What Should I Do If I Cannot Make Dua In Arabic

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A great number of us Muslims do not know Arabic as a language. Making Dua in a language one is not familiar with can be extremely difficult. How can one solve this issue?

Shaykh Saad Tasleem answers

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The speaker discusses the importance of using one's heart to express one's experiences in different language. They explain that using their hearts to make sure their heart is present in all cultures is crucial to achieving success. They also mention that demonstration of their heart is seen in language.

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What do you do if you are unable to make in Arabic?

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Yes, best case scenario we use the two hours that my son taught us in Arabic. But the reality is that a lot of data understands the language of our heart, no matter what language we make dua in, Allah hears that. The most important thing is that we use our hearts to make sure that our heart is present in that no matter what language it may be, no matter what language we use to verbalize that. And illustrata Allah knows best