Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 077C Tafsir Al-Maidah 114-115

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses the importance of demanding heavenly food and not just getting one thing. They stress the need for flexibility in life and flexibility in life's pace. The speakers emphasize the importance of having a break from work and a meal break to enjoy one's time. The speakers also touch on the history of the American public, including the use of the "by the way" meaning "by the way" to express pride and satisfaction, and the implementation of punishment laws. They emphasize the importance of learning from experiences and experiencing what is rewarded and satisfied.
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Are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim

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it all Hawala unit in when cada he said Al Hawa unit the disciples. Yeah or ISA restarting SNAM if memoriam son of Maria, how is yesterday or he escapable rabuka Your Lord on that unit Zilla, he sends down Elena upon us, man Eden a table spread with food. Men from a summer eat the sky. Color he said it cool you all fear Allahu Allah, if quantum you are many believers. Now over here, a specific blessing is being mentioned, recited this term has been reminded of a house blessing that was given to him. And in fact, it was given to those people who believed in him. And again, why is there a silence and I'm being reminded of all these blessings, because in reality, they were favours to who

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his people, the people whom he was sent to. Because when he showed all of these miracles, when all of these events happened, it was only easier for the people to believe in every Saturday so now, but imagine if they did not believe in Him how embarrassed they would be when all of this has been mentioned before them.

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So Allah will remind restart listen, I'm on the Day of Judgment of yet another blessing of an event, which was when the Hawaii Yun is called of Hawaii Yun, the disciples, they said to recite a sunnah or ISA, * yesterday wrote a book is your Lord capable? Meaning if you were to ask him, if we were to make this request? Would he listen? Would he answer or you think you want? How do you still do your book?

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Because it doesn't mean that is he able to send something down? Is he able to send food down of course he is able, he sent money and Salwa on the Bani Israel, so many of them so definitely, he can send one table spread of food. He sent food to Maria, so he can definitely send food again. He is fully capable and the Hawaii meal that so their question while you're still clear, it implies that would he? If we were to ask, would he holiest doTERRA Booker and Eunice Zilla or Lena Elena Marie that the minister that he would send down on us in Merida from the sky?

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What is my either

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a table spread with food my it is from me Mia doll mother Yeah, me too.

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Muddy Amido is to offer to give food. And when you see a table spread with food and it's like it's inviting you come and eat me. It's offering you if the food is kept in the refrigerator, then it means that it's not inviting you. But if it's laid on the table, then it means that you are invited to please come in start before the food becomes cold. So this is what many there is a table spread with food.

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So they ask and what Allah subhanaw taala sent down on us a table spread with food minister met from the sky. This is what we want. We want some heavenly food. Can Allah send it for us?

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restarted Saddam said it took a lot of come to movement in fear alive your believers. What are you talking about? What are you asking for? You see, the Hawaii even after all they were from the bunny is like you and the bunny is what your children are who other bunny is about you. Some of which were alive at the time off musasa center. And those were the ones who ate man and salsa. But they got bored of it and what did they want

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the buckle and the and the form and others and the bustle.

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They wanted all these delicious foods. And the Holiday Inn also wanted to enjoy some heavenly food was it that they doubted bizarrely cinema didn't doubt him. They believed in Him. Allah inspiring them to believe they believed in resale Hustler, they had conviction in him, but they just wanted some good food and not just good food but food that has come from the sky food that has come from Allah subhanaw taala. And notice how they asked him that what is handed down on us meaning if you were to ask because some people they like to demand a lot. They want that whatever wish they have, they should ask and that wish should be fulfilled that demand should be fulfilled immediately. They

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have a very demanding attitude. I want this much ketchup. No no, I don't want this much rice. Please take this much away from my plate. So what's the big deal? Just have two spoons more wherever

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Two spoons less what's the big deal? No, I want only this much

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very, very picky and very demanding.

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And these are the people who don't like to do anything themselves and they don't want to take any responsibility basically they want to put all the work on the shoulders off other people and this is an attitude that the bunny is for you had you and your Lord go fight worried sitting right here. Musa asked Allah what kind of a cow should it be? They repeatedly asked Musa Sinha to ask Allah they repeatedly told Musa al Islam to go and do something

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just like that the house again. They had this little bit of problem as well. Not as much as the previous Bani Israel but they had this little bit so this is why it restarted Sudan telson fear of life, your believers why you're demanding, you should be happy that Allah has given you so much. Why are you demanding? Think about it. The amount Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam does have a war with the prophets of Allah to set him Do we ever find them making such demands on the prophets of Allah Salah

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you're supposed to be the last prophet, and here we are so hungry, then we have rocks died around our stomachs because we cannot bear the hunger bangs anymore. Please ask Allah to send some food on the day of conduct at least we're hungry.

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No, they never made any such demands. Never. In fact, they were the ones who spend even the little bit that they possessed for the sake of Allah.

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Because the thing is, that a person can only become truly submissive to Allah. When he gives all that he has, when he gives even himself for the sake of Allah Wamena nurse he made yesterday, knifes so he gives himself if Tilawat about the law to seek the pleasure of Allah and people who want to gain. They use the deen to make dunya they want things in return, that they cannot be submissive to Allah, they have not experienced the joy, the sweetness of faith.

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When something is easy for you, everything of yours is fulfilled, every request of yours is fulfilled, you don't suffer anything that you don't value it that much. But when you suffer, when you have to give all that you have, you have to take out from even the little bit that you've got decide for yourself. That is what brings about true feeling of no hate in your heart. That is when you really believe in Allah. That is when you truly truly submit to Him. To the Sahaba we see this kind of attitude in them of pure submission, of sincerity, of dedication.

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But we see that this dedication was lacking in the Bani Israel, which is why they weren't willing to give as much as they wanted in return. So here they are asking for ima Ada, recited to them said Fear Allah if you're believers, although they said nobody do, we only want on that not cooler, we eat minha from it, what document in and it becomes satisfied, who nobuna Our hearts when our Allama and we know and that, in fact sada Putana. You were truthful to us when Hakuna and we will be our lay her upon it. Men from Ushahidi in the witnesses those who witness. They said they gave an explanation as to why they were making such a demand. They said, We just want to eat from it. Not at

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Columbia, we just want to eat from it. We want to eat some heavenly food, we just want to have some fun. What's the big deal we like to eat? There are some people whose focus is on enjoyment. So even in the most serious work they're doing what do they want fun all the time. Let's have a break. Let's have a snack break. Let's have a lunch break. Let's have a drink break. People go for a smoke break. They want to break all the time. They barely get into the work that they want to go in party mode. They want to make fun out of everything. This is the culture that we live in today. Unfortunately, fun in everything. Nothing is serious anymore. Even if you are to go to a masjid for a halacha then

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there has to be a game. There has to be a movie night. And when people find out, you go and sit there and you just listen and you take notes and there's groups like nothing at all. You don't even have a break. Seriously. Three hours no break. So what should our response be? Yes, it's only three hours. There is enough time to transition in between and we can eat afterwards. There's fresh hot pizza sometimes.

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It's amazing that even when people are when children are learning something, what do we ask them? Did you have fun

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Mmm, did you have fun? Well, they're supposed to be studying. And if you teach them that they're supposed to have fun in everything, then they will expect fun and everything. And their demands become so much that they're never satisfied with the little things that you can offer to them. There has to be something big happening all the time to make them happy. Otherwise, they're upset. They're bored. They don't know what to do. They're tired.

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So the Hawaii in the submarine column, and we want to eat from it, want to have some fun, we want to eat food.

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The Sahaba stayed hungry. So many times they suffered from hunger.

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You know, once a group of companions was sent by the prophets of Allah designed for a certain expedition, and they ran out of their food supplies, so much so that a time came when each person was given only one date per day.

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Only one date per day. So one of the companions or was narrating this incident, the person who was listening, he said, How did you survive on one day, he said, we learned the value of it when even that much was not left.

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When even that much was not left

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the expedition to the book, it was such a difficult journey, inshallah we'll learn about its details in sort of the dough was such a difficult journey. They were short in supplies, no food, no water, hardly anything. But still, they went out in the way of Allah.

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And these are the things that we need to bring in our lives. If we go hungry one day, we don't have lunch one day, we don't want to do any work. If we're fasting, then everything in our life shuts down.

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Either we fast, or we work. So we become hermits in the month of Ramadan, and the rest of the year, we don't fast at all, because we can't bear the hunger. We can't tolerate the hunger. They said no redo and Nicola minha, we want to eat from it, what are my inner co nobuna Our hearts will be satisfied.

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What does it mean by the satisfaction of the heart that they wanted? The heart one satisfaction in two ways. One, when the heart has doubt, when you have doubt, then you want knowledge so that you can develop conviction.

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The second is that when you have an unfulfilled desire, an unfulfilled wish, then you want that wish that desire to be fulfilled, and then you will be satisfied. Like for example, you're not sure if your mother said what she said. So what do you do? You have this doubt, you talk to her, you ask her when you ask her, then that doubt is removed, your heart is satisfied. Likewise, you saw somebody having ice cream,

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Ben and Jerry's.

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And you're like, I want that. I want that particular flavor. Somebody was telling me about their favorite Chunky Monkey. And they said it's the most famous one. And as you were explaining it, I was like, I want to eat that. But you can only get it in the States. So if a person has this craving, I want Chunky Monkey Ben and Jerry's, their desire will not be satisfied until they go to the States. Go to Ben and Jerry's and have that ice cream. Once they have it that desire is satisfied.

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And if somebody offers you Okay, have this cookie dough flavor. You're like, Okay, I'll have it but I want that man.

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You can have every flavor but until your desire particular Wishes Fulfilled you cannot have ill to make Nan correct. So this is what the ultimate man is. Now they wanted ultimate nine of the hearts. Is it because they doubted resign us and I know Allah inspire them to believe and recited to them. They had complete conviction. This is why they're called her wedding mean. honest, sincere, inhuman. So what was the problem over here desire wish?

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Because it just that wish game in the heart, that thought game in the heart, we want heavenly food as well. And then they just wanted to eat from it. And they couldn't get over it until they ate it. So they said what am I in Nakuru buena and the thing is that when a person gets stuck in the fulfillment of desires, then he cannot do anything. It's like if one evening after dinner, you're like I want dessert. There is nothing that you like at home, you will not be satisfied until you go buy some dessert and eat it then you'll be satisfied. Even if it means you don't have time to do your homework.

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Left. Why? Because you spent that time purchasing that dessert and eating it. You understand what I mean? So if a person gets busy in fulfilling their desires, first of all if they are

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thinking too much about fulfilling their desires and what will happen they will get busy in fulfilling their desires. Once they get busy in fulfilling their desires, then they cannot do anything else. Then what is more important is left behind. And this is how shaitan attacks a person because he knows that this man is not going to give up Iman. So distract him through other ways he gets busy in useless things, so that he is distracted from what is most important in his life.

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This is how shaytaan tricks people. So he tricked them as well. So they said Wautoma in Nakuru buena, our hearts will be satisfied. We just want you know that satisfaction that we have also eaten heavenly food whenever Allama and we will know uncut sadaqa that you were truthful to us. But it's an added benefit that when we will see our doors being answered the heavenly food coming to us the table spread with food, we will eat it, and we will know that yeah, for sure you were honest. You were very truthful. When Hakuna lay him in Ushahidi, and we will be witnesses of that food. We will see that food with our own eyes, heavenly food, we will see it with our own eyes. It's like people

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ask you so have you seen Ben and Jerry's are like yeah, I've seen it. So what?

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It's only ice cream, only food. But unfortunately, we are so mesmerized by food. That if we go somewhere and we eat something, we come back and we talk about the kind of food that was there. Did you eat it? No, I was too full. But it looked really really good.

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We talk about food so much when a corner like I'm in a che then it's a big deal if we've seen it. So what that you've seen it you know, once there was a man who was talking about a great scholar. And he said that, yeah, I've met him. We used to study together. And somebody said about them. It's not something to be proud of. It's something to be ashamed of that you were together studying. Look at where he is and look at where you are.

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We are just very proud about the fact that we've seen certain things. We've met certain people. We have gone to certain places and we think yeah, we're so great. That's not greatness. Greatness is when you have benefited from it and truly become a better person making an impact on the world. I'm sorry, no matter what amazing food you eat, how is that going to make you a better person so that you can have a greater impact on the world. Doesn't make a difference whether you have a cream cheese bagel or you have the amazing piece of cheesecake, the same. This is gonna give you some energy. fill you up with some sugar and that's it. What's the difference? It's just the mouth. Just

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the mouth just the taste. But we are so passionate about the taste that we talk about what we saw and what we taste it for hours. We photograph it, we share it

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if we have prepared something amazing we take pictures of it

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when we share with the whole world when Akona really having a share he Dean and we're so proud that we've seen it. Bala he said Risa recited Sanam ignore Maria even Maria son of Maria Allahumma or Allah or banana or our Lord unzila sent down our Elena upon us Maggie that and a table spread with food men from a summer either sky tokoto it will be Lana for us or Eden, a festival a day of celebration. Leo Wehlener for the first of us will ask you Lena and The Last of Us what a 10 and a sign Minka from you. What is opener and provide us we're under and you Hiroo our best of was 18 of those who provide series on s&m, like the rest of the prophets was very affectionate towards the

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speaker. The prophets were very affectionate people. They were very kind towards their nations, the people of most artists and they came to him and they said, Buddha rule and out of Buck, Call upon your Lord for us, tell us what kind of a cow it should be. And Musa said it was going asking Allah O Allah, what kind of account should it be?

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You think it was easy for him to ask such a question?

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While Allah please don't miss the color of the cow will love please tell us the profession of the cow, the age of the cow. But just to satisfy his people, he asked Allah or he Sardis and I'm also to satisfy his people. He asked Allah that oh Allah sent down on us a tablespoon spread with food and on the day that it comes that day, we will take as read

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is a day of celebration. Because you shouldn't be eating good food just to satisfy your tongue, there should be a reason, you know, to eat that good food. And when do we eat good food, really good food on a special day on special occasions. So he said that when the special food will come down, we will make that day a day off. So every year, we will celebrate on that day, plus a will in our after dinner, the first dose and The Last of Us, meaning all of us, the entire community of ours, this generation and subsequent generations, we will all take that day, as a day of celebration. Well, I estimate it will also be a miracle from you, what is O'Connor and provide us with undefiled was 18

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and you were the best of providers. So what happened, Bala he said Allahu Allah in the indeed I wanna zero her, one who sends it down on a come upon you for months, or whoever he worked for he disbelieves Berdoo after men come from you for in need, and indeed I are the people who I shall punish him, either been a punishment, learn not or are the people who I shall punish it, I had anyone mean from an island mean the world's so Allah said, I will send it down upon you, however, know that if anyone disbeliefs from among you for my yoke for bar domain COMM After seeing that, my either after eating from it, if someone disbelieves then that person will be punished with a severe

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punishment, what kind of punishment who are the people who are then I shall punish him with the punishment law or other people who had the middle on me, which I have not punished anyone among the world's no one has ever suffered that kind of punishment before, if anyone disbelieves after seeing the matter, because the thing is that when a person has seen a miracle, then he has no reason to disbelieve, and if he disbelieved and the cover is much greater. If there is a person who doesn't know anything, he says, no, no, I don't believe in all this. Okay, he's doing awful. But his cover is not that big of a deal in the sense that he doesn't know much. But if there is a person who has

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seen everything, for example, when you think about Abuja, Ebola hub, people who saw the profits on a lot of them yet the disbelieved. There Gopher is much worse. Much much worse. So because of that their punishment is also much worse because the greater the golfer the greater the punishment now did the SMA either the stables * did it actually come down or not? Because over here we see Allah said I will send it down. But remember this so it could have happened that the harati inside okay, it's okay, we don't want it or he started as an upset Okay, oh Allah don't send it. But we don't know what happened. In reality. We don't know if it was actually sent down or not, however, in

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some narrations, but these are only nourishing This is not Quran and Sunnah. In some narrations, it has been said that a table spreader food was sent down, that had seven fish and seven loaves of bread in it. And the angels brought it down. And the Hawaii ate from it as well. But they were instructed not to keep anything of it. But some of them kept it. And as a result, they were punished with a severe with a very severe punishment. But these are nourishments Allahu Arlon. What exactly happened, but it was only those who wronged those who did learn who would have had been punished, not those who did not do well. But in this is a very, very big lesson, that the more a person

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learns, the more truth he's exposed to the more is expected out of him. So with knowledge comes greater responsibility. And with that comes greater accountability.

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And with that come greater consequences than two paths are clear for a person. If he remains righteous, learns, implements benefits himself benefits others absorbs beautiful rain that Allah has sent, then what will happen? The rewards are amazing. And on the other hand, if a person doesn't matter if it doesn't act on it, forgets it, then what do we learn on the Day of Judgment? A person will rise up when he is blind, and he will ask Oh Allah, Lima Hashem Tony Irma, why did you raise me up blind or caused controversy I could see in the world local say that my versus came to you. You learned my verses, but you forgot them. Boca luckily, OMA Thompson just like that today, you will be

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forgotten. So remember that with knowledge, greater expectations, greater responsibility, and greater consequences.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these if

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you call how're you gonna Yeah,

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I use

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all don't belong

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meaning all oh no redo

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coulomb in double

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what up Alma in

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Alterna are cool now I mean Ushahidi all Ari's

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Mina Santa in tekun Alana

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ko no Lana

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theory now done

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do for you was eating all along with

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me Mona xinova

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For me

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me Want

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me one

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