going to move it. We're going to move to make it a fasting that I am going to fast from haram.

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Because fasting is holding is abstaining. That's the meaning of the word fasting. Stop saying I'm going to abstain from Halal haram in my dress code haram in my word, the way I talk haram in the wasting haram in food haram in everything. I'm going to put the Haram as the filter in everything I do. Or I say you leave the merge again. I'm just assuming because I've seen it in other places. I don't haven't seen it yet. But you leave the masjid as everybody throw things on the floor. Who's gonna clean after a while there is a cleaning person. That's why we donate lady. That's what you do for the house of Allah.

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If I come to your home, and that's what I do to your home, will you invite me again? What are you going to say about me when I leave?

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I come to your home. You invited me you honored me you're cooked for me. Right? And then I eat and I throw everything on the floor, let alone my child do that. What do you say? How can I do this in the house of Allah?

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It is not a party the taraweeh is not party tarawih is one why it's called tarawih. Does anyone know?

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Why it's called tarawih? I saw that yesterday in the young professional so don't answer

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why it's called tarawih.

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Why it's called haram. Anybody?

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Because you between every four, you take a break. That's called Total rehab. Why do you need a break? Because the hard work

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it's hard work. And you know an imam reads one pager everybody starts huffing and puffing.

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Right? They used to read long and you'll feel it so you're coming

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and the masjid have done so many things for you to make it comfortable. And then you didn't need to fill out the facade or I let my children title on the Posada don't do that. Then you're not you're fasting is not special.

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You fast you're fast is accepted hamdulillah but you're not special. Ordinary, let alone the highest level may Allah give me I always say it'll be one day of this and then I'm ready to go back and that is when you fast from anything other than Allah. Anything. You're not going to think about this and that will plan this and this you do your usual what you need to do, but your heart is only focused on Allah subhanaw taala

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