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A Conversation and An Apostasy – Two Sobering Conversations

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A Conversation and An Apostasy – Two Sobering Conversations

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I don't even want to suffer now rubella Himanshu, Dorian fusina women say, Dr. Medina, Maria de la hufa la Molina Huma, Huma, who follow her the other watchdog Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was having a dream follow the evidence the law says we're gonna put you in a corner Jamia Yuan Latina Manu Taka la haka to party here La mattina illa Anta Muslim papalia eumelanin ama taco la Hulu colenso de la la como la la

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la la la la sala hookah falls on all the very beginner let your request for everybody to please put away all distractions and your cell phones I have my notes on this. So that's why I had this open. This is not because of me who's speaking This is because the command of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, this is something we emri Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said that if you were to be distracted, or if you were to return the Salaam of the one who is seeing Salaam to you, you have lost your Azure. So this is a serious matter. The Quran says

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New Delhi Salatu Meeow meeow Juma alphazero. In LA he was always there, but it is time for Jumeirah rushed to the remembrance of Allah and leave behind all trade all distractions. So in light of that, I'm going to remind you of that these does have one last item, I want to share something with you the Quran says something very powerful in Surah hasha hasha Surah 59 I have to the is a very long idea. And it's talking about something that took place in the time of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam

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with the tribe of the man who leave the Jewish community abandoned, and the prophets Allah and they had a clash and the ayah describes the situation in a very beautiful way. But the eye ends with a statement which is what I want to share with you.

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It says

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fatter and

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fatter below Yeah, who will absorb, Take heed,

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pay attention, or people who can see or people of intellect. Look at this story, look at what has happened here and learn something from it. And the scholars or even concede, for example mentioned that the this is a is this part of the idea is something that Allah, Allah is saying about the Reza obudu.

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But it applies to everything in the Quran, every story, every situation that happened in the life of the Prophet Allah.

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Allah loves our Take heed, learn the lesson. Think about it, or people who can see and who can think. And this applies, as I've been cathedra and others say, of course, is

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We've got one masirah.

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Also, this applies to taking heed and lessons from what happened in the past, but also what's happening right now.

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What happens right now around us, we shouldn't just think that a coincidence took place. Father, the two year old enough saw the person of intellect and vision is going to say, what can I learn from this? So I want to share something that I learned from a two conversations that I had last week. And they were back to back conversations there was I had one meeting with this one lady, and then I had a phone call meeting with the next lady both on the same day. And it was really like it really made me stop and think about what is going on fast. I mean, that's what I think and that's what I wanted to share with you all. The first was someone who accepted Islam. The first conversation was about

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somebody who entered Islam. We gave her the Shahada, she was crying. It was a beautiful moment. hamdulillah We ask Allah to give her a bath and is the problem. We asked her to give her strength and, and tofik and ability to stay on the right path. The second conversation was about someone who had left Islam.

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And they wanted to ask me questions about Is there a god? How come the Quran is this is contradicting with this thing that she thinks it's contradicting with or how come this hadith is contradicting with this scientific fact. There is in reality, there is no contradiction. I tried to reason with this lady as well. But it was very stark for me for me. I had to take stock that within the day within the hour, I'm having these conversations at opposite ends of the spectrum.

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And there is something to be some lesson to be extracted. I'm going to start with the first story. The first conversation I'm not obviously going to mention anyone's names the lady

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I accepted Islam.

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And she told me her story I before anybody accepts is now my first ask them. Why are you becoming a Muslim?

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What's the reason? Please tell us, okay? And then I gave them an explanation of what the deen is. It's La ilaha illAllah, worshipping Allah alone. It is believing in rissalah. Allah has sent prophets from the very beginning of time, it's believing that we are accountable. Right?

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For mulatos aluna, Yama, we're going to be asked about the things that we have been given the privileges we enjoy, and the choices we make.

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It's everything we do has a moral consequence in Islam. If a person does something, if a person watches some inappropriate media, and then says, Hey, I didn't hurt anybody, you didn't hurt yourself, you hurt your soul. There is a more consequence to all things in Islam. That's how we see it. That's what the prophet said in the margaretha tomiyama, Karim, Allah, Allah, I will send a perfect goodness, I was sent a perfected goodness exists all over. I am here with the light of guidance to bring it to its most perfect level.

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This is means that means everything we do has a moral implication. Or I gave them a small summary. And then I asked them, are you still like would you like to think about this subject except is that most people in fact, everybody says I like to except it's not because they come already ready to enter Alhamdulillah This is a blessing of Allah that Allah has blessed us in this community here in London, by the way, is a blessing of Allah. I have not seen this in other massage.

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Other massages, we don't have people just walking in wanting to learn about Islam wanting to embrace Islam. I've been in masajid where we've had open houses. This is in downtown Toronto, of inviting people to slam an open house comm there's one person who shows up the whole day. If you remember two years ago, when we before COVID, we would have open houses here in September, the message will be filled with people of all faiths Mashallah coming to learn about the deed This is a blessing of Allah, meaning to be thankful to Allah for this blessing. But hamdulillah this lady accepted Islam hamdulillah and she was overwhelmed. Like the Quran says, Tara hunter field, Madam, you will see the

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eyes overflowing with tears. May my IRA human and hackers recognize the truth, intrinsically, we believe. Our soul has been given a fedora.

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Our soul has a filter, and that filter is connected to Allah. It's like a compass, how a compass snaps to the north, wherever you put it on the ground. It's like a fitrah snapping towards Allah is looking for Allah. And when it finds a love, when our soul finds the Huck, the emotion is of tears and joy.

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So this is what she was experiencing. She had a very bad experience in the church. The pastor was extremely inappropriate. The way her family was treated was extremely terrible.

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And that made her think about Islam. I asked her what what made you think about this time, she's my friends were Muslims. And they always would tell me one day, we hope you learn about Islam one day, we hope you learned about this stuff. And one day hamdulillah she learned about Islam and accepted.

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So this is the first April that I can take from this, our friends that are non Muslims, even if you have non Muslim family. Dawa is we tell we treat them with good manners. We act in an upright way, not because we're trying to be fake. But that's because what the student is teaching us. And then we hope that one day, our presence in their lives will make them think about Islam in a positive way,

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in a positive way. And we pray that our presence was not a barrier for them entering Islam, that they were didn't consider Islam as the truth because they interacted with a Muslim. That's what we pray doesn't happen. So there is a responsibility brothers and sisters that we all carry. I think I told you the story of the lady who accepted some about before Ramadan. She said, I've been Muslim for many years in my heart. And the only reason why she wanted to she was interested in Islam was she saw her friend's brother. So excuse me, she saw her brother's friend, fasting and playing soccer. In high school. That was the moment she became interested. And many years later, here she is

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entering Islam. So these are things where the sisters we have to be mindful of. We are truly ambassadors of our Deen when the windy Hello I like the person says can leave for me even if it's an aisle for us the convenience of these ayat this light of guidance is by our Aflac by being good people of course also by telling people but us learn first by being good the Quran when it asked Quraysh

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Quraysh who have known the Prophet all his life, the process in our head, I asked you for one thing and Taku Medina, he must know of Radha, you take a break from groupthink, you think yourself through my thought guru as one or as a pair. And you think about this question this point, maybe saw Himiko minjin, your swipe, your friend is not possessed. He's not crazy. He's not making things up in the room, beignet. Eventually, if he is only a warner, the point here is the Quran is asking the people who knew the profits the best. Take a minute to step away from the propaganda.

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Take a minute to step away from the heat of the group thing. And think for yourselves is your friend, the one that you've known your whole life? Is he a liar? Is he possessed? Do you think he's going to make this up? And if you think that if you think that he's not going to do all of that, that leaves you with what conclusion that he is a prophet of Allah, Allah. The idea here is this. The familiarity with the prophets of Salaam is what the Quran is asking Quraysh to think about. That familiarity is what Allah Mata is using as a book to bring them to the to the truth, that familiarity is well we can also have an we have with our non Muslim friends, colleagues, neighbors

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and that familiarity has to be a familiarity of goodness. So when, if Allah gives him the trophy, the time for them comes to think about establishing that familiarity with us is the reason why they take the first step. This is something we have to be very mindful of brothers and sisters. Our actions have consequences, not just in the era, not just for us as moral choices, but also for other people's salvation.

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And this is a heavier burden than normal. But this is what allows pop up gave us who are just about he chose us well Masha Allah, Allah, Goofy demon, how much and didn't make any difficulty in the in the religion. For us. That's the first thing I like to mention. The second thing, the interesting part is with this lady was a man

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sitting with her the whole time, I'm wondering who is this man? I could tell he's a Muslim.

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And I asked his name, and his name was a Muslim name. And it turned out that he was the boyfriend.

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He was the boyfriend of this lady. And they were living together. And now once this girl accepts Islam, she was afraid that she had to, she didn't know what to do. Because he knew in his time, we don't accept Zina. We don't accept intimacy outside of marriage. This is something that is immoral.

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Marriage and intimacy is not immoral. intimacy itself, is actually a human action. It's something that all humans do. And if done in the confines of marriage by what Allah Papa has legislated, it becomes an act of worship, that the problems that we will carry.

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But if it's done in the outside that bounds, it becomes a great sin, one of the greatest sins in Islam, and immoral choice. So this lady understood this dilemma that she's in.

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And that Hamdulillah, you know, we decided that since they're already living together, it's best that they get married, because the person said, the best thing I find for two people who love each other is to get married.

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Not that they should go and stay far away. The best thing is to get married or stay together. Because love isn't new. It's a human thing. It's truly human, either. Well, Islam in general wants a spouse, he wants a companion. We all want someone to love. And we all want someone to love us. This is a human need, you see. So Islam is not there to put barriers between us and our humanity. It is there to bring the best out in us by making sure that whatever we do is that in a moral way, through marriage, for example, so hamdulillah they were married. Now I got a call from the guy's mother.

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She's like, how can you married them? I was like, lady, you should be asking yourself how come your son was sleeping with this girl and she's an accepted stand because of him. She said this some because of her high school friends.

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How can you find with that, but you're not fine with them with doing something as hell? That's the question you should ask yourself here.

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And this is the second a bra that we have in our I don't know culture in people's minds, a messed up priority.

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priority number one should always be doing what is halaal do

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What Allah has commanded, staying away from and leaving what Allah has made Haram. Not the other way

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that this lady was maybe afraid that people will say, Oh, my son ran away and got married. The note says he was already in that situation. You didn't find that problematic. The priorities are messed up. We think Xena is okay in this situation because it's under the rug. No one's gonna see it. But marriage is not because people in the out in the open would say, where's the big ceremony? Why were we invited?

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So panel Allah, this is a problem or priorities, we need to prioritize brothers sisters, and this is why third, I draw from this that we need to prioritize halaal

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particularly when it comes to marriages, particularly when it comes to marriages. Why is getting married such a difficult undertaking?

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such a difficult undertaking, like young Muslims are struggling with this.

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Why are they struggling with this when they could easily be dating literally like the next day?

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Why is the harem so easy and accessible, the holiday is so hard.

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It's not because of the deal. 100% is not because of the because of these very simple ejabberd kaaboo it's two statements, and you're married 100 in love.

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It's not the dean that makes it difficult. It's the baggage that we put on the dean that makes it difficult a hold of others Molyneux stuff rugani

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smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah. He, he was probably one without him about the last eyebrow. And the last lesson from my that interaction on that one day is with the old lady who left Islam.

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she was having all sorts of problems grappling but

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what I call very convenient sound bites. these are these are whole industry on the internet comprises of new atheists comprise of evangelicals comprised of islamophobes, they all are, they don't actually see eye to eye on most things. But they are all united on this front, which is to attack Islam.

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You will have a famous Christian preacher go on a show with a famous atheist.

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And they're collaborating to talk about the problems about Islam. This is things on YouTube, if you don't know this, Allah has blessed you with some way of staying away from these things. But this is an industry. There's millions of views on these videos, not a few 1000s millions of views, when they do a live stream. Hundreds of 1000s of people are watching these things. This is not a small matter. These are big things. The collaboration of this is bringing about like the sound bites against Islam. The Prophet system did this the problem said that,

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in everything we're lucky is detached from context. Everything is made to look bad if this lady was caught in this trap.

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And I tried to tell her that look, after many back and forth back and forth, my realization was the problem is La ilaha illAllah. She doesn't accept La ilaha illAllah Aslam, she doesn't accept that Allah is the only one worthy of worship. Because that's the start. That's the foundation. That's the ground we stand on.

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And then I started to talk to her about that. And truly she didn't understand, or she actually rejected the idea of there, there being a all powerful, all knowing, all loving

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God, who is the one who brought everything into existence. She didn't accept that premise. And after that, it doesn't matter what you tell a person, nothing will make sense. You see, that's the foundation. That's where we start. So I had this conversation with her. But now the takeaway that I had was because I watched all these videos, I'd spend a lot of my free time watching things and educating myself on this. My question was, if she was to have this conversation with a friend of mine who just came from somebody, that man would have no answers not to say I have a lot of answers, okay? But I spend time doing this. This person would be caught in a trap. If he was to have this

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conversation with their cousin

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or her son or daughter. They would have no answers. And that's the sad part. That's the sad part. ardene gives us answers. The Quran has the answers. This is not like a slogan. I wish I did. The Jews are the

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this is what I focused on in the whole 30 days how the Quran answers these kind of points that the atheists are bringing up today, and how brilliantly the Quran answers them. The answers are literally right there, we have to go find them.

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It brings you back to the iron, fire them and the hula, hula in the local stuff stuffily rhombic. Know that there is only one deity worthy of worship, and then ask for your forgiveness for your sins, brothers and sisters, we need to educate ourselves on these matters. We need to understand what we're up against. We understand what our kids are up against what our cousins are up against when they go to universities, because they will see us as practicing Muslim move doesn't mean that we've been right based in hijab, they will come back and ask us in good faith. And if you're, you know, just a bumbling mess, what does that leave them thinking about the dean, the dean is a mess.

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So we have to also educate ourselves to a point where either we're able to answer coherently or point them in a direction that makes sense. I'm actually going to recommend something there's a brother His name is Subodh from UK, excellent brother, Mashallah. He has a lot of very good content.

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And especially to my young, my young people in the audience, you know, stop wasting your time swiping through reels, and binging season after season of shows. Okay. Put what little bit of your time into something productive. He did this video called randomness, the atheist idle guberman. randomness, the atheist idle. And it's one of the most amazing explanations of the logical fallacy of atheism.

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That is the thing that isn't wants to stand on. It cannot stand on it. And it's a very beautiful video.

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Watch these things residents sisters, washed them and your families know about these resources if someone is looking so you can at least direct them in this direction. Our Dean, like the horse's Father, we need to learn about that in a high Lala, know that there is no deity worthy of worship, except Allah says this is a command and this is one of the greatest commands in the Quran.

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Because it's a command to know about that.

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This is fulfilling that command. watching these videos learning about these matters is fulfilling this command will love honor. So I would say to you as an Abra. Last one, this last story is our oma is of many, many in many different places. And many shades not just physically, but spiritually when such different different places.

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And as those who are in the masjid, those who Allah has blessed and chosen to be in the masjid, we brothers and sisters carry the responsibility of educating ourselves setting the example for those around us and helping those around us in whatever way we can.

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I asked our sponsor to give us a tofield the ability to understand the poor and sooner to implement it in the love of America who you saw not in the media you know son while he was sending the same Allah Sunday Allah Mohammed in our in our finances are solely Allah Mohammed philomela Naomi Deen, Allah, Allah, Allah miletti washer Nafisa Mata he was the ramen holder he albula let me know it was

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Roberto. Tania Hasina. Hassan Rafi nada, not walking Masada