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AI: Summary © Shay Haple, a heart doctor, is traveling to the UK to attend a seminar on personal development. The importance of the mother in open heart surgery is discussed, along with the need for personal development and the potential for personal development in various roles. The high rate of divorce and the high demand for marriage advice are also discussed, along with a presentation of upcoming events and workshops. The high divorce rates in the UK compared to other countries and cultural and political changes in Malaysia are also mentioned.
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A very warm welcome to live in the life with salvati and sadiya choudry. Thank you very much for joining us this evening. Our second guest in the green room is a very rare find his energy and passion for teaching is extremely evident in his style and approach. That's right. His students have dubbed him the heart doctor, as he often requested them to have the hearts to metaphorically be conducted into blood. Less open heart surgery. Wow, Isn't that incredible?

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Everyone suddenly come, come, sir.

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How are you? I'm doing great. hamdulillah. I'm very happy and honored to be here. Again. Very happy that you're here with us. I hope you can expand on that heart surgery thing. We're all intrigued about. bloodless open heart surgery. Wow. Now our second guest of the evening flew into the country just today, and we're so super pleased. He's taken time out to be with us tonight. Yes, his students know him as the heart doctor. We know him of course as Shay Riyadh was Ozzy.

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His mom, isn't it? Yeah, sure. Mom.

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I cleaned my room today. $10

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I took the garbage out. $5 I shoveled the snow $15

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I did the dishes. $20

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I cleaned my room. So much so and then at the end, total total. Whatever the total was. The mother took the same piece of paper flipped to the side. And then she wrote

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I carried you in my womb for nine months.

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Bearing all the pain

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free of charge.

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When I gave birth to you

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I felt so much pain.

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terrible pain.

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I was screaming giving birth to you.

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free of charge.

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When you were a baby

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used to feed you first before feeding anybody else even before feeding myself.

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free of charge.

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We used to get sick.

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I used to nurse you stay the whole night with you cry before Allah making for a lot to give you Shiva

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free of charge.

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Under the he says total love

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your mother.

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Wow. Indeed your mother How important is your mother amazing, beautiful description now. Welcome to the show share three albums as he

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comes to that place.

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My pleasure and very moving clip. We just saw that every time we you know when you talk about the mother? Yeah. It's something endless like when you travel. If you don't when you go for Hajj, you ask your friends you ask your you know, please make dua for me. You ask anybody that you know you go for Hajj, please make the effort. But if your mother is traveling, you don't have to ask her to make that for you. It is the only person in the world that you In fact, when she makes her Salah, all heard the highs for you. When she travels for her, she travels to make that for you. So the mother that's why the Prophet Mohammed is so nice to talk so much about the reign of the mother which

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supersedes that of the Father.

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Thank you so much for sharing that with us. That was amazing talk that you gave. Now shake. As we mentioned introduction earlier on. You flew into the country just today, just now and

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fresh off the plane.

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Like you've just been on a long trip. It was just like, yeah, three hours, so it was not bad.

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Now, you've got so much planned for your trip here the Magic Kingdom. There's lots going on for you. How's the development coaching side of things going?

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Been doing? In fact, London, New York has been a very, very good market for me. Other than the Canadian market? Yes. So a lot of my students in Mexico asking me to come and settle here. So hamdulillah I did lunch, quite fuelled personal development seminars. The latest one was, was called awaken the genius and there's another one called trained and genius. It's all about, you know, personal development, which involves life management, you know, public speaking, how to deal with all types of different issues that you may face out there. So it's a it's an amazing seminar in all which, in fact, I've done here a couple of times.

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I'm going to take it into a tour that concerns me a little bit that you said, You've got such a big market here. Does that mean that in England and in London in particular, we're in need of a lot of personal development? It's not It's not that it's just I most of the coaches that I know, in fact, they like to work here, because it's just, it's not that people here are in need of press, everywhere you go people, I mean, there's some people who come forward. Yeah. And are looking for the the, to learn the skills and to develop the skills. And there are others who

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they they're not too interested in fact, so it just it's a very, very green, very interesting market here that a lot of people show interest. Yeah. And it's not black, you are in need of what all you need.

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Well, of course, some of your work at the moment will involve a seminar that you're working on is to do with the marital family. I'm a Canadian marriage officer.

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When I was a marriage officer, yeah. The guy at the airport, you know, the the one I was checking in, he says, Why are you here for us? Is I'm a marriage officer. I have a marriage. What's a marriage officer even like a counselor? I said, Yes. Okay, Counselor. I am. So what I do is I also offer seminars on on on marriage.

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For both those who are married and those who are not married. In fact, I have an event. this coming Saturday in Sheffield. Yeah. And another event in, in Birmingham. It's a long day event. split into two segments, one for those who are not married, have to find the right spouse. Yeah. And for those who are married, how to improve their relationship with their spouses, yeah. Looking into the life of the Prophet Mohammed versus them as the role model, really, and how he treated the wives and whatnot. So there's so much to learn. In fact, you know, in this in this field, I think just before people get married, a lot of youngsters don't understand that there's a lot to learn about what to

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expect, and what not to expect as well. Yeah, you know, what's what's really interesting, and maybe you can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've noticed that the the, the rate of divorce in the UK, it's really, really high compared to other countries, especially amongst the Muslims. And then I come here, a lot of people call me on the phone or send me text messages on my Facebook page. You know, we'll pay you your flight to pay to just come and go and counselors, and it's really scary sometimes. And and any just about the foundation, you need to really, like you said, in a way you want to get married, first of all, is it just because you've been pushed, which is something that

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you want to try? Was it a family business, like the parenting? You know, there are a lot of cultural, you know, there's a lot involved when it comes to marriage, which I think is great to see that you're doing so well. And we'll be learning more about some of your projects in a moment. Welcome back. What a great initiative. They're in Lebanon. Yeah, I'm so good to see that new technology and new sort of sophisticated greenhouses are helping farmers are during the break. We are talking to our guests. And, Nick, you mentioned in Malaysia, at the moment, the agricultural industry in booming USA. Yes, actually.

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since our independence in 1957, agriculture has been a major part of a major force of driving a major fourths of the economy in Malaysia, because we still have up to date up to Tao, we have still many farmers. And

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in Malaysia, yeah, we are one of the large rice breweries in Southeast Asia and we also a major producer of the palm oil. Yeah. And shake you said you also saw into the country like four times from Canada, it's like 19 hours. You know.

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That's a Malaysia by the time you get there. I mean, you're all spaced out. But here's the thing. The first thing you notice is the amount of greenery SubhanAllah. Everywhere you go. It's green palm trees, even downtown central downtown, like one of them for palm trees everywhere. It's amazing. Like, and then you hear the it's talking about greenhouses. Yeah, I think the entire Malaysia is all green.

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But it is time now for our final break on the night. Yes, there's still more to come on tonight. living the life. Come now coming back to our studio. We're very happy to say we are joined by our wonderful martial arts zealots team.

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Look at them. Hey guys.

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How are you? You can turn around give a quick wave to our camera. There you go. Looking very smart indeed. Now, put, please explain to us what kind of demonstration are they about to show us? They're going to show a few basic movements right and some of the intermediate movement and then we're going to show some of

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how do we counter attacks using weapons and we are going to show you some demonstration also using our main weapons we call it paragliding. Yes. Okay. This

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Is the dance form of the Select check? Because that right, there were three forms we heard about in the vt. And this is one of one of the types for select ticket, we don't actually have dance. So this is what we do have to depend on some. Right, right. So we have

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for us, I believe

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you're going to demonstrate to us guys in your own time.

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That's quite a dramatic ending.

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Okay, this is a, this is a finale. Let's go for it.

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And there we go. That's the end right.

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Great stuff. Thank you guys.

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Well done, guys. Thank you nausea from favorites. Thank you so much. Great job. That was very entertaining. very entertaining. Now, you were mentioning earlier that you're quite a martial arts fan yourself.

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I've been doing martial arts for quite a long time now. I started off with with just you know, like karate, the basics. And then I used to get hit in my face. So then I went into boxing and kickboxing, Muay Thai boxing. And then recently, you know, and then the the best, but 10 years or so, I moved into the MMA side and I used to work out with those guys who used to go into cage fighting, right. And I would just work out with them they asked me to go and fight plastic. Well, next we have chairs we are fighting. I'm just taking

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guys if people want some more information about the work that you're doing, because it really is extensive amount of projects you're involved in portra How can people get involved? They can refer to our website, www dot soccer hanafy dot coder UK right or we have also our blog, UK slash Chica hanafy.blogspot.com. Okay.

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Grandmaster, it's been a pleasure having you with us. When will the Grandmaster be visiting the UK again?

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Maybe if we have more events, he'll be glad to come here anytime soon. But

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he'll be in a few months how maybe in the next few minutes. Let's make sure next time grandmasters in town. Let's bring the Grand Master on living the life again. Yeah, we can have another demonstration. Why not? Maybe get involved?

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Check to find a we mentioned earlier a lot of seminars are coming up How can people get involved?

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A couple of ways. My website WWE rock training our OC guy rock

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training.com or my Facebook page, you know, share the results on Facebook. And I'm all over you know so you can contact me through my facebook or or send emails through my website. Great. I'm sure those workshops are going to be sold out in the next few days. Because I'm doing a matrimonial as well. It's a marriage followed by matrimony as well. Great.

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Thank you once again. Unfortunately that brings us to the end of tonight's live in the life A big thank you to our guests the Grand Master Chef Dr. Ramsey. Patricia

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Head Nick also has me and of course our wonderful select experts Nazif and Pharaohs. Yes. What a great team they were. And also of course, thank you to share criado zazie live in life is back at the same time next Monday have a wonderful Juma and weekend, assembled Aiko.

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