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What are Udo Villa humans Trudy and fusina woman's the year Dr. Marina Maria de la hufa mobila Yoga loofah hodja Chateau La ilaha illAllah Hua Hua Shan de cada Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi as heavy as Ryan palolo dilatancy, Lizzie's bargain hula hula humanoid shape on the regime. Yeah you hola Dena mundo de la haka taco De La Tomatina. illa Anta Muslim moon papalia Johan la Vina mano de la havapoo colons.

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Kaku Kaku. lukaku mamanuca Rasulullah who Takata Fasano vema Amma bond. Today I'd like to share with you a story from the Prophet Allah salt, some Syrah the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, particularly from the hijra of the Prophet from America to from the city of Makkah to Al Madina, munawwara the story of the Sierra or the hedgerow, excuse me, is really long. And it is something that in the narrations of Al Bukhari, for example, and in the US have also done it's actually a fairly long and very involved narration. I want to share with you a small part of it, I want to share particularly the part from where the profit or the source of some finally finally reaches the

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place of Oba and built the message alcova there so it is narrated by Muhammad Rahim Allah for levita Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Sanofi Bernier Ahmed mouth bill Barr ash rotten a Latin for sizzle Merci de la de Sala taqwa for Sanofi. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam

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remained in

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the area where the mustard Kava is that was the tribe of Burnham robbed in the house and he stayed with them for about 19 nights and established Muslim Cobra there and prayed prayed and mustard Koba. Koba and the Quran is referred to as the method that is built upon taqwa. Right The visit that is Lucy's Allah duck woman, our Leone from the first day it was built on the foundation of righteousness and piety. Then, tomorrow, Kibera hayleigh tahu

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fissara m Shima hoonah su Hata Baraka in the masjid Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Medina When will you suddenly fee oma even the jasmine middle Muslim in

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Wakanda Mira button lit up the so halen was satin hula mania type at mainly fee hedged the Assad imines. Aurora Avila one who the messenger of a loss of them leaves pullback, pullback to the modern day play the place must go back to the proper systems method is about a 30 to 40 minute walk if you were to walk it today, and maybe like a five minute drive.

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So he must he is awesome went from there but he's proceeding slowly with the people the people are coming with him. And as he is riding his camel, the place where his camel rests. That place was it belonged to two orphans, two orphans by the name of saddle and Sohail and it was what's called a minute but Middleburg was an area where they would dry the dates. So they would take the pluck the dates that are ripe, from the deep palm trees and their moist rooftop, and then they will dry them and for storage purposes, consumption purposes and whatnot. So the prophets doesn't have a call that also relies on Salah mahina Baraka to be here, hello to her the insha Allah who elements in when the

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camel set down at the place. The prophet SAW Some said this is in sha Allah, Allah Menzel. This is the place that's the spot, while hamdulillah sama da Rasulullah He is Allah Allah Allah Allah maney for sama, sama bin mailbird Leah Tahoma Sudan. The Prophet some invited those two young orphans and said to them, he wanted to purchase and wanted to negotiate the price with these two orphans so they can become the muzzle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. In another narration, it says for call Allah who may have been in a jar family unit, we have ethical mhada he said to the people, but in a jar was their tribe. He said, You know Name your price or let's negotiate a price in a theremin Thurman

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oni let's determine a price for this piece of land. So they said to the pseudo loss alum unsurprisingly that we don't want money but now have Naboo laka Rasul Allah He we are going to give this as a gift to you here forever Rasulullah he Salas, Allah jacoba whom in Houma Hey, baton hottap Domine Huma, Huma Huma, Huma Huma studen watashi wa salatu salam, Salama Yun Kumara Houma la bien, fi banja Neha pulu Levin

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lahoma in an agile, agile era for human ansara, while Mahavira the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam refused to accept this as a gift, he wanted to purchase, purchase the land. And thus the purchase was complete after the land was fixed up, and, you know, even out for

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and the Sahaba began the construction of the Muslim of the prophets of Allah. And he, at least AutoSum himself was actively involved in the building of this Muslim, he would Elisa salam, take the bricks, and he will take them and carry them and put them in the place where the message was being built. And he would raise the spirits of the people by singing, you know, a line of poetry, he would say alone in that era for Hamilton sobre el Mahavira Ola only the true agile is the idea of an era the only true life is the true life of the asset and this is temporary. This life is very, very small, very short. You know, it doesn't really mean much. It's

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only in preparation for the real life. So Allah have mercy on the the migrants or the inhabitants the natives of Medina and the migrants and Mahavira, the ones who came from Mecca. This is the end of the nation of Al Bukhari. In another narration, we find Amar vinyasa Ravi la Ron Houma, one of the earliest Sahaba one of the steam Sahaba, whose parents were the first two markers of Islam. Marvin Yasser. His father, yes and his mother sumaiya the first two martyrs for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He saw Amara carrying, yeah millou

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labiatae nificantly Mara is carrying two bricks at a time. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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ala Yan fudo taraba andrassy.

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Allah tamiu Lebanon Lebanon Kama Yamuna, was hubback the Prophet Solomon went to Amar and dusted off the dirt from his head, you know, because when you get working, you get dusty and dirty. The postman was wiping it off from him, affectionately endearingly and asked him Jamar, why don't you carry it brick by brick like the rest of the people like your friends are doing? So Amar says rather than one Houma

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Farah De La Hoya in the middle Azhar in the law. Amar says, I want the answer from Allah subhanaw taala. I'm putting in the extra work, because I want extra. That's what I'm always saying around the law in Houma. And keep in mind, I'm not as no recent hobbies, not just any person who except Islam, his family was tortured severely, they were burned in the sun of Makkah, they were roasted on the sand, the burning sands of mcca, you know, they were buried inside the sand like so it's like an oven to cook them, you see, like their head would be above the ground, and their whole bodies are inside the sand. And that was the situation that armar endured and survived as a young man, to

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finally make it to Medina. And yet when he reaches Medina, he's not happy with all he has done. He's not happy that his parents were the first two martyrs of Islam. He wants to really build his legacy. And he truly wants to build or get the ledger for the work. So he's putting it twice the work, probably lower on the hormone. That is how the profits also raised the Sahaba. That's how he molded and shaped them, that for them, what mattered brothers and sisters was working for the ACA was building something in this world that would live on after them, so that the ledger of it will continue. And they would seek the rewards of the asset on something that will continue after they

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died. And they will never satisfied with the long run home from what they had done. Continue to work. It was never like, Okay, I'm good.

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The Prophet told me I'm going to paradise. I'm good. Let me relax. That was never ever the case. They always kept going as hard as they could, as best as they could for the long run home. That for us, brothers and sisters is example. And that for us is the lesson from this story. There's also other lessons like the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was a principled man. He was a man of principle from the very beginning he was called a solid. I mean, the one who's truthful, the one who is trustworthy are the audience AutoSum his dignity, his honor, his principles were never in question even by his enemies.

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How can a person be claim or how can a person claim to be a adherent of the faith of the of Islam, a follower of the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim and they don't have principles. They flip flop easily. They're like, you know, like we say in order we have a saying, like you have a platter and you put eggplant on it, right? And you roll the platter this way. And the man goes this way and you put it this way, that thing goes that way. Right? You say talica bag and that's what it

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are like, unprincipled How can a person be an adherent or claim to be an adherent of Islam, when they have very few principles to stand by the prophet SAW them even though he had all right to accept something that was a gift

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was a matter of principle, wanted to make sure there was no scope for, like controversy after him wanting to ensure that these two young boys probably were being pressured by society, how could you sell your land to the prostitute and just give it as a gift? Right, put yourself in the shoes of those two orphans, they would really not know what to do at this point. The problem is some is the one who stepped in and made sure they weren't pressured and forced to pay for the land that he was been given for free. To Lhasa them. He tells you he was a person of true principles, and truly making sure that everybody was taken care of.

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And of course, also that he participated. He wasn't just talk.

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He wasn't just talk. He wasn't just someone who would say a few nice words and then retire to like his quarters. He was a man of action. They sort of saw them when the Sahaba would when the Prophet stone would say to the Sahaba, whoever has manganello Thomas lane, whoever has the food of two people take a third with you feed a person who was poor.

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The narration of Bukhari that describes how the Sahaba would take people with them for dinner, those who didn't have anything those who are homeless, what Ghana Mara who are Ashura to resolve the Prophet some will take 10 people, people will take one or two, the profit will take 10 people and feed them. And he probably had the least of all the others who are feeding. He was a man of true action sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And this story demonstrates, that gives us a glimpse of that.

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And our last note about this and then I'll conclude in the lesson next football is the prophecies method that was being built was a method that was very, very unique. Of course, it's the muscle of the Prophet Elisa. But the purpose it was being used for was extremely unique. It's mentioned that it is used for ibehre, the top one for prayers. It is used for an evil cabal,

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which is basically like a little court rulings were issued there. It was used for EDA to dole out CSR.

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Discussions took place in the middle of the profits are solid. The dispatching of the army what happened from the middle of the profits of Salem, the shelter for the homeless, we were little for corominas sofa, the people of another sofa, most notably and famously Abu hurayrah, who didn't have a home in Medina, who didn't have family in Medina who couldn't afford to buy anything lived in the Muslim of the profits or loss of them. The mustard served as their home, it was a shelter for those who didn't have any place. And it was a place where menara tala talim while donemus talimena era while keytab it was a place to teach people reading and writing and education. It was truly that was

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the message of the problem. And that's what he builds on them. And then the generation that he molded from it. They didn't stop, they kept working until the last breath kumada morona was stuffed with a lot of suffering Who in the world of Orion

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spell Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who are early. Allah My bad. The reason why I'm sharing this story with you is for all the beautiful lessons in the story that we can take from the life of the Prophet, anything we study from the life of the Prophet, we can take many, many lessons from it, but particularly the lesson of being motivated to work for our akhira and not let an opportunity pass, not let an opportunity pass us by when it comes to doing something for our akhira that is the most important lesson to take here. And for us right now. There is an opportunity for us as the community of London, the Muslims of London, we have a golden opportunity, an opportunity

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unlike any other that has come by us in recent times, and opportunity for truth. Zhonya like the prophets, some said either Matthew Adam and Katara Malou. In lemon fellas, when a person dies, their good deeds stop the bank balance stops, it doesn't grow anymore. The only way it can grow is from three ways number one sort of

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a continuous charity, a project in an act of an endowment that continues to live on after the person has passed away

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in ammonia and definitely interfere with V knowledge that people are benefiting from something that this person has taught and people are continuing to be better because of his teaching. And lastly, what are the thoughts on the other ruler who a righteous boy or writer

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child that makes dua for this person. And in fact even basil Rahim Allah says that this is for the Muslim and this is actually for anybody, anybody who makes dua for you, after you passed away that Dora is going to increase you in Azure will increase human standing in the eyes of Allah, Tada. And that, you know, people will only make dua for you when you do something for them. No one makes the offer for an hour, no one makes for the hour for people who have oppressed people. Only McDarrah. When you mentioned our scholars, rahima, Houma la victoire only for those who've done good bias, that's the way to leave a legacy with that we

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and then people and their kids, and their grandkids will remember us in their doors. So now we have this opportunity for us other criteria that the message is looking to expand and as a property very close by not even 500 meters, not even 600 meters away from where we are right now, an expansion for our school campus expansion.

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pension for our educational services, a amazing place where we can continue to grow as a community, a place where all of us can leave a lasting endowment, a lasting sacajawea.

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Imagine the people who participated in the building of the Muslim, the profit center, how many, many deeds, how many good deeds, they are banking, while they're in their graves. And imagine now the loser who sat and watch the muscle the profits of them being built and did not participate? How, how in surmountable is that person's loss. That is how we need to think this is our opportunity. This is our opportunity to do something where once we pass away, the good deeds accumulate. Because this is a southern Nigeria, the knowledge being taught for those who will live by it will be molded by it, and they'll be benefited by the kids who study their their doors, you will get the portion of the

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agenda of those doors. I encourage you resin sisters, to participate to spread the word if you can finance the building, be like Mr. who carried the double bricks

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about who did the physical work if they couldn't finance something, a good word, a doll to identify fit the one who points to goodnesses like the one who's done it whatever way it is brothers and sisters, we have to put this forward for the community but Allah will take care of the community. Most importantly for us, for me as an individual for you as individuals, it's our legacy that we have to worry about just like the Sahaba Rajaratnam worried about it. Like Omar says in the legal agora in the law. I want the answer from Allah subhanaw taala of who we ask God to give us the trophy to understand the Quran, Sunnah and to implement in our lives in the law home alaikum Salam

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ala Nabi Yeah, you know sala de Santo Sima la masala Mohammedan Filipino. masala Allah Mohammed from Allah and Allah Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah to

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Allah, Allah mean, Medina for Sana taqwa

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and Allah Allah hi Robin Athena for dunya Sana bah bah bah Rafi masala

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