Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 173B Tafsir Al-Muminun 51-61

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Yeah, uh, you have Russolo all messengers who know minute by Uberti each of the good things were MaryLu saleha and work righteousness in need be meta MeLuna Eileen, indeed I am of whatever you do all knowing.

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Yeah, you heard Russell, all messengers, Allah subhanaw taala is addressing all of the messengers. But when this I was revealed, tell me something, how many messengers were there? At that time? On the earth? There was only one messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam only him, but this style of the eye, you had Russell, what does it show? That every messenger was given the same instruction at his time? All right, this is a command that Allah gave to every messenger. So yeah, you heard whistle, all messengers? What is it that Allah subhanaw taala told every messenger Kulu Minato yerba, you should eat of good pure things. And what kind of actions should you do? Why Armello saleha? DO armor

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that is solid? Why? Why should you eat good? And why should you do good? Because in need be mathema? Luna? Eileen, I know whatever you are doing.

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If the messengers were given this command, then what does it mean? Their nations are included. Right? So if all the messengers were instructed to do this, then what does it mean? This wasn't instruction for all of mankind.

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So this is a command also for who for us. If Allah subhanaw taala wanted his messengers to do something, all right, and it's a General Command, General instruction. That means that Allah also wants us to do the same thing. He wants us to follow His messengers.

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So what are the two things that are mentioned over here? What do commence first of all, Kulu Minato, you bet each of the good things.

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Allah subhanaw taala has created many things that we can eat from, right. But everything that is edible, is not equal. In terms of nutrition, in terms of health benefits, right? There is a difference depending on who the person is, right? Where they're living, what season it is, right? Something may be good for a particular person because he lives in a particular land. But that same food may be harmful for another because he lives in a different place. Right? Or, for instance, what suits me is quite possible, something that doesn't suit you. So, Allah subhanaw taala has created different foods. So from the different varieties of foods that Allah has created, what does he tell

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us? What is it that we should select for ourselves? That which is the Yep, that which is good, because remember that type, what does it mean that which is clean, pure, all right, good, meaning good quality, and also that which is favorable, that which is favorable that which suits you.

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So for example, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the winds, right, that wind which is the Yerba, that when you are traveling by sea, and when you get by Eva winds, what does that mean? favorable winds, meaning winds that are blowing in the direction that you want to go in. It's something that suits you. So likewise, there are certain foods that suit us and certain foods that don't suit us. And each person should know. Each person should be aware of what they're eating what they're putting in their bodies. Eat that which is good. And then once you've eaten, what should you do? Go sleep? Yeah. Is that what the if Elvis, eats, and then eat more? And then sleep and then get

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lazy? And then whatever you don't want to eat? Just throw it away, wasted? What does Allah tell us? What's the next part Wiremu follow her. Do that which is good. Which means that eat, for health, for energy, for strength, so that you can do

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don't eat merely for pleasure. Because in this life, you can't eat just for pleasure. If you do that, you will suffer. You understand? Like, for example, if you really really love ice cream,

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and you keep eating ice cream and you have a whole box like a small box every night, then what will happen at the end of the week, you wonder I'm going to the gym every day, when that thing's working.

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Right. So you're eating for pleasure.

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But it's not helpful.

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Eating for pleasure is where? in Jannah, it's not in this world.

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You know why its agenda? Because telcos have when a person will drink from the water of held cosa. All right? What do we learn that he will never become thirsty again, he will never experience thirst. Which means that any drinking in Jannah is for need. What is it for? It's for pleasure. Here in this life, we eat for what purpose? What purpose, for strength, for health? All right, so that we can do something. Because we are here in this life not to enjoy, why are we here to do armor.

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So Eat of the good things, and then do righteousness. And it's amazing. Eat by Yep. And do solid.

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Eat not just anything, see what you're eating, select what you're going to eat. And do not just anything, select what you're going to do,

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what you consume should be of the best quality. And what you produce should also be of good quality. You understand the connection here?

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Consume what is best and produce what is best.

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Kuno may not tell you about Wiremu, saleha.

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And then, based on where the emphasis is put, we like understand the sentence, right? So like over here, I was thinking about like, how it says, Eat, like from good and do good. But like if we put the emphasis on the good, right? So like, if you eat good, you'll be able to do good. You know, that's true that if you eat good, then you'll be able to do good. Because otherwise what will happen when we eat food that is basically seasoned salt, sugar and fat. All right, then what energy is it going to give us? Instead of energy it's going to put us to sleep, then what kind of thermal can we do? Zero. So much so that we cannot even put our dishes are when

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has it ever happened? You eat at the restaurant? Alright, you're done eating and you're sitting, I don't feel like getting up. You can't even bother to pick up that tray. And just throw the wrappers away. Why is it that people leave everything at their table? Because they don't even have the energy to do that? The food did not give them energy, it drained them of energy. So coulomb Hinata, yerba Wiremu saleha. And why should you do this? Why should you eat consciously and do armo consciously? Why? Because in the Bema, dharma Luna, Arlene, I am watching you, Allah knows whatever we do, whatever food we put in our mouth, whatever we consume, and whatever we produce, Allah knows what

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we're doing. Recently, I was watching this lecture by one of doctors, all right. And it was about health and nutrition, right? And then we're saying that we can never hide from our body. Right? We can ever cheat our body. You know. So for example, if you want to eat something that you don't want your mother to find out, what can you do? You can tell her mom look at that, and then just quickly put a bite in your mouth. Can you do that with your body?

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Can you do that? You can't because whatever you put in your body, your body has to break it down. Your body knows what you're eating, you cannot cheat your body. And I was thinking yeah, it's a good example. But the fact is that yes, okay, you can't hide from your body but you can't hide from Allah subhanaw taala either. This is just with regards to food, right? You can't hide from your body. But with regards to every other aspect of our life, every single aspect of our life where and when can we hide from Allah, nowhere in the beam attom Aluna Ali, I know whatever you do.

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So eating good eating pie Yep. We learned in one of the previous I had about shared data about a particular tree that tumbled to be Dagny that produces a dune a particular oil which can be used for applying on the body and it can also be used for lamps Alright, as fuel for fire. But there is one more benefit that Allah tells us in that area, which is what Sybil in Lille actually, it is also a symbol of coloring a dip for those who eat meaning it is also edible, you can also eat it. So what are the benefits of olive oil? There are some studies that prove that it

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has many health benefits. So particular diseases, it helps cure them. Okay, what else? Somebody else? It's good for the skin. Okay for the skin so applying it on the skin. It's good hair. All right over there is good for the bones when you get bones you can apply on it is good for that. Okay, what else are there? Quickly? Anybody?

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It's good for to prevent the hard problems. Okay? What else? It's good for locking in moisture in your hair. Okay, interesting. Cuz he's asking cleaner.

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Okay, cleansing the skin. What else? It gets rid of stomach pain. Okay for stomach pain. What else? I was gonna say like acid in your stomach. It's helped settles. Okay. That's clever. Just pass the mic around. It takes the fact of poison away. Okay. slows the aging process. Okay, if you plan on blisters, they'll help Okay, that's That's true. It really helps I've experienced it that if you have a cut anywhere a burn anywhere and you apply olive oil, it's actually quite soothing and inshallah it will cure pretty fast because you know, in the Quran, Allah says about olive oil you can do say to her up to Willow lump them says who now?

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That even though it has not been touched by fire, all right. Still it glows. Meaning it has benefit when it is raw, uncooked, all right.

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It's good for anti aging. Like if you put it on your skin. Okay. So take the mic on the side, please. And maybe somewhere to the back. Also, it's good for your wants to clean out your wax from your ear. Does Akela Hayden that is very helpful. It is. So anybody who's raising their hand over there? It is good for the memory and Alzheimer. Okay, yeah, it's good for blood pressure. Okay, did anybody find anything negative about all

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that oil can like,

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like add too much cholesterol in it. Okay. Anything else? If you didn't find anything negative, you did not do your research properly.

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Because if you just type on YouTube, olive oil, one of the first few videos that you will find are about the fact that olive oil is not good for you. Okay, now, you know why they say it's not good for you. Because we over eat everything. Everything we eat more than we need we do is suave. And Allah says Kulu wash Euro boo hoo Holla 234 This is our problem. If we find out olive oil is good for you. What do we do on our salad? Three tablespoons of olive oil. Okay, yeah, all the wine is good for you cooking it? Yeah, exactly. There should be like 10 tablespoons of oil in our food. Right? Everything has too much oil in it. This is why than olive oil is not good for you either when

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you do it in Israel, right? Because if you look at the Iowa does Allah say slavers in Lille, actually, just to dip Vinny just a tad bit is enough a little bit as okay. And if you take everything in moderation, insha Allah, it is helpful. But once you go beyond the limits of moderation, then what happens instead of beneficial, it becomes harmful. Right? So Kulu Minolta EBIT each of the good things, which means first and foremost, we should know what we are eating. What are we eating? What are we consuming? Because many times we just eat without even thinking what it is. The maximum we check is, is it Hello? Okay, Tara just eat Yeah, so and so told me, Tara, just eat

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it. There was a workshop that was held to deliver the spices, where the sisters who are promoting health awareness, right amongst Muslim women especially. So in that I learned three things. That if you want to know when if something is good for you or not check, first of all, did it come from the farm? Or did it come from the factory? Where was it made? Farm or factory?

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Secondly, check the ingredients. Are there any words that you cannot read?

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Any words, the meaning of what you don't know? Mysterious ingredients, numbers and codes, all right. And even if they're not, they're words that we cannot even pronounce. We have no idea what they are. So if it has mysterious ingredients, it's not healthy. Thirdly, check the nutritional value. How much fat does it have? How much sugar does it have if the first second or third ingredient is sugar? It's not worth eating.

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Check the snacks that you give to children or check the snacks that you keep in your bag. What are the ingredients? The first ingredient? The second ingredient? The third ingredient? Even when it comes to juice, how much sugar does it have? All right? And if it is, in a package, it is sweet. And it says no sugar. It's worse. Because it's not sugar, then what is it? Some other chemical, some other chemical, right? Which is going to be worse for you. So just three things if you can remember 100, this is really helpful at my house with children. All right. But if you want to convince them not to eat something, this is what we go for. Where was it? Where did it come from? From the factory

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or from the farm? Secondly, mysterious ingredients. Are there any mysterious ingredients? And thirdly, is there sugar in here? How much sugar is it? Go ahead, especially at younger ages. And the causes for that is everything that children eat nowadays is full of sugar. Like even if it's not what it's meant to be not like the snack is what it's supposed to be. They're all full of sugar. And so there's a whole like, obviously, the children have so much more energy when they go to school. Exactly. I mean, who thinks yogurt is good for you?

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Who thinks yogurt is good for you? Everybody agrees? Right? Yogurt is good for you. But sometimes we want sweet yogurt. Right? And we think oh, if it's a little boxes, and it's flavored, everybody will eat it. Okay, read what that yogurt box says. What is it made from skim milk? It's made from skim milk. What's the next ingredient? Sugar. What's the next ingredient? Something else that you cannot read? Right? If it has a paragraph off ingredients, it's not worth eating. Because yogurt technically should only have two or three things in it maximum. Not more than that. So could Aminata you hurt each of the good things because if you don't watch what you eat, then what will happen? You

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cannot do our Mo salah. You cannot do remote salah.

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Because if our health is poor, then how much energy will we have? How can we wake up preferred you're on time? How can we have a restful sleep? How can we fast properly regularly? It's not possible. You don't if you look at the profits on a lot of slums life. How old was he when he received prophethood?

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40 All right. How long did he stay in Makkah how many years? In the 14th year he did hijra, so How old was he when he did Hijra 5454 when he did his little? Anybody in their 50s? Here? Okay. You don't have to tell me. But generally what happens is that when a person hits their 50s they think I'm so old. I need to retire. Right? I can't do this and I can't do that this Ramadan. I don't think I should be fasting. The prophets and a lot of them started fasting the month of Ramadan after 54 after 54 All right. And he was in Medina for about 10 years and then he passed away. So what does it mean all the major battle all the battles in fact that the Prophet saw the loss and participated in

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he was in his 50s and 60s 50s and 60s.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam was strong, he was healthy. This is why He said a lot mineral Kuwait. Chiron, what a horrible Illa mineral mineral brief, what we call him claim that the strong believer is more beloved to Allah and better before Allah, then the weak believer, but in each is good. Meaning both are good. The strong believer is good. And the weak believer is good because both of them have Iman. But the strong believer is better. Why? Why is he better? He's got more muscles, she's skinnier, what makes her better? What makes them better? Because they have more energy, more strength, they can accomplish more, they can do more. Right? Because the healthier you are, the

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longer you will live in the sense that if that is decreed for you, you will live longer, right? You're not going to be dying Have you know some disease and sick with that disease for such a long time. And that is also up to Allah subhanaw taala because sometimes a person thinks they're very healthy, they're making sure that they're perfectly fine, but still they got sick. But anyway, generally what happens generally what happens with the healthier you are the longer you live right, so you can accomplish more. Remember that in the Hadith we learned that once there was a zahavi who passed away,

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all right, one companion, he passed away and he died as a shaheed. Alright, and another companion died a year later. And somebody saw in their dream that the one who died later, enter Jannah first,

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you understand the one who died later, enter Jannah for

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errs, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that yeah, because the one who live longer, he had a whole year of Salawat of prayers, that the person who died before him did not pray.

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He had one year one extra year of good deeds, one extra year of good deeds. And this is why his entry into Janna came first. Health is an asset. As long as we're healthy, we can do something. Because think about it when we're sick. Can we even do this?

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It's difficult because a person tries to do they could well what happens if fall asleep? Can you pray properly? Can you do your son? Can you go about and do your regular activities? You can't. Sickness slows you down. All the age slows you down? This is why the prophets of autism said take benefit of five before five and one of them is what? Health before sickness and life before death. So the prophets of Allah were commanded. Kulu Minato EBRT Wiremu saleha nev Mata MeLuna Eileen, I know what you are doing.

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What in the heavy OMA to come and indeed, this is your OMA your religion, your community, own mutton Wahida one religion. All of the prophets were upon one religion, one religion and what was that after hate? Every prophet, His call was to Allah. Yeah comb or with Allah. Well, my people worship Allah. So when in the heavy OMA to come OMA Tanwar Haida for hon calm and I am your Lord for Taccone so fear me, fear me fulfill the purpose of your existence. What is the purpose of our existence worshipping Allah subhanaw taala and this is what the messengers reminded their people off. So fear Allah and remain firm Fatah cotta true but what happened? They caught up they split up the quarter

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from off the iron quarter. What does the author mean to cut something off and the author is to cut it to pieces? So the people of the messengers What did they do the nation's What did they do they cut up they divided I don't know whom their affair which affair of religion meaning the matter of religion they cut it up by now in between them zoo Bura into pieces. Zuber is a plural of zebra and Zebra is used for a large piece or a large sheet of iron a large piece or sheet of iron.

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So they broke up the religion into what into pieces. So imagine a building a structure and somebody comes and breaks it down. And each individual comes and takes one big piece of something. They cut up the religion into pieces. Zubrin is also the plural opposite bowl and what is about sheet. So they cut it up into sheets, I imagine a book and the binding is taken off. What do you have loose sheets? So each individual comes and takes one sheet on paper. All right. So this is what the people did. They destroyed the structure of religion. They broke it up, they divided up the profits brought one religion, they brought one message on Mattawa whether it's one religion, but what happened over

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time, that the people divided the religion and turned into sects into different groups, and cooler has been every group be mela de him with what they have for you one ones who rejoice? Meaning they're very happy with the piece of iron that they have, or with the sheet that they have. Just imagine a beautiful structure a beautiful house. It's broken down. All right. And everybody comes in takes one piece of it. And somebody has a broken door. And they're like, Yeah, you know, best door ever. I have the best thing I have the best thing. What good is that broken door? If there was a book that was ripped apart, and each person took one sheet and he has one sheet, what good is it?

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It's incomplete. It's not of much benefit. You don't know what was before it. You don't know what was after it. It's out of context. You don't know it. You don't even fully understand it. It's meaningless. What is being implied over here, that when the people divided up amongst themselves, what did they do? They took parts of the religion and they adhered only to those parts and they abandoned the rest of the religion. And whatever part they're holding on to their clinging to, they're very happy about it thinking that they're doing the best thing ever. This is basically talking about the hood and the Nosara right? Because we

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Learn about them have a totally new hobby Beldon Kitabi with UK Furuno Bebout Do you believe in parts of the book and you disbelieve in others, because this is what they did whatever suited their desires, whatever they liked, they held on to it, they're practiced it and whatever they found difficult they left it. And when they did that, over time, what happened? One Nation turned into many nations, many groups, many sects.

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But this is not just limited to Yehuda NESARA. Look at our state today. Allah subhanaw taala has given us the Quran and the Sunnah. If a person says, No sunnah only got one. And they're very happy about the fact that they're following the Quran. They believe in the Quran. Do they have the complete Deen? They don't. But they're very happy about what they're doing.

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Right? Likewise, some people say, oh, there is no need to spend on your head Junior Umrah and your old Korea and all of this, you should serve the poor and the needy. No need to spend your time in praying and fasting. What's a better good deed is that you serve humanity. Okay? That is good also, but you cannot take bits and pieces of the deen you have to take the whole religion.

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Color has been the malady him for the home, each person, each group is very happy with what they have. Allah says further home, just leave them feeling rotting him in their confusion had the Hain until a time leave them. Don't bother talking to them. Why? Because when a person is like this, that he's only holding on to a part of the religion. And he thinks he's doing the best. And he's the only one who is upon the truth. Then what happens? It's difficult to even have a discussion with these people. When a person is on falsehood,

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believing that it is Huck, and he is so firm on it. He looks down on all the rest of the people and he thinks he's the only one who's rightly guided. Can you even have a conversation with them? Can you even have a discussion with them? No, you can't. Because immediately they look down on you. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he faced a very similar challenge in Morocco. Because the people of Makkah, they considered themselves as the best of the best. They said we are Quraysh we are the nannies. Our lineage goes back all the way to Ismar you to Ibrahim we are children of Ibrahim. And in addition to that, the Kaaba, the house of Allah, we take care of it. We are its custodians, the

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hijabs that come we serve them. We do everything. We're the best. And the scrawny you're talking about we don't have any need of it. This message that you brought, we don't need it. We are perfectly fine. They did not even want to listen to the Prophet sallallahu right he was

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so What did Allah subhanaw taala set for them home just leave them feeling rotting him in their camera had their hand what is llamada hombre is from the letters line meme raw. And Limra is basically a large and deep body of water.

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So just imagine a lake. Okay, huge and deep, so deep, that if you throw a stone, you don't know how far it has gone. Have you ever seen a well? A Well, right? You throw something in it and you wait to hear when is it going to reach the end and you can't even tell how deep it is. It's so deep, so leave them in there hombre, Gomorrah is used for misguidance for ignorance for off law, heedlessness a state in which a person claims to know but he doesn't actually know. So leave them in their hombre. It's as if they're drowned. Leave them

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you can't even explain anything to them because they're not willing to listen. They're not willing to come out of that depth out of that water. They're not willing to look up, they're not willing to look around. They think that that water is the only thing they think their world is the only world they think their life is the best. You know, for instance, there's a story that is narrated about a frog right a frog that lived in a well and the frog thought that that well was the whole world all right and he thought that it was the only place it was the best place that water was the best water for him. The entire world was just the well and this is how many people think the only health is

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what I am in the only world is what I am living in. I am the best I am upon truth Allah says though home field Emirati him had the Hain is gonna do they think a nama that indeed that which knowmad to whom be we are extending them off? No may do from the root letters me

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In dal dal Muthiah motto is to stretch to lengthen something. Do they think that whatever we are lengthening for them, meaning whatever we are giving more off to them, what are we giving them more off, mammalian of wealth we're burning and children because the Mushrikeen of Mecca the people of Makkah, they were wealthy, look at the Quraysh they were well off, they had power, they had money that everything they wanted, influence authority. And they thought, we have all of this because we are doing right we are upon the truth.

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Because if we were wrong, that Allah would be unhappy with us, and if he was unhappy with us, he wouldn't have given us all of this he would have punished us and many times people think like this, if I am wrong, how come I am successful? If I am wrong, how come I've got money? If I am wrong, how come my body's healthy?

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Allah says is a bona do they think, undermine omit the human male in Woburn in that whatever we are extending to them of wealth and children do they think that new Sadie or Allah Winfield high rot that we are hastening for them Phil Hi, Robin, good things newcity Row Masada Arsene Lorraine, to bring quickly

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that we are giving them good things so quickly, meaning in this world, good things refers to one wealth, children, right? The influence the power success that they're enjoying? In other words, do they think that they have all of this because we are rewarding them?

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Because many people think that if I have health, if I have money, if I have success, if I have a happy married life, if I have good children, I am being rewarded. I am being rewarded. How do we know it's a reward? It could very well be a huge test. In fact, every blessing is a test, isn't it?

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So they think that this is all reward? Do they think they're being rewarded? Allah says Bella, yes, Sharon, rather they do not perceive. They do not understand. This is not reward. They're not being rewarded. This is is that Raj? What is this The Drudge throne? Allah subhanaw taala gives time to a person. He doesn't punish them immediately. He lets them enjoy. And then he lets them have a few more breaths and a few more days, and a few more chances. And then finally, their term comes to an end.

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So the people of Makkah, they thought Allah must be happy with them. In Surah Al Imran i 178 Also we learn while I am seven Alladhina Cafaro unknown Lila on Cairoli unfussy him, that those who disbelieved they should never think that what we're extending to them of enjoyment is good for them. No, it's not good for them. This enjoyment that they're experiencing, it's not good, who's sad, it's good. So it's as if we're being shaken. Wake up. Just because you're having a good time in your life doesn't mean that Allah is happy with you. Good time in this life is not necessarily reward. fit our own also had the best time in his life.

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You ask any person who does something haram who does something good? Did they like it? Did they enjoy it? Of course. How was that drink? How was that Zina? How was that party? How was that haram? It was good. It was fun.

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Why was it fun? Why was it good? Because Allah who approves of it? No, but Laya shrewton they do not understand. This is not reward. This is just time that Allah is giving you so that perhaps you may wake up in the Lavina indeed those who home their Mihashi at the rugby him from the fear of their Lord Mushfiq goon they're apprehensive, Florida Mushfiq who is much Fick, one who is an ich Bach sheen, foul cough, fear. But this is fear that is mixed with love, respect, genuine fear. They on how she has what kind of fear that is based on knowledge. They know their Lord, they recognize Allah, they are in all of his greatness. And because of that, they're apprehensive. They're not

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negligent. They're not egoless what one Lavina and those who home baby if you're a beginner, you may know they believe in the signs and the verses of their Lord, one Lavina home and those who do not be him laying Ashley Kuhn with their Lord, they do not associate partners neither major nor minor ship will ladina you tuna Matho and those who gave whatever they give,

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

they give whatever they give in charity or an

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Action that they're doing, no matter what good they do. What is the state of their heart? What coloboma Agila? Their hearts are, what do you love? What do you love while Jim left trembling, trembling inside? Why are their hearts trembling? When they're giving charity? Or when they're performing a good deed? Why are their hearts trembling? And now home Ealer up behind Roger your own, this realization that indeed their to their Lord will return. They're going back to Allah and no matter what they have done is not sufficient. And no matter what they have done is not good enough. There is always a need to do more. I shall deliver on time when she heard that she asked the Prophet

00:35:41 --> 00:36:29

salallahu Salam, that are these verses about people who do sin, and this is why they're afraid. Prophets all along, some said no, oh daughter of a Siddiq. They are ones who pray, and fast and given charity, while fearing that it will not be accepted from them. This is why their hearts are trembling. They're afraid that it might not be accepted. They're afraid that what they're doing is not good enough. They're not satisfied with their accomplishments. They realize there is a need for improvement. There is a need to do more. So what happens hola Iike. You said your own Phil. Hi rod. Those are the ones who hasten in good deeds, meaning they do not delay performing good deeds while

00:36:29 --> 00:36:48

home and they laugh for IT Savvy Cohn wants to get ahead of others want to outstrip others mean they're the first ones to do it. So first of all, they're not lazy. And secondly, they're the first ones to do it. Why are they ahead in doing good? Because they realize whatever they have done is not enough.

00:36:49 --> 00:37:32

There is a need for improvement. You see, there is a companion but there have been a lot Radi Allahu Anhu and I told you his story once before, right that how he was a slave, and how the woman was used to torture him physically abused him. This Sahabi many years later, after the prophets, Allah lost and many years later, he was on his deathbed, close to dying. And he was afraid he was crying. And the people said, Why are you feeling like that? You are one of the first people to accept Islam. You did hijra, you are with the prophets of Allah. And for all these years you did this and this and this good. Why are you afraid? He said that there were those amongst us like Musab even remade, who

00:37:33 --> 00:38:24

did what they did for Islam. Masabi been remade, first teacher in Medina, the one who brought Islam to Medina. And what happened he died at Ohio and when he died, there was not even enough cloth to cover his body with when we covered his head, his feet were exposed when we covered his feet his head was exposed. So we covered his feet with some grass, that is how we buried him. So he will get his budget in Gemini inshallah in the hereafter. But then there are us we who lived on and we reaped the fruits of our labor here, we suffered initially. But then Allah subhanaw taala rewarded us here, he gave us good here. And I am afraid that what if I have consumed all of my reward here? What if

00:38:24 --> 00:39:00

nothing awaits me in the hereafter? You see how the Sahaba thought if they received good here, they consider that to be a liability. They got stressed out, they got worried that perhaps this means there will be no more good afterwards perhaps we're getting under for our deeds. Now. Allah says Allah Iike, you said your own affiliate rod. They are the ones who get ahead. Those who are not satisfied with whatever they have done. They realize there is a need to do more. Recently, I learned that whoever wishes to teach must never cease to learn.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:32

We think okay, I have this degree. I've studied this much. Now. I'm perfect. I don't need to increase. I don't need to learn more. I don't need to do this. And this yet. 10 years ago, I did this. And five years ago I gave sadaqa. And, you know, three years ago I fasted in the month of Ramadan. And yes, I did this. I've done enough. No, we've never done enough. There's always a need to do more. And such people who realize there's a need for more, they keep going forward, they keep excelling May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who are greedy for hive.

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