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Shaykh Yasir talks about the dua of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Musa and the lessons to imbibe and inculcate from these magnificent duas.

‘O Allah! Don’t make us a Fitnah for the Kafir’
[Surah Yunus , Verses 85-86]

What does it imply? 

  • Don’t punish us at the hands of the Kafir like Firaun. Don’t make us a test for them. Do not make them win over us and torture us.
  • Do not allow the kafir to see something in us that makes him reject Islam. Do not make me a Fitnah for the kafir.
  • Do not make us failures even in this Dunya because this will be used as an interpretation for them to believe that our religion is backward.
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Hello hypocotyl

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continuing in our series on Torah today I have chosen two hours that are relatively rare. Most of us have probably never heard of them, even though they're in the Quran. And the first of them is from the tongue of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and the second is from the tongue of Musa alayhis salaam. So we have two daughters that have very similar meanings. And as I said, these are rare in the sense most people have never really contemplated and understood them. And in fact, we have narrations from the tab Bureau and they're asking the Sahaba What are these do i mean they didn't understand the meaning of these doors. So they're very interesting to us. The first of them that start with chronological

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in terms of the Quran, it says sudo Yunus verse 85, to 86, when Musa was rushing away from Freetown and ferons army was behind they made a dua to Allah robina Lata jalna fitna tell little wholemeal volume in our law do not make us a fitna for the wrongdoers. Don't make the Muslims a test under trial for the wrong doors. What does it mean that the Muslims are saying Don't make us a fit enough for the volume people for the wrong people? Let's move to the second law which is similar in meaning and it is Ibrahim alayhis. Salam and his followers. They're making a dua remember Ibrahim and his followers that were being persecuted by the king and the rulers of their time. So they said Rob

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benedetta Jelena fitna Lila Dena cafaro Allah do not make us a fitna for the disbelievers. So we have to do is that really have the same meaning. Don't make us a test and a trial a source of fitna for those that have rejected you. What does it mean that you're asking Allah that we do not become a test for the castle that the janitor fitted a little dinakar for that edge? Allah fit that a little more volume? What does this mean? Some of the Sahaba were asked the same question the tabular and couldn't understand. So we actually have a number of interpretations. All of them are valid. As you know, the Quran comes with multiple meanings is not just one meaning, and wherever we can

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accommodate more meanings, we accommodate them. So even though there's more today we'll summarize three meanings. What does it mean? Oh, Allah Don't make us a fit enough for those that have rejected you don't make us a fit enough for those that are doing wrong. The first meaning, the first meaning or law, don't punish us at their hands. Don't cause those who reject you to test us. So frown is behind Musan his father's saying Oh Allah, don't let your adult come through them on us. Don't use them, oh, Allah, don't cause them to punish us to kill us to torture us. What if Allah they were to capture us, and they then test us and we don't pass that test. So don't make us a test for them. Let

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the judge know fitna 10, little homeadvisor mean. So this is a very clear meaning that Oh Allah, whatever you do, don't cause them to win over us, destroy us, torture us persecute us don't cause the test to be through them. Another meaning. And this is very interesting. And I chose these doors because we are living in a minority amongst a non Muslim land. So these doors are very interesting, where they're coming from the second meaning listen to this, oh, Allah do not allow the cafeteria or the volume to see something in us that causes him or her to reject Islam.

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Think about what I just said, Oh, Allah, do not make us a cause of other people rejecting Islam. What if I do something? And because of me, my reputation, my shady, my phoron my law school stuff for a law but what if I stopped for the law give a bad image of my nebby in front of the one who doesn't know who my Navy is. So a lot Don't make me a fit enough for the coffee. Don't make me a fit enough for the volume that he will say on Judgement Day over law. The only Muslim I knew was so and so. And look at what he did. Look at what his character was, look at what he or she did. So it's not my fault. I assume this person represents Islam. So the dawn is made. Lotta Jana fitna tell Idina

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cafaro. So this is a reminder to us to be role models, to reminder to us that it is possible that on judgment day, some people will try to use us as an excuse that Oh Allah, I never heard of Islam, and so and so work with us and he was a cheat, he was a crook. He was a liar. He was this and that. And I thought, if this is the fate that leads to this, why should I think about this faith? So we pray to Allah Nottage adna, fitna 10, little coal mill caffeine, we don't want to be a fitna to those people that the we will be

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Common Test for them that they will check the validity of Islam through our actions. What if we fail, so don't make us like that, Oh Allah. So this is an incentive for us to raise the bar to make sure that we are representative of our faith. And the third and final meaning that we will do. And there are more meanings in the books of Tafseer. And I found this very interesting. I looked up a number of classical works today doing the research for our healthcare today and just to see what our classical scholars said, and I was really, I have to say I was tickled by this in a humorous manner explain why the books I referenced, which is even though Josie is at the mercy written almost 1000

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years ago, and other classical books, they were written at a time when the Muslim world was superior to the non Muslim world, technologically, politically, militarily, when the Muslim world ruled over the rest of the world. And they gave a hypothetical interpretation that we are currently living right now. They gave a hypothetical interpretation that Oh Allah, don't make us lesser than civilization wise, those disbelievers because what if our failure to be a better civilization technologically, militarily to be in our in our vernacular, our GDP is less? Or what if somebody says, oh, the number of Nobel Prize winners of Muslim lands is less right. So we are, quote unquote,

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lesser than them. So then they will say, Oh, these are backward people, their religion must be backward as well. This is a hypothetical tafsir, written of the ayah at a time when the Muslim Ummah was superior in every single regard. And they said one of the meanings of this drop that Oh Allah do not make us failures, even in this dunya because the failure ship in this dunya will be interpreted by them as an excuse to be a failure in what in our,

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in our religion, and Subhanallah we are currently one aspect of it. One aspect of it this hypothetical Tafseer, written 1000 years ago, they couldn't imagine a world like that. But they said, this is one drop that will always make us the better of them, and Subhanallah how the tables have changed. And this is not the time to go into this tangent, but all of you are aware and there is truth to this. This isn't a romanticized nostalgic, back reading of history. It is true that for 1000 years, the Muslim omo was technologically superior to every other civilization, the first person who translated the Quran into Latin, he was robbed Roger of Catan from England, he had gone

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to andaluz to study medicine, and he was studying medicine and the pope visited and the Pope said I want to find somebody who speaks fluent Arabic, and can translate the Quran. So this medical student who had come listen to this from England, where did he go to to study medicine and Telos? Where do we go to study medicine these days? Where do we go to the MCAT to go to our residency where which where the table has turned right? This was a britisher, who had come to Toledo later to study medicine. And he was had to learn Arabic to go into the medical college. And he's reading the books of classics you all know, it been seen as an Khaldoon. Philip was the one of the first books

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translated and became a medical textbook for 300 years, so much so that the title itself our noon film clip, it became a word in English the word canon, which means a canon of laws comes from the Kowloon urban scene, the word canon is because of urban Sienna, and all of the other stuff we've heard of how what is mean algebra, although it is the Arabic numerals all of this is true. And I found it so ironic. You can see my sense of humor here, some of our classical ruler ma said, This, drop that Yagna fitness a little COVID caffeine in this drop the Latina cafaro this Dora, one of the meanings, this, Oh Allah, we should be better than them in every aspect, because of failure in one

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aspect is possibly interpreted as a failure of the deen. And we don't want to be like that. And they were writing at different times. And now the tables have turned. However, the truth of a religion is not based on GDP. It is true that some people interpreted that way. And it is true that the caffeine and the body mean make fun of our faith and say, Oh, these guys, they have poor gdps these guys have few, you know, Nobel Prize winners, etc, etc. But the truth of religion is not based on this. It is based on answering the critical questions of life who created you? Where are you from? What is the purpose of life as well? Let's put GDP aside Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, in terms of in terms of

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hospitality, in terms of respect of the elder in terms of some of the basic values of humanity Alhamdulillah it is well known. The Muslim Ummah is the most generous this has been proven demographically, the Muslim Ummah gives the most

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garetty the Muslim woman is the most charitable the Muslim oma is the most faithful in terms of believing in God in terms of observing the rituals. The very fact that every mosque in the world is packed to capacity every single night of this month even though tomorrow morning all of us have to go to work the very fact that a man is thriving and alive when he man and other faith traditions is going down. These are the signs of a true religion, not GDP. It is good if we had the GDP it is good if we had the Nobel Prize and once upon a time we did for over 1000 years we don't have it anymore but I've been a lotta Jana fitness a little home in London a couple and also have been added

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language and fitness a little formula volume in this is why we should make continuously as a minority situation. We don't want to be a fit in a test in a trial for those that have rejected Islam. We don't want them to reject Islam, because of us, our clock and our morality and our code of conduct always has to be the best so that they cannot use us as an excuse to reject our faith. So memorize this draw from the tongues of Musa and Ibrahim alayhis Salam robina Allah Tatiana fitness little homie vada mean and Robin, Tatiana fitness, Linda, Dina kafu and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow's