Is it Compulsory for Muslims of India also to Migrate to a Muslim Country?

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The third question is from Abdul Jabbar from Hyderabad, India. I completely agree with your reply given in the previous session that Muslims must not migrate from Muslim countries to non Muslim countries for a better living. I also agree with most part of your reply regarding Muslim living in non Muslim countries, especially Western countries should mostly migrate to a Muslim country. What are your views regarding Muslims living in India, since India was previously ruled by Muslims? And I would like to thank the double Jabbar fastening this question is referring to the reply I gave in my last session where a person asked that is it permissible for a Muslim to migrate from Muslim country

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to a non Muslim country for a better living. And I'll just repeat in short and I said it is not permissible for a Muslim to migrate from a Muslim country to a non Muslim country for a better living, unless it is for education he can do for that couple of years of education and come back or if he wants to do Dawa and he wants to become a full time they are going other day and giving Dawa in a non Muslim country is permissible, but for no other reason for a better living or so that you can get more money or you can have a luxurious life. Besides these two reason for a better living anything else, it is not permissible for Muslims to leave a Muslim country and go to a non Muslim

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country especially referred to the Western country. And then I went further to say that the verse of the Quran

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also in chapter number four, was eliminated seven melasma says that the angels comes to take the life of the person where died in sin, that how was your state? And he said that we were weak and oppressed, then the angel replies that the earth of Allah subhanaw taala is vast. So why did you migrate, and those who do not do that? Allah says, they will go to hell, and the refuge will be evil. So based on this, there are three options for a Muslim living in a non Muslim country. And I give the plan that Muslim living non Muslim country, especially for the Western countries, that if they cannot live, openly, declare themselves to be Muslims, or cannot practice some of the Islamic

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aspects, or they cannot practice most of it, or some of it, it becomes further for them to migrate to Muslim land. The second category, those Muslim living in a non Muslim country where they can feel packed in Islam, and they have no problem at all. And they can call them a Muslim, they can do all the fries, there's no restriction at all. I don't do any such country. There may be parts of some country, but as a whole, I don't know, some countries may be better than the others. But if such a situation is there, then it is not compulsory for them to migrate to a Muslim country, it is mazahub

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that means they can stay but yet better is to migrate. And the third condition is if the Muslim is oppressed, or they are weak or they cannot migrate then Allah will forgive them. This was my answer three category, but now the bridge is pulled to question what about India, the Muslim live in India because India was ruled by the Muslim for more than 1000 years. So does India also come in the same category A Muslim country? And that's a very important question and Jazakallah for asking this question. There are some countries and one of the good example is India, that India was ruled for 1000 years.

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And the population of India approximately more than 1/3, about 40% of the Muslims. Then the Britishers come and they come saying that they're in the business, but they want to control India, they started ruling India and then when they left they created a division amongst the Indians were living very peacefully, even though the Muslim ruled India for about 1000 years the Mughal if the Muslim rulers would have forced the non Muslim to accept Islam, there would not have been any non Muslims alive in India.

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Many February assembly was the lightest Now many people remained as non Muslim and there's no problem. But the Britishers they had a policy of divided route. So when they left the divided India into three parts, and the divided the Muslim especially, and 1/3 of the Muslims went to Pakistan 130 min in India went and went to Bangladesh. They didn't give one country they have two countries and Bangladesh and Pakistan which was no best Pakistanis, Pakistan they split. So no Muslims are divided into three in India, little bit more than 1/3 remain maybe about 3738 39% remain in India 1/3 went to Pakistan about 33% less than 1/3 went to Bangladesh about 49 30%. But if you add all together

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Muslim, the 40% now when partition took place, India declared itself to be a secular country. It didn't declare itself to be a Hindu country.

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And when the constitution was laid down, it had a special rule

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It was a secular country and it said that any citizen of India following any religion, that law of that religion will apply as far as civil cases are concerned. So, if Muslims are living in India, they had a separate law. And today also they have known as the Muslim personal law, the Christian has their Christian law, they know that the Hindu law, so, when this was drafted, in give permission for all the religions, to practice their religion freely, all the citizens of India, India was not at all a Hindu country and even today, it is not it is a secular country, it is a democratic country and it said that any citizen of India whichever literally belongs to can live peacefully to based on

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that India is a unique case, in the world where Muslim rule for 1000 years, and to do so fine to me, the majority of Muslims in any country in the world number one is India, those statistics divided faith, number one is Indonesia, about 220 230 million Muslims. Number two is India some about 200 million, some people say that it is Pakistan, about 202 million, and third is Pakistan, second is Pakistan. Third is India. And then for the Bangladesh. According to me, the Indian government doesn't declare the correct number of Muslims, they don't count many millions of Muslims in Assam, etc. I feel according to me minimum Muslims would be 250 to 300 million today.

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According to me, the country which has maximum number of Muslims living in any part of the world, number one is India, then in Indonesia, then is Pakistan, the number of Muslims in India would be minimum 250 million can even go up to 300 million. Now, when the partition took place, the government that were formed into the constitution faith that every citizen of India has the right to preach, practice and propagate his religion. And it is just about four years back that I left my country and for more than 20 years, Mashallah

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for about 25 years, I did not openly large audiences and India has been a very safe place for the Muslims. It is recently when the BJP government came to power just hardly six years back in 2014, that the problems started. Previously the problems were minor and the Muslim could live peacefully, there was no major problem at all, the politician, Hindu politician, many the BJP which is a part of the RSS,

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these are fanatics and faces

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and they started promoting the hindutva and trying to misguide the people. And now there are problems made for the Muslims, but generally for the Muslims living in India, it is very close to living in a Muslim country, they have the full right so Muslim living in India, it is perfectly permissible for them to live such close example is, for example, Singapore. Singapore first was back to Malaysia, where two thirds of the citizens of Malaysia they were Muslims. Previously, what everything later on, they don't have sim scape. And then Singapore became separate.

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And today Singapore has about 18 to 20% Muslims. So, they are also they have a Muslim personal law for the Muslims. So, Singapore is also somewhat close to India, but natural the freedom in India is much more than freedom Singapore. So, there are certain few more countries like that maybe Mauritius or some which may have a Muslim person in law. So in such countries, India is one of the best amongst these countries.

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These countries whether the Muslim personal law, where you can follow I don't know if any western country where a Muslim can follow Muslim personal law. Only the criminal law is common in India and these countries. But in the Western countries, certain thing the Muslims are permitted for example, they're allowed to a house of worship, but they cannot marry a fondue they submit law, they cannot have more than one wife. The nicaya is not valid, the divorce not according to the Islamic Sharia. It is not about Islamic Sharia. You can will it that's a different case. And neither can you openly practice your deen as you can do in India.

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Yes, there are some non Muslim country which are better than the other non Muslim countries. So my answer was basically talking about non Muslim country mainly the Western countries and the other non Muslim country. So India will come close to a Muslim country not fully like a Muslim country. It's not required for the Muslims in India to migrate, they can live and we have a lot of history of Muslims. And if you see the structure that I've created, and a rich source of Islamic knowledge is there in India. So but natural disaster love asking the question, this is a different case altogether. Like in India and other few countries of the world have dancer question.