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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The video discusses Jana's success in a damshow, highlighting the importance of the show in bringing together people for creative expression. The segment also touches on Jana's real estate and the lack of reward for those who earn it, as well as her views on the universe and the importance of striving for being on the top. The segment concludes with a discussion of Jana's low expectations for herself.
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hamdulillah Milan Amin said Allah was an ombre kind of Euro Muhammad Anwar earlier SIBO Salam this demon Kathira the mama bad. Has anyone seen Jana before Gemma?

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Anyone seen Jana? Reservation Jana before

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you want to season

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Can you even see it? That's the question. What do we know about Jana? And this hadith Rasul Allah has Salah some explaining to us what to expect about the wonders of Jana. I didn't number 18 Anyone on the other side of Han Imam unknown Rahim Allah Tala Kala and Abu Hurayrah the Allah one. Carlos Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam added to the value of Saudi Hain Mala I know right? What a Odin on CEMET wala Hatha Allah kalbi Bashar work role in Fela talamona of some mafia hum and karate iron desert and the McEnery. I'm alone.

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In this hadith, the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam said, Allah subhanho wa taala, the Exalted has said, I have prepared for my righteous slaves, what no eyes has seen, no ear has heard and the mind of no man has conceived Abu Hurayrah, the subnet that the Sahaba he says, if you wish, you could recite the ayah where Allah subhana says in translation, no person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy, as a reward for what they used to do before and Muslim. This is one of the most amazing somehow perceptions when it comes to giving people motivation and incentive right? What is the best motivation you give people, when you give them perception of it without giving a

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specific measure to it?

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Like when you tell them for example, if you do this, your reward is with me.

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And your kids will ask you what is it chocolate? No better than that? Candy no better than that.

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Bike no better than that. When you keep turning better than that better than that, how much? How far the imagination can go.

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And you tell them no matter how much you try to imagine, it is still better than that. So Allah subhanaw taala here says in this hadith policy, either to labored your Salah when I have prepared for my servants, most righteous servants. And the words are that means what the gym I prepared. What does that mean?

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Well, you understand from that I have prepared what does that mean?

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It's already here. It's already done.

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It's ready. It's not like I will prepare? No, I've already prepared so Jana is already created according to the schedule Gemma and everything in general is already waiting for you.

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It's there, it's been created, it's been prepared. He says that a baddie Assad in my righteous servant. So ALLAH SubhanA wa their attributes these people to Himself, giving them the honor to be true servants of Allah azza wa jal My righteous servant a very not anyone else a saw the hand righteous mela Mecca some of the mural Bananaman What did he prepare for them? mela I know right. Now I have ever seen anything like this. So no matter what you've seen of the wonders of this world, you're in every now and then you see something online just like oh my god.

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And you see people they create something, a building a highway, an invention, something that they create food, whatever. And you just like wow, the idea itself the decoration the creativity is just like Wow, it's amazing. Still in Jannah it will surpass whatever creativity people had in this dunya God Allah Alderaan Summit. No one No ever heard of, in terms of what the description or even the sounds of them like nowadays Palla we hear certain sounds, whether from nature or artificial or manmade, you know, kind of like sounds and we just like wow, there's so blue. Beautiful. There's so soothing. They're so amazing. They're so you know, common. Imagine the sounds of the ACA, how do

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they how do they sound Subhanallah unbelievable. You know, nowadays, the sounds of nature, use them on artificial devices to give you the sense of you know, outdoors so you can go to sleep.

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Imagine how that sounds in Jannah. And then it says called wala Hatha Allah Calbee Bashar that is now beyond the creativity of man. No matter how much you think of, of anything. Allah subhanaw taala has creation and Jana is better and way and beyond that. No heart has ever no mind that ever conceived. What's their agenda? Okay, then wait a minute. What about when Allah subhanaw says and Jana that he they are rivers in Jana rivers of milk and honey and wine and what does that mean when Allah says that there will be fruit in Jannah? He says even specific foods he says there will be palm trees and there will be pomegranate

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And then there will be grapes in Jannah so there are specific names mentioned right so there'll be questions discussing made of silk fancy silk, stock rock and soon those and these so what do they mean then if Allah is already mentioning things by name, how is that we're not gonna be able to imagine that even our best answer this question because look,

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whatever Allah mentioned for you or to you in the Quran, or the Prophet mentioned the Sunnah lace FL Jannetty, Mafia dunya Illa Asma, there is nothing in Jannah there is nothing agenda for what you have here in this dunya except for the names

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so that for you at least to relate to it, like when Allah says river so you can relate to it. What is the river to you? That trench where you have water flowing through? Right? But the rivers of Jannah different Gemma, have you ever heard that Scripture rivers of Jannah how the Prophet described the rivers of Jana Jana rivers don't need a trench to flow through the floor on the surface, but it's still deep.

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How they're asked me I haven't been there yet.

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Also the rivers of dunya there on what on the ground, rocks, pebbles, sand and so on. But the rivers of Jannah as they will describe they don't know what they're on saffron for the sand and the peppers or made a beautiful beautiful gems and beautiful precious stones.

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You can imagine the beautiful beautiful color of all these stones as they glow under the surface of the water and Jana, Allah Who Can you guys imagine that description of it looks like it's like a fairytale.

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Look all these fairy tales they do or what they do in these movies they try to make things so fancy and glamorous and so on. It's still man made what Allah prepared is way better than this.

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So nothing in Jana Gemma that exists from the dunya agenda except for the names only to relate to it. That's why I will read Rajala and it says called Eco shaitan she's Don't you hear the word of Allah spawn the Quran it says Fela Kalama my Orfila home Ferrazzano Manasa mafia, la Kurata, Ayan, Zambia, Macedonia, Milan, that no person knows what is kept hidden for them in terms of the joy and reward for what they have what they've used to do in this dunya. So your job is to keep imagining, and keep just kind of trying to think and just go into the creativity of the Ashura. Keep using this as an incentive for you to do more. Because at the end of the day, you can only see it you can only

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see it when you earn it, as it was mentioned over here and this is May Allah make us among those who earn adorable animals. We ask Allah subhana wa to give us the ability to see the rewards in Jannah We ask Allah subhana wa to show us the blessings of general Bananaman and the way we all get in this place. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us the ability to enjoy this gathering and genitive for DOS Allah Allah with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ala Sara Masada hain, Allah sudomotor Karvonen wala Huhtala Allah and a question Gemma? Yes.

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Very beautiful question, by the way, because that question was not just some other Allama asked a question answered. So the question is, what am I doing? The Prophet saw some go and so Jana, when he was with Gibreel, and he brought us some descriptive agenda. So how, how can you say that? No, no I've ever seen what's him Jana? The ultimate say there's two things. Number one, number one, what the prophets are awesome. So their agenda is a preview.

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That's one explanation. So he did not really see the actual reward. They only saw what his human eyes was able to see. Because in his human form, he will not be able to conceive what's there from the material of Jana. So he saw something that is for him only to be able to see it. Just like when Musa alayhis salam he asked Allah subhana wa Tala rugby or any underlay Can I see you what happened to Musa Sera? He was shocked he couldn't because in his human form he is unable to see that in Jannah or that's when explanation the other explanation says whatever the profits are some saw what's in generate now something he hadn't seen. So more things created after the Prophet Sam so

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what was in Jana? That's way even beyond they imagine that the Prophet himself sal Allahu Allah He was ALLAH. So we just need to go there and see it inshallah Tada Sharma

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to see if you wish ah

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beautiful question. Jen has different layers, right different levels.

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So in this say in this situation, the profit isn't the highest level of Jana. How can we you know, see them how can we see the

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to her above us, the best answer to this is be on the top.

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Make sure to strive to strive to be on the top. So you miss nobody.

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You're there. So strive in this dunya to be unfair dusted Allah may Allah subhana make us all from the industrial era Bananaman. But if May Allah subhana, Allah forgive us, we feel a little bit short from being an unfair dose of Allah. How can we see those who are above them like seeing the prophets and the MBR. On the other hand, in Al Jana, there is something they call it so called Jana, as the prophet I'm describing so called gentle like the market of agenda. And in our modern time, you could call it like the lobby of agenda, that lobby of agenda all the people have agenda, they come down, they get in the lobby, they meet, they gather, they enjoy, you know, seeing each other and so on.

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And after they're done. Everybody goes to their level.

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Can you invite someone over to your level? Hey, come see what I have?

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Well, you can do that. That's one thing. Actually, as a matter of fact, before the position are finalized, people are given the opportunity to do Chavez. And part of the Shafaq is people can raise people from level to level by the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala if Allah accept that from them, obviously, but once the position has finalized, you're done.

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They don't you feel guilty that I miss I'm not in the in the level for example, 100 No one would feel guilty ever. No one because Allah subhanaw promised in Jana, there is no sorrow, no regrets, nothing. No these feelings. So if someone has level one, level two, they are never going to envy those or level 100. Right. But be careful guys. I know some of you sir. Hamdulillah. That means Lebanon is not enough for me.

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Some of us even they have so much any low expectation for themselves. They say as long as I cross over Jahannam I'm happy.

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Yeah, and I'd like to be the Usher on the doors of Gemini. Right? We'd have to be in there as long as I crossed over Johanna. Don't you ever wish like this? Instead, you need to target Alfredo said Allah. If you fall short, at least you're close to it. Obviously those will close to that level. They have more access to see of the pledge blessings of Allah Subhana Allah maybe they have access more to the prophets of Allah Salah to the MBR the Saudi Han and even to see Allah as an amount that is His Majesty, versus those who see him only maybe once every once in a while. So am Allah make us all from Allah for those that Allah Allah, Allah Allah? Allah

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subhana colomba Hambrick a shadow Allah Allah and stuff we'll go to break ceramah requirement Allah will

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go work for Jana, Gemma

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