Tafseer Of Surah Al-Baqarah 02

Zoubir Bouchikhi


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Sheikh Zoubir cover some more of the first verses of Surah Al-Baqarah

May 2009

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That's true brothers look at us,

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the due respect we give to the scholars because we know they know more than us.

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When you see a doctor, you respect him because he has the knowledge of

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I hope you don't respect them because they have money.

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You know, like some of us respect them and shake hands with them, because oh, this man has been, you know, I because he, Allah gave him the knowledge of the anatomy.

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When you see an engineer, architect, when you see a scholar of Islam is give them the knowledge. Okay? So it's the knowledge that makes a person different. And last time I said,

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Well, how do you stay within a

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international law?

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Say, are they equal? Those who know? With those who don't know, they are not equal? Even Allah answers? Indeed, the scholars do feel a lot smarter scholars doesn't doesn't mean here, the meaning of scholars doesn't mean the Shetty as scholars on

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every size,

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as long as it is related to that, but the point that I wanted to say is that the end of this verse was in need of humanitarian mode. And right after that, Allah taught Adam and Adam Smith. So from the knowledge comes our knowledge, brothers, that's why we have to respect the knowledge, you have to respect it. Because it comes from Allah Himself. One of the names of allies one

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of the most knowledgeable, what should the Muslims say? Yeah, Lima Lima.

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Loma Linda Mae found that we found that

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the profits was even for us. What type of do you say when it comes to any Walmart teach us what benefit us

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and benefit us with what You have taught us because you may learn something, but you never benefit from it. If you're a blank,

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Allah show it to you you even memorize it like some of us memorize some verses and some Sutras, but they never practice. They never benefit from it a lot. Melinda, may Allah teach us what benefit us and then give us the ability to benefit from what you taught us was ignited.

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How many of us say honestly, every day, how many of us here online please be not honestly.

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But see how we practice how we work hard to to increase in one month.

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We shouldn't lie. That's a fact. You see a person going to work and trying to make money. But okay, say just your one Sydney in one line carries me knowledge.

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And this is the only thing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his life asked a lot more in terms of increments. He never asked Allah anything in increments except knowledge.

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Please, yes, you can you can give your back to the world is

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one of

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our last panel data set and the only a smell you have already in control saw the last time data says to the angels. Tell me the names of these things. If you are right,

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if you think you know everything, because they asked him or not why you want to create another creation? aren't we doing enough? Don't we doing enough in praising your name? Allah said no, I created him for something different.

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I did not create him just to praise me. Praising everybody praises Allah brothers, brothers, everything, praise Allah. Everything. Allah didn't create us just to place in a lucky hated us to be first is vice chairman, Vice

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sharifah and to worship Him

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and to worship him to fill the earth with goodness. And chapeau Milan, Morocco. I would like to shed light on this concept, the concept of Hillel.

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And the concept of St. Amar. Number one I need to correct this word. His Word is there Mr. kalama gloma.

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People have oppressed and misused this word is the amount is not a bad word.

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Most of us use the word is their mind was

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occupation. Very good, they said and it's their model.

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British occupation and it's their model fancy French occupation. And these terms are so unique Zionist

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occupation. No, no.

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The what is the heart is a very good word. It means

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It means to fill in the earth with buildings. One Sharma says watch as it is he God who created you from Earth was Taranaki and he wants you to fill it with buildings and

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make Melania make modernity. So there is nothing wrong with that word. So, what word we should use actually for occupation is defined?

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Or is the hammer,

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honestly, is

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to say, global occupation,

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or we say is the man

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is the man is from him or is when you ride, people in nations, like ride the donkey to occupy them and take their wealth is misused and abused them is excellent. So, please do not use that word is there not anymore.

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You know, you see our brothers using this word, Mr. Ma brother, we were victim of the French is their mom. No, that's wrong. We have to correct that.

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So we have been created for two things so far. So far, in this lecture, I'm talking about PETA, and is the Mr.

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Three, four, a, that

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it is through the banner that you can do this too.

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And that's why I said a lot of his worship. And that's why the data says,

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Well, mahato algin, will insert in laniado, I did not create the gin and the ends except to worship me. Mourinho in Honduras, I don't want any of us from them. And it sustenance will not lead to your Bible. And I don't want them to feel

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in the law of water was Apple supporting within indeed allies asserting this? Indeed, it is a lot, who is the most sustainer and has power over everything.

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By having said this brothers, most of our Muslim brothers are happy with the concept of a better they say, Allah created us to worship him. But that's not enough. Because the concept of Riba is individual, I can make a bed

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or pray and get out, I pray this message in my shoes and go, No, that's not what Allah created us for a lucky interview to fill in the earth with goodness, because if you don't, somebody will fill it with evil, who's that shaitan and his, and his army is very good. And his followers because I was going to mention the shape right here, when he gets jealous of the nucleation.

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If we don't fill out the earth with goodness brothers, somebody is going to fill it up with evil and who pays the price? Everyone.

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So it's not optional. Just to fill in the earth with goodness, it's not optional, you must fill it with goodness. If you want to live happily, if not, somebody will fill it with trash with with best men, and it will, it will touch you. If not you your children.

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Remember that? Three Sheena. Allah said to his angels that I am creating whatever

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he wants from us that why don't we be part of that project?

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The project of enough? How can we do it when we know nothing about Islam, when the brothers don't have even time to sit between malaria and Asia,

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to purify themselves and angels out of playing solid on them, and the law is mentioning their names with a better companionship in heavens.

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You see most people coming for salat, and then pray and then leave. It's not enough brothers. That's not enough, it will never be enough.

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So May Allah help us to continue learning our team. And that's the difference. That's what makes the difference is that the person is increasing his knowledge in sha Allah, that Allah said,

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The Angelus answer the back part also had.

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Now again, the enemy's metric.

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Look at verse 30, verse 30, in the atom, Metallica.

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I know what you don't know Allah said. So he mentioned knowledge 31 wild love Adam. Allah thought Adam, so he mentioned the enemy again.

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He said All Glory to you. We have no knowledge except what You taught us.