Gaza Is Fine | A Doctor’s letter after visiting Gaza

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do go my word dad go mirallas

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers, my sisters in Islam, I was talking to one of my machines last night and he informed me that a Jordanian doctor had visited Gaza recently and wrote him a letter describing his experience while he was there in Arabic and Hamdulillah. This letter now has been translated into English and I would love to read it out to you in sha Allah, the doctor titled The letter was behind Gaza is fine. And then he went on to say By Allah's grace and His bounties, I have now arrived from inside Gaza, specifically from the Jordanian field hospital in to the Egyptian Rafah border to the Palestinian Rafah, and then to allow each airport in Egypt to

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return to Jordan. I don't know how does that work, but the doctor was describing how he went from one border to another until he arrived into Jordan Alhamdulillah. We spent approximately 23 hours inside Gaza from 10am Saturday to 2pm. Sunday on the 20 on October 29 2023. Yes, there is a lot of destruction in Gaza, but it's mostly the stones and rocks that are destroyed. But the morale of the people in Gaza is soaring. We spend most of our time inside the Jordanian field hospital with the wounded and the injured and the morale and the string of the wounded and the injured were much better than ours. Allahu Akbar due to security concerns we were restricted from movement alone

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except when accompanied by the youth of the Jordanian Field Hospital and the Palestinian Red Crescent members. We managed to Rome for a full three hours in honorable Gaza he called Gaza the honorable Gaza If only they had let us ROAM ALONE, perhaps we could have earned the honor of martyrdom along these great people Allah who these 23 hours made us feel proud strength and courage which is present in this part of the world. Despite all the hardship that people here face the Jordanian field hospital in Gaza. Alhamdulillah is in excellent condition with all the necessary medical supplies, even electricity, generators, and communication networks dedicated to the hospital

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are all working our youth in the hospital are truly commendable. Regarding communication he mentioned despite the Zionist attempts to dis to disable the internet and communications in Gaza, they are available through the Egyptian communication networks through the border from Gaza site. So Al Hamdulillah, despite the plan of cutting off Gaza from communication, still Alhamdulillah they can access the internet and even designers communication networks, so they can even access through design is communication networks that resilient people here cannot be restricted. You cannot restrict the people of Gaza and they find solutions to every problem. Allahu Akbar. People here

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share bread, water and even cash. They empathize with each other in a way that I've ever I've never seen before, especially during the distribution of food and cash aid. I have visited Gaza many times before. But what I witnessed this time is different from all previous times and years. What is what is truly joyful is the unity and the national solidarity that exists in Gaza now something that I have never experienced for in 40 years hamdulillah the Zionist when we entered yesterday night through the Rafah border, and exited today just before noon, showed fear in their eyes and movements during the inspection of trucks. They were visibly trembling and scared even while speaking. They

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kept looking right and left feeling every shout against them. If it weren't for the fact that I represent an international relief organization, the Royal Hashemite Jordanian charity organization and any deviation from the United Nations instruction would K would cause embarrassment and harm to our organization. I would have stayed in Gaza with them. May Allah subhanaw taala honor us even with something small of what he has honored them with, I assure you the things in hon Gaza are excellent Allahu Akbar we won't say victory is near as what we have seen confirms that they have truly triumph with the help and generosity of Allah subhanaw taala and what remains is just details talking about

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this experience could go for too long and we will return to our people in honorable Gaza many times insha Allah I ask Allah subhanaw taala for the relief to be near and close and that we return to it while it is liberated and old palace

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Stand by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. Then he said goodbye Gaza, the land of pride, dignity and courage. Many people in our present time lack will be back Gaza with the permission of Allah. Amin Amin, amin, may Allah subhanaw taala grant as the strength and the courage of the people of Gaza. And may Allah subhanaw taala reward him for the struggle. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant us entry to the land of Palestine the land of pride and honor the land of our coats, while it is in the hands of the people of Palestine, Amin, Amin, amin, Santa Monica, library.

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to Dubai. Go my word dad go mirallas

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let that go.