Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 102C Tafsir Al-Tawbah 5-15

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the grace period and the grace period after the time of the Islam period. The machine gives individuals the freedom to live and kill the Muslims, while protecting individuals from unwanted behavior and avoiding treaty with certain people. The importance of honoring actions and protecting individuals from violence is emphasized, as well as the use of the term "typical" to describe actions and actions of leaders. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of the actions of leaders, including attacks on religion and criticism of Muslims, and the loss of family members and the loss of trust from the community.
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Now in the following if the Muslims are instructed as to how they're going to deal with the machine, when, after the four month grace period is over, how are the machine going to be dealt with? Let's say there is a person who outright comes and says, I'm not going to recognize the authority of the Prophet salallahu Salam, I'm still reading on my Szybko. How is he going to be dealt with? If there's a people who are showing hostility to the Muslims, despite the passage of this four month grace period now, how are they going to be dealt with? What if there is a person who never found out let's say there is a Bedouin? All right, nobody from his family went for hajj, he never found out

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and after eight months, he finds out that if I'm on Sheikh, that's not allowed anymore. So how is he going to be dealt with? For either so when in Salah ha. It is over it has passed in Salah Whoa, remember the word we learned earlier also, that the one whom Allah subhanaw taala gave the knowledge of the ayat and what happened from Salah hum in how he got out of them, right? He slithered out of them, he came out of them like a snake comes out of his skin. So for en Salah when it has passed when it is over what is over ash for the months plural of shahada, which months and home the sacred ones, Florida Hello. Now the sacred months over here doesn't refer to the four sacred months in

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which fighting is prohibited. It refers to the four months in which the wish to clean still had security. All right, this is basically referring to the four months of grace period that the machine were given, right, which I mentioned earlier, for see who fill early or Bata ashore. Now, which four months were these now remember that on the 10th, of Dhul, Hijjah, the ninth year after Hijra is when I needed to know where and who made the announcement. So four months from then would be what? From 10th of Dhul Hijjah to 10th of Muharram. The first month, what comes after Muharram suffered second month, then probably will a well and then going to be authentic. So basically the 10th of Rubirosa

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2010, year after Hyjal.

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So basically it will be returning 10th year after Hijra was when the grace period was going to be over. After that, what's going to happen? By then many of them are shaking, already have either left, or they have decided to accept Islam. And they have decided to give up their hostilities to the Muslims to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they have basically surrendered. You see, you might think that they're being forced to surrender. And this is what people say Islam was established by the sword that was spread by the sword. But this is not the case. If you think about it, some people they accept, and they understand. When you explain something to them, they use their mind, and they

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cooperate. But there's some other people who are given time, whom you explain matters to, but they still don't get it. When they don't get it then are they supposed to be punished or not? Yes. Because what they're doing is pretty serious. Like, for example, if there's a person who's got repeatedly how that he's speeding, or that he's driving without a seatbelt, or he's driving when he's drunk, okay, and he's gotten into several accidents, what's going to happen eventually, is he going to be allowed to keep a license and keep driving? What's going to happen eventually, he's either going to end up in jail, or his license is going to be taken away. And he cannot dry for a

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certain number of years for a certain number of months. And depending on the damages that he's caused, he's going to suffer? Correct. Depending on the damages that a person has caused, he's going to suffer. Right? So likewise, the machine had they been given plenty of time. Had they been given plenty of time? Yes. 13 years of Makkah, so many years in Medina, treaty, after treaty, message after message cooperation on the part of the Muslims. But we see that some of them were stricken were determined that were fixed up on their ship, even if they saw the truth as clear as the splitting of the moon in front of their eyes. Did they accept they didn't? Did the surrender? No.

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Now if you let this person have a choice, because this is what we believe in, everybody should have that freedom to choose what they want to, to do what they want to like, for example, our country is what a multicultural country where people have the choice to make their own decisions concerning their religion, their faith, and they will be respected, correct, but what will not be tolerated violence against someone even if your religion dictates that? Correct. Which is why when you get your citizenship of this country, you are told that you have the freedom to practice your faith. But if your faith encourages you to have

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As women, that's not going to be tolerated. If your religion encourages you to do this or that it's not going to be tolerated. Correct. So we see that the machine were given plenty of time, but their mere existence in Arabia was a threat to the Muslims. It was a threat to the Muslims, it was a threat to all the people over there. Because the Mushrikeen were violent people full of hatred for the Muslims, for Islam for the hate. And when such people with hatred, are living in a community, you think you're going to spread peace? You think they're going to follow the laws? No, they're going to harm others. So this is why they were given an ultimatum that that's it for months, and

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after that, you're no longer going to be tolerated. So after these four months have passed, and if there are some people who are still persistent on their crimes on their ship, then should they be given the freedom to live and kill the Muslims and assault Muslim women? Should they be given the freedom? No, they're not going to be given that freedom, then that freedom is going to be taken away. And this is the way of Allah subhanho wa taala. He gives time to a person. Go ahead, you have the freedom, do what you want. Allah is watching you. He is observing your deeds. And then eventually, the time comes when the angel of death is going to appear before him. Right and that

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person has to go, a time comes when that person is going to be caught. Correct? What happened to fit our own? Was he not given freedom for so long? What happened to the people of whom are in a center, the people of Saleh al Islam, the people of Lutheran a Salam where they punished the first day? The people of no Harley salon where they punish the first day? No, there weren't. It was when the argument had been established against them. The truth was delivered message was conveyed. The evidence was established against them that these people are guilty, then it was that the punishment of Allah was sent, whether it was in the form of a flood, or it was in the form of an earthquake or

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a blast, and to the machine, what punishment was sent at the hands of the Muslims that now Your time is up. Now your time is up. And when it is up, therefore, the Muslims are commanded that fucka Tulu, then kill who I'll Mushrikeen, the Mushrikeen. Where Hazel, wherever we're just to move them you find meaning whether you find them in the Haram, that they're persistent on their crimes, and they say, Well, you know what, I'm standing next to the carbon, you can't do anything to me. Doesn't matter. Four months have passed, their grace period is over. Now, they're going to be brought to justice. And what is that, that they're not allowed to live anymore? Because if they're allowed to

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live, they're going to continue their crimes. So fuck Toulon, which sukeena Heiser wanted to move and whether you find them in the Haram or you find them in the *? What is the Haram The area of the Kaaba and its surroundings? And the * is outside of that. All right. Well, who do whom and sees them? Meaning catch them? What Sue whom was ruined from the letters how solid rock

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busy beseech them hustled to lay siege. So for example, if they go and take shelter in a house in Fort then what should you do? Let them be so that they can strengthen themselves up over there and come out and again, spread violence and cause the people to suffer? No, you're going to lay siege outside to the moment they come out. They're caught and brought to justice. So why Sue Home worker arugula home and set for them. Wait for them where every each model salad place of ambush muffled from their letters. Last slide Dell rassada is to sit and wait to lie in wait for something or someone to come. All right. So Muslim is a place of ambush. Like for example, a group of people

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knows that their enemy is going to pass from a particular place. So what do they do? They go in camp. All right, and they hide. So as soon as the enemy appears, they can go and attack. This is Mossad. So lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. In other words,

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go after them, and do not spare them at all. Don't even spare one of them. Because if you spare even one of them, what is he going to do? He is going to create facade. He is going to disturb the peace in the land. He is going to create tensions he's going to create difficulties. Like for example, if there's even one serial killer, even one person who blew a bomb somewhere Is he allowed to live? No, not even one person. Not allowed? No

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Now this ayah if you don't keep the context in mind, and if you don't understand when it was revealed for which purpose, don't you think it can be easily misunderstood? And that's exactly what people do. They don't even caught for even salah Hall asuran haram. They just say chapter number nine, verse number five, so kill the polytheists, the infidels wherever you find them. These are the teachings of Islam so called peaceful religion, this is what they say. Right? But if you look, what is the context, four months grace period, do what you want. Make up your mind. And after that, if you persist on your crimes, there's a whole history behind the suit. All right. So if you don't

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change, then obviously you're persisting on your crime then you can't be allowed to live anymore. And look at the mercy of Allah for interval and if they do Toba they repent will accommo Salah and they established the prayer will atta was Oka and they give this occur for Hello sebelah home so leave their way. Hello from Harlem well how to be empty, meaning leave their way empty. In other words, let them go let them be free. Doesn't matter if he came and battled against the prophets of Allah sentiment

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at the Battle of the Trench doesn't matter what he did in the past. Now if he has done Toba now, if he prays the salah gives us occur, then he is your brother, so leave him. Don't keep a grudge. Don't keep regret just because of his past. If Allah can forgive him, you should forgive him too. In the law have a photo Rahim indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Now what do we see over here? Despite the apparent strictness of these verses, we also see Allah subhanaw taala has mercy that's so evident that where there are people who have committed great crimes against humanity, there's also room for their repentance. If they repent, Allah subhanaw taala will accept it because he is a

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Roman, more merci. We're in a huddle. And if anyone Milan was stricken from the Mushrikeen if there's anyone from the masjid Duquesne, who is the John rocker, who seeks your protection? Is the John Rocker from the reference gene? Well, Rob G Jeem. Well, jobs. Who is a job? Not Jar Jar? Who is he? Enemy? No neighbor. Okay, who is job, neighbor? Now, neighbor? What does he deserve from you? Protection? What kind of protection that you don't harm them? Right? You don't harm them and when they need your help you support them. All right? So it's the Gianluca means if he seeks your protection, if there's any wishek, who seeks your protection against you, against the Muslims? So

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let's say there is a mystic who walks in, and he realizes all no room for Mushrikeen or for shipped over here. And he says, Oh, wrong place. Bad idea. Now, what am I supposed to do? He says, to a Muslim, can you please grant me protection so that no Muslim can harm me? So if there is a mushrik, who seeks your protection for a God who Allah says, then give him protection? Had that until Yes, Mara, he hears Kalam Allah, the speech of Allah meaning the Quran, Sama, then I believe who deliver him, meaning, because when you've given someone protection these days, I mean, people carry different things. Like for example, if you go to a country, all right, you are allowed to come there

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because of some visa that you have some permit that you have, correct. If you don't have it, you're going to be put behind bars, and then eventually you'll be sent back home. All right. So back then, obviously, people didn't have passports, okay. So what was done that the person who had given protection to someone Okay, he would accompany them. Okay. So there is a mystic, he comes into Arabia, and he says, I need your protection. I have a business transaction to conclude, so please are Muslim man give me protection that Muslim man would accompany him. So Allah says, give him protection until a he learns about the Quran? Because he must be educated about Islam. This is not

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just hostility for no reason. He must learn about what Allah subhanaw taala has sent. Because there are many people who are hostile towards Islam based on their absolute ignorance, they have no idea what Allah has revealed, right? But and if they get to know then their mind changes, right? So give him protection so that he can come to know and be he is safe, and your protection should be with him until you deliver him to what man

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Know who meant from the root letters Hamza Mamoon. Amma means safety, security, man place of security. So basically stay with him until he is in a place where he will be safe. So basically, with his people amongst his family, the valley could be unknown that exception allowances made concerning them be unknown, because indeed the moment people lay on the Moon who do not know.

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Now, this ayah basically means that after the four months have ended, if there is a mystic who says, I need your protection, I still don't want to accept Islam, and I don't want to move from here. So what should the Muslims do? What should they do? Give him protection?

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All right. But if he says, No, I don't need your protection anymore than that person is not allowed to be in the Arabian Peninsula anymore. Some scholars said that it refers to those who come from a land

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which is at war with Muslims. Okay, and he comes to the area of Islam. So let's say there is a messenger, meaning a person who's been sent with an official letter to the leader of the Muslims, okay. And this messenger, this invoice is coming from who, coming from where, from people who are hostile. Now, technically this person, the moment he walks in, he's not safe. But because he is a messenger, he will be given what he will be given protection. And we see this that once there was a person who came to the prophets of Allah and send them with a letter. And the Prophet salallahu Salam asked him about the False Prophet Musa Lima, this man who had claimed to be a prophet, that do

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believe that He is a messenger of Allah will say, Luca, and that man said that, yes, I do believe. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I would have had you assassinated, but the only reason why I'm sparing your life is because you are

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an end, boy, you are an envoy, this is the only reason why your life is spared.

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Alright. So likewise, we see many other examples. If a person has come for a business transaction, even from a hostile people, but he's got that protection, he will be allowed to come.

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You understand? He has been granted permission to come there. Now these days also, we see that in the Haram, technically, no non Muslims should be going there. Isn't that so? But there are people who are employed to do certain works, whether it's construction related engineering related, whatever it may be. Now, how do they come?

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Based on some official permission? All right, what is that? That is like

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a security that has been granted to them? You understand? And this is why no Muslim can go up to them and hurt them. Just because they say that, Oh, he's a Kaffir YZ here? No, you're not allowed to do that. You're not allowed to do that, because many Muslims based on their ignorance and such biases, they become reactive in this way. This is not correct. Likewise, if there is a non Muslim living in a Muslim land, all right, like for example, the Judeo Christian where the Khalifa is okay, and that person has been granted security. And if he is hurt, if he is killed, if he is abused, then the Muslim who abuses him, hurts and kills him will suffer a lot in the Hereafter, he will be far

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removed from Paradise, he will be punished because of that. So what do we learn basically, in this idea that the Prophet salallahu Salam was sent as a mercy to mankind he was not sent as a prophet of war as a person who came to kill people so that they would go to hellfire. No, he came for the guidance of people as mercy for mankind. And this is why we see that even after the passage of great spirit, if any Mushrik sought refuge, Allah subhanaw taala says, give him protection. And let him hear the word of Allah. We see that at the conquest of Makkah, ohm Hani, a woman, she gave refuge to some wish the king. Imagine a woman, a Muslim woman is giving refuge to certain men from London

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which Dickey and that was accepted that was respected by the Muslims, that this particular emergency has been given protection by whom honey, you can't harm him, you can't hurt him, he's safe. You have to respect him. Now Allah subhanaw taala mentions the wisdom. The reason behind why all of these facts are unknown and why the Michigan are no longer going to be safe in Arabia. Allah says K for how

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Why Yoku, it should be live, Masha kina for the, for the idolaters for them wish to Kin, I don't a covenant are in the law near Allah who are in the law solely and near his messenger, meaning on what basis should these covenants continue? On what basis? Should these treaties not be annulled? What have these people done the machine? What have they done, that their backs should be maintained?

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In other words, when they've proven themselves to be treacherous, all the crimes that they've committed against the Muslims? Do you think it makes any sense that the Muslims should continue with their treaties with them?

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Because you see a Muslim, he doesn't a believer does not get deceived, does not get hurt from the same hole twice. This is what the Prophet said a lot of Saddam said

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that if there is a whole, and from that whole, you know, a creature comes out and bites you. You take a lesson from that. You don't go near it, and let yourself be bitten a second time, and a third time and a fourth time. No, you're going to take a lesson the first time. So you made a treaty with the people for 10 years, and they violated it within two years. Should you make another treaty with them? Should you make it? That's foolishness. It's absolute foolishness. So can you fire Kunal machete kinara, Dona and Allah who are in the rosulip? Why should there be they don't deserve that? Look at their attitude in the Levina. But look at the justice of Allah subhanaw taala he does not

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generalize everyone, except for those who are hooked to them. You made a covenant with her in the Masjid Al haram near the Sacred Mosque. What is this referring to? That after the Treaty of her Davia that was made near the Sacred Mosque? Remember that there were many tribes that entered into alliances with the Muslims and they respected that? All right. So Allah says that those people from a so as long as it's the camo, they are upright look come towards you for stocky moolah whom the new altar remain upright towards them. Meaning these people since that time, they have not violated the treaty even a little bit. So as long as they're upright towards you, meaning they maintain the

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treaty, you also maintain it. Why? Because in the law, you have been with the clean again, there is an encouragement. Indeed, Allah loves the people who have Taqwa. So what do we learn here that the Muslims are obligated to observe and abide by international law?

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All right, or some facts that you've made. If you've made a promise that something's going to happen,

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you're going to do something, they're going to do something, then you better fulfill it, especially when the other party has been honest with you. If they're being dishonest, then you have to do something. Right. But if they're being honest, then you have to remain true to the treaty also, because what is the biggest justification that Muslims use their non Muslims anyway.

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And based on that, we lie, we cheat. We give incorrect information. We lie about our age, we lie about the number of people in our family, we lie about our income, we lie about everything, and what justification do we have their cover?

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But what do we learn here? If they're being honest with you, they're being honest with you. They have a treaty with you, they're abiding by it, then you also must abide by it, and those who don't abide by it, then what are they doing? They lack the COA in the La Jolla. hibel moutain. Allah loves those people who have Taqwa. So you should also observe the Aqua, que for how again, why should you have a treaty with the rest of them which he came, who have repeatedly betrayed you? Were in and if yellow Haru, they gain dominance over her or they gain dominance, they become victorious or they come over you. Meaning if they ever get the better of you. They ever catch a few of you, they defeat

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you somewhere. Will they have any respect for your lives for your people? No, not at all. You see, when the prophets Allah Olson was victorious at better he brought along with him 70 captives correct. And we learned about how the captors were dealt with those amongst them who were very few who had committed serious crimes since the beginning. They were killed. And the rest of them they were allowed to ransom themselves. And those who could not ransom themselves, how were they dealt with? Either they would let go for free. Or they were told fine, you don't have money. You have the skill of knowledge, teach children and you can go and how are they dealt with? They were given bread

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when the Muslims themselves would eat dates. Correct. We learned about this how the prophets of Allah said

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untreated the prisoners of war, then wish to keep on the other hand, if they ever got a Muslim they ever got a Muslim. What would they do? Allah describes it over here, learn not Yakubu, they would observe fee calm they would consider fee calm concerning you inland, any fact of kinship, wala and nor them any covenant Yakubu from the root letters rock off but Raghava is basically to observe to watch but it also means to take into consideration.

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If they ever catch one of you, they do not take into consideration any Elon and know them. What is Elon Elon from the room that has Hamza Lamplugh? It's basically used for blood relationship, blood type Taraba. Okay, that there is some relationship between two individuals. All right. It's also said that Elon is used for health effect. So the societal laws that are there, okay. Any tribal affiliation, or the laws that are established are respecting each other? All right? They don't consider that at all. Meaning, they don't take into consideration that this man is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is from the Quraysh, the most noble tribe of Arabia. They don't take

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into consideration that this man is Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr, the person who's the most soft hearted amongst us, the person who is very noble has dignity amongst us. They don't take into consideration the tribal affiliations? Not at all. So when they don't have any respect for that, then should you keep getting deceived by them? Not at all. Which is why we see that when the machine captured Kobe, radula more on him, then what did they do? First of all, they imprison him for so long and MCCA. All right, for very long. And then eventually, they decided to publicly assassinate him in a very, very brutal way. But before he was going to be assassinated, he asked if he could pray to the car.

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If he could perform some salah, and he did. And we see then they killed him in such a brutal way, that the people who described that incident, you know that reading that description is so disturbing. They didn't take into consideration that this man, okay, even if he belongs to a different tribe, he is an Arab, somehow he's related to us. He's from our country, they don't take into consideration the fact that you are from their country.

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They don't respect that at all. Because they hate you for being a Muslim. They hate you for being a follower of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Right. So this is what was happening in Arabia, layer, goofy come inland. Walla, the man the man, on the other hand, is a fact of protection, that someone has a fact of protection. Like, for example, think about what happened between blue bucket and Cozaar. How do people whose are they were chased into the haram. They're seeking refuge in the home and they're killed over there. And the Quraysh instead of stopping that they're assisting that violence. Can you imagine? So that them Where did it go? That backup protection? Where did that go?

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It disappeared. So these people, when they have proven themselves, that they hit you, with all their hearts, that even if you are related to them through blood, or there's some fact between the two of you still they don't respect your life and your honor and your wealth and your property, your dignity, they don't have any respect for you, then should you be fooled by them? No. Then you have to break all the covenants with them now announced that everything is unknown. And now these people are not safe at your hands because of their criminal record. Allah says you do not come they make you happy they try to please you from Rob ADIA BF Why him by their mouths what it rejects it refuses

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Gruber home their hearts meeting whenever they make a pact with you. They're just doing it on the outward just make you happy. That yes, yes, we have a treaty for 10 years, we're not going to fight anymore. We're at peace. And in their hearts, they're cursing you. In their hearts. They're refusing on the outward they make promises, but in their hearts, they refuse. And this is something that we must refrain from as Muslims. This does not fit a believer this kind of attitude that he says to someone on the outward Yes, I will do it. In the heart. He says I'm never doing it. On the outward he says yes, I'll show up on time in the heart. He says you're right.

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This is what hypocrisy. Correct. And this is something that does not fit a believer work Thoreau home Facetune and most of them are sinful anyway. Look at their lives full of sin.

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Look at their speech, they're liars, they make promises they break them. And this kind of attitude is something that you cannot deal with, we see that the requirements of a harmonious social life where people can live can coexist peacefully are based on two premises. Firstly, ties of kinship, a tie of kinship between two people, then they can coexist. Right? And secondly, that if there is a fact of protection of security, but if there is a person who does not have respect for either, can you live within? Can you live with him? No. Like, for example, if there is a person who is living in a house, and first of all, he is related to the people through blood, let's say he's the brother,

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he's the son. And secondly, there is this understanding that as a brother, as a son, you respect your parents and you respect your siblings. But if this person is raising weapons against his parents, threatening his siblings, can you live with him anymore? Can you No, such people are

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kicked out of their houses? Correct. One day, the parents say, just go out, get out of here. One day, the poor wife eventually has to call the police that I feel threatened. I don't feel safe in my house anymore, because my husband is physically abusing me. So then what happens the police interferes and says that's it, you cannot come near the house 50 meters near the house, you cannot come near.

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So this has done right. So likewise, the machine were behaving in the same way. You couldn't be safe with them, no matter what relationship you had, whether it was of blood, or it was of a fact they didn't respect you. They hated you for being a Muslim. So that's it. You can't go exist anymore. Moreover, estado they exchanged big law with the verses of Allah some of them Padilla a small petty price, was it that they did not recognize the truthfulness of Allah as if, of course there were Arabs. There were people who spoke Arabic. If they didn't understand the Quran, tell me who did, who did them. They were the people who understood the Quran, it was revealed in their language in their

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expression, the eloquence that they appreciated, they recognized, but yet they did not accept, they did not believe why. Because they wanted summon and kalila. And what was that someone and kalila the benefits of this life? Because remember, the main fears in which the king had was that if we believe in Allah Alone, we leave this idolatry, we're going to lose our supremacy over Arabia. Right? And we're going to lose our money. Where are we going to eat from? Remember, we discussed this last time, they were afraid where we're going to eat from Makkah doesn't grow a thing. There is no agriculture here. You can't keep many animals here, there's no food, neither for us nor for them. So

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they depended on Shrek, for what for their food, their economy was based on shake. These days, we see that religion is separate from the state. Isn't that so? Religion is separate from your career. You have your faith, but hopefully it will not interfere in what you do. Right. But back then both were deeply integrated. economy was based on religion.

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All right. The political leader was also a religious leader.

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Okay, so they were afraid to give up their ship because they thought if we give it up, our economy is going to collapse. We're not going to have food anymore. We're going to lose our dignity, our supremacy, Allah says, but this issue will be a Attila he therminal Kadena facade Doran severely, and as a result, they've stopped people from his way because of the corruption is believed the highest, the most noble tribal Arabia, you think the people who came from others smaller tribes, they would believe? No, because people are on the religion of their leaders. Right? For someone who are in severely in the home, sir America and we aren't alone. Indeed, they're evil is what they do,

00:34:18 --> 00:34:59

meaning their actions are all evil. Again, Allah repeats Leia kabuna, they do not observe female men and in the matter of a believer in them, anytime of kinship, what are the most nor any fact of protection? When it comes to a believer? Then they forget everything. Kinship, facts, everything they forget what Allah eco human martyrdom and those it is their who are the transgressors? people accuse the prophets of Allah Salaam. They accused the Muslims in reality, who was the transgressor. It was the Mushrikeen they had transgressed against the Muslims for so long, in so many ways. You see the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

When the captives came from but amongst the prisoners was also his son in law, you remember,

00:35:07 --> 00:35:26

and there is a kinship between the two, right? There is a relationship between the two. And his wife, the daughter of the prophets of Allah sent him sent from Makkah, a necklace, as ransom. And you know what that necklace was? It was a necklace that her mother had the gelila on her head given.

00:35:27 --> 00:36:07

And when the prophets Allah has him saw that he wept, because imagine, he missed his wife. And on top of that, imagine his daughter had to send that in order to free her husband, and the pain that my son lives in the situation. Because of his association with the people of shake. I'm on this side, my son in law is on the other side, imagine how much he must have felt. And it wasn't just him. Many companions were in this situation. So what happened? The Companions I said, we'll just let him go return the necklace. You know, your daughter deserves it. So they didn't take any ransom they sent the necklace back. So we see that because of that, Elon, because of that kinship, some

00:36:07 --> 00:36:21

generosity was shown is some generosity was shown. But on the part of the Mushrikeen, did they show any generosity to the Prophet salallahu Salam that he was the grandson of Abdullah

00:36:22 --> 00:37:00

Abdullah Abdullah was someone who was highly respected by them wished he came. He is the one who rediscovered the well of zamzam because it had been lost by the people was buried, and Abdulmutallab when he heard about the birth of Muhammad Sallallahu Salah he was so happy. His other uncles also when they heard about the birth of the Prophet sallallahu said about Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, what did they do? The slave woman who gave the news, this, you know, signaled with the hand, you're free, go, you're free. You gave me the best news of my life and the same people. They're turning against the prophets of aloneness, or their cousins, their relatives are turning against him. Where

00:37:00 --> 00:37:46

did that Ill go? Where did that kinship go? Where did that bond or relationship go? That you're so proud about the machine, we're so proud about their ancestry, about their relationships, that even their camels, they knew whose grandson he was and whose granddaughter he was and how many children the mother gave birth to imagine. It was a major part of their lives. And when it came to the Muslims, it was as if there were some other kinds of species. They didn't deserve to be respected because of their relationship. Again, Allah says in the Bible, but if they repent, what alcamo Salah and establish the prayer, what I thought was okay, and they give this occur for a while no

00:37:46 --> 00:37:49

conflicting than they're your brothers in religion.

00:37:50 --> 00:38:33

We are human beings, right? And we have small hearts. We don't get over how somebody's treated us in the past. Allah subhanaw taala. He is vast in his mercy. He says, if the same criminals, they repent, they start praying, they start giving this okay, then your brothers, they are your brothers. They can lead you, they can stand next to you. You have to respect them, you have to accept them. And this is something that we have to remember also, if there's a person who's become a Muslim, than what do they become automatically, your brother, your sister in a snap? So don't start inquiring from them about their past? Because this is what some people do. They start asking them, did you

00:38:33 --> 00:38:40

ever have a girlfriend? Did you ever commit Zina? Did you ever do this? What do you have to do with that?

00:38:41 --> 00:39:21

What do you have to do with that anyway? They're now your brother, your sister, you have to respect them. Just like you respect any other sister in Islam, any other brother in Islam and besides, if there were Jew or Christian, all their sins are converted to good deeds anyway. So why do you bother? Right? So for one of their your brother's fifth deed in the religion, one who first Slidell A, and we detail the verses Liko. Meola, Moon for people who know and there's only the knowledgeable who will understand these matters. People who based their religion on just emotion, they will not understand these matters. Knowledge is what makes a person broad minded, more accepting more

00:39:21 --> 00:39:22


00:39:23 --> 00:39:33

Komiyama moon, this idea and the one that we learned earlier also that was similar to this. We learn from these verses that a sign of a Muslim is what

00:39:34 --> 00:39:36

Salah and zakat

00:39:38 --> 00:40:00

like for example, a person says yes, I'm a Muslim now. And they never pray at all. Not even Friday prayers, not even Eid prayers, and they never gives a cat either. Will you accept them as a Muslim? No. Being Muslim means that you have to do something and one of the most obvious signs that you start praying, you start giving this a cat and when

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

When a person is doing this solid and the cat, then they are your brothers. And we see that if a person leaves even one of them than they are not, then they're not your brothers doesn't mean that you start saying, Oh, he's got fish, she's got it. Allah knows at the end of the day, okay? And there is a whole lot of detail to this matter. But we see that at the time, we'll have a bucket of Lenovo. And when he became the Khalifa, there were some tribes who revolted against it. And they said, we're no longer going to basic anymore. They said, We're not going to give the cat anymore. So what happened a bucket of widow on whom he fought those people. He fought those people. Why? Because

00:40:37 --> 00:41:18

this was a rebellion against Islam. This was declaring hostility. All right. Likewise, we see that when the Prophet salallahu Salam, if ever, he led the Muslims on an expedition against a group of people, and the Muslims were going to fight them. The Prophet sallallahu Essen would never attack during the night. Never. What would he wait for for fudges at Fajr? Time? If the ER then was heard, then what would happen? No fighting over there, the muscles would go away. But if the other end was not heard, then it was a sign that these people are not Muslim. Okay, so what's the sign of a Muslim? Salah and the cat

00:41:19 --> 00:41:55

we're in and if Nikka through daybreak, a man whom their oats mimbar the idea him after their covenant, they make a covenant with you, a fact with you. And after that, they break it, they go against it. And when they go against it, instead of apologizing, instead of trying to make up what do they do? What are new Phoebe Unicom and they defend your religion farno from their Electress thought I knew Thorn Thorn is basically to stab someone. Okay. And Thorn is used for statements that stab OPERS

00:41:56 --> 00:42:03

Okay, hurtful statements, basically someone attacking you what you believe and what you do.

00:42:04 --> 00:42:45

You know, like, sometimes people attack you because of what you said, because of what you did. Right? This is fun, criticizing you picking up the faults in you finding faults in you highlighting them. You don't like sometimes, some people, they come complaining against one individual. And they say, Oh, she does this, she does this, she does this. That is fine. Criticizing, because if you think about it, no person is inherently evil. If they're doing something's wrong, you also have to acknowledge the many good things that they're doing. Correct. So Allah says over here that if they make a covenant with you, and then they break it, and instead of apologizing, they start criticizing

00:42:45 --> 00:43:28

you in the matter of your religion, then what should you do for God to you than fight them? You're not just going to sit there let them be at war with you break the covenant and criticize your religion, then you have to fight. And in particular, who do you have to fight at imita leaders Florida, mmm, which leaders I'll go for of the disbelief in a home. Indeed, they're led by a man Allah whom they have no oats, meaning the leaders of disbelief, they have no regard for their oats. Now allow me into home so that they can stop. Because if you think about it, it is the leaders it is the leaders whom people follow. Correct. So if they are breaking the covenant, and if the leaders

00:43:28 --> 00:44:07

are attacking Islam, then who should be targeted those leaders, not the common people, the layman, who are just like sheep, you understand. So don't attack the sheep instead, who should you focus on eliminating the leaders because once they're eliminated, then inshallah the problems should be solved, because then people will start following somebody else because their sheep, right, this is the attitude of the people. Now over here, and this is basically the behavior of the machine is described that they make packs, but then they violate them. And then they attack your religion with criticism. So the leaders were instigating such behavior, breaking the covenants, attacking their

00:44:07 --> 00:44:50

religion, remove them from power, got to fight them, eliminate them. An example of this can be seen what happened at after the Treaty of Arabia. Remember, I told you that when the minister came, they went against it, the Prophet salallahu Salam sent word, he gave them the options, right? That Either you pay the blood money, or you consider that this treaty is absolved. But instead of doing anything about it, the machine they mocked, they laughed it off. They said, Yeah, we would prefer Measure for Measure that meaning come fight with us. This was basically saying, Come fight with us. Let's see what happens. They were mocking. And they mocked at Islam, they mocked at the Prophet sallallahu

00:44:50 --> 00:44:57

sallam. So what happened? The Prophet said a lot of Selim led an expedition against the people of Makkah, and that is when he conquered Makkah. Right?

00:44:59 --> 00:44:59

Allah says Allah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

Ducati Luna would you not fight Coleman of people meaning What's wrong with you are believers? Why do you have a soft corner for your enemy? Is this enmity not clear? Is it not visible to you? Why would you not fight a people who have Nekketsu who have broken a man or whom their oats are humble and they have intended be Raj with expulsion of Rasul of the messenger. Look at them. Their crimes are not just those that they've committed today. It's all history. Look back at the time when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had to leave Makkah, and he was so sad. That is a place where he was born. That is a place where he got married to his favorite wife for the gentle de la hora. And that is a

00:45:42 --> 00:45:54

place where he had children. That is a place where Baitullah was. And imagine he had to leave that place. Is there anyone who had to move from one city to another? Anyone over here? How does it feel?

00:45:57 --> 00:46:40

Awful just yesterday, somebody was asking me that they'd have to move from one city to the other if they want to do something. And they said Just the thought of it is like depressing me. I can't even think about that. I can't even think about moving for good from one place to the other. It's very difficult. And especially when you have to leave a place like Makkah. You go for Umbra for a couple of days and the day you're leaving, you're just crying. Right? Because Mocha is mocha. The Prophet sallallahu sallam was expelled from there because of these criminals. Well, whom brother will come and they initiated against you? Oh, well, Amala the first time they came to bother with their

00:46:40 --> 00:47:22

weapons and their men to fight you. They're the ones who started all this. They're the ones who started all this. Because remember, 30 years in Macau? What were the Muslims told? Take revenge? What were they told, be patient be patient. The Muslims were killed in Makkah. But you know what? Revenge was not taken. The Muslims were told you have to be patient for 13 years they were patient. At the Shona, Allah says do you fear them? You fear these criminals? What are you afraid of? Why would you not take action against them? Why would you not bring them to justice? Why do you fear them? phala who are helpful so Allah is more deserving on the show who that you fear him? In quantum

00:47:22 --> 00:48:03

Macmillian? If you're truly believers, Allah has commanded you that you finish all these treaties with them. Allah has commanded that these people have four months and after that their time is up party Lu whom fight them you are the one whom Allah Allah will punish them the ad come through your hands, previous nations how are they destroyed? flood, earthquake blast, this nation of criminals is going to be punished how? Through your hands while you'll see him and he will humiliate them disgrace them when sarcoma laying him and why do you worry, Allah will help you against them? Just think about it in a couple of years, Allah has given you victory over them. I mean, when the Prophet

00:48:03 --> 00:48:44

sallallahu Sallam left Makkah, when the Muslims were at budget 300 Men, could they ever imagine that in a couple of years, it'll be 30,000 of us. Could they ever predict that? What did the people say about them? They're just going to finish in a couple of days. When circum if Allah helped you before Allah will help you again, I lay him against your enemy wish fee, and he will satisfy he will cure from shifa. So doula the trust's call me more meaning of a believing people. Because the believers they have suffered a lot at the hands of these more sticky and now when the Muslims get to take their revenge imagine how their heart will be satisfied. It's like you know the Bani Israel when

00:48:44 --> 00:49:01

they were rescued from our own came after them. And what happened Allah subhanaw taala caused for our own to drown before the Bani Israel eel in the Quran. What do we learn what earn Tom tons or rune because when they saw their enemy die before them that satisfied

00:49:03 --> 00:49:22

why is it that if there is a person who's committed a crime against someone from your family, and their you know, final thing is being heard? Why is it the whole family shows up at court? Why because they want to hear they want to witness the criminal being punished, because that is what satisfies them

00:49:23 --> 00:49:59

while you're the hip, and he will remove Leila rage glooby him of their hearts meaning when the wish to gain are brought to justice when they're eliminated like this, then the rage that has been in the hearts of the Muslims for so long. Imagine in a furious or muddled blow on who must have been by this time. For years we've been saying Callahan finishing finishing and how finally we're used heavily luckily we'll be him way a tube Allahu Allah, Allah will turn in mercy Allah mania sharp, over whomsoever He wills meeting Allah will allow people to repent. But it is those who want to repent will be given the guidance

00:50:00 --> 00:50:28

because you know sometimes there are things that you know you should do but you keep delaying you keep delaying. But then when you're given an ultimatum for months or that's it, then what do you do? You're like okay, it's about time I do it correct. So when the Michigan were given this ultimatum you have four months then what happened those were delaying and I eventually said yeah, you know what it's about time we embrace Islam. Were tube Allahu Allah, masha Allah who are even Hakeem and Allah is Knowing and wise.

00:50:29 --> 00:50:47

So in summary, what do we learn from these Iots the Mushrikeen who had committed great crimes against Islam and the Muslims were finally being brought to justice the Muslims who had been oppressed for so long now, we're now going to be satisfied.

00:50:48 --> 00:51:00

Because a person can never be fully satisfied unless justice is done. So this surah brought what what did it bring justice recitation of these if

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