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Zoubir Bouchikhi
AI: Summary © The importance of washing after death and removing one's claws is discussed, as well as the use of detergent and soap to wash one's body and the importance of removing one's claws. The conditions of salads must be met, including not covering all members of a group, not practicing any kind of precautions, and not practicing any kind of precautions. Research is needed to determine the cause of the death of a woman buried without her knowledge.
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Now, when somebody dies, what do we do when somebody dies has received the news? What do we do?

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in that very good in Allah who were in LA he RRG or does the first thing you say, after that, you start looking for the unseen washing. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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We must wash the dead, the Muslim we must wash him, but these are the people you cannot wash the dead in the battlefield. Those who were fighting or they received

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the death came to them through an enemy, an enemy

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that person you just cover him or her and bury them children women, lead them with their blood because in the Day of Judgment, inshallah we should think of them that they have died as died as martyrs and martyrs will come with the same way they died. They resurrect the same way they died. If they have been blown up from their faces, their hands cut off their feet, they will come like that.

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The color of the blood, but the smell of the mask

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the color of the blood, but not the smell of the blood. You know, blood smells in a certain way. It's not how it will it will. It will gush with a lot of beautiful smell. Everybody would say what time does the smell off? Shaheed so and so

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upset led to a slow home Don't watch these people these people you should not watch them for in the cooler for in the cooler one hour couldn't let them in here for homescan Yeoman kiama the prophet SAW Some said don't watch these people who die with an enemy

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form of death like bomb being like arrows like crushing them like whatever they do to the torturing them they die under torture whatsoever, because every one and every blood that comes out from them would be gushing with misc inshallah,

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how to wash that person. Quickly. Number one before we wash the person who who should wash, we said who should wash

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and we bring somebody from the bar and we tell him Please come,

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* * who is in the bar, please come now. We go to the masjid hamdulillah we go to the masjid. And remember

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the people who go frequently to misread witness for them that they are Mormons.

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He said you should think that people who go to the masjid regularly but they are good Muslims. So we go to the masjid hamdulillah and we ask people to come and for example the Imam. The Imam is the best one to watch people. A learned scholarly person, a good person, the community in the family and elder.

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He or she it depends on who is the diseased female should be watched by females and male should be watched by males.

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Colorado kallada his salat wa sallam Leo let's say multicam and Moon

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let those who are trustworthy among you wash your debt.

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Those who are trustworthy, they are truthful in the deen and this and that how to wash is by putting a person on high place like table like table and wash his body

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by starting from the head and going to the toe when you come to the belly press. So the the dirt will come out. And of course as I explained last time, you clean that and then put all kinds of detergents and soap and perfume and this and that after you wash one more time.

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So it's not like you do the whoo and this and that. No you just wash and a lot of water, no water better to be warm, is not necessity is better to be worn, not very cold and not very hot.

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If a woman dies, and she has a long hair, we and she has what's called those braids. We open them. We open them and after we wash her hair, we put them back to 312312 in the back and three, we put them back

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and just two or three like we put one here. She has long hair if she has short hair, that's another thing.

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We also talked about if somebody we cannot really wash his body, for example, burned like burn people who die

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In a fire those people you cannot really wash because the moment you start washing it's the flesh start falling or they have a disease that there are people who are sick with that disease that flesh start coming out. So in this in this case what do we do we do take them home for them. We touch stone on their hands and we wipe their faces that's all and then we bury them

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can a woman

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wash her husband? Definitely. but preferably if there are men she lets men wash him and vice versa can a man wash his wife? Yes, but if there are women it's better that the sisters take care of her but

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it is our job to do Kevin

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now obligation of Kevin now how many of us have prepared there Kevin?

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It's a good question.

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Good how many of us set okay this close to to prepare to please This perfume which is non alcoholic is for me to go

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to a surgeon

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and it has to be very moderate. Not very expensive.

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Because Russell Muschamp said the first thing that gets old

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on you is your Kevin is the first thing that gets old as soon as we put the person in the grave if we open 510 minutes later you find his claws you'll be shocked you'll be shocked to see how a person looks

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It's so nice that it's white sooner it is soon of the profits awesome it is highly recommended that the clause the clause should be white the caffeine should be white

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old or new doesn't matter. No problem. You know some people have the lead they keep their a harem some men they keep that a harem and say please when I die put me in my home. The thing that I made had drama with bury me no problem and also la sala de Salim said invest Suman Thea become bayad

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when you put clause he said put white fur in the Harmon hydrosphere become it's the best clothes you can ever put is white, white t shirt, white Tommy's like brother Mashallah smile like that brother handsome brother.

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The White is the best cloth you can ever put.

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And he said also put it as Kevin when you die. So not only in during life

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to wear white especially on Friday

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and they asked him on messenger of Allah whenever we see you with the white you cry Why? He said it reminds me that they have my departure

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upon Allah how many of us when we put clothes with we love Oh look at me handsome. Oh, wow, look at that. Look at that.

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Look at that. Keep looking at that

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route you know that route right?

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The route is a beautiful

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creation of Allah wood that when you burn it, it makes sense. It's good also that you put

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your caffeine you put on the road before you put it on someone. So you you burn that road and then you take that caffeine lead the route goes into it gives good smell when you put it because hey, it's a salt. The salt is coming back there. As soon as we put the person in the salt we come back and he's going to be questioned. So at least Yeah, you're gonna meet somebody very important. How do you want me to Angela's in that

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grave so you better look good. Maybe your actions are quite bad but you're looking to this moment is is quite good.

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We said no Kevin of Harriet. No Kevin of silk.

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No Kevin, even for women who are allowed to wear silk. But there is no point sister. There is no point. Look at the house is just dirt and dirt from every side corner and then dirt on you.

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This is dunya

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This is the dunya that we fight for and God forbids you know, hate for and

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this is all you can get from it. One block of dirt. And there you one on your right hand side, one on the left and more dirt on you this is it

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is the dunya

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so please don't let the junior blind you enjoy it. But don't don't let the dunia take all of your energy because this

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Let me tell you about the duni a little bit these dunia sisters and brothers please pay attention I know it is quite tiring

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this dunya

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The more you ignore it, the more it runs after you

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pay attention dounia The more you turn away from it, the more it start coming to tempt you

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you start opening doors

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and Cipolla The more you run after it you get nothing from it

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you get nothing but problems headaches.

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So, run to Allah you will see the dunya running after you you run after the dunya

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it gives you this much but takes the best of you for example, your youth the dunya takes all of your energy and your youth and drop you like a dead skin of an orange it takes all the juice from you

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this is the dunya

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and then by the time you realize oh my god 4050 years of my life has gone there are so many things I cannot do now because I could have done when I was young

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after we do the caffeine we prepare the person now we look for salad, but we said the best salad is after the harasser

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after thorough answer so that more people attain and attempt

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can attain the agile and can attend the funeral to

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salad is like this.

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These are the conditions of salad number one

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all the conditions of the regular salad

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must be

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observed for the salad and jenessa meaning I have to have woo

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I cannot just come and say Allahu Akbar no I select is a prayer so I have to make room for it. If I had woo before fine as long as I have food I'm fine. So I can pray

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number two covering your private birth men at least from their belly button up to their knees and women all of their body except face and hands meaning a woman cannot go to a funeral like this

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you know

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those cars that have

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convertible convertible hijab no not accepted the convertible hijab like this you know when the sister does like this

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like my like malaise to why you go far.

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Okay, this hijab sisters

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this hijab, no

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Arab so many Arab ladies to why

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we are all same.

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So sisters at least.

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So whatever is required for salads, she has to she cannot say well, this is just salad or No sister cover his salad you're standing before Allah cover

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Okay, number three, we must face the Qibla So, these are the three conditions of salad we must have Budo state of purity we must cover all our our four men at least men and when I say at least by the way, you don't take it lightly. You say oh I can take off my T shirt and pray No No, you cannot do that. Meaning if you have nothing to cover cover on at least your belly button to your you know there are some people like that poor people, very poor people. There are people like that on the streets. They can attend general you cannot stop them say no you cover our as long as he is covered from here to here. But the normal person or handle a person who has to say no I want to pray now you

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cannot do that. four sisters with we explained Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said suddenly Allah sahibi come he called it prayer. He said Son low on your brother. Pray for him pray salata jenessa for these men.

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What are the conditions so we mentioned sorry, we mentioned the conditions. Now what are the wedges? What are the wedges of salata? jenessa number one, standing up. For those who can you must stand for every salad actually you should do your level best to stand up unless you are very sick. If you are sick that sit down.

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Number two, the Nia so standing up, you stand up for what which salad door as Aisha said knee yet salata jenessa in your heart, Salah, I'm praying now salata jenessa number three Al Fatiha re citation of infinity ha is fourth is compulsory

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number two

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Do a center praising Allah azza wa jal so much in the prayer, Salat on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the fortec Virat, do and Salah, very simple, no ruco no sujood subhana wa Salatu Genesis, no even neurocore and so you know, bowing and no prostration Why? Take the man take men, the men to Allah quick?

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Take Take Take neurocore no sujood What's a lo la salette and larocco Allah, when as soon as the, the poet said, the poet said, and they have made salado nice poet, beautiful poetry by a person who

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imagined death that he already died and he said,

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Look, look, they when I departed this word, they even prayed on me a salad without even

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even my salad was short. And my wife got married after me. My children forgot about me, my money was divided. What did I do to myself to live this word without coming closer to Allah is a beautiful poetry that can ring the bell when a person is I did all this. And the first thing my wife did after four months and 10 days, she remarried. My children cease to mention my name.

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My property has been already divided. And what did I do? Look? Look? What did I do? I didn't even get some good deeds to take with me. I everything I left it behind me.

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So even the prayer, it's very, it's it, it tells you something that Hey, no record no Sousou

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is not like no rasa or even failure to know

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your life.

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if somebody has been buried without salata, jenessa it is a good question.

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Shall we bear it somebody without Saracen so what to do?

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People didn't know or they were panicked, you know, it can happen that some jarhead people they don't know. They buried somebody. Now what should we should we dig him out and listen to what I said. Everything is mentioned in for Allinson

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is just we don't make research. Everything is mentioned in the correlation. If somebody has been buried, and nobody has prayed on him, we go to his grave and pray. Very simple. We don't have to dig his grave or her grave and get them out. We just go to the grave. And pray that why because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did that.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did that.

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And he did it even for in Nigeria, he the king or the king that I talked to you about when the Prophet seisen heard the news that he was buried without nobody praying for him. So also less I send them prayed from far. He was in Medina and the man was buried in Eritrea, another country. So he played salata. jenessa on him.

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There are special as that we live them now for the sake of time, that you say but mainly if you No no, do I keep asking that Allah forgives and gives Allah forgives Mahavira and Rama to the disease along MFI lower hemangioma for lower if you No no no, if you know a lot of then read them. Can we make dua in English in Malay in Chinese? Yes, by all means no problem.

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By all means, no, no. Outside the salad Yes

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Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi talks about death, funerals and how Muslims should deal with it – part 3/6

Feb 2012

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