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AI: Summary © The Prophet has warned against being too strong or aggressive, as it can lead to the loss of human beings. The fruit of the fruit of protecting the Muslims is also discussed, including the desire for forgiveness and the use of force in cases. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, especially for large groups of people. The speaker also touches on language and the need for gentleity in Islam.
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To create room for people may Allah Allah bless you. You know, one of the challenges that sometimes escapes us, is the impact of the greatest the

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our traits, what makes us who we are.

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In a time where there's so much asked of every single person, you know, whether it's somebody working in the corporate sphere or parents at home, or children of parents, kids who are at school, spouses, everyone being out of a lot, and this pressure has put upon us this seemingly impossible demand.

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Room, air if any room at all.

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And this kind of characteristic course of 1020 30 years, it takes a toll on the heart of every Muslim and it starts to,

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to even sometimes replace what is the actual substance of the heart of the believers of those people who claim to believe in La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and it starts to push aside some of those beautiful traits of the heart and this then opens the door for what we know as emerald and Kulu. The diseases of the heart

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one of the traits that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he heard about so much. This is

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not think of it for everybody. You think that is one of his favorite personality traits was his characteristics we might have a lot and we couldn't be correct, but this one seems to always slide under the radar the Prophet SAW sent him said, in the matador a student utami Mum Academy a flop

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was sent as a means and as to try to rectify and to purify into

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everyone's character to give everyone good character with one another.

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And so the Prophet SAW Sanlam knew that his job was to try to rectify us to make, take something that's crooked. And to make it straight Allah Tala said in the verse that I just quoted, Lakota Can I look and feel Rasulillah he also told hasna that this messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, one of the miracles that Allah gave us, amongst him is that his character, no matter what time, what place, who you are, what's your situation in life, it will always meant to you, you're gonna, you're gonna always be able to look at the stories of the Prophet SAW Salem, and find something to take human can do to the law, whoever takes a lot Allah to Allah when yo Mila Kira and those who look forward to

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the day of judgment, well, that could Allah cathedra on those people who remember, law, a great amount. Now this trait is,

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we all have to admit that there is room to grow, there is a deficiency. And this is the trait of close friends. They mean more than a person who's just going and talking to pet they barely know. So he's he's sitting and having an intimate conversation with meaning on her mother, and he's saying that Allah loves gentleness, it's one of his characteristics is that he's gentle. And then he says, Well, you're off the island rift, the mela, you're alone, and Allah will give, and he will provide through a person being gentle, what he would never give through a person being harsh.

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Gentleness is a key that unlocks problems and unlock challenges, that being harsh, doesn't even have a chance. And he says to her, and he says, what you're up to yada, yada. And in fact, there are some things that Allah will never give to you. Except if you do it in a way that's gentle. This is something that proves to be true time and time again, I want everyone here to think about your relationships with your spouse, your kids, with your co workers, those you're in charge of, at school, your classmates, your teachers, your community members, those that are close to you, you know that there's this seemingly impossible puzzle of trying to convince kids when to go to bed, or

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when to wake up for school or to brush their teeth, or trying to convince your spouse that something is really important to you, or trying to talk to your parents and get them to understand where you're coming from. And the neffs internally, this, this very, you know, animalistic substance within us. It tries to get us to force people by submission, to listen to what I'm saying, and to do what I'm telling you to do. But the Prophet SAW Selim here is telling us that this is the way of the neffs not the way of the rule. This is the way of your your your your your ego, the person that thinks that they're all that not the way of the beautiful faith that Allah Tala gave to each and

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every one of us

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The Prophet SAW sent him He also said in a hadith is beautiful. He said that men are to have the home in a roughly whoever ALLAH blessed as a person who had gentleness in their dealings with people. So that Earthsea had the humility that Allah Tata has guaranteed that this person has attained some sort of goodness that he has given to them. I sort of sit down now it's easy to talk about gentleness in theory, right? Good character, in theory is always very easy. I can tell everybody here, be generous, be patient, you know, be nice to people. But what about the Prophet SAW Salem in moments are a source of Salam, when it was testing him? You know, there's a day known as

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the day of the battle, or heard, which was one of the greatest tests upon the Prophet Muhammad. So suddenly, I can't tell the whole story. But in summary, it was one of the greatest test of his life, the battle immediately following or shortly thereafter, the Battle of betta where the Muslims were sky high in their confidence, and they were feeling very confident in being able to protect themselves in their new city of Madina Munawwara and now the battle herd comes upon the Muslims. And they're, they're overwhelmed by the numbers. But again, they realize that Allah is on their side. And in that moment, on that day, the battle starts out in a very good way. The Muslims are actually

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defending themselves, they're pushing back the aggressors before right from Mecca, they're winning the battle. But there's one group of people that in that moment, were critical to either the success or the failure of the Muslims on that day, just one group. And the Prophet SAW Selim knew this. And that's why before the battle before it even started, he pulled that group aside, and he told them, that you have instructions that cannot be ignored. They cannot be forgotten. If you ignore what I'm telling you, the fate of the entire OMA here today is going to have to suffer if you forget this, what are those instructions, he told the archers that you are positioned here on this mount, and you

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should not leave, even if he said, you see that there are vultures picking apart, our bodies do not leave

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into the battle as the Muslim start to win, and it begins to become apparent that they will win, it seems like again, another replay of bedroom, we're gonna win, we're gonna win, the archer start to see that some of the things that the Quraysh are leaving behind their sword shield and other expensive belongings are being picked up by some of their fellow companions. And they start to feel within themselves, this urge that we're gonna miss out all these people are picking up the spoils of war, and we're not going to be there. So some of them not all, some of them begin to leave the post. And they begin to leave the explicit instruction of the Prophet SAW Sunday. And when this happens,

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Khalid he believes who later becomes Muslim Rhodiola Haoran. He sees this, and he realizes that the archers were protecting the Muslims. And now that they're gone, we can go around from the other side, and this is game over. So he takes half of his army goes around. And while the Muslims are fighting on one side, now all of a sudden they start to unleash chaos upon the Muslims from the other side, and now it's a two front war. People are losing it, people are rushing. People don't know who they're fighting the companions that are close to the Prophet. So some are grabbing him are picking him up. Some of them are shielding him with their own bodies as arrows are raining down from

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the sky from the price. It's absolute chaos. All because there was one group that didn't listen.

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And then they go and they recover. And they've shield away the profits all sudden them and they protect him and in this the profit so sometimes uncle Hamza, or the loron is martyred most often SNOMED an act of bravery is martyr to protect the profits Olson, many companions are martyr, when the Prophet SAW sent him saw Hamza's body lying there, the way that it was, the hadith is that he led out this groan that could only be described as involuntary he was weeping so heavily that he couldn't stop himself.

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Now, why did I tell you all of that about gentleness? Because Think for a moment, if you were in the shoes of the prophets,

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what would you do? And what would you say? And how would you treat those people that you gave that one very simple instruction? You told them one thing. That's it. You didn't have to do anything else. You don't even have to go fight hand to hand combat, no swords. Just sit here with your bow and arrow. And if somebody comes around from the back, I want you to shoot an arrow at them. You don't even have to hit them. You just have to let them know that they can't come this way. How would you respond to the Prophet so to those people in this moment, if you were in the shoes of the Prophet Sosa

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Allah subhanaw taala he teaches us something about gentleness. This is a moment where you would argue and I would argue to that we have a right to be harsh. There was devastation. There was this obedience. We have a right we have to make an example. We have to make a lesson out of this. What did Allah subhanaw taala say? Febi Marah. mechine Mina la Healin tele home if Allah had not placed mercy in your heart to be lenient with those people, well couldn't afford the leader. And if you were tough on them and harsh on them who need a ton lung Fabu if you were tough on them, and you had a harsh heart with them, they would have turned around and how Lekha they would have left you, they

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would have absolutely just left you in there standing by yourself, for one home will still feel left home, wash, went home for me. So with these people, what you need to do is you need to go up to them, and you need to forgive them. And you need to seek forgiveness from Allah on their behalf.

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Not from them seek ask Allah Allah forgive them, they made a mistake. They didn't know. They didn't realize how serious it was going to be if they left all the pain they caused, oh Allah don't hold them accountable for that. I

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wish I would have them for me. And then on top of that, even when you see them in Medina, when you see them walking the streets, don't make them walk around with their heads hung low. Don't ignore them, don't out, you know, make them outcasts in the community. No, no, no. You have to go off to them and say, Hey, come here. I know that we had that mistake before but I have to ask you something. What do you think we should do now? What do you think we should do with this situation? To bring them in emotionally Subhan Allah, you see how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is coaching. The Prophet SAW Selim, on how to use the mercy that he has to show everybody including us, that

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gentleness is the way no matter what somebody does. harshness will never work the same. That in the moment that you think deserves it, being a person of lenient and gentleness is the way there's another story of a companion. I know we don't have too much time. But Hatem even at the belta who was a battery he fought in the battle his bedroom, he witnessed the miracle of angels coming down from the sky, and saving and and winning the battle with the Muslims. This companion is no joke, you know, those people have habit better. They had a special status with the Prophet SAW sentiment with the OMA. They will no joke. But he's human, and every human makes mistakes. So what did happen do

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well, when the Muslims were planning, and they were going back and forth of the Quraysh, sending political messages and sending political threats in order to protect their boundaries, Hotham becomes worried why does he become worried because his family still lives in Mecca? And he's known to be a Muslim. He's there in Medina. So what happens if the Quraysh find out that some of their residents in Mecca are actually family of the enemy? So how often becomes concerned he's a human. So he writes a letter to the Koresh and he tells the Quraysh This is what the Muslims are planning.

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This is what the Muslims are planning to crash. This letter, fortunately, is intercepted.

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Now you gotta imagine how he feels Rhodiola on May Allah be pleased with him. He fought in the Battle of bed that witnessed miracles, close comparing the Prophet SAW Salah and he almost by virtue of his weakness for his family, which is normal, he almost perhaps ruined what we would know as Medina at that time, and who knows where it would have gone from there. And so the Prophet SAW Selim calls him and Ahmad, who was part of the group that intercepted the letter is with him and you know, Ahmad Ahmad is like this is treason. This is clear. This person is a monastic, this person is a hypocrite. This is clear wild, there's no there's no disagreement. Look at what he did. The Prophet

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SAW Selim, he looks at handsome, and he asks him, gentleness, Hatem? I know what you did, and I know what it looks like you did. But can you tell me what you did? You see how the Prophet SAW Selim controls, whatever human characteristic all of us might have felt in that moment. How dare you? Do you know what you could have done? There's no excuse good enough for what you just know. He says Hatem. Can you tell me why you did what you did have him starts crying, weeping in front of the prophets. Oh, yeah. to sue Allah. I was with you in bed. Well, law he I believe in you will Llahi I'm a Muslim, yet also Allah, but yet also Allah, I'm weak and my family is there. And I thought

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that maybe if I just gave them a little bit of information, he said, Yeah. Rasulullah I know Allah.

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protects you, I have no doubt in my faith that you're going to win. But I thought maybe if I gave them a little bit, they would have protected my family, from the fighting as a reward for me giving them that little bit. Oh, yeah, to sue Allah, please forgive me, please forgive me. And the Prophet saw some of them. He says, this person, this man, he acted upon what was within him as a human. But he was with us in bed that he has a special status with us. I know his faith is real.

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Again, the gentleness is what was there now. SubhanAllah. Fast forward much later, when the Prophet SAW Selim is sending delegates out to the different leaders of the parts of Arabia in North Africa. Who does he sent to Egypt, to meet with the leader of Egypt to represent Islam happen in any delta? The one that any one of us would have said, no, no, I don't trust that guy for a second, don't blink in front of him. You can't trust him for a minute the Prophet SAW sent him says not only do I trust you, not only do I think that you have true faith, you're going to represent us later. And I'm going to send you because that loyalty from bedded is hard to beat. So this characteristic is something

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that the Prophet SAW said, He taught us we need to have an every single moment, I saw the law on how there's a narration in which there was a group of people from the tribe of the Jews that walked by, and they called out to the Prophet SAW set of SM o Alikum. Assemble Alikum which means may death to be upon you but it sounds kind of familiar. Sounds like a Santa Monica. So the prophets all sudden heard this, and she was standing there she heard it too. And so he says back to them, the Prophet saw seven didn't start to get unruly, no, of course not. And Nicola, Allah Who looking Alvim Allah says that his character is above everybody else's. He doesn't. He doesn't fight like we do. He

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doesn't box low like we do. He takes the high road. So what does he do? The minimum he'll do when someone says may definitely upon you is he says, while they come,

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which is the response to whatever a person greets you is to say why they come so if you said As salam Wa alaykum, may peace be upon you and while Aiko May peace be upon you, too, but if you're saying what I think you said, which is may deputy upon you then man I feel bad for you because while Aiko and I'm the prophet of God, who are you?

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So I shout out the law her on how she hears this, and she responds with a little bit more fire with a little bit more energy. She says, while a coma Sam and may death be upon you. Why not? No Come Allah and may Allah is cursed be upon you was all about Aleikum, ma his anger rained down upon you. Right now, husbands if this was your wife in this situation you're like, and I'm the doula, right. It's like be I knew I married the right one. And this is again, like, because why? Because your honor is being challenged. And your companion your spouse just stands up for you in that moment, right? You know, someone says to your wife in a grocery store, hey, go back to Islam. Right? And

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you're like, Excuse me? Excuse me, right? Our Honors being challenged. We're not separate. We're a team. What did the Prophet saw seven say he doesn't look at her and say hi five.

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He looks at her and he says Subhan Allah. He says Men, men and Aisha, relax, relax. That was uncalled for. That was uncalled for.

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So she becomes confused. He says, I thank you, but really, you have to be gentle with people. What Yaquis learn? And you can't be harsh with people like that. What are you doing?

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And she responded, she says, Hold on, hold on. Maybe he thought they said Sam. So she says, Well, M tests Ma Ma Kalu. Didn't you hear what they said to you? I'm not making things up. They were they were cursing you. The Prophet SAW send them says now and I heard he says, oh, LM tests, Mary Mackel to Don't worry about what they said. Do you hear what I'm saying? What I'm saying is no matter what someone says to you, your response is always better. It's fraud. bility here, accent always respond with that which is better. We are not an eye for an eye. We are not punching back. As Muslims we always respond with that which is better.

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Now I'll end because we have a short amount of time left with some of the things that you can do to become gentle because a lot of us might give ourselves the excuse right? We might say well you know what, I just the way I am I'm tough. I'm harsh. But Subhan Allah brothers and sisters Islam came to change who we are. Islam came to take all the rough edges and to send them down to make us nice and smooth with each other so that we can live according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Loris Allah. The Prophet SAW sent them he said, even taught a show one time she was riding a camel and she said the camel wasn't listening. So I started to slap it's back and it's a camel. You know

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camels not gonna feel the slap of a human

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In the same way that we would feel the slaps of each other if you slap a camel it's like slapping a wall it might hurt you more than it hurts the camel. But the Prophet SAW said them he said Yeah, shut our leaky roof. Be gentle. Don't be harsh with this animal because he said what he says lemmya confy Shay in but Illa Zanna he said gentleness is never found in anything except it beautifies that moment. He says while Amiens are fishy in Illa, Shana, and when you remove gentleness from a situation, it just makes it ugly. It just makes it disgusting. It just ruins the whole thing. So number one, brothers and sisters, is having gentleness with our community. The Prophet SAW Selim

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warned us not to be those people who push people away. Sure, you might see children running around you might see someone who doesn't look like they know where they're going. Maybe they cut in front of you. You might see people who are not dressed the way that you want people to dress when they come to the house of Allah. But remember that if you give up your gentleness, in defense of Allah, then you are making that moment nothing for you but an ugly moment. The Prophet SAW Selim handled the Bedouin urinating in his masjid, he handled the man who came to him and asked for things it doesn't allow Yeah, Mohammed fear Allah Mohammed, can you imagine someone saying that to the prophet

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of God? How did he handle that? One time a non Muslim grabbed him by the shirt and said give me my money and almost grabbed his sword and said yet also Allah, give me the wink. I will take care of this guy, the Prophet SAW sent him salah, give him his money, and give him some more. This is our messenger. SallAllahu wasallam. How do we treat each other number two? How do we treat our family? How do we treat our children? I know I'm a parent. I have two young kids. My son is half a diff is a quarter Egyptian. And if you know Egyptians were tough people right emotionally. I know it's tough to get your kids in bed. I know it's tough to get your kids in the car to get them to eat their

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food. I know that spouses disagree that parents and kids have tension. harshness is not going to solve anything. The ego feels good but the situation is ruined. We ask Allah Tala to give us gentleness, Amin, amin and brothers and sisters lastly, before we conclude, be gentle with yourselves. Be gentle on yourself. The Prophet SAW said him said in the deen Mateen on for Oh little behavior within this deen is tough. It can be tough and if you beat yourself up constantly enforced too much on you at once. You can end up falling apart for Oh he'll be beautiful and meaning what? A come to this religion with gentleness. Don't try to force everything on others or yourself. And you

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will have the success that you're looking for. We ask Allah Allah to grant us Sophia, we ask Allah to Allah to make us those who have gentleness or Cooley Colorado stuff for a La Jolla welcome what decided Muslim in a Muslim match for stuff through in hullo for him?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashraful MBIA will Muslimeen say Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Awada early he was hobby he a drummer in brothers and sisters. This whole book is a reminder to everybody no one here including myself is exempt. We ask Allah Tada to give us all the good from it and to protect us from all of the bad.

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There is inshallah after prayer we'll make a drawing and the hookah here there is a janazah here today. For a young child we ask Allah Allah to bless and protect and to give courage and suburb to the family of the departed child. I mean, I really asked everybody to be gentle. In this moment. I know that people have plans and people have families and schedules. If I could ask everybody please attend the Janaza prayer of this young child I think it would mean the world to the family. And this is what community is for we ask Allah Tada to accept in the Allahu Mehta who you saw Luna Allah Nebby Yeah, you're Latina, ammonoosuc lu Allah He was a limitless Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad

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wa ala Muhammad chemist's or later Allah Brahim, or other early Brahim for Alameen. In Naka Hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed come about after Ali Ibrahim or other early Ibrahim for the Alameen. In comida Majeed in the La Jolla motivated his son where he take the quarterback while enhancing Foshay with a monkey with Buffy you're coming to Allah come to the corona Aki masala

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