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AI: Summary © The Buffalo News program discusses the history and actions of the Zionist movement, including their vision of building structures in buses during violence and the use of deadly weapons during peace talks. The movement's success in obtaining the National Defense Authorization and the removal of Islam from the United States has led to the construction of the third temple, which is a symbol of the removal of Islam from the United States. The movement has been a major factor in generation of validate, particularly among Muslims, and is a major factor in the generation of validate. Americans need to be aware of the situation in their own communities and unite against Israeli violence.
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Salam Alaikum greetings of peace. How you guys doing? Welcome to the D show. Now my next guest. For those of you who have never heard of him, let me give you a little breakdown Mikko pillet is an Israeli activist, author and a karate instructor. He's the author of several books, one of which is the general sun, the journey of an Israeli in Palestine, an injustice.

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He has a very unique story, we've had him on the program before. He comes from a family of grandfather who was the original signer of the Israeli, the Israel's declaration of independence and his independence and his father was actually a general in the Israeli army. So let's get into this clip here. We're talking about machine xR under attack. You have the blatant in justices that are going on some of the kicked off from this video and then we'll get our next special guest in to kind of give us a breakdown of what's going on on the ground philippson on everything of why, and what's going on currently. Let's go ahead and check out this video. Yakov, you know, this is not your

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house. Yes, but if I go you don't go back. So what's the problem? What are you telling me? I didn't do this? I didn't do this. But it's easy to yell at me. But I didn't do this.

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My house and if I don't steal it, someone else is gonna steal it. And if I don't steal it, someone else is gonna steal it. And if I don't steal it, someone else is gonna steal

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Mikko pillet

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How are you? How are you? How you been? I've been well. Thank you so much. Good to see you again. Good to see you, too. The introduction? Was it proper? Is there anything I left out that you want to add? For those who don't know about your work and some of the activism that you're doing?

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No, no, it was fine. Yeah. It's very good. Thank you. What about this video? Did you get a chance to see the video? Yeah, you know, that video in the larger in the larger picture is a very small thing compared to everything else that's going on in Jerusalem and now and in Palestine in general. I mean, Zionists have been stealing Palestinian land for close to 100 years, this is nothing new. They make all kinds of excuses. They say the Jewish people used to live there at some point and so on, and they just go on and continue to evict Palestinians kill Palestinians. And this is happening it's just dirt off which is a neighborhood of Jerusalem and Palestinian neighborhood of Jerusalem. And

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it's a you know, it's a short walk from there to Luxor to the Old City of Jerusalem where we see more violence perpetrated by the State of Israel by Israeli authorities

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and at the same time we see bombing in Gaza so this is a really an attack on Jerusalem which of course is the heart of Palestine and and and holds one of the most sacred monuments to Islam and Luxor most like you said and and so it's attack on Palestinians everywhere throughout the entire country and focusing on Jerusalem and particularly during Ramadan and this is not you know, this is not by accident This is not a coincidence This is all very well planned in order to light a fire that will burn Palestine

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This is this their objective? Well, it's interesting you said that this is not coincidence. This is well planned. Or you have Ramadan obviously when Muslims are fasting you know, people would think okay, they're in this mosque you know, a place of worship worshiping their Creator and then you're it seems like okay, Phyllis, it what do you mean by it's, it's not quite as planned? Well, the Zionists have wanted, the Zion is grant blindness to get rid of the Palestinians. And do what they call judy is Jerusalem, which is to get rid of any any remnants of Islam that of course have existed in the city for you know, 1500, almost, you know, more than 1500 years. And most prominently, of

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course, is Luxor, and the Dome of the Rock the beautiful golden dome. So they have this vision of building some other structure there which they call a temple or God knows what,

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at the expense of that and to get rid of the Palestinians and to change the entire the entire city as they've been changing all of Palestine by getting rid of Palestinians, this Palestinian, Arab and Muslim and also Christian monuments. And building for Zionist Jews only this is a very dangerous process and to do during Ramadan achieves two things number one it's it's it's it's really like throwing a match into a fire full of explosives because of course people are much more sensitive during Ramadan it because everything becomes much more heightened.

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They are going to use, you know, they use excuse after excuse reverse excuse excuse to use more and more violence against Palestinians more than on violence in Jerusalem. And even inside the mosque. I mean, I'm sure you've seen the very troubling images of shooting, and both bullets and tear gas and whatnot in inside the mosque while people are praying. There's a fire not far from the mosque right now.

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they're bombing in Gaza at the same time, you know. So this has to do with the fact that Netanyahu is the prime minister wants to remain Prime Minister, and when there's violence, it's very good for politics.

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So he will remain Prime Ministers very likely they will have what they call a national unity government, which is kind of an emergency government, he will remain Prime Minister. They will continue the violence against the Palestinians everywhere. They will continue to get a kick out Palestinians out of their homes, it will continue the violence in Alexa. And eventually, I think their goal is that Alexa will be burned to the ground. I think I don't think there's any there's any doubt about that. They want to light the fire that will burn Palestine.

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You mentioned a video, we're going to go ahead and play this from the masjid itself.

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So you can can you give us a breakdown? What were we actually seeing there? Well, what we were seeing was state sponsored terrorism. That's what we're seeing. We're seeing state sponsored terrorism, there's no provocation whatsoever. There's nothing to justify even remotely or excuse the violence perpetrated by the Israeli authorities. And you see the scenes you see the sights injured, people are injured people being shot for No, you know, for no reason other than desire to terrorize people. That's really all this is about. And again, if we connect the dots, and we connect this to the rest of the story of Palestine,

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again, whether it's guys that were it's in other parts of the country,

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violence, enormous amounts of violence perpetrated against, against civilians, against Palestinians, destruction of structures, destruction of monuments, I mean, of course, everybody knows the Dome of the Rock is the iconic symbol of Jerusalem so people pay more attention. But mosques and churches throughout the entire country have been ruined by the Zionist for you know, and continue to be destroyed. And ancient cemeteries and whatnot. This is part of the larger attempts to completely terrorize the Palestinians and to D Islam eyes, a city in a country that has been not a Muslim country, but in but an icon of Islam for

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more than 1500 years. This is what design is doing. It's state sponsored terrorism, it's racism. It's these are crimes that that you know, scream to the heavens, and the world is watching and the United States keep paying for it. You know, this is our taxpayers money that goes to purchase the weapons and pay the soldiers and pay the settlers that are sitting the arms. And you can barely get an American and American government official to say something and you know, they call it clashes and I think calling your clashes is a big mistake. This is not these are not clashes. This is state sponsored terrorism, by a well armed, well, you know, well financed terrorist organization, which is

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the state of Israel and Israeli military, against an innocent civilian population who are the Palestinians who by the way, have never had an army who've never had a military force or never had it.

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Thank you. No, they never, they never, they were never a threat to anyone. But this is what they do they want to terrorize the Palestinians and to destroy their lives.

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Now, you don't just come from an ordinary family, I mean, give us a little bit of a history for those who didn't get washed our programs before I didn't watch. read any of your book. You haven't read in your books. But can you tell us a little bit about your history and how you got it was a condensed version to where you are today?

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Yes, well, you know, I like you said earlier in the introduction, I come from a big family, my father was a general, my grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence, our family gatherings, everybody around me were people who either held important positions or part of the founding of the State of Israel and the Israeli military. So I know about Zionism, and I know about the state of Israel, not from a textbook or a college course, but from real life from you know, from growing up inside it. And, and I also know that there is a the Palestine of the segregated, racially segregated country where people like myself are privileged to be live on the privilege side of the segregation,

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or as the Human Rights Watch, just just rightfully, described it as an apartheid state. And, and I grew up on the privilege side, and once I took the step into that other side for left my privileged side and took a very short journey, actually, because the country is small, and the two communities are geographically very close to each other. I became aware of this number one, the terrible injustice that's being done to the Palestinians, the lies that make up the story of the history of the State of Israel and the lies and mythology that design is to build that somehow, the Arabs are attacking the Jews that somehow the Israelis are always on the defensive and so on. And I decided I

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could No, you know, I can't in good conscience support that anymore. So I reject Zionism completely. I wear the spin that says BDS that calls for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against the state of Israel. Because I believe firmly that people in Palestine can live free and cat should live free and can live in peace. But they can't do it. As long as there's an injustice, they can't do it. As long as the injustice continues, they can't do it under the current state of affairs, where there's an apartheid regime ruling the country, it has to be a, a free democratic Palestine with equal rights. And so to that end, I do what I do, and I speak the way I speak, and I and I participate in the

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Palestinian struggle the way I do

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Yakov, you know, let us let's just, I want people no matter from what background they are, Jewish, Christian, you know, they're here, America, Canada, you know, UK wherever I just want them to put themselves

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in the situation. So So who is this person we're seeing on the screen Mikko Is this a is Who is he? So this is this is happening in the neighborhood of Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood was just shut off. And

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I have actually friends who live there to power Castilian couples who I know personally are friends of mine who live in that neighborhood. And their homes have been, they've been slated for eviction, and they're being evicted, literally thrown into the streets. And people like this guy. settlers who have no connection to the neighborhood have no connection to the homes who have never lived there have nothing to do with it are being given these homes, and they just take over these homes. And what they do is they take over a home and then they start terrorizing the neighbors. And then they push out the neighbors and they go on from home to home. And this this, this man is making some kind

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of ridiculous statement that if he didn't steal the spirit of his home from Palestinian families, somebody else will Well, that's nonsense. What do you mean, somebody else will who will? Bostonians have been living in Palestine, for a very long time it's designed is to are stealing the homes of Palestinians. We've seen that for close to 100 years now. And he is no different than many other Israeli Jews who are you know who this is their purpose, to terrorize Palestinians, to evict them and to take over their homes these By the way, these are beautiful, beautiful homes as he knows the historic neighborhood with a lot of very important monuments, historical Palestinian monuments it's

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a very significant neighborhood it's not just any old place and this is the you know the some bamboo has nothing better to do than to bully and ease and terrorize. Like I said, innocent peace loving, hard working Palestinian families. This is a residential neighborhood, you know people live there. So we're going to watch this again for those who are just come in and tuning in since we're live. So you have this settler just coming in. So imagine this family has been there for decades. So he just come in and yakob You know, this is not your house. Yes. But if I go you don't go back. So what's the problem? What are you yelling at me? I didn't do this. I didn't do this. But this is usually to

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yell at me. But I didn't do this.

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I have an if I don't scan it, someone else is gonna steal it. And if I don't scan it, someone else is gonna steal it. And if I don't scan it, someone else is gonna steal it. What do you think of that logic there? Well, his point is this, the State of Israel made the decision to evict these people. And the Israeli courts supported this decision.

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And what he's saying, He's saying, I'm just upon, I'm just the guy that ended up in this house, but if it wouldn't be me being the settler, so don't yell at me. If you have a problem. It's the State of Israel and the Israeli courts, who always ruled against all the students.

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So you know, I'm just the guy here, I'm not I've nothing to do with it. I'm just the guy who ends up living here. If you have a problem, don't come to me. If it wasn't me, it'd be some other stettler Yes, the point it doesn't make him less of a criminal. But he has a point, you know, he's just the, he's the tip of this, of this, of this larger machinery, which is designate which is which is dedicated to evicting college students from their homes and putting Israeli Jews there instead. So in a strange kind of a sick way, he makes sense, because the decision, the strategic decision was made by the state, and by the Israeli courts.

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This is kind of like what's happening on the ground Mikko. This is,

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you know, for that guy,

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who had access to the Old City, he was a nice to see.

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The Old City has enormous significance.

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Historically, religiously, it's been a, like I said, an Arab and Muslim city with obviously other minorities living there in peace, there was a Jew, Jews and Christians and so on, Armenians who live there in peace. But it's predominantly been the city that, you know, that houses and it's a city that houses the Al Aqsa Mosque, and the Dome of the Rock, you know, which are iconic. And like I said, very significant, both historically and politically, and of course, religiously, spiritually. And look at what they do, they have no respect for faith, they have no respect for Islam, they have no respect for religion, they have no respect for the lives of the people who live there and worship

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there. And, and doing this, particularly on Ramadan is, is is, you know, 10 times worse than doing it on any other time, in any other time of the year, of course, and they want to show that they can do whatever they want to do whatever they want to do it. And they are the you know, they're the masters of the land, they are the masters of, of,

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of the city, and they have the thing that whoever rules, the hammer, Sharif, whoever rules that compound rules, all of Palestine, and so they want to show by force, that they are the rulers, you know, it's a very dangerous situation. I think it's very tragic. I think if the world if people in the world, Muslims, not Muslims, people of all, you know, religions, all faiths, all countries do not begin to impose sanctions on the state of Israel do not begin to demand that the State of Israel stop this, do not demand that the American six fleets, which is in the Mediterranean, come in to save the people in Gaza, until the world does not get behind this, nothing is going to change. And I

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and I hate to say this, and I hate that to be pessimistic. But we have not seen the end of this violence yet, I think we're going to see more violence is going to be one of the worst years Palestine has ever experienced. And I fear that this beautiful site, this beautiful, iconic site of the Dome of the Rock and Luxor mosque,

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will be taken away from us will be destroyed as supposedly, perhaps by accident or something. But there's no regard for the importance, the significance of these monuments and of the city other than for their own desire to show power. And I say this again, if the world does not intervene, if regular Americans do not intervene, whether they're Muslims or any other faith, if people around the world do not unite and sanction Israel and demand that the stops, and make sure that and demand that American politicians like the politicians, not just speak out against this, but act against this, they demand that the sixth fleet come out and save the people in Gaza and declare a no fly zone over

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God's so Israel could stop will not be able to continue to bomb Gaza until people get up off their chairs and get angry and get in the face of politicians and demand change. This is going to continue and these sites are going to become worse and worse.

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You mentioned something earlier, something about a potential or have you heard this term, Third Temple. And what does that mean?

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Well, there's a movement that 20 maybe 30 years ago was considered fringe. And it's a movement of radical

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rallies, that call for the building of a new Jewish temple, a so called Jewish temple

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and they were an insignificant minority and by the way, the most Orthodox Jews

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People like Rabbi why so I know you've interviewed and I know you know, rejects completely by the way.

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But they have this crazy, racist and violent idea that they need to destroy

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the Aqsa Mosque, they need to destroy the Dome of the Rock and build some of the structure which they will call the third Jewish temple. That was the first temple of the Second Temple. This will be the Third Temple. 2030 years ago, these guys were friends today they're mainstream. They're in the Israeli parliament. They're in the Israeli Knesset and House of Representatives. They're in the Israeli government, the Israeli Minister for Jerusalem affairs, his name is Rafi parents, he's one of them. And he's in charge of Jerusalem. He holds the portfolio of Jerusalem in the Israeli cabinet Israeli Government.

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They conduct what they call tours, which are really horrible provocations on the inside the compound of Al Aqsa, and they have well in the past, they used to be maybe 1015. You know, fringe people today that 10s of 1000s of people participate in their provocations. And it's become mainstream talking about the destruction of Alexa talking about the Third Temple, so called Third Temple has become mainstream. These people are now like I said, they're part of the government. They're part of these ready Knesset 1000 representatives, they have influence.

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And they have a very clear agenda and the violence that we're seeing now as part of that agenda. The lines that we're seeing now can and they are hoping will lead to this final and horrifying moment where all of this is destroyed. I have no no no doubt about that. Do you think how would it be received if something similar like this was happening at the Vatican

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know how to get this subject this would never have been a lot of can you imagine this would never be allowed? Well, that's the Vatican ready I'm ready to place you know if it was if it was any other place in the world, this would not have been tolerated. I don't need to tell you this or your listeners. This is the third holiest site in Islam. It is what it is an iconic structure. You know, it was built by oma by the great Omar it was it is it is over 1500 years old as a his rich history. It has significance in so many different ways. And it's a beautiful place I've been there though, the entire compound is peaceful and loving and beautiful. All these people want to do the Zionists

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want to go in there with their military. And, and, and, and and call it and you know, and instigate all of this violence and and perpetuate all this violence and and desecrate the place it is it is beyond belief that it is allowed to continue. But again, like I said earlier, it's being paid for by our tax money. Israel gets $4 billion a year of American pay a pair of American tax dollars, how much 1,000,000,004 billion with a B every

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year after year after year after year after year. This is our tax dollars. And these are our representatives in Congress and in the Senate that vote for this every single year. They have to vote for it and approve it every single year. And they do and we voted for these people. They should know that if they dare to vote to give money to Israel one more time, they will be out of office, you must never vote for for for a any elected official, whether it's a city council member or a mayor or the sheriff or congressman or dissembler state Assemblyman or woman that supports Israel, they need to know that supporting Israel means they lose their job. It is it is a racist violence

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state. It's a state that, that practices terrorism against the civilian population, nevermind the fact that they're predominantly Muslim. And Muslims should care about that everybody should care about that. But particularly Muslims. This is a terrible state of affairs. And it affects everywhere. The fact that you know, something like this affects everybody. Everybody's glued to their TVs, everybody's upset about this. This is a terrible state of affairs and nobody does anything. They're looking at what they're doing. It's been going on for days and days and days. And young Israeli youth gangs are marching through the streets, calling death to Arabs destroy the Arab

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cities don't want to expel Palestinians and Muslims forever from the entire country, particularly from from the city. And nobody, you know, for you from time to time, you've heard a couple of senators Senator Warren and actually even senator Van Hollen from from Maryland.

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You know, they made a statement saying that this was wrong, but nobody's acting, there's still voted to give money, arms and and and, and money is a terrible state of affairs. And people need to get off their chairs and they need to act and they need to protest and they need to write and call their senators and members of Congress and city council members and mayors and every single elected official that they will not vote for them again and that they demand. They demand that they stop this violence against Palestinians and against Islam.

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What is it we got five minutes

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Let's left. What kind of reaction do you get when Americans hear this for the first time that $4 billion goes annually to this yearly, when they hear this for the first time, our people just don't know this are of course, shocked, you know, people are shocked. Why does a country like Israel, which is already a rich country, which doesn't need foreign aid at all anyway? Why are they getting $4 billion? It's more than any other port any other country in the world if you want to give that money, give it to poor countries that are not poor countries around the world who could use this money? But why are you giving it to a country that's rich, and on top of that,

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exercises and apartheid, you know, has an apartheid regime and look at the violence perpetrated against against a holy site, look at their violence against Islam look at their violence against against Palestine, the Palestinian people only because they're Muslims, and only because they are Palestinian Arabs. Like you said, this would not happen in the Vatican. This would never happen in the Vatican.

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II people need to get off their chairs and they need to, they need to, they need to channel their energy and channel their anger, which I hope we've, you know, we've made it we've elicited a little bit to demand change in demand to demand it and to all support for Israel, period.

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Now, do you coming I mean, you're from an Israeli background Jewish, you're standing for justice, like every human being should be standing for justice, no matter who it's against, are you come under some attack for this?

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I get an occasional you know, comments on social media that I'm a traitor or that I should be killed. You know, that sort of thing. But nothing, nothing. Nothing too outrageous. I mean, certainly, you know, when people like us, you know, stand up and speak out, then people, some people are not gonna like it, and they will react but you know, it's part of the part of the, it's part of that it comes to the deal. It's part of the deal. It's part of what it means to speak out and be an activist and, and so forth, and demand justice and change. May God bless you. We commend you for taking such a noble stand for justice. You mentioned rockets close to your family's house that are

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there right now on the ground. Yeah, my family lives just outside Jerusalem and just a few hours ago, videos from my family have

00:27:14 --> 00:27:16

as a falling just, you know, just

00:27:17 --> 00:27:37

feet away from from where they walk from where they live from, you know, from the road from their house. Yes, it's it's right around the goods. It's everywhere. I mean, people are, you know, they're showing you videos, they took, you know, standing in the right in front of the house and so on. And so it's very close. And this is very close, we're talking about less than five miles from from Jerusalem. This is very, very close to Jerusalem.

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So yeah, this is this is frightening. This is scary. This is a this is we're gonna see a lot of levels of violence. If you've not seen yet, we're gonna see some, this is going to be some very bad times coming to Palestine. And we need to all stand up and speak up. I mean, what happens to Israelis, and you know, my family, of course, is close to my heart. But this is nothing compared to what is happening in Gaza, what is happening to Palestinians everywhere, we all need to stand up, we all need to unite, we all need to hold hands, regardless of our faith, regardless of our nationality, and say enough is enough. Palestine must be saved, Jerusalem must be saved. Luxor must

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be saved, must be saved. From this Zionist terrorism from this destruction, it must be saved for the sake of all of us. Because we want our children to enjoy it. We want our children to be able to go to Jerusalem and pray and their children forever. This is this is things like this. there not a lot of places around the world that is quite as unique as Jerusalem as Alexa. And we need to save it, it is up to us, it is absolutely up to each and every one of us to stand up and speak up and be part of the effort to save this and end this violence perpetrated against Muslims and against Palestinians. You speak to a lot of groups, you go to churches, if someone wants to get a hold of you, people,

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even politicians, if they want to get a hold of you, they want to hear the other side. Also do recommend you we see politicians, they go down to the area that they go ahead and cross over and go and see for themselves what's happening on the ground over there in Gaza. do they do that? Do they come over and you don't take a ride to the to the other side? And, you know, to keep it fair and balanced? So it's twofold. You know, a few questions there. What can people do? How can they connect with you, if they want to bring you into their church into their place of worship, they want to hear more, they want to learn more? And if for the politicians and others, go ahead and close it out?

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Well, it's very easy to reach them on all the platforms, on Facebook, Twitter, send me a message.

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It's easy to find me if you go to me all my work, everything I do, there's a way to do that as well. And I'm happy to speak in front of everybody in anybody. I think it's crucial that people know what is happening and become aware and act become aware and act because too many people are aware but they don't act i think they don't care enough.

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In terms of Americans, politicians, most American politicians go on

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On an Israeli dime, so they go on all these junkets that are paid for by Israeli organizations by the State of Israel, by the Israeli lobby. And what they see is what the Israelis want them to see. They rarely they do from time to time, some have gone. But they rarely go to any of the Palestinian cities, they rarely go to the city, they rarely go to Africa to speak to the,

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you know, to the people of faith there. They rarely go to people place like Hebron or any other Palestinian city, and they don't really hear from Palestinians. They're showing one a one sided, completely unbalanced picture. And again, we need to demand that that change as well that if politicians go there, that they go there and they see things for themselves, not just what the Israelis want to show them. Thank you very much. Thank you for bringing us up to date and helping us get a better picture and understanding what's going on on the ground. Thank you.

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Thank you, Mikko.

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