Rush to do good deeds

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video where a man named Danny is being interviewed by a Chateau de la granted. He tells them that he should not make any decisions until he gets up and goes to the water. He advises them to rush to the good and hold onto it for a long time.
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Marisa Lamar while he was in them, when he was described by a Chateau de la Juana. She said Ghana is a calm in LA What's up? As soon as he opened his eyes he got up no no no no decision making Should I get up now later as soon as he opened his orthop strength and power in the worship of Allah so again, Danny like today someone would open his eye and then need to take relax a little bit by the time he gets up

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in the water, you know when it comes to the decisions concerning your deen, you should not be making a decision. You should be going straight away for it. A lot of social calls you to the good, you rush to it for a lot rush to the good or stereo in the middle of Pico majan nothing alto has somewhere to allow Mottaki don't wait for someone to invite you to the good. Allah has invited you to the good long time ago in this course that we're reading Allah has already invited us Nico decision who you from the people of what from the people of the paradise, then do the work and choose the path firmly and hold on to it and make a difference show a difference between you and the

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people of the hellfire.