Can I Join Someone Who Is Praying Their Sunnah

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Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers


AI: Summary © In this conversation, a speaker discusses the practice of "naausea" and encourages individuals to take their time as it is important to not cause anxiety. They also mention the origin of the layout of the sky and how it should be considered a "naausea" message. The conversation ends with a discussion of the importance of following the rules of Islam.
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So if I didn't pray my thoughts Allah and I come to them as late they already done with their Gemma and someone is praying there sooner than nothing can I join them and make this much ama with my syllabi acceptable or not?

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Well, of course they have differences of opinion on the on this on this issue because of difference and the intention so the amendment this case would be praying sooner, and you'd be praying for salah and the prophets Allah Sam said in a majority memory the man should be should was was put there to be followed meaning to be followed in ruku St. Jude and would the intention be included or not? That's what the argument among the other man. Some days no you shouldn't be praying behind somebody with different intention. If they say okay, and the evidence and the proof that this is headed tomorrow the Allahu Allahu Allah, who used to pray with the prophets of Allah Salaam in the masjid

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Salatu Shah and then later on, he goes to his community, his neighborhood Masjid and he will be leading Salah for them because they love his his being the man for them and he is somebody the prophets are some praise and so forth. So they love to do you know for them to have him as their email so he would do so. And he would be praying again for him as an orphan, and for them would be their fault. So based on this hadith we realized right now we understand that it is permissible to pray salatu salam will fall behind somebody who was praying knuffel Salah or sadhana salah and sola should be acceptable in shallow terracotta whatever the person who's the environment the situation

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who's praying his son or his nipples Allah doesn't believe that it's okay for them to become an Imam for someone like this. Do they have to break their salah and until the person you can't because I'm not doing my foot Salah You don't even have to you just continue with your Salah as you do usually and the person has a right to follow you they want to they want to follow you and hope in their salon Shall we acceptable for them but Eliza and you Salah will be acceptable for you as well inshallah the barcode on there is no harm it is clear about the permissibility of doing so. Whatever the situation was the opposite. You prayed your foot salah and now you come to them as they're

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already making their foot Salah. So should you join them or not? The answer to this is yes, you should still join them and make your Salah as natural for you. The prophet SAW Selim who wasn't in a miserable hive which was in Minot during the Hajj time. And after he finished his his Salah he looked back and he saw two individuals sitting in the back of the masala they did not pray with them. Remember that was the Hajj time when it was only permissible for Muslims to come for the hedge after the ban of the other worshipers from coming to Mecca. So when the prophet SAW some Southern sitting in the back he called them says come over. So they came and he said a Muslim man and

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tomorrow Muslims they said yes sir Salah he goes limit them to salia mana Why didn't you pray with us they said well we prayed with an our hand It means and we present our tent or camp and we just came to be with you. He said next time if you even if you're in your place and you come to the gym and the masjid you should join them as well took the Willkommen aphylla this will be written for you as knuffel Salah. So if anyone at any point they come to the masjid and Gemma is already established, even if you have done your solar joining and here we're talking about the original geometry of the map, not a second or third or fourth gem I know the origin of the man. If you come

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even if you prayed your Salah, you should join them as well inshallah and it should be fine.