Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 07 Etiquette Of Saying In sha Allah

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi moves on to discuss verses 22 to 24 which deal with topics such as prohibition against speaking without knowledge and avoidance of emotions when fighting for the truth. Also, we are acquainted with the etiquette of saying ‘in sha Allah’. 

In the verses, we see how Allah teaches us the usage of the phrase – in Sha Allah, when we are referring to an event of the future such that in the event of its non occurrence due to any reason, we will not have fallen into falsehood. Saying the holy phrase reaffirms our firm belief in Allah.

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He was happy when Allah

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so today we continue with sudo tilaka from verse number 22. And in verse number 22, Allah subhana wa tada says, they said that they were three and the fourth was their dog. And some said that they were five and the six was their dog. And all of this is estimation regimen believe they're simply estimating without any knowledge. And Allah says way. akuna sabar tone with me no home caliber home. Some said that they were seven and the eighth was their dog, or what the animal bury him. In law Colleen, say, My Lord is aware of there are a number of very few, no other than him. Now, the fact that one negates three and five, and then is silent at seven, pretty much the bulk of the Muslim

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scholars have said they were seven in number. And in fact, the story of the seventh Sleepers of Ephesus, as I mentioned yesterday, our books of history mentioned that different groups of Christians were having a big debate nestorians were saying one thing, and

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the another group was saying another thing. And so Allah mentions some of them said three some of them said five, and these are mere estimations out of complete conjecture, and some said seven and the eighth was their dog. And then a lot is silent at this. And this affirms that they were seven in number and the eighth was their dog. And then Allah says to the Prophet system, I know how many they work as for you further tomography him in La Mirada en la hora. Don't argue with them.

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Except for an argument that is a VAR Hill. What does this mean? Don't argue with them except for an argument that is void. There's two main opinions about what this means. The first is that don't argue with them unless you have solid knowledge. Vahid means here, you know what you're talking about. Don't argue with them over things that you don't have knowledge about. So if you argue, argue with knowledge, or else remain silent, if you want to debate, debate with knowledge, or else remain silent. And notice here, one of the constant themes of students and cap that we have always seen is what speak with knowledge, or else don't speak at all. This is one of the constant themes of sort of

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Kappa, that we find from the beginning all the way up until here that Allah warns us about speaking without knowledge. Allah criticizes those who speak without knowledge. Allah chastises those who say about Allah, that which is not true. And here once again, our Prophet system is told, if you wish to debate, make sure you have knowledge. And this is a very important point for us here in this land. Not everybody is qualified to give Dawa through the tongue. Everybody is qualified to give out through your actions, we can all act Islamic. And we can also preach the basic will do we believe that not everyone is qualified to debate. Not everyone is qualified to respond to argumentation and

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therefore if you don't know fella tomography, him in La Jolla don't have a debate with them, unless you have knowledge about what you're talking about. This is one interpretation. And it is of course, valid. Another interpretation, fella tomography him in the mirror on va hero, don't argue with them except an outer arguing VA head here with me, outer versus balton means inner. And what this means is a beautiful point here. And that is our profit system is told, don't make this argumentation, emotional. Don't make it seep into your heart. Because you know, you have the truth. And they are not guided in this matter. They don't know the story. So even if you're going to debate don't make

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it something that will affect your psyche, don't become psychologically depressed and involved. And we all know that when we have an argumentation that goes to our arts, it ruins our life. We can think except about this issue. It makes our life difficult for us. So our profit system is being told if you're going to debate them, debate them an outdoor debate, this is a frivolous matter, the US habit caf and who were they and how many were they don't let it get to your heart. And this shows us that die, the one giving Dawa, he prioritizes not every issue is of the same importance as the other one, that's a Steffie him in whom I had, and don't ask any of them about this matter. Why?

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Because you have certain knowledge, they don't have certain knowledge. Once again, the issue of knowledge and certainty. The issue of going to the people of knowledge, Allah says in the Quran, ask the people of knowledge if you don't know first Oh Allah the Quran quantum data Allah moon

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Hear Allah says don't ask them because they don't have any knowledge and this applies even more so once again to our religion, brothers and sisters when you're facing a dilemma when you don't know an answer to something Islamic go to the people have knowledge don't go to those who don't have knowledge Fernanda stuff defeat him in Omaha our profit system is told don't literally to stuff the means get a tour literally find out the stuff. Don't go and get a fatwa from them because they don't have any knowledge. Allah has told you that which is certain while

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in in a fight on daddy cavada and never say about anything that I will do something tomorrow in sha Allah except if you add on in sha Allah what could what Becca either in the seat and remember your Lord if you forget Coco lasagna De Niro be the aka Robin had a Russia and make dua to Allah Oh Allah guide me to something even better than what I had in mind something even better than what was the initial plan. Now this verse is a very profound verse and its reason for revelation goes back to the story of why sorta tilaka have came down. If you remember, when the crash came, the Prophet says and confidently said, tomorrow I'll give you the answer. And he did not say in sha Allah. And he assumed

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that our Lord would reveal revelation for him. And therefore the revelation was delayed for two solid weeks, then sort of comes down. And our Lord very mildly chastises the Profit System that this is not the way you should have done it. That way. He does not come down when you snap your fingers, that I am the Lord and I will send down when I want to send down and it is not your prerogative to command when it will come. And so Pamela, if this is what our profit system is told, how about us? This teaches us It teaches us manners with Allah subhana wa Tada. It teaches us who is the little and who is the one that that Lord is controlling. Who is the one who is the middle group, our

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Prophet sallallahu I think he was sending them assumed that this question has come close that quote, The answer will come tomorrow and he made an assumption that he should not have made so Allah said in the Quran, the Quran and he never say to anything, tomorrow I will give you the answer. Tomorrow I will do this in the final daddy cavada in sha Allah except if you add on insha Allah who to Allah and this is common etiquette that we are all aware of brothers and sisters, we never speak about something of the future that we want to do except that we add on insha Allah inshallah, next year I will go for Hajj inshallah, next year I will start this degree inshallah next year, so you will or

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tomorrow or next month, you put on this insha Allah because you do not know what will happen Allah knows because this is a proper manner of displaying etickets with Allah subhana wa tada and also realize that this insha Allah, this insha Allah it is only said when you mention an action that you are going to do in the future with certainty. If you put on I don't know if I'm going to do it or not, you don't have to say inshallah. Well, if you mentioned a plan and not the actual action, I plan to go for ombre, okay, you're planning to go there's no inshallah here, right? If somebody says are you going to go for it? Next year, I plan to go, you don't need to add on inshallah, why?

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Because you are referencing the plan in your heart which is current and now you don't need to mention insha Allah here. However, if you said I will go next year here You must say inshallah, there is a diviner so what I'm trying to say is as follows there is a difference between narrating the current circumstance, I am planning to go for camera, okay, you're telling him the truth I'm planning to go versus saying you're going to do it. And if you look at the Quran

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in in a fiery radica chapada This is certainty this is I will do when you get to that stage you need to add inshallah, but if you're talking about generics, if you're talking about a plan, that is COVID, I am seeing if I'm able to go for him or not, you don't have to say inshallah, of course if you do, there's nothing wrong with that. Now, by the way, I have to comment here that Subhanallah many of our brothers and sisters, they have lost the plot when it comes to inshallah, they don't know when to say it. Sometimes they added on to things that you don't need to say it. You don't need to say insha Allah when you give a response to something current and right here and right now, how

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are you doing? Alhamdulillah insha Allah doesn't work that way. Right? What's your name? Fatima insha Allah. If you say something current, you don't need to add on it.

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sha Allah inshallah in order for something that has to do with the, with the future and this is what Allah subhana wa tada is telling us another point as well just a fifth point here, that if you ever make a custom In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala It is always advised to add on in sha Allah. So we're lucky I will feed 10 people were lucky I will fast one month, whatever the reason you might have made that just add on inshallah, because if you add on insha Allah and you're not able to fulfill it, then you don't have to pay the penalty for the person. Whereas if you didn't say insha Allah and you're not able to fulfill it, then you have to pay the penalty. Right? And therefore

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anytime you make a possum In the name of Allah subhana wa tada it's always advised and encourage that you add on directly connected you don't add on a year later No, that's not gonna work you add on right then and there when you make the custom right that you say insha Allah Well, that's a whole nother edition in the Phyto dedicata in sha Allah, what? Becca Eden a seat. Remember your Lord when you forget? So what this means if you had a conversation with somebody you told him Yes, tomorrow I'm gonna come to your house this is now a certainty. Then you go back to your car say somehow I forgot to say insha Allah you say it right then in there in sha Allah will go to his house will go

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back into the seat, when you forget, immediately you add on that inshallah, this applies to a statement not a person by the way, right? Of course some the inshallah has to be connected. As for a statement, you say next year, next month, then when you forget it, you remember just like the Bismillah when you're eating, same thing, when you forget to say Bismillah when you're eating what is the process that I'm saying? When you remember say even if it's in the middle of your food, so will the Quran back into the sea. Now, another interpretation is that this is a generic verse has nothing to do with what has proceeded whenever you forget, remember Allah what what Becca either in

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a seat, whenever you forget to remember Allah remember Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is also a valid point of the Quran that Allah is saying never be forgetful of me. Whenever you forget about me remember we again what's Cora Baka? misete waka lasagna De Niro be the acaba minha de Russia and May Allah give me even more correct and even better than what I had in mind. And the reference here is when the rush came to ask for us herbal Caf, and they wanted two or three facts, a lie reveal two pages of detail. And this is the point that they wanted a little bit and they got back a lot with it. And you had the rabine acaba minha. Russia, also there is a beautiful miracle here. And that is

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in the delay of the process. And even though it caused tension to him at the time, can you imagine waiting every day the courage coming? What is the response? What is happening, and he's waiting, and it's not happening? Even though it's tense, what does it show? It shows us that the Quran is not the speech of the souls of the La Jolla, he was setting them. It shows us he's not sitting at home composing verses. Because if that had been the case, then immediately he would have told him the Revelation the next day. The fact that he has to wait for 15 days demonstrates that he is not the author of the Quran. The Quran is not in his control. And in and then when the story comes, it's

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silence is the courage because the amount of details is much more than what even they are who gave them it's much more and in fact, the Quran then refutes what they had said they're three No, they're five, no, they're actually seven. And the number of years we're going to talk about as well. 300 Allah tells them more information than they even knew. So imagine here, the courageous astonishment, that after waiting 15 days, when the day comes, it is much more powerful than they were expecting. And this is what this phrase means. Welcome. Danny Robbie, the acaba minha de Russia. One small point your complete tangent, but this inshallah business brought it back, it's a hell of a joke. And

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it's hard to make jokes, even the nights of Ramadan. And this is a joke we did at the University of Medina when I was studying we would have these jokes all the time we had Mashallah Hello jokes for the most part of hamdulillah and this inshallah brought it back for me that there was a village in a certain land that the students from this village were well known that they had strange names and this is true, I met some of these brothers, a small village in certain land, they always had interesting names, and they have names like Bismillah, like Masha, Allah, you know, they would call them this, this was their name. So the job goes as follows this, I was told this when I was in

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Medina, that the teacher comes in the first day of class, he's taking roll call, and he gets to one of the brothers of this village and he says, What's your name? The brother says, inshallah.

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Now in the Arab world,

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When you say insha Allah when you're asked a question, what does this mean?

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What's your name? And sha Allah means I'll tell you in a while, right? So inshallah means just wait, I'll tell you in a while, right? So the teacher asks again, it's just so shallow. I'll tell you in a while, he gets very irritated. I'm asking what is your name? And he says with the strongest inshallah means I'll tell you, so the teacher gets so frustrated, he says law

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law, his friend from the religious chef, I'm here.

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In any case, inshallah that was a joke, and inshallah will continue tomorrow set out what a cola cola