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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Today we start with Allah's 11th name, which is Al Mata compare.

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Alma taka bear meaning that just the proud, the superb, the Supreme. You know Allah is the one that is Buddha cub bear and this name as a very very interesting thing to it that we know that Allah is the one that has all pride and glory, He is beyond need. He is beyond the qualities of what he has created, glory be His glory be has in the heavens and on the earth.

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Pride is an thing that's attributed to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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That is

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never, ever to be claimed by you and I,

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there's a narration of the prophets have the license to back this. And we see that by human beings, this should never be claimed. Allah hates proud people. Because the only person who has the right the only person who has the ability to be proud as Allah, because Allah is the One who created you from dirt and dust. Allah is the One who gave you life. Allah is the One who gave you wealth. Allah is the One who gives you food. Allah is the One who gives you the ability to walk, talk, have a family have everything Allah owns everything a lot is an moussaka bear the justly proud Allah is not proud in terms of the defect code humans have, we need to understand that pride is a godly as an

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attribute that's attributed to Allah as a positive. But when a human being tries to take upon this attribute, it becomes a sin. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe. Salam has said, and a famous hadith of is that

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he who has in his heart, the width of an ant, of pride, an ant, how small is an ant? Yeah, how small is an ant, a small amount

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that much prayed the size of an atom you could say, will never ever enter paradise. What is prayed actually mean? Pride means to believe to have happiness within yourself that I did this. I am the means of this. This is my effort. That's the that's the foundations of plate. So what happens is, let's say for example, you pass your driving test, and in your driving test, I pass my driving test you've not set 100 And now you've not said Allah Tala Shakur, Allah Thank you Allah. You know, if you spend some time with my friend Azim here, you will learn to say insha Allah Masha Allah Alhamdulillah all the time, because he's always so excited about his camera equipment. Now the thing

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is that this is to identify that Allah is the One who grant you this, Allah is the one that you should be doing shukor to the asking Allah to thank being thankful to Allah. And this also comes to the fact that you Who are you to have prayed. Who are you? Have you even? You know, have you checked who you are, where you came from? That you haven't prayed? How can you have played when Allah is the king? You know, it's like, you know, as human beings forget this easily. We forget this easily. Ask a boss, when he walks into his workplace, and he has workers with him. He'll walk in like Chesto what kind of a whole you don't do this in her you don't do this. And he think he is the boss. He's

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the man in here. Everyone's feeding him here. But when he walks in, he goes home and he gets slapped a boat from his wife. That's because he's changed his atmosphere you want to say so just as the way a man has no right? To have even an atom size of pride. Because this world that we live in, is owned by Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah is an muta Kabir, Allah is the one that is proud of what He, Allah is the one that's proud, we who are we to be proud, we should be thankful to Allah that Allah has allowed us to even live in this dunya when a happy life or a sad life or whatever the case is. So remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam has said to us, that you will not enter

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paradise even if you have the size of an ant, the size of an atom size of the Kabul pride within your heart, you will not enter paradise. Now this name, the chef mentions here, that for dignity, you could say reverence and blessings. The one should read Yamata Kabiru as many times as he can, and inshallah this will be of some level of help for him.

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then, you know, you just on a daily basis on a weekly basis or monthly basis tried to keep a habit for that dignity and inshallah John Yamantaka bear will not only bring away you know for dignity, reverence and blessings and so on we should also read it for the fact to identify, keep on reading Yamata Kabiru Yamato Kabiru Yamato to meet to remind yourself that i How can I have prayed when Allah is the one Allah is the one that holds all prayed Allah is done Malecon could do Salam Amata Kabir you know the the Quran I will be reading through these names so far who Allah hula de la ilaha al molecule could do salami Norma Hi Mira Azizullah Jabbar moussaka bear, Allah Sangha himself, that

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the almighty the Compeller the supreme Allah is the supreme that Allah is saying that I am superb. I am the justly proud I am the Supreme. So don't do you ever feel yourself and thinking that you are something remember to say Alhamdulillah remember to say I thank Allah. Remember to know that Allah has only allowed you the names have some kind of link in between them a connection in between them that if you remember the previous name, if you remember the previous al Jabbar, Allah is the one that gives you you cannot do anything without Allah and then straight after we go on to Almita Kabir Allah is the One who has the right to be proud who are you? Lucky Did you from dust your no one so

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Inshallah, if we have this illness of you could say pride, I hope that we can use this name of some means to identify that we should not be having pride we should be so humble in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala it'll be absolutely amazing. You know, once I went to

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I went to Leicester and in Leicester I met this brother I won't say his name because if he ever sees this he's going to get embarrassed not not saying that he watches my videos but if he ever does see again bias but as met this brother walked in and there's a massive clothing business in Leicester and they were like, you know, making clothes for big big designing companies. And and this is any company I walked in and I met this guy, you know, tow guy with his hat on with his beard and with the Juba and everything and I went up to him and I was like, Can I meet the owner? He was

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given five minutes and you know, it's namaz time who Priscilla so we went into this massive factory in the backs of proper masala with properly better carpet than our masjid. And you went in there and you're reading your Salah, and after Salah finished a lot of work then and I say where's this guy? And it turned out to be the guy that told me to wait five minutes. And I was shocked. That was like this guy on such a big company. And look at this right? His whole business comes to an end. When when Allah Akbar Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, I shed Wanda Ilaha illa Allah, I shall do a La Ilaha illa Allah, I shall do Muhammad Rasulullah I shall do and Muhammad Rasul Allah hyaena

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salah, hyaena Salah high alpha and unfollow, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illAllah. He brings his whole business to an end for everyone to come and pray. And when they come and pray now don't if they come to an end, but they all know that they need to take that time off and pray the seller. This is what you call knowing that we are nothing knowing that we need to go to Allah we need to turn to Allah this is recognition. So may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to understand the attribute of Yamata Kabiru May Allah subhanaw taala grant us ease and goodness just SOCCOM Allah Hi, Jessica. Hi.