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The speakers discuss the deens and religion in South Africa, with a focus on the deens, who are supposed to be kept alive until the Day of Tini and the Day of Judgment. The responsibility of the Unionist movement to ensure the safety of the American public is emphasized, along with the buried coaches and people in various countries. The speakers also touch on the importance of educating people back on religion and setting up an Islamic Center, as well as a successful example of a woman named Jamal Duca who was put in charge of a nightclubs in an alcohol factory. Finally, the speaker discusses the loss of religion and the pressure to keep people from leaving it, as well as a successful example of a woman named Jamal Duca who showed up as a security guard and used the names of two other people on the street to undermine them. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting and helping others to avoid evil situations and setting up an Islamic Center.

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan Viva La manana Viva La mata vadoma de la kita Baba kitabi wala Sriracha bada Shariati Amalia

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shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Manasa nikodem

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wa salam O Allah in any mineral Muslim in South Africa Laguna ozium

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respected elders and brothers. Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us the most beautiful Deen and religion. A Deen which Allah Allah says in the Dena Hindi Allahu Allah Islam. The Deen in the eyes of Allah is Islam. What are the two locomole Islam Medina, Allah has liked and Allah has chosen Islam as a way of life for us. And autonomy was Surah denes Amina was already in Allah subhanho wa Taala Amalia percent for Maya. And this particular deal was supposed to be for all times. It was not only to be in the time of our beloved Nivea creme de la jolla wasallam. It was supposed to be for humanity till the end of time. He did Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Casa Monica Sunita

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ito poria alum Kalia chiamata Kalia now the aspect is how do we preserve the deen to be till the Day of Tiamat how do we preserve if Allah has made this Deen for entire humanity till the Day of Judgment? How is that particular Deen going to remain and be preserved till the Day of Tiamat

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JPA chiamata k two is Cocina he kissed Rasul Allah. There's only one way that we can make mention with regard to this Deen being till the Day of Tiamat and that is through the means of Dawa

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through the means of preservation through the means of propagating all the time, this Dean will remain alive till the Day of Judgment. Otherwise after our beloved Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is passing away. You see after this this Dean has to remain here Dean commercia Bucky Rana n. And despite our weakness, despite our weakness, we cannot fathom an existence without this deal. We cannot fathom an existence without this deal. We cannot think and we can How will we remain without Islam? When it comes to Cuba Judah. I'm sorry Vinay Casa de Kamara. Zindagi estan, Kibera moonkin. Raisa, despite our weakness, we've got our weakness, but we can think that we can ever live without

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Islam. And reminds me about the statement of avocado, viola.

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In the time of a, you know, an afternoon salsa passed away, he was great amount of challenges, and indeed much of the challenges they were people who were becoming muted, who wanted to go out to the fold of Islam. They were those who wanted to come with different versions of Islam. One of them said, Humberto, we will remain on Muslim we will remain on Islam, Hamza carbonating, we won't give zakat.

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So Abu Bakr radi Allahu taala, who the other Sahaba said, I will occur there are so many challenges. There are people who are going out to the fall of Islam. I will leave them alone they are prepared to be Muslims. They only don't want to give Zakat who musalman Rana Chaka Khan Adani, Karnataka cataldo to our karate allowed him to set a statement that must echo our sentiments he said I Yun cassadine wanna hiuen Dean must become less and diminished the what it was in the time of nebia Kareem saw cillum and I must remain alive What is the use of my life? What is the use of my life? The deed must be less than what was at the time of our beloved Navy aquariums awesome. So despite

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our weakness, my dear respected weathers

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We want the entirety of deal to be prevalent amongst us amongst our community amongst the world. Yes, there are sometimes situations of human weakness, that situations of circumstances that that doesn't happen, but that is our ideal.

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And this is how is that ideal going to be? How is Islam going to be preserved? It is going to be preserved by Dawa by the means of telling people about Islam. The scale and amnesty had to tell people about Islam reminding one another. That is the way Islam is going to be preserved. That is why in the hospital with our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the people

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who Shaheed Min komova even those who are present here today, in the maidin, have alpha in the plains of alpha, you who are present, take this message and go and give it to those people who are not present. It is amazing that majority of the Sahaba are not buried in Makkah and Medina although today each and every one wants to be buried in MCI Medina, because of this responsibility. Let me know what when we say that navia Karim saw silom is the last of all prophets. It is not only a matter of faith, it is a matter of responsibility. Jeff Hartman Abu Yusuf al Qaeda Sania Yamato Zima dari if

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he is Dimitri akademia, Karim saw Selim kubatko in Libya E to Libya, Karim saw some kcom or nebia cream sauce lamb Cody inlet code collector chelny one a Matata It is the responsibility, what may know what is not only an article of faith that may be occurring saw Salamis, Alaska for profits, it brings upon us a responsibility that after nemea Karim saw cillum there is no nobody to come. And therefore that responsibility is the responsibility of each and every Amati. It's not the responsibility of only the Allah is not only the responsibility of those who go out in Rouge, or those who go out in Jamaat hard. fork is in my head. It is a responsibility. And so our goal is to

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make mention if we don't fulfill it,

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we are going to harm our team. We're going to harm our team, and it will harm the Dean of our children. It will harm the Dean of our future societies. That is a reality. And that is why nebia Kareem Salim said Balu and me

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if you know what I

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want to know, when tell someone else with regard to the diet, aka Takara Caputo, aka C'mon husar cola Corolla logo COVID.

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Why not only for the sake for your own sake, if you were to tell it to others, naturally, you are going to become strong on it. If you are not going to tell it, you might be able to survive the next generation won't survive on Islam. This is a reality and look at how the Sahaba then took it. Let me give you a small example of where were the Sahaba buried. Brothers you can't you are known you'd imagine how when we saw Selim said those who are present, go and take this message to those who are not present. Let me give an example. In amongst them, some are

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some are counties in Uzbekistan today. Where is that? Where is Makkah and Medina especially in that time went to travel was so difficult. nebia Kareem saw slums cousin kasamba bus is buried in summer.

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Summer can be a creme de la jolla wasallam kitchen

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workers doesn't genuinely occur himself some care will happen that

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will happen.

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Amongst them is in the indo Pak subcontinent is a place known as punch Gore. They're the people tell us that five Sahaba came and they are buried there in the indo Pak sub continent in New Haven, which is part of today, you know, Iran. No man been Makarem ever been

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in a store, but I've been in Mali, in Central Asian republic in Dagestan, Abdul Rahman in the Sahara, one of the Sahaba.

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He is buried where he is buried in Dagestan in Chechnya, Abdul Rahman labia Alba Healy for the Allahu taala buried were buried in Chechnya in Turkey, the host of our beloved Nivea cream sauce when he came to Madina, munawwara Where did he stay? He stayed in the House of Commons, sorry. Sorry, Ratan was buried in Istanbul.

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That whole particular place where he's staying, he's known as Sultan au. And what did he tell the people when he was when he was

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about to lose his life. What did he tell them? He told us this Muslim army. He said, I'm most likely not going to live for a long time, the place where you are at the last, the last place where you are till that particular place you can bury me there. So they were very, you know, trying to conquer Constantinople at that time which is now Istanbul. They buried him and today that is become part of Istanbul, the other Sahaba also buried in Turkey. That's a different matter in Jordan. While the medieval about one hour TV show Salaam said Allah May Allah Allah Allah Rama Devi Jebel, the one who knows most about heroin heroin Mohamad is massively Jabal He is buried in a mountaintop in in in

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Jordan. Next to him is his son, Abdul Rahman his name was on his cover. The cover of Mardi plegable is written the Hadeeth code which may be occurring So Sam said Yamaha's in the book. Yamaha's I love you. Oh my god, I love you. It is literally discover. Were in one of the mountaintops of ma da da, da da da da dah No, but it didn't. Jordan had the opportunity to go and visit discover Shara De Lima Santa Barbara on the banks of the river of joy Jordan, three Sahaba who took part in the Battle of moutere including the adopted son of Livia cream sauce alum, zeytinburnu harissa, and then maybe a krimson. Allahu Allah He was salaams cousin. Right? And then

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they were buried where they are buried on the border of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. They are buried in Palestine outside the machete Aqsa who bought at summit. Chateau De Niro's in Damascus has a beloved Viola who Toronto has a beloved theologian who went to Queens stay in Damascus afternoon via cream sauce lambs time to split that in one day he sees a dream, a dream saw some said oh blah, blah, have you forgotten about me? You will not even come and the reason why Bilal when he couldn't bear it to pee in Medina when heavy cream sauce was alive. The next morning he went and he goes and he goes in, go to Madina, munawwara he goes there again he gives us this time when he gives us and he burst out

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into crying because he couldn't bear the existence and stay in Medina without maybe a cream sauce. He comes back to to Damascus. He is buried in where Babu severe the coverage stand in Damascus. We can go on in hymns Khalid bin Walid al b napus. Who's felina bass. He is the brother of Kusum Kusum is buried in American embassies buried here in Damascus in the hymns in Iraq, who's a fan of the ultimo Java color of yellow? Why did the Sahaba go to all of these places? Had it not been for the effort in going to all those places, people like you and I many of us in different parts of the world, we would not have become Muslims. They sacrifice Mecca and Medina they sacrifice the Mubarak

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environment because of this responsibility, which maybe aquarium saw Selamat put upon them valuable labor, Shahid, min como, hi, those who are present, that they can give the doubt and go and give the message to those who are not present. That is why you and I are Muslims. Today we have forgotten this responsibility by the respect of others. It is because of this, that Islamic been in different parts of the world. The front Chechnya Central Asian Republic, one of the places that has been I had the opportunity of going there in the past week or so was Albania. Albania, Muslims came, and Muslims remain right near in the heart of Europe. This was a country in which mentioned is made that

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there were 80% people who were there were Muslims at 90%. Now actually what happened, they were Muslims. They had been influenced by the Ottoman Empire. They remain Muslims. A time came with a particular country. That incident is a long one, I don't have the time. That particular country came under the influence of the communists. And there was a person by the name of I think his name was Anwar Raja. He was the one who introduced officially that that particular country, the official religion is atheism. They must be no sign of religion in Albania. That was the official government policy. Anyone who showed any signs of Islam, they were punished. They were sometimes executed. They

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were sometimes jail. They were some times in prison. You could not keep Rosa there. You could not openly perform Salah mosquito closed. And that particular way, that particular place, which was a place where majority of the inhabitants were Muslims. They came under tremendous pressure and challenge. Many of those who are sincere. They remain steadfast upon Islam. They kept the Islam in very difficult situations in very difficult circumstances mentioned was made and because I was there, they told us, he said

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When a Muslim used to be, you know, he passed away, they used to make his janaza in the cow sheds away from the gaze of people

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to pusa Montana after World

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War high mana torpor, or Lobo, soccer when I walk into janessa, Daugherty, Gallagher, column, keylogger, kurta, tokuma.

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That is the way they they preserve the religion. And it was a very difficult situation for them. But of course, you know, it had an impact, it had an impact upon them, that many of them loss the truck and loss the relationship with Islam.

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Especially when the government used to get people to spy on one another. Teachers were required that if anyone showed any inclination, any child showed any inclination towards Islam must be reported to the authorities that they could be taken to task. One amazing incident. And I will make mention of this incident and then tell you the lessons that we are supposed to learn from this. And one incident was there was a person whom we met, and he was the person who is in the forefront of doing some of the great work that is happening in Albania. And his name was Jamal Duca. And his father was someone who was close towards Islam, but because they knew he was close to Islam, they used to, you

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know, keep a track on him. And to undermine him. They put him as a security guard in a liquor factory in an alcohol factory. So this Jamal Lucas family father was put in charge of being the security guard of an alcohol factory.

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And, you know, he was telling us to do the cause of this, that in this very liquor and alcohol outlet, they used to bring Qurans throughout Albania, and they used to come in burn the Quran in this particular place. And he was, you know, he was a security guard and he said, I used to make dua, he said, My father used to make dua, to Allah. Today, this place is an alcohol, alcohol factory, one day, make it an Islamic Center.

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Do you know the idea respect of others, during the course of this journey, I had the opportunity of laying the foundation at this very same place of an Islamic center that will be established, inshallah, make you are not gonna make it successful. The people who are there putting up an Islamic Center, with a dark room and an Islamic school, and in Islamic center that will be established, make dua for it, assist where you can go to that place where they used to be an alcohol factory, today, a foundation has been laid, inshallah, that will be there with regard to setting up what an Islamic Center, we are now making a means, and Allah reward all of those who are making this a possibility.

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Now, obviously, when people have been away from religion for such a long period of time, then of course they lose the track was an identity with Islam. So it's a slow process. People have to be told people have to be trained back again, I had the opportunity which I even posted on the social media, of an elderly woman at the age of 80. Learning how to read the Quran, age of 80, she's learning back again how to read the Holy Quran Subhana Allah, this is a reality which is happening, and they have not to see, you know, it is a place where they regard themselves as Muslims. So personal incident that happened, I was walking on the streets of Tirana. And when I was walking on

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the streets of dilemma, someone saw him looking like a Muslim. He came, and apparently three and a half signs of a Muslim and he came and he showed me on his hands. There was a tattoo of Allah on his hands. Most Beautiful script in Arabic, Allah written on his hands, and he told me chef, is it permissible for me to keep this debt?

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Is it permissible for me to keep this debt? Should I keep it should I remove it? So I told him it's not Manasa is not appropriate. You're gonna take this very same tattoo, you're gonna go in the bathroom, try and remove it. But why you asked yourself the question, why did he keep that tattoo? Why did he put in last name? He Perhaps he's not practicing, but why did he keep that name? Because he regards himself as a Muslim. And this is the point I will make my dear respect for others and I spoke about our if we do not make our if we do not emphasize and remind one another with regard to deal, then the very same situation can happen down the line to us also. We can never take Dean for

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granted. Allah in the Holy Quran says well movement may not be

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more meaning the believers are helpers and to one another. They are protectors of one another muscle man equals Reiki homies aid to circuitry

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Might have Carnevale or mother Carnevale is his Yeti. Yamuna will Maru.

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They help one another to do good way to say camera kurta. Kiss Jasmine, Nikki carnamah

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mother nickering A to Suki to humbly Jenna Tanga, Hamada.

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If we are not going to remind one another, and we are not going to help one another to do good and prevent, prevent one another from evil, then we will not be able to be set for Sunday, homies that is to commit to pornography, we will not be able to be a steadfast support deal, until we do not protect and help encourage, give our speak to one another, help one another, to be on deal that the very same situation can be with regard to us. And therefore my dear respect for others. The point that I have made with regard to it is not to give cargo sorry, with regard to this particular situation, is to take a lesson. Don't take Dean for granted.

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Don't take it for granted. And if you want to start off with the aspect with regard to Dawa, then where do you start from? Where do you start from? I didn't I at the beginning? Well, Manasa rucola manda de la Rami lasagna whose statement is better than the one who calls people towards Allah. The first point and lucky as much without the Roman Okay. Let people realize the greatness of Allah. When people realize the greatness of Allah, they will realize the need for us to be able to convey the commands of Allah. If we don't understand the greatness of Allah, we don't understand whom Allah subhanho wa Taala is then how are we going to see the need to follow Allah subhanho wa Taala as

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commands and that is why the first thing is to call people and you see is a psychological impact my dear respect, but if you are calling people if you are giving doubt, then you are going to remain steadfast on it. In today's type Either you are giving doubt or someone is going to give you down either you are inviting people towards good or someone is going to invite you towards given that's a reality. And if you are going to keep on inviting. Then you preserve the deen for yourself psychological and also when you forgive our you are fulfilling the sunat of them Big Mo salatu salam because as a May Allah salat wa salam, they situation and they call was to call people towards

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Almighty Allah who has he said really I owe a lot to the people who prefer for mighty Allah. This is my way of life to pull people towards Allah. Allah Maserati was preceded with foresight and our money divani me and those who follow me

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kimera e.

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Mail, or ulong Joe Mary, Tommy darbhanga

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Lobo Kanata electrifying. So it's our responsibility My dearest brothers, we learn from these experiences, if we don't do it, what will happen to us what will be the consequences? May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us steadfast we are not gonna keep us all the time pulling people towards Allah so that we can be steadfast and make it a means of propagating and keeping others steadfast upon deal that will come to our benefit and inshallah It is also part of our responsibility will have an element hungry alameen in this regard also Alhamdulillah tomorrow after after the merkers there is a special program on this particular responsibility to the professional class, please those

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who are you know, the professional, the doctors, the lawyers and accountants etc. is a special program for them. Because this work has to be done by everyone we are lucky was a topic of understanding