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Zoubir Bouchikhi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the reward of following a deceased person and the importance of burying them within 24 hours. It also touches on the profit that comes from it and the importance of not being the "ahah." The speakers emphasize the need for people to have a strong faith in Islam and not give up, as well as the potential harm that comes from burying individuals in the presence of others. They also mention a study on the topic and encourage people to stay strong in their faith.
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Tashi and jenessa now to take the person to his grave. What's the reward of that? What's the reward of following somebody when we hear a friend of ours or brother or sister or uncle Auntie relative passed away? What's the reward of following his grave, following him to his grave?

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Before that, what's the reward of attending at least salata, jenessa listen to this members and sisters

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Nabi Ali salatu salam set rudan married visit the second

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visit the sick one, by the way, when you are sick, you're close to death in any sickness, even if it's flu, back pain, foot pain. When you are sick, you're close to death. Remember that so visit because you you had the great chance to say Santa Monica home and maybe say sorry and you miss Ms. DITA Why Why

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didn't you know that's a mortal human being that that person will die one day while you keep delaying shaytan what I'm sure my agenda he said visit the sick one and follow the agenda as a follow up

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to the cure of human error. The good thing about visiting somebody sick and following janazah it will remind you to heal after

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it will remind you to hear laughter

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in another Hadith Rasulullah saw some sad sad real quick for in for interview Sally Hatton for hire on Ducati Mona whoa la wine takushi was La Casa Rosada Allah Rita become the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said quickly bury the dead person because if that person is good

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and has done something good, then you are sending him to something he likes to see. Quickly meaning the interview or with the angels and this and that. If that person was bad and doing bad, then it's a bad thing that you are

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putting down

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from your shoulders.

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Somebody got four bids was bad. So palace, you buried him.

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The point here is that when a Muslim dies we quickly bury him within 24 hours he has to be buried.

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We cannot wait for his Auntie to come from Australia and his son from

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Washington DC and his daughter from no cannot do that.

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cannot do that. But they should say Salaam they should say hello they should say goodbye daddy mommy no goodbye mommy daddy you should have Skyped with them.

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We have Skype now.

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We have Skype and we have Mashallah.

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Well why he is so shocked when I hear somebody has been hauled for 72 hours. This is the love to your loved one. But when we say hurried, it doesn't mean we he died at eight o'clock we bury him at 9pm

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No, we don't mean that. At least one prayer of the day, at least one prayer of the day remember that.

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Now Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said about the reward of following the genocide. He said many Tibet agenda as a Muslim in a man and he said he will follow his journey as a Muslim with a man with true faith in Allah and asking Allah to reward from Allah. Because sometimes you follow Gen Y to show their family doctor We will then

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remember everything we do is according to our intention. If we do anything, and the intention is not good, is not for Allah sake, Allah will never accept that. For example, for example, you go to follow janaza so that people say well, he was there she was there we saw that. Sorry, you didn't come really for Allah sake. You came for people to say that he or she was there.

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We have to ask Allah to ask ourselves and because Allah will ask us.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, He will follow the generals that have a Muslim with a man and he said,

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What can I do? And he stayed with that jenessa until solid jenessa was done.

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And then he took that generator to the grave. Like we all did that hamdulillah he will come back with two carrots. What is carrot or messenger of Allah? The Sahaba didn't know carrot. They knew what was it. It was a quarter 25 cents of those days. They said O Messenger of Allah human this. He said no.

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Do you see the mountain of hurt? He said in Medina. They said, yeah, it's 10 kilometres, by the way, are these 10 kilometres or what is not just one mountain there is a chain.

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And by the way from NASA, you see, they saw

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That mountain and it's written Mohammed.

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It's true. I saw it

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from Google, if you if you Google, Madina, munawwara Google it. Google Madina, munawwara and go to the mountain of Oxford, and then turn it you will read Mohammed it's written Mohammed. Yeah, his name Salalah Addison. And that's why the profits I sell him when he stepped on the amount of overhead.

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He Abu Bakar Omar and Osman Ali was not with them, may Allah be pleased with them. Who was there? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam Abubakar said they are the Alon, Omar sobre la one blah, and earth man even a fan of the line these four great people prophesized on

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the mountain start shivering dddddd

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the prophet SAW Some said to offer easy or easy he talked to the mountain

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on you, there is a profit. Listen carefully. on you, there is a profit.

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There is a set date. A person who believes in Islam blindly more than anyone else, Abu Bakr today. And tomorrow tears. He already gave them the glad tidings that Omar on earth men will die by the enemies. They were happy. They didn't say what we're gonna do. We're gonna die. Who will kill us? They were happy.

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Under under under the mountain afford Yes. But the profit hasn't climbed the mountain and the mountain start. And he said, oh, whoa, Javelin, you hit boo now and

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he said, Oh, he's a mountain that loves us. And we love this mountain.

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So Pamela, so Russell was awesome said he who follows jenessa will have the mountain of a herd full of full of hats and ads in the Day of Judgment, just by following. If you pray Serato janessa then you have two

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two chains of mountains in the Day of Judgment you come you This is how many times you have been following the Genesis. So when there is Genesis, I leave everything and go is mountain of Earth full of good days. You may live all your life you don't even make a one kilo or two of good deeds just by reading a visiting panel as somebody who is dying and following his dead jenessa

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there are so many chances for us to come closer to Allah. We blow them out of proportion. We always

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know men are talking about men. You ladies look listen. You have more rewards. Pamela just didn't know that. It is why Jeevan asked to go to the masjid. Is it was he born women? No. But if the woman goes her husband should not stop her. Rasulullah saw some said especially if there is this lecture or she has to go. But he said you sister have the same reward of your husband going by staying home. You stay home and you pray you have the same reward of your poor husband who has to drive the car and find the parking and make will do and pray and wait for a ma'am.

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So Pamela,

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this is the reward Allah gave to this is why we shouldn't say well, it's unfair.

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Here it's not unfair. Yeah. When it comes to reward sisters don't say it's unfair.

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But it's unfair that the man marries more than one up to four. How about us?

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Yeah, Allah.

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The ever repeated question

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What is

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this like? What is disliked in

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the shell? Jenna has a following she had to she agenda so listen to this.

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It is disliked, for women to follow jenessa listen to what Rasulullah saw some said.

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Amata said that the Prophet told us

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don't follow jenessa

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don't follow Genesis stay stay far. We are saying to sisters,

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even if you come, please wait until we bury the person. And when it's done, you may come and make dua for him or her your loved ones.

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But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to women stay there don't come, we bury and then after we are done, he said don't even follow. Today we are telling our sisters, not not to come at all. But even if you can stay far, when it is done 109 you'll have time to come and see and make dua for the loved one. But better to follow Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam directly. If the Prophet said don't come I better not come and period. But of course, our sisters will of course object and

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it is macro

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That you also

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the person is put down. As long as the person is on the shoulders of people don't sit.

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Don't sit

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is something disliked by Allah, out of respect to this? Why? Because the Prophet sallallaahu Selim stood up when he saw if the prophets stood up, you sit down. What is this the leader stood up, you're sitting down.

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I saw people smoking people talking about stock market

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before we even bury the person that's wrong.

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Even if smoking was held, which is haram, by the way, smoking is haram. And like I told you that and don't say she has Zubair you have been teaching us for months now and you never told us even if it's Helen, God for this app, let's assume you do do that. When somebody is being buried, you do that.

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Is this wait until the person is another thing is fire in any fire any even if it's a lit, scares the dead

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and then in the graveyard, Allah

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May Allah forgive us.

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Now vlsr to send them said, If you follow genizah do not sit down until it is put on the floor. If you follow jenessa don't sit down so even if it's in the car, we should not be sitting until is pulled from the car and put on the floor. Then you can sit down

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how to bury you know sometimes you don't have the luxury of digging and this and that. So what's the minimum? Can we just put some sand on the let's see.

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burying the depth

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completely covering every poor part of his body is worship.

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His worship, actually to some Malema is Farooqi failure.

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Why? Because as I was just said some amateur who for acapella he mentioned the cover. He said then he has put this human beings that he created it to death and from death. He has put him in the grave. So Allah Xhosa mentioned the grave. The grave is mentioned many times in the Quran many times

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number two to go deep, the deepest you go the better.

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The deepest if you go to three meters better than one meter, one meter better than 50 centimeter, the deepest you go the better.

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Why? Because you never know what will happen to that body. After we are gone.

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Can you control the animals, the Tigers if they come and start digging, they smell the meat of a flesh of a human being. And they take they have the ability to dig and they start eating the body.

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And that's why one of the reasons is to put stone even if they reach they find stone that they cannot break the stones.

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So we put a piece of stone

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so they cannot open

Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi talks about death, funerals and how Muslims should deal with it – part 4/6

Feb 2012

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